Friday, January 11, 2019


My other sex blogs are just like this one:
My Sexual Fantasy With Blue 
Primal Lesbians

Unlike those, this blog is real-life sexual accounts.
We were fresh out of the shower.  Blue dried off first and sat on the edge of the bed, watching me towel my body.  I always love to tease her a little, so I wriggled my ass.  I hadn't gotten my hair wet, so I was tossing it around some to get to various parts of my body.  It draped down over me and down to my ass, a bit messy, but sometimes I like it that way.

It will be a lot worse when my baby gets done ravaging my body...

I had my legs spread so Baby could see my big pussy lips.  I dried off completely, turned around to go hang the towel up, but dropped it on purpose.  With my legs spread and my knees straight, I bent over to pick it up with my hair hanging all over in front of me.  My ass and my dark-tanned pussy were staring right at Blue.

"Fuck're such a fucking slut pussy tease."

I looked at her upside down from between my legs and smiled.  She was leaning back on one hand and playing with her pussy.  She's hot as fuck...just incredibly sexy.  I told her, "YOUR fucking slut pussy tease, and if I tease you long enough, you'll fuck yourself to cumming, baby."

I stood up, throwing all my hair over me, letting it land on my ass.  She was really working her pussy...two fingers...her ass off the mattress, fucking her pussy at those thrusting, wiggling fingers.  I bent over again, showing her more of my ass and pussy, waggling my ass for her and patting my pussy with my hand.

"Sunny....fuck, baby..."

I stood up again and came to her and she gripped the back of my thigh with her free hand.  I bent over with my open mouth on her neck, purring to her...she fucked herself more and I whispered against her ear, "That's it, baby...cum for me...cum real good and Baby can have Sunnypussy..."

Baby squealed and her body rocked.  Fuck!  Did she EVER come!

Only a few seconds passed after her orgasm, and she had both hands on my ass, pulling on me with her mouth open.
"Sunnypussy...give me Sunnypussy..."

I wove my fingers through her hair and rubbed my tummy on her face.  "Ooooooooo...Baby like Sunnypussy?"

Trying to scooch down to get to my pussy, she whimpered, "Love Sunnypussy...Sunnypussy is mine...give it to me..."

I gently pushed her onto her back, telling her, "Baby owns Sunnypussy...Baby can have it whenever she wants."

My pussy was already dripping.  A lot.  On my hands and knees with my pussy dripping on her body, I crawled up to her already-open mouth.  She was whimpering for my pussy, her head up, wanting to take it as soon as she could.  My pussy was now over her mouth and I spread my knees, lowering my pussy to her.  She eagerly took it, my outer lips nearly filling her mouth.

"Oooooooohhhhhh...there you go, Baby...Sunnypussy is all yours.  Oh fuck...fuck yes..."

I couldn't reach HER pussy...I badly wanted to give her a good hard fuck!

She reached up quickly, grabbing my ass, desperately trying to pull me lower while devouring me...she sucked hard, seemingly trying to swallow my big, swollen pussylips.  I threw all my hair backward, letting it fall on my back and draping over her, my orgasm about to take over my body...


With her nails on my ass in the firm grip of her hands, she sucked my outer lips into her mouth even HARDER, shaking her head and growling from deep in her throat...


Hard jolts flew through my body in rocking spasms and I came and came and came!


Baby squealed, so delighted to have my pussy throbbing in her mouth while she took the last of the intense orgasm she'd given arms had collapsed and my forehead was on the mattress and ass was still in the air while she lapped her tongue on my pussy...the pussy she owns...the pussy that belongs only to her.

With my arms and legs loosely wrapped around me, I slid down, my tummy sliding on her pretty face...when our lips met, my smooth thigh was firmly against her pussy.  

We kissed roughly...deeeeeeeeply...purring and tongue-fucking while Baby fucked herself hard on my thigh, her drenched pussy making lots of deliciously wet sounds...with our mouths tonguefucking, she came hard against my thigh, screaming into my mouth while my arms held her in place.

Our bodies were now thoroughly soaked, wet with the scent of each other.  I got two little brown bottles of musk oil and, while Baby lay there relaxing, I drenched her body with it...all of her...then, did the same to myself.  

This being Friday, we would spend the entire weekend just like this without taking a shower...utterly naked, completely covered with each other's sex and lots of musk oil.

I pulled the covers over us with my arms and legs wrapped around Blue, the woman who knows exactly how to treat my body.

With both of us about to fall asleep, I tucked her in my tummy, cuddling her against me.  She nuzzled my breasts on her way to sleep, murmuring softly, "Sunnypussy is mine...mine.......mine.........mine........."

Forever, I will love her as she loves me.

The End

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Thursday, January 3, 2019

Play With me, Baby

My other sex blogs are just like this one:
My Sexual Fantasy With Blue 
Just a little different:
Primal Lesbians

"Blue, please play with me?"

She knows that request means, "Play with me with my fantasy."  Some parts of my sexual fantasy can be acted out, some cannot.  This will fill you in on my sexual fantasy: 

Created For Her 

She slid her hand to my pussy and softly caressed it and replied, "Ooooooooo...would baby like to be my slutty playmate?"

I brought my lips softly to hers and spoke hotly to her mouth, "Fuck yes...make me your sweet whore...your fuck-hungry slut who gets off on doing anything you want done to you..."

Blue spread her legs, smiling.  I slid one of my thighs between them, sliding it on the inside of her silky-smooth thighs.  I propped myself up on my body was against hers, my ass-length hair was all over her.  I pressed my lips to hers and purred for her...she purred hotly back to me, her hips wriggling to get her soaking-wet pussy against my thigh.

