Saturday, June 16, 2018

My Dream and the Big Toy

This blog is real.  Real sex that really happened, not fantasy like my other blogs, which are listed below.  I'm always turned on very easily, but, much more so while writing on my blogs.

As you all know, Blue and I live a life without clothes, unless we have somewhere to go.  As I write this, it's the weekend.
Nowhere to go!  Yay!

I awoke this morning from a dream about my sexual fantasy.  (One of my blogs is about only that, with a description of my fantasy here.)

Unlike some sexual dreams, I didn't cum in my sleep this time.  I cum a lot, as does Blue.  My body was draped over hers.  She lying on her side, her top leg bent and laying over on the as hell with her ass right there for me!  Cumming all over her ass would have made a delicious mess for me to lick off of her...and to lick OUT of her, driving her straight to a hot, hard orgasm...

Was I EVER horny as fuck right now...I could just feel my pussy getting soooooooo sloppy-wet for Blue.

Baby stirred around in her half-sleep and ended up flat on her tummy.  Hmmmmm...with her legs spread!  I slid down between them and smothered her ass in wet kisses, then spread her cheeks and blew my hot breath on her opening.  Her ass muscles tensed and she whimpered in her sleep.

I smiled and give her a long, lingering kiss at the top of her ass, then trailed my wet tongue up the middle of her back, sliding my body on her ass...she purred nicely and raised her ass up against my hips.  I spread my legs on her ass and let my pussy drip on her opening, making her squeal ever-so-softly.  Baby was awake now, and spoke sleepily, "Ya know, I'm gonna want all your Sunnyjuices licked out of my ass."

I pressed my hips harder on her ass, licking the back of her neck and speaking between hot, breathy kisses, "That's nothing...I could cum enough to fill your pussy right now, my precious lover, then suck it all out of you and make you cum screaming for me."

Amazingly, under my body, she flopped over on her back and grabbed my body with her arms and legs, suddenly wide awake.  "Holy fuck, Sunny!  You'd do that for me???"

"Oh know I'm such a sweet whore for you, I'd do anything you want done!" 

Blue looked deep in my eyes and said, "Hmmm...did my lover dream about her fantasy again?"

"Oh, I sure did!  I was your slutty playtoy and came from sucking your pussy!"

"Sunny, you ALWAYS cum when you suck my pussy!" 
I pressed myself against her pussy, making her squirm under me, her legs spread wide and wrapped around me.

"Well, yeah...but I also did anything to you you wanted!  And my fantasy tongue filled your ENTIRE pussy!"

She said, "Well, that would also be MY fantasy tongue, too!"

My tummy rubbed her pussy harder and I slid my teeth along her neck to just under her ear.  I licked her ear, speaking softly,  "I'm your very own fucktoy.  Play with me,'ll have a really good time."

She whispered in my ear, "If you get coffee for me, I'll play with you all day..."

That sent a hard sexual jolt through my body...I opened my mouth wide and pressed my teeth against her pussy pulsed and I came hard, making a puddle of hot Sunnycum on her tummy!
When I returned with our coffee, she was smiling and rubbing my cum all over her thighs, tummy and breasts.  I smiled at her and said, "My my!  Don't you look delightful!"

"I FEEL delightful!"  She slurped her coffee and patted my ass.  "Sunny is SUCH a good girl..."

"YOUR good girl, baby, all yours..."

She kept drinking her coffee and rubbing my cum on her tummy with her other hand, her legs spread...I used a handful of my ass-length hair to brush her pussy, lightly swatting her clit with it.  Her body jumped a little...and a little more with each stroke of my hair.  She was breathing harder.

I pooched out my lips to her and spoke hotly,  "Oh, does baby like that?"  Does baby's pussy feel nice?"

She nodded at me with her mouth open and spread her legs more.  I got a bottle of musk oil and used the applicator to slide musk on her neck, right under her ears...she gasped and I poured a dribble of it between her breasts and let it flow to her tummy.

Yeah, it's full-strength and we use quite a bit of it.

The scent mixed with my cum on her body...what a fucking hot turn-on for us...I used my hand to rub it all over her tummy and breasts, then slid the applicator to her inner thighs.  Baby's body shook, and she set her cup on the nightstand.  Good move.

