Thursday, December 31, 2015

My Pussy On Fire - Part One

For something a little different, try two hot females who must have sex to live...totally gorgeous, but not completely human:  Primal Lesbian