Holding my hips, her lips brushed mine when she spoke, "There are sooooooo many things I want baby to do to me..."

I slid my tongue in her warm, wet mouth, swirled it around, then back out again and said, "I belong to Blue...that makes me hot as fuck..."

That really does send near-orgasm thrills through my have no idea...

I reached down and spread her outer lips and she shoved her pussy onto my thigh and gasped, grabbing my thigh with both hands.  Her hot juices were all over my thigh and both of hers.  " my sweet whore and fuck me good!"

I propped myself on my hands to get my thigh more firmly against her pussy...she held on tight to my thigh and FUCKED herself on it like an animal...her back arched when her orgasm took her wildly!  

Without being touched, my pussy pulsed hard and I came along with her, my body shaking my thigh against her pussy and riding it harder through her orgasm!

Ya see?  I TOLD you I can cum without any pussy-contact!

While my sexy lady caught her breath, I looked right into her eyes while sliding down between her legs.  She was petting my hair and praising her slutty playtoy...  " are SUCH a good girl..."

That made my pussy throb...hard.  I love being her good girl who drives her out of her mind.

My mouth met her pussy, all soaking wet, as were her inner thighs.  I buried my face in her, purring deeply into her pussy, letting her feel my purring through her body while I got her cum and juices all over my lips and cheeks.  

I closed my lips and rubbed them on her clit, cooing to her and loving how that made her body tighten and jump a little, forcing little squeals from her.

I was delighted that she wasn't done with me, yet!

I closed my lips on her clit and squeezed it gently, holding onto her.  "SUNNYFUCK!"

I let it slip from my lips and idly played with it with my finger while smiling at her.  I looked at her through my bangs in my eyes and said, "I know what my lady wants, but I want to hear you say it. Own me...tell me what you desire."

My Blue grabbed her ankles and pulled them waaaaaaay back with her legs spread while yelling, "SUNNEEEEEEEEEEEE!  FUCK ME WITH YOUR MOUTH!  FUCKMEFUCKME!"

She screamed when I POUNCED on her pussy with my wide-open mouth, sucking her and savagely eating her, making noisy sucking and slurping sounds...her entire body was in hard spasm and she came immediately for her fucking hot, slutty lover, pouring her cum in my mouth while I sucked her mercilessly.

Without letting her recover, and with her still holding onto her ankles, I jumped up on her with our legs criss-crossed and roughly fucked her pussy with mine, making her scream out for more...I came all over her pussy while fucking against her, driving her to another hard-shuddering orgasm...

I let myself fall over to the side of her...she grabbed a double toy and slid between my legs, shoving her end deeply inside her.  I sat up yelled, "TAKE ME!  FUCK ME HARD THE WAY I LIKE IT!"


She held herself up with her hands, her ass off the mattress AND NAILED MY PUSSY WITH THAT DOUBLE TOY!

I fell onto my back, her sweet whore, surrendering my body to her control and taking each loooooooong delicious stroke deeeeeeeeep inside me to the very back of my hot, sloppy pussy, our flood of juices flying and splattering all over our thighs, tummies and breasts...

We both came together, wildly and with complete fucking abandon, our burning cum pumped from our pussy by each end of the hard-thrusting toy!

My goodness...that was a good fucking...

She, too, fell on her back.  Our pussies were in spasm...we could feel the toy moving with our muscles tightening and clenching the toy...we both backed off of it and Blue rolled over on her tummy.

I sat up and slid my face between her ass cheeks licking her cum that had flowed down between them, lapping at her opening.  Her cheeks tightened on my face with each long, hot lick and I feel the back of her thighs quiver.

I licked all over her ass, making her purr with delight, then gave her ass one kiss after another.  I laid my head on her ass and we both fell asleep, just like that.

I love Blue with all my heart and soul.  She deserves my very best, and will always get it.

The End

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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

I promise you, this blog will be updated within the next few days.  In the mean time, please scroll down and read:

Fuck Me Baby
Pussy and Chocolate Truffles
Hot Stuff
Birthday Cake and Two Hot, Horny Women

My other sex blogs are just like this one:
My Sexual Fantasy With Blue 
Just a little different:
Primal Lesbians

To all of you in 101 countries, thank-you for reading,
and Happy New Year to you!

My love to each of you,
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Saturday, December 22, 2018

Fuck Me, Baby! All parts WITH a final, and much longer part added!

My other sex blogs are just like this one:
My Sexual Fantasy With Blue 
Just a little different:
Primal Lesbians 
Those blogs are fiction.  This one is real.  Thanks for reading!

Gentle readers, for those of you who don't like when we play with honey a lot, worry not.  This is not about playing with's only how it got started, and it's only a little, so please stick with me. This is an actual sexual account, so I had to include it! Thank-you!
© 2018 Sunny Johansen

When I hopped into bed, Blue was eating a honey and peanut butter sandwich. I just sat there, smiling at her and waiting for her to finish it. She knew I was waiting to have MY snack...her delectable pussy. She set her sandwich aside and kissed me, then said, "Wait here, I'll be right back!"

I think she had plans. Sure enough, when she returned, she had the honey bottle with her! Good thing we had three layers of towels under us.

She got our big double toy from our toy drawer.

Blue squirted honey in my pussy and eased the double toy ALL the way inside me, then sat back and played with her pussy, watching me hold the toy with both hands and fuck myself to death...

I had my knees back and spread wide, and I was ramming the toy in and out of my hungry pussy...a mixture of my juices and the honey oozed from around the toy, soaking my pussy. Blue loves watching me...she loves watching how hard I'll fuck myself, and she loves watching my orgasms.