I dipped the applicator often, stroking her inner thighs with it and watching her eyes...she was leaned back more against the pillows with her knees raised, and I had to hold her legs to keep them from trembling so hard.

"Sunny...Sunnybaby...oooooohhhh....I'm gonna cum for you."
Her pretty pussy was soaking wet...I was dying to fuck her with my mouth!

I brushed her clit with the applicator...her body jumped HARD and her juices flowed heavily!  "SUNNEEEEEEEE!"

Taking my time, I put the musk aside, got on my back and pulled her on top of me.  
I wanted her to cum on my body.
I wanted her to mark me as her possession with her sexy scent all over me.  

I got the double toy.  Her eyes lit up.  

Baby got on her hands and knees over my body.  I slid down a little...she screamed with pleasure when her hungry pussy swallowed the big end of that toy!

I gripped it with both hands and fucked her the way she likes it...ALL the way in, stroke after stroke...she was lost in total ecstasy, and her crazy, hot orgasm poured a LOT of her lovely cum all over me!

With the toy still inside her, Blue pushed herself backward on her ass, spread my legs, slid her thighs over mine fucked the toy deep inside my sloppy wet pussy!


I was so close to cumming and Blue slammed the toy inside me with no mercy...our wet pussies slapping together...

Baby growled at me and we fucked like animals, screaming loudly, then came together, our pussies splattering our cum everywhere, mostly on us!

We fell on our backs, both of us breathing heavily...the toy still inside both of us...we wriggled off of it, so fucking fulfilled...

We crawled around and our bodies slid together...our lips met and we purred deeply while devouring each other's mouths, my pussy dripping on her, her pussy dripping on me...then lots of soft, wet "I love you" kisses.

The End

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Copyright 2018 Sunny Johansen

My sexual fantasy is here: 
Created To Be Her Perfect Lover 
My blog for porn fiction in a concept that turns me on a LOT:
Primal Lesbians

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Blue Has Her Way With Me

 This blog is an account of real sex between Blue and I.
My sexual fantasy is here:
My blog for porn fiction in a concept that turns me on a LOT: Primal Lesbians
  They are pretty much like this one, content-wise. 
Some of you haven't had time to read the last two entries on this blog:
"Sex By The Pool"
"Two Hot Women In The Shower"
They appear below this current entry.  Should you decide to read any of the above, thank-you! 
 At the end of any day during which we've been out, the first thing we do is get undressed, and STAY undressed.  Damn, we hate wearing clothes.  Who's idea was it to wear clothes anyway?

Blue played with my pussy all the way home, making both of us hotter and hotter.  Upon our arrival home, we ran to the bedroom and she had her clothes off in a flash.  I took off my blue jeans and had only my skimpy little g-string panties on.  Blue jeans are the only thing under which I'll wear panties.  Never under any dress or cutoff shorts.

My baby pushed me down to sit on the bed.  

Baby was hungry.

She couldn't wait for me to take my panties off.  She got on her knees and I spread my legs wide for her, smiling.  She could see that I was already wet...I'm always wet for her, and my panties were moist.  She purred at me and pressed her mouth on my pussy through them.

I whimpered deliciously and wove my fingers through her hair, but whimpered much more when she started lip-biting my pussy through the fabric, making soft, sexy sounds while my juices soaked through my panties.

Baby pushed her mouth harder against me and I leaned back, holding myself up on my hands behind body was trembling and I involuntarily closed my legs on her face...she growled into my pussy and pushed my legs back apart, her lips trying to devour my pussy through the silk...

I screamed out with a huge rode my pussy, pulling on my large outer lips through my panties and making my cum flow through them. 

When my orgasm passed, she tore them from me with only her teeth, growling deeply in her throat...I slid my ass back farther on the bed and she climbed up, pushing me with her mouth on my pussy...I squealed for her and she roughly pushed me on my back and jumped on me.

She pinned me down with her mouth on my pussy, her hands firmly gripping mine and her legs holding my legs down...she took my clit between her lips and sucked it...I came VERY hard for her, but she ignored all my cum while sucking my clit, letting it all flow down to my ass...she wanted my opening soaked and slippery with my cum...

Just for fun, I tried to scooch away from her mouth, but she wouldn't let that happen...she gripped my hands tighter and pulled me back to her, making me squeal when my pussy wetly slapped against her face.