I love making her cum while she watches...I try to be as slutty as possible when she's watching me like this.

Right now, the toy, lubricated very nicely by my honeyjuices, slid soooooooooo easily to the back of my eager pussy, then almost out of me, then back, my hands gripping it firmly. The entire toy was slippery and it took both hands to hold onto it and pull it over and over again from the grasp of my strong pussy muscles before roughly fucking it back in each time...

"Go Sunny! Take it, baby!"

The noise Blue's pussy was making, wetly swallowing her two fingers, sounded wonderful! It made me wish I had a mouthful of her pussy, eating her and sucking her...

Baby's fine ass rose from the bed, she threw her head back and she came like a wild animal...I followed close behind with my orgasm taking over my body, both of us yelling at the top of our lungs.

My knees unfolded and my legs fell on the mattress...Baby slid her face between my legs and held the toy in my pussy while she licked the sweet honey and cum from my inner muscles were quivering as she licked my soft, smooth skin next to my pussy, getting honeycum all over her face...

When she slid her finger down to my ass and massaged my soaked, slippery opening, I whimpered...when she held the toy and moved it around in circles, sliding it around the walls of my pussy and sliding her finger in my ass, I screamed and came all over again, my pussy convulsing around the toy.

She smiled and said, "My goodness, you're just full of orgasms tonight, aren't you?"

"Oh, you know I have more!"

She giggled and slid her ass between my legs...the other end of the toy disappeared inside her pussy...she gasped and took a deep breath, held herself up on her hands and feet and SLAPPED herself between my legs, fucking my pussy hard as hell with the toy!


We fucked each other with the double toy, honey and juices splattering our thighs, tummies and faces! We both came so noisily and wildly!

We gently slipped ourselves away from the double toy...I licked her all over while she lay there, enjoying being pampered by my tongue. I licked all of her, lapping up both of our cum and juices, along with some honey mixed in. I loved it, and she purred her pleasure and approval, holding onto my hair and squirming.

I pushed my face into her pussy and eagerly licked my hot baby to another orgasm. How could I resist? I cannot!

Baby lied there with her arms and legs spread, catching her breath while I flopped on my back and rubbed everything all over me, getting hot all over again. I leaned over and kissed her slightly open lips...she explored my mouth with her tongue, then asked me, "Time for a shower?"

"I am not showering...I'm going outside for some sun, baby."

Her mouth opened wider. "Ooooooooo...with your body all messy?"

"Of course! I love it that way!" I leaned back to her, touched her lips with mine and said, "and with suntan oil all over me..."

" might have to suck my pussy again!"

I smiled and told her, "Any time, sweetheart! You KNOW I love being as hot and slutty as I can be for you. That's all I'll think about while I'm out there, dripping with oil: sucking and licking that hot pussy of yours."

"Fuck, Sunny..."

I patted my smooth, wet pussy. "Now, I'm going to go out there and tan this for you, because that's the way you like it."

"That's right! That pussy belongs to me!"

I kissed her breathlessly and spoke softly, "No one else shall ever have it...ever."

Soooooooooo hot under the UV-transparent dome over the pool and surrounding deck. The sun was at a slight angle, perfect for shining right on my pussy with my legs spread.

I was drenched in banana oil extract. Edible...very good for when my baby desires to eat me alive while I'm out there...

Fuck...I was getting more horny by the second. If I play with my pussy, that will block the sun from it. Damn.

I don't think I can NOT play with my pussy. I've never been able to do that. I do have an alternative, however...if I fuck my ass, I will cum, and my pussy doesn't have to go without sunlight!

I pulled my knees back and spread them wide. I slid my hand around to my opening was soaked with oil and my hot juices, which had dribbled down from my pussy. I eagerly slid my oily, slippery finger in my ass...


I felt my oncoming orgasm rush through my toes curled tummy head raised involuntarily...


I came so hard! My pussy poured my cum down to my opening and lubed it more for my finger plunging in and out of my ass...deeper...deeper...riding my orgasm!! My legs fell down with my knees straight and my breathing was quick and deep...

I lied there, pretty sure Blue heard me scream from inside the house. I hoped she'd be hot for me when I went back in.

My oversexed mind went through a few ways I could tease her. It makes me horny as fuck to tease her without letting her touch me, and she loves it.

I could sit down in front of her and play with my pussy.

I could get on my knees in front of her and play with my pussy, letting my juices soak my inner thighs.

If she's standing up, I could press her against the wall with my ass and rub it against her while I fuck myself.

I could hold her against the wall and hold her thigh against my pussy, fucking on it until I cum all over her thigh.

I could put on my slutty, little denim shorts, sit down and rub my pussy, and let my juices soak through them, then cum through them!

Oh! I could hold a handful of my long hair and tease her pussy with it until she cums while I hold her down! Last time I did that, she came so hard, her body bucked me off of her!

So many possibilities. My pussy was throbbing and dripping wet just thinking about them.

My baby is so hot, she makes me such a fucking sweet slut for her...

I squirted more banana oil all over was now much hotter. It would feel too hot on my skin if I wasn't so fucking horny. I stood up and squirted it down my was so hot on my ass! I rubbed it all over my body so it wouldn't drip off of me and headed inside.

There was Blue, just as naked as me, of course. I walked toward her, smiling. She opened her mouth and inhaled deeply, backing away on the couch. "Uh, Sunny, you're all oily and stuff."

"That's right, and in just a few minutes, you will be too."

I kept heading toward her.

"Yeah...ya see, I just took a shower, so..."

I smiled more. "Well, I'm just real sorry about that, but I want your pussy...I going to suck you and make you scream."

Baby actually wanted this. Otherwise, she would have run out of the room, but she stood up and said, "You're going to make me all greasy and oily!"

I gently took her arm. "I'm gonna make your pussy very wet and messy, too!"

Obviously to play along, she backed against the wall...I playfully shoved her against the wall, turning around and pressing my slippery ass against her nude body...reaching behind me, I held my hands around her hips and rubbed my ass on her, my back against her now-oil-slippery breasts...she held my hips and pulled me harder against her.

I tipped my head way back and spoke softer, "Wouldn't baby like to have some of this good stuff between her legs?"

Her open mouth was on my neck. I could feel her teeth on my skin when she said, "Oh...fuck...yes..."

With her arms around me, I turned my oil-soaked body around and around, getting banana oil all over her, then faced her, our breasts, tummies, hips and thighs pressed together. We kissed very deeply, then I spoke into her mouth, "I think my baby needs a good tongue-fucking."

"Fuck yes, I do...I need to be sucked hard!"

Keeping her against the wall, I rubbed my body more on hers, then slid my thigh between her legs...she grabbed it, bent her knees and slapped her pussy onto my thigh muscle, crying out in pleasure, her slick, swollen pussy soooooooo ready to cum...

I pulled my thigh away from her pussy, touched my lips to hers and spoke with my breath burning her mouth, "My baby will cum when I let her."

"Now! It has to be now!"

I insisted. "Nope, I want you so hot for close to cumming, that you can't stand it."


I smiled at her. "Oooooooooo...that's it...just like that."

I slid my body down hers, licking the sweet, delicious banana oil from her tummy...she spread her legs...I took her hands from my hair and pinned them against the wall and slid my cheeks on her inner thighs, blowing my hot breath on her quivering pussy.

Like the rest of her body, her voice was shuddering.

"Eat" Baby struggled to pull her hands free from the wall, and was trying to fuck her pussy at my tongue...I stuck out my tongue and let her clit hit it with each thrust she made at me.


I pressed my tongue against her clit and kept it there...she wriggled and squirmed, trying desperately to fuck my mouth.

Her juices poured over my cheeks.

I grabbed her outer lips with my mouth and sucked hard, pulling on them and growling at her...she screamed nonstop, wrenched her hands from my grasp and fucked my mouth...I took only her clit, letting her hot river of Bluecum flow over my lips, down my neck and over my breasts...

My baby lost all strength in her legs and started to slump down against the wall, but I laid backward on my back and pulled her on top of me while she was falling. She landed on top of me with her face in my breasts and her legs spread, her body quivering on top of mine.

I stroked her down her back with my fingertips over and over, then slid my hands over her ass and caressed it...her muscles tightened...relaxed...tightened...relaxed.

When I slid my well-oiled finger between her ass cheeks, she inhaled deeply...then whimpered when that finger pressed on her opening, she clenched her ass cheeks firmly to hold it there and spoke quietly, but desperately, into my breasts, "Yes yes yes", wriggling her ass at my finger.

With my lips in her hair, I whispered, "Turn around, sweetheart. Give your ass to me...let me be your sweet, slutty whore."

Right then, just from pure excitement, I came without her touching me...she had to hold onto my earthquake-shaking body to stay on top of me!

Baby squealed with delight and turned around...eagerly surrendering her ass to my mouth, her pussy dribbling her juices on my breasts...I held both of her ass cheeks and gave her opening hot, lollipop-licks...with her hands resting on my thighs, she pushed her ass harder at my face. "FUCK MY ASS! FUCK MY ASS AND MAKE ME CUM!"

With my pussy still excited from my last orgasm, I gripped her hips and drove my tongue HARD into her ass, growling into her...shoving it deeper and wiggling it...Baby came screaming, drenching my breasts and tummy with her wet , noisy orgasm!

Blue's arms collapsed and she fell between my wide-spread legs, her face buried in my pussy...she purred into me, licking my oozing cum from my last orgasm, then noisily licked, sucked, and tonguefucked me to another one, by body going crazy while she swallowed all my sweet ladycum...

My, my, my...

She turned around, our oily bodies sliding so nicely, then we wrapped ourselves around each other, smothering our lips in a mass of loving kisses.

"Oh fuck...I love you, Blue..."

"Fuck, I love you, Sunny..."

The End

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My love to all of you,
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Monday, November 26, 2018

Pussy and Chocolate Truffles

My other sex blogs are listed at the end of this entry.

Unlike my other blogs, what you read on this blog is real.  
No names were changed to protect the innocent, because no one
was innocent. 

Thanksgiving dinner was over.  Guests were gone and everything was cleaned up.  We were VERY happy to get back to normal with our clothes off.  For the first time that day, she was relaxing, I was almost relaxing.  My pussy wasn't relaxing.   

After eating so much, you can't just sit there and fall asleep!  After a LITTLE relaxation, you really need to work it off!  How best to do that?  SEX!  Okay, lots of exercise the next day, but, right now, SEX!

My legs were spread.  I think they're always spread,  Blue saw my pussy lips wiggling a little and said, "Gee, there any time you don't want to have sex?"

"Come on!  I haven't had an orgasm since...let's see...since I woke up!"

She smiled at me, slid her naked body between my thighs and brought her lips to mine, speaking hotly, "You liked getting your pussy sucked this morning, didn't you."

I slid my tongue in her mouth and kissed her wetly, then replied, "Fuck yes, I did!  You held onto me and sucked me hard, just the way I like it!"

Blue smiled.  She's an expert at sucking me, and can make me cum in 30 seconds or less.  Then again...then again...and again...