She spoke hotly between my legs, "You are NOT getting away from me...your pussy is MINE!"


My outer lips filled Blue's mouth when she sucked ALL OF ME, seemingly to her throat!  I screamed out loud, my ass bucking off the mattress and her hot mouth riding my pussy to another orgasm!  She sucked and sucked, taking all my cum, whimpering for me, her mouth making sexy, sloppy-wet sounds while she devoured me!

She flopped onto her back and pulled me on top of her.  She slipped her finger inside my cum-covered ass...looking right in my eyes, she said, "Cum on me, my honey-sweet slut...cover me with Sunnycum!"

I got on my hands and knees over her.  "FUCK MY ASS, BABY!"

She makes me cum just by fucking my ass...she held my ass with one hand and fucked my ass DEEP with a finger on her other hand.


Baby drove her finger deeper and wiggled it like crazy!  My whole body reacted...I threw all of my long hair and came immediately, screaming, flooding her body with my hot ladycum!

I grabbed her with my arms and legs and rolled us over with her on fingers fucked her and she went wild with her orgasm, her cum soaking my body...

She fell on top of me and we kissed hungrily, purring into each other's mouths, then we got an unopened little brown bottle of musk oil and used the entire thing on each other's bodies...necks, breasts, tummies, asses...all the way down to our toes.

...and we spent the entire weekend as we always do on the weekend, no need to get dressed, wearing a layer of each other's cum, drenched in musk...and hardly able to get enough of each other.  Goodness knows, we try...

The End.

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© 2018 Sunny Johansen



Saturday, June 2, 2018

Sex by the pool, the hot sun on our glistening bodies...

This blog is about real sex between Blue and I.
My sexual fantasy is here: 
Created To Be Her Perfect Lover 
My blog for porn fiction in a concept that turns me on a LOT:
Primal Lesbians
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ don't take a vibrator with you when you lie in the sun?  You would if you were naked.  As most of you know by now, Blue and I don't wear clothes, ever, inside or outside.  I love the sun, and my tan is dark all over me.  My pussy is as tan as the rest of me and completely smooth.  Blue's pussy is smooth also, but her skin is a beautiful alabaster white.  She doesn't care for so much sun, but she loves to come out there and fuck me...

"Well now...that's a LOT of suntan oil isn't?"

I was on my tummy.  Baby was squirting hot oil on me...a whole lot of it, really...I could tell she had plans, the way she was sliding her leg on the back of mine...
"For what I have planned for you, Sunnybaby, you'll need a lot of oil!"

I whimpered and raised my ass for her...she slid her leg off me and I spread my legs...fucking hot oil, heated by the sun, shot between my ass pleasure jolted my pussy and made my body jump, a loud squeal came from my throat.  Blue set the oil aside and slid her fingers between my asscheeks, playing with my opening...I shoved my ass at her fingers and screamed,  "Dammit!  Fuck my ass!  Make me cum!"

Baby makes me cum when she fucks my ass with anything at all, without touching my pussy.  She brought her mouth to my ear and spoke hotly, "Oh, I don't're going to make a big mess if you cum..."

I gently pushed her onto her back and slid my hot, slippery, oil-covered body on top of lips met hers and my breath was hot on her mouth.  "Damn right I'm gonna make a mess...a big one, all over you when you make me cum..."

I spread my legs, straddling her body...I slid farther up so she could reach my ass and fucked her mouth with my tongue, kissing her roughly and squealing softly into her pussy was throbbing so hard, I could feel each pulse through my entire body.

I was already making a mess on Blue with my juices flowing heavily, and I rubbed her body with my breasts and tummy, all the oil from my body mixing with all my pussy juices drenching her.  She was holding my ass tightly, purring into my mouth...I screamed and spoke into her open mouth, "  With or without your fingers, and WANT to be assfucked when I do!"

Still under me, Blue smiled and gave my slippery ass a firm spank.  That drove my pussy crazy and sent pure pleasure shockwaves through me.  My pussy convulsed and poured more hot juices on her tummy...she rubbed my ass and asked me,  "Who's ass is that, baby?  Who does it belong to?" 


Blue drove her finger inside my ass, making me scream even louder!

She slid a second finger in and wiggled both fingers VERY deep in my ass...