I patted her pussy and told her, "Don't move, hotstuff.  I'll be right back."  I got up and tossed my hair back against my ass as I was walking away, shakin' my stuff real good for her.

She called out to me, "You'd better hurry or I'll cum before you get back!"

I yell back, "You'd better not!"

While away, I turned on the heat system that warms the shower floor. I figured we were going to need it.  I grabbed a bag of chocolate truffles, favored by us because they melt so easily, and are soooooo ultra-smooth.

Some of you have read about us and chocolate truffles...

When I went back downstairs to the living room, my hot baby was playing with her pussy...she held out her hand for me to lick her fingers when I sat down...I held her hand and hungrily sucked her fingers, one by one with my eyes closed, my pussy throbbing harder.

We both almost came right then...almost...

I opened the bag of truffles and she smiled.  She knows I can't behave myself with those around.  You know that too if you've read about truffles from me before.

She took one of them, smiled and said, "Give your pussy to me, baby."  I eagerly slid down and draped one leg on the back of the couch and put my other foot on the coffee table.  She rubbed the truffle on my outer lips, then slid it so easily in my hot...wet...pussy.

I leaned my head back with my eyes closed, completely overtaken with total pleasure.  I slid down more and tucked my knees back with my legs spread...I could feel, and Baby could see, the melted chocolate mixed with my hot juices dripping from my pussy and starting to flow to between my ass and pussy... 

"Oooooooohhhhhhh...please, please eat me!  You need to suck me, because this is JUST about to make me cum!"

She giggled more, then licked my pussy from my ass to my clit, lapping at the liquid chocolate as it oozed from me...when I was seconds away from cumming, she pounced her mouth on my pussy and SUCKED me, taking my pussy and the rest of my body through my screaming orgasm!

My body relaxed with my legs propped up again and my head laid back.  "Oh, are sooooooooo good..."

She was sliding her finger through my pussy and licking it, sending little quivers through my body.  "You're pretty good too!  I like chocolate Sunnypussy!"

Her face met my pussy again and she sucked the rest of my chocolate juices, her mouth riding me to another wild orgasm...

I sat up and leaned to her, licking all of me from her lips, then spoke softly to her mouth, "I think I have a treat for you, babydoll."


I stood up and took her hand.  "Come with me to the shower...this will get messy."

"Hell yes!  I think I'll like this!"

Leading her by the hand, I looked back at her, tossed my hair and smiled.  "I'm going to chocolate pussyfuck'll like it."

We sat on the almost-hot shower floor.  "Watch this!"  I made three chocolate truffles disappear in my pussy.

"Damn, Sunny..."

She laid back and spread her legs for me.  I spread mine and leaned back on my hands.  She was already shaking.  "Fuck me, Sunny!"

Chocolate and lots of my juices were oozing from orchid lips were swollen and hot.  She grabbed my legs, pulling my pussy to hers and cried out in pleasure when my pussy rubbed hers, bathing her pussy in my juices and LOTS of smooth, creamy chocolate...

I pushed against her hard, fucking her pussy with mine, her orgasm getting closer by the second...we fucked roughly in a duet of whimpers and squeals, our pussies rubbing and slapping...we were both already out of our minds with impending orgasms!

We both screamed out and came like hell!  I know a LOT of my chocolate and cum flowed inside her pussy, mixing with her luscious cum and pulsing back out of her, both of us in orgasms that seemed never to stop!

I fell onto my back...both our asses were in a warm, delicious puddle...we were breathless...


"Fuck, Blue..."

"I know..."

"Yeah, right?"

I sat up and slid my face between her thighs to her pussy...she held my legs and pulled me around...I spread my legs and she buried her mouth in my pussy.  Hungrily, we licked and sucked each other's smooth pussies clean, both of us cumming again in orgasms that rocked our bodies hard!

I turned around and we wrapped ourselves around each other, our wet, slippery lips trying get enough in a mass of whimpering kisses and "I love yous." 

The End

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Primal Lesbians

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Hot Stuff

I came three times while writing this blog entry...once, with Blue expertly riding my pussy with her mouth and tongue.
I hope you like it...

On one of my other blogs, I write about my sexual fantasy/fetish: having been genetically bred with a brain and body to Blue's specifications, wanting nothing BUT sex with her, wanting her ALL THE TIME and possessing some unique attributes and skills to satisfy all her desires.  Here's a description of my fantasy: Created For Her
That blog is here: 

Before you start thinking its a dom/sub thing, I will tell you, it's not a dom/sub thing.  In my fantasy, she owns me as her hot, slutty playmate, and pets my ass while I'm lying over her lap, praising me for satisfying her so completely.

I can't take my ass being petted without having it fucked.  She knows how to fuck my ass and make me cum all over her.

I'm her possession, so, she pampers me and takes care of me.  We are deeply in love.

Of all my fetishes, it's the one that makes me the hottest.  Many times, I have written on that blog while lying on my tummy with my legs spread and my baby playing with my pussy.

(Lying on towels, of course.  When you live naked and get wet as hell all the time, you almost always have a towel under you.)

Like this blog, I have never finished writing one of those blog entries without stopping.  I get so horny and shaky that I can't type...and I have to stop and let Baby fuck me, either with her mouth, her fingers or a big double toy.

It doesn't help that I can feel the intense heat from Blue's pussy on my ass or thigh, and that it's dripping on me.  Sometimes, I have to stop because it's her who needs her pussy sucked on, and I'm always happy to do so!

In real life, as in my fantasy, I do cum while sucking her pussy without touching my pussy.  That happens every time I fuck her with my mouth. 

Why?  Maybe mental over-stimulation?  That has to be it.

In real life...real sex, I only know that I like it, and so does makes me absolutely DEVOUR her, pushing my mouth harder against her and sucking her to a wild and crazy orgasm.

With my face buried in her pussy, she knows I'm about to cum because I'm squealing into her...she can feel that throughout her body and she grabs the sheets or my hair to hang on.  Sometimes, she places her hands on the headboard, all because she knows I'll be pushing her body with my mouth on her pussy...

My orgasm racks my body and I scream while eating her with such animal hotness, she cums like a wild woman, pushing her pussy harder at my mouth.

We both cum a whole LOT, and she gives me mouthfuls of her sweet ladycum...I swallow and swallow, wanting every drop.  Swallowing with her outer lips in my mouth sends even more orgasmic waves through her...before her orgasm completely dies down, I give her another one with her legs wrapped around my shoulders.

We are then both completely soaked, drenched in the scent of each other, mixed with musk oil.  We let all of it dry on our bodies and wear it all weekend.  To us, there is no hotter turnon.  We might stop having sex before Monday morning...

But, I doubt it!

The End

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Sunday, November 11, 2018

Birthday Cake and Two Nude, Horny Women

There is a series of short, hot entries started on my sexual fantasy blog:

This blog is for real stuff.  Thank-you for visiting!

The instant Blue appeared with my birthday cake, I knew.  She knew.  We both smiled!  Some of you, having read this blog for a while, might know why we were smiling.  It did have tons of creamy frosting on it...too much, really...

Blue lit all 31 candles and sang happy birthday...I blew them all out and she said, "Are you going to be a good girl and eat a piece in a normal fashion?"

"Of course!  I love cake!"

"I just thought I'd ask.  I know what cake...uh...does to you."

I smiled and slid two fingers across the cake, spread my legs wide and spread lots of frosting on my inner thighs on either side of my pussy.  Baby just smiled and watched while I used those fingers with more frosting, rubbing it on my pussy, letting it mix with my juices flowing from me.

Blue was breathing deeper, clearly enjoying it.  I squealed when she reached to my pussy and rubbed me, then licked the frosting and Sunnyjuices from her fingers and said, "I just knew you'd enjoy this, so I have a little treat for your birthday."

Blue led me by the hand to our large shower with a heated floor.  In her other hand, she held the cake!

Oooooohhhhh, heart was racing...

We sat on the floor with the very large, round cake between us...Blue straddled the cake on her knees with her legs spread as wide as she could, getting as much of that cake with way-too-much frosting on her pussy as possible, with LOTS of it on her pretty ass!


I rubbed the cake and frosting all over her ass, playing with her opening while she squirmed in the cake for me.  One of my fingers slid to her pussy and I BURIED it inside her pussy while she rubbed her clit, squirming herself in the cake...I wriggled my finger around inside her and fucked her deeper...she screamed out loud and came like HELL in the cake!


She leaned back onto her ass and slid back a little, then took my hands and pulled me to her.  I slid down her body and squealed with pleasure when my wet, throbbing pussy landed in the cake.  I rolled over and wriggled my ass in it...I was horny as fuck...I spread my legs and she grabbed handfuls of cake, mostly frosting, and slathered it all over my breasts and tummy, then lots of it on my pussy!  FUCK!  I was almost cumming!  I yelled, "PLEASE EAT MY PUSSY, BABY!"

Baby giggled and dove facefirst between my cake-and-frosting-covered whole body shuddered with spasms...close to orgasm...I smothered her back and her ass with cake and frosting while she growled into me, eating my pussy with animal lust.  I came wildly and she hungrily swallowed mouthfuls of cake, frosting and hot ladycum from her sweet, slutty woman...

(Fuck...fuck...fuck...sitting here typing this is making me hot as hell all over again!)

The shower floor was covered and so slippery!  We held onto each other and rolled around, getting our bodies completely covered and messy from nose to toes, our bodies burning to cum again...we both knew it and eagerly devoured each other's pussies, sooooooo lost in our mutual orgasms, our messy, slippery bodies shuddering and sliding, our mouths still buried in each other's pussies with little sucks and kisses...

Our tongues slid to our thighs, licking ladycum and melty frosting...gentle, open-mouth bites on quivering muscles making us squeal softly and tense up...we licked each other's tummies and breasts, then turned around, our mouths meeting.

The hottest woman in the world slid her strong thigh muscle to my throbbing pussy and fucked my mouth with her tongue, her lips pressed firmly to mine...I held her ass and fucked her thigh, whimpering to her...she ravaged my mouth with her tongue and I screamed out with my hot, steaming orgasm, sending my hot cum from my pussy, along with lots of frosting, down around her thigh to her ass...some of it flowing to her pussy, coating it with a luscious, lickable, suckable layer of sweetness...

My lips and tongue slid down her chin, her neck, between her fantastic, frosting-and-cake-covered breasts and tummy...I opened my mouth and pounced on her pussy, splattering EVERYTHING all over my face and her thighs...I sucked her voraciously...her body went mouth rode her pussy mercilessly, making her cum totally and completely for me, her hot, sweet slutty woman.

We collapsed into each other in an entanglement of gorgeous, messy bodies.  Blue kissed me, then spoke softly against my lips, "Did you enjoy your birthday, Sunnybuns?"

"Ooooooohhhhh...did I EVER!  Thank-you!  I love you so fucking much!"

"I love YOU so fucking much!"

The End

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Saturday, October 27, 2018

Movie Or Sex?

She wanted to watch the movie, but my pussy was dripping wet... 

There is a major update on my blog for my sexual fantasy at 
That blog is pretty much like this one.  Except, it's my sexual fantasy and this one is real stuff.  It's still Blue and I, and just as hot.  Would you please read it when you have time?  Thank-you!