Blue started fucking her two fingers in and out of my ass in long strokes...I raised my hips and fucked at her fingers, my eager ass swallowing them deeply with each slippery fuck she roughly drove into body spasmed hard from deep inside me and I was completely overtaken by the wild orgasm she gave me, steaming cum flowing from my pussy, nonstop!

Oooooooooohhhhhh...what a mess I made on her...

With her hands still holding my ass, we kissed and kissed, making sexy little noises, our bodies sliding together ...I smiled at her, then got up on my hands and knees, letting the hot Sunnycum-and-oil drip off my breasts and tummy, soaking her body even more.  Baby started rubbing it all over her while I watched, still on my hands and knees...and my pussy still oozing cum and oil on her tummy.

Looking right into my eyes, Blue managed to slip her legs from between mine...she reached up with them and wrapped them around my lower back and wrapped her arms around my neck, lifting her entire body in the air under mine.  She spoke to my lips, "Now, fucking bad..."

I lowered my body down, laying her on her back.  I said, "Give your pussy to your woman, baby."

She squealed and spread her legs wider...I grabbed a medium-length vibrator and slid it ALL the way inside her...she moaned and I slid my thigh to her pussy and held the vibe in, my thigh muscle firmly on her burning hot clit.  I tossed my bangs from my eyes and smiled while my silky-smooth thigh rubbed her clit.

She grabbed my thigh with both hands, screaming, "OH FUCK!  MAKE ME CUM, SUNNY!"  I held onto her hips while she savagely fucked herself on my thigh, the vibe fucking her from the inside out and her delightful pussy juices flowing all over my thigh...

Baby came for me in a mass of unintelligible screaming and hard, hot pleasure!

Mid-orgasm, I quickly rolled us over with her on top of me, my thigh still on her pussy...the hottest woman in the world ground her clit on my upraised thigh, her cum flowing heavily down my tummy and between my breasts...

My precious Blue fell on top of me, her face landing in my breasts, breathing heavily...I wrapped my arms and legs around her, stroking her back with one hand and caressing the back of her thighs with the other.  I spoke softly with my lips in her hair...
"You got your baby all messy."

Her voice was slightly muffled in my breasts...
"You got YOUR baby all messy..."

I smiled and said to her, "Your baby likes you all messy...and if you weren't so suntan oily right now, I'd lick it all off you."

Baby slid up and kissed my lips, purring to me.  "Here's what we're going to do, Sunnybuns.  We're going inside to take a shower to get all this oil off us.  We will dry off, feed each other a pussy snack, then take a nap!"

"Yes!  Fuck, I love you, Blue!"
 "Fuck, I love YOU, Sunny!"

The End

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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Two Hot Women In The Shower - part one from below with part two added

"On top of my baby, I rode the huge strapon toy she wore, pounding it with my pussy, my breasts and hair bouncing...and a vibrator buried inside her..."

This blog is about real sex between Blue and I.
My sexual fantasy is here: 
Created To Be Her Perfect Lover 
My blog for porn fiction in a concept that turns me on a LOT:
Primal Lesbians

This blog entry contains a repost of part one, and has part two added below the squiggly line.  Thank-you for reading!

Blue waterfucked me in the shower this morning!  

She was in the shower, so I joined her, but just sat down on the bench, marveling at her body, playing with my pussy while watching the soap cascade down her gorgeous body.  I came so close to cumming, but, held back.  I knew she'd want to make me cum.

The marble bench in the shower is away from the wall and I lied on my back with it between my legs, my pussy wide open for Baby.  She finally saw me.
"Sunny!  Don't move!  Stay right there!"

Are you kidding?  I knew what was in store for me...I was going nowhere!

Blue came to me and squirted liquid soap all OVER me...LOTS of it!  She rubbed it all over my body.  She washed my feet, sliding her fingers between my toes.  Also, my pussy and under me to my ass where she slid her finger in, but stopped when she saw me almost cumming.  Soooooooo close.  Fucking my ass will make me cum, and Baby knows just how to take care of my ass...hard and deep...

She got the hand-held shower head and started rinsing me off...
"Are you ready for this, hotstuff?"

I said, "FUCK ME!"