My other blogs are listed at the end of this entry.  If you haven't been here for a while, there are some other really good entries under this one I'd love for you to read!
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Blue was watching the “Jaws” movie.  I didn't care about the Jaws movie.  I cared about Blue, her heart, her mind, our love for each other...and her pussy.

I also cared about MY pussy.

That's why I was playing with it during the Jaws movie.

I wasn't watching the movie.  I was watching Blue, with my legs spread, my right leg draped on the back of the couch, my left foot on the floor.  I was wet as hell, sliding my fingers through my pussy, then licking them noisily and rubbing my juices on my lips.

Baby had her hand on my left thigh and kept watching the movie.  She did look at me and my pussy every few minutes, smiling, but she kept watching that movie!

I used my hand to gather a lot of my juices and rubbed them on my tummy, making it all wet and glistening, then slid one finger WAY inside me.  I sucked that finger in my mouth while making my butterfly pussylips flutter when she was looking.

She smiled and said, “Nice pussy you have there, Sunnybaby.  It's very tanned and pretty.”

“Oh!  You noticed!”

She said, “Of course I noticed, but I haven't seen this movie, okay?”

“You're watching Jaws without any clothes on?  I might have to fuck myself.  I DO hope that won't be a problem?”

She patted my thigh and giggled.  “No problem...just fuck yourself quietly.”

“A quiet orgasm?  Me?  Nope!  I can fuck myself quietly, but I can't cum quietly!”

There went that Jaws music: do do, do do, do do....

I had been determined to let Blue watch her movie.  Honest, I was.  She's always so busy, and she deserves this time to watch it.  I knew, of course, she was turned on, but she also wanted to see the movie.  I get it.

She took my hand and tugged on it for me to lie over her lap, and I happily did so!  With my head resting on a pillow, Baby rubbed my ass.  I spread my legs...knowing my pussy would be dripping on her any second.

“Gee, Sunny, can't you ever keep your legs together?”

I giggled.  “Where's the fun in that?”

She gave my ass a light spank...that went straight to my pussy.  Any more of that would make me soak her with Sunnycum.  I said, “If you spank me, it will only make me cum all over you and I'll blame you for it!”


It was very hot and very wet in the small amount of space between my pussy and her lap.  Baby kept rubbing my ass...and I had an insane orgasm building inside me...

Blue knew what she was doing to me.  She wanted me hot as hell when the movie was over, but my pussy was already overheated.  If she, just once, happened to slide only one finger too far between my ass cheeks, my wild orgasmic screams would drown out that movie!

She seemed too careful not to let that happen, so I had to make a move.  I waited for a spot in the movie with no fucking shark in it, and a time during which they weren't WAITING for a fucking shark.  I slid down, with my knees on the floor.


I pushed my face between her legs, spreading them...

“Sunny...the movie...something might happen...”

I pushed my face farther between her legs, spreading them more and humming that creepy Jaws music.  “Do do, do do...”

Blue had her hands on my shoulders.  “Sunny...Sunny!”

“Do do, do do, do do do do do do do do do do.”  Then I pounced my open mouth on her pussy!!

She screamed and giggled, pretending to try wriggling away from me, squirming as I held onto her and sucked her, growling into her while burying my tongue as far inside her pussy as I could!


I fucked her hard with my mouth, sucking her, my tongue forcing all her juices into my own orgasm was going to make me cum any second without touching myself!

With her ass off the couch and all her muscles tight, baby yelled out, cumming and cumming for me...I came hard from eating her, sending ALL my cum down my inner thighs...

I slid up and laid my head on her tummy and let her watch the rest of the movie, her tummy and breasts rising with her breathing.  She had her legs spread and my body was against her hot, soaked pussy...I could feel it's mini-spasms on my skin.  Much more of that, and she'd have to fuck me...

But, the movie ended and she pulled me up to her.  We smothered each others lips with kisses, then she told me, “Sunny, so you'll know for future reference, sharks do not growl.”

“Oh yeah?  Well, Sunnyshark does when she has a mouthful of your pussy, baby.  Do do, do do.”

She gave me a hot, playful spank on my ass...

My pussy dribbled on her tummy...I took her hand and slid it under me to my pussy and fucked myself with her hot orgasm made a slippery little pool of my cum on her tummy.

I touched her lips with mine and spoke softly, “I love you, Blue...”

“I love YOU, Sunny...”

The End

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Sunday, October 21, 2018

She's My Hot Distraction

Gentle reader, this took place one night when I was writing on one of my other blogs, my sexual fantasy blog.  In regular print is real italics is what I was writing on my fantasy blog:  Created To Be Her Perfect Lover

I was lying on my tummy, typing, naked of course, and writing for the blog you're reading now. As always when I write on my blogs, I was turned on. I write better that way.

...Blue, who had me bred as her perfect lover, couldn't get enough of my inhumanly long tongue licking the back of her sweet pussy...”

My legs were spread and I could feel my pussy getting soaked. I had a few towels under me. We live without any clothes on, so...

I felt Blue slide between my legs...she kissed both my ass cheeks, slid up and looked over my shoulder at my computer screen and spoke softly in my ear, “What are you writing, baby?”

Something for my fantasy blog.”

...I fucked my tongue harder into her...she screamed each time, pulling my long hair. She can't hurt me...I don't feel any just makes me hotter...”

Ah, yes. The blog where you were bred to always want me, and always make me want you? And your tongue is eight inches long and we both cum a whole LOT?”
I replied, “That's the one!”

My baby let me continue writing, but with her lips on my neck. I could feel the heat from her pussy on my ass...

...Blue fucked herself at my mouth, trying to fill her pussy with my tongue. Her swollen outer lips slapped wetly on my mouth, her hungry pussy swallowing all of my tongue...”

With her lips giving my neck little sucks and kisses, she was watching me type. “Oooooooo...I like that...write some more like that!” Under her, I wriggled my ass against her hips and smiled.

She pressed down on me and slid her open mouth to my shoulder, opening her mouth wider, her teeth against my skin, growling softly to me. My pussy jolted...she knows how to make me cum just from biting me in the right spot..., no...”

She released my shoulder from the grip of her teeth and spoke softly to my ear, “Fantasy Sunny would never, ever say no to me.”

...Blue screamed out loud...I kept driving my tongue against the back of her pussy and she came and came for me, her hard-shuddering body feeding me a hot river of her sweet cum...I started sucking her mercilessly, driving her insane orgasm even higher...”

Aaaawwww, my precious baby, I want you constantly. You know that, sweetheart.”

What you're writing is making me horny as hell. When does your hot wife get her pussy sucked?”

I'll be done very soon, then I will suck you to your heart's content...until your pretty pussy can't take any more!”

Promise you'll make me cum a lot?”

Just like Fantasy Sunny, I won't stop until you scream for me to stop, baby!”
I wouldn't get much more writing done like this. FUCK, I wanted her!

...Blue's intensely hot orgasm wound down. I lied on my back and gently pulled her on top of me with her legs spread. She was still panting when she brought her lips to mine and breathlessly kissed me and kissed me. I held her around her waist and put my brain to work, sending hot fuck signals to her pussy, something no human can do...”

I kept typing...Blue sat up, straddling my ass...I could feel her pussy dripping her hot-as-hell juices right on my opening. This was making writing nearly impossible. My typing, always slow, was now suffering more...

...Blue spoke into my mouth,”Oh yeah, the that brain-fuck thing, baby.” I held her tightly around her waist and my brain brought her pussy to the edge of orgasm where I could keep her as long as I wanted, then make her cum all over my body...

Baby slid her pussy to one of my firm ass cheeks and spread her outer lips, then wriggled those hips of hers to rest her eager clit right on my smooth skin. “Don't mind me, Sunnybaby. Just keep working...”

I smiled. Oh sure. Just keep working. With the hottest woman in the world fucking herself on one side of my ass, her hot juices flowing down between my ass cheeks and flooding my opening and running down to my pussy. How do I do that?

...Blue was fucking my mouth with her tongue, trying to reach my throat...her lips were pressed hard to mine and she squealing and whimpering...I could barely hold onto her with her body in a state of spasm, sooooooo close to orgasm...her juices were flowing heavily now, and had found their way between us. Her shuddering body was splashing them all over us. My brain kept at her, keeping her micro-seconds from cumming...

My baby was leaned forward now with her hands on my back, grinding her soaked pussy on my ass cheek, her rhythmic breathing coming in hard, deep gasps. I shoved my computer away from me and raised my ass for her...she used one hand to hold onto my hair and rode my ass like the wild woman she is, then cried out and came like a fucking animal! Fuck yeah!

Baby fell over on her back beside me. Her body was so beautiful, glistening with her juices she'd splattered all over herself while fucking her pussy on my ass!

I draped my thigh over her and licked her tummy all over, savoring her sweet taste and giving her skin lots of kisses. That only got her fired up again...she spread her legs under me and gripped me firmly and whimpered, “My pussy, baby...please, please eat me...”

Always keeping my promises, I slid down and rubbed my face deeply between her outer lips...she squirmed with pleasure and tugged on my hair, then screamed when I pounced my open mouth on her, growling into her pussy and making her my bedtime snack...

My hot baby came over and over in a wild series of orgasms I gave her without stopping between them, just riding her luscious pussy non-stop with my mouth! After an hour and many orgasms, she found the strength to slip her hands under my arms and pulled me up to her mouth, wrapping herself around me and kissing and kissing me, then planted her open mouth on that special spot on my shoulder...

She growled and sunk her teeth into the muscle right there..

I screamed against her neck and came...uncontrollably and immensely, my body bucking against hers! I collapsed on top of her, then slid off her slippery body beside her, our lips meeting, our breathing hard on each others lips...

I love you sooooooooo much, Sunny.”

I love YOU so much, my sweet Blue!”

She asked me, “Your story...did you finish it?”

What, with a wild woman fucking her hot pussy on my ass? Finish it?”

Blue laughed. “I guess not, huh? Where did you leave it?”

Well I...left it over there on my computer...”

You know what I mean! What were we doing when you stopped?”

Let's brain was holding your pussy on the edge of orgasm, because I wanted your cum hot as hell when I finally let you cum and drench me with it.”

Oh, my sweet, slutty whore! As much as I love that, you need to get your computer and let me cum before I go crazy!”

I smiled, kissed her and pulled my computer back to me:

...I wanted her cum on my body real bad now, and as much as she loved this, I couldn't let her heart beat as fast as it was any brain sent an orgasm shot to her pussy...she yelled unintelligibly and jumped hard...I held her tightly and she came in a cum-flooding orgasm, her body a deep-down earthquake of other-world pleasure! I made an insane amount of cum pulse from her body, soaking me!

My hot lady relaxed on top of me, then fell asleep. I spread my legs and brought them up on both sides of her and bent my knees way back...I rubbed her cum, still warm, over my legs, all the way to my feet and between my toes. Fuck, how I loved that.

It excites the hell out of me that I was bred with a brain and body for sex. It makes me horny as fuck to be pampered and owned by her for her sexual desires.

We are so very deeply in love.

The End

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