She smiled and turned it on hard pulse...I braced myself...the warm water hit my swollen clit and I came screaming!  My body went insane and bucked hard, but I was mostly immobilized by the position I was orgasm lasted forever! 

Baby turned off the shower and slid on top of me, straddling my body.  She said, "My're so sexy when you cum!"

I just smiled at her and held her hips, her wet pussy resting on my strong tummy muscles.  I held her down tightly...
"Cum on me...fuck yourself on my tummy and cum on me, baby..."

Blue is so fucking hot!  She ground herself in sexy little circles on my tummy, leaning forward, resting her hands on mine up in the air.  She fucked herself harder...faster...he mouth open and gasping for air, then she squealed and her body exploded in a fantastic orgasm, her cum flowing from her ravaged pussy so hot, it burned my tummy!  FUCK YES!

She fell down on top of me, her legs still spread...her breath hot on my neck...

...and her quivering pussy oozing and dribbling her cum on MY pussy!

That made me squirm under pussy was on fire again!  Baby looked in my eyes...
"'re such a hot, sweet whore for me...always soooooo fucking horny."

"Well?  You're a fucking KNEW what you were doing, dripping your cum on my pussy!"

Blue pooched out her lips at me and spoke hotly...
"Aaaawww, my poor baby...I think you need a good hard fuck..."

I placed my lips against hers and hungrily licked her lips, sucking them eagerly...
"Damn right I do, and you'd better bring the biggest toy we have, baby!"

Part Two
I eagerly watched the lube cover the toy on the strapon Blue was wearing...FUCK, the toy was huge, and the lube slid all over it, some of it dripping off.  I couldn't wait to have it inside me!

I pulled my knees back and spread my legs real wide for Baby...she smiled and slid between my thighs, teasing my pussy with the toy...that sent shocks all through me and I grabbed her hips to pull her in, but she wriggled away from me, then came back and tormented my clit with the toy.
"Blue!  I have to be fucked!  HARD!"

My juices were pouring from me...I raised my ass and tried to fuck at the toy...she giggled and slid it inside me only a little, wriggled her hips around and smiled.  

I was not smiling...I was trying to grab her hips and make her fuck me!  My pussy was hungry!

She slid the toy in a little more, then pulled it back out.

I lost my patience...

I grabbed her and tossed her beside me...she loved it and squealed!  I jumped on top of her, sitting up and on my knees...the toy slid soooooooo easily inside my sloppy-wet pussy, ramming ALL the way in so my ass, wet from my juices, landed with a SPLAT on her hips!

I just sat there and menacingly, in a playful sort of way, looked in her eyes...
"Now, who has WHO under control, my hot Blue?"

She smiled.  "Hmmmm...I'm not so sure!"
Then she bucked her ass off the bed...I flew up in the air, my slippery pussy sliding up the toy, but not off of it.  I screamed when I slid back down, my ass slapping her again.  

I growled at her and grabbed a short vibrator.  Holding her in place, I slid it under the strapon she was wearing and into her pussy, letting the strapon hold it in place.  I showed her the remote control for the vibrator and smiled.  Without saying anything, that was all I had to do...

Her eyes opened wide...
"Yeah Sunny!  Crank it up!"

I hit the vibrator button labeled "Illegal Most Countries" and Baby went wild!  I started fucking the strapon savagely, pounding it with my pussy, my juices squeezing out from around the toy and soaking her with every long, hard fuck!  Blue matched my fucks with rough strokes, screaming from the killer vibrator inside her!

We fucked like wild animals...I screamed each time I raised my ass in the air, then dropping down onto her and sending the toy against the back of my pussy...Baby was now completely covered in my juices...the vibe kept punishing her pussy...

Then, we both came together in a mass of mutual, hard-shuddering, all-consuming pleasure!

Right when our orgasm ended, Blue glared at me and grabbed the remote control, turning off the vibrator...I giggled, leaving the strapon toy inside me and lowering myself down on her body.  

She wrapped me in her arms and legs...her warm mouth met mine and we wetly kissed in a chorus of hot, sexy sounds while the toy moved around inside me, my pussy softly convulsing and forcing the rest of my cum and juices out around it.

I smiled and wriggled myself off the toy, she took it off herself, then we rolled to our sides, our bodies relaxing into each other.  Our breath was still warm on our lips as we pledged, as always, our forever and ever love.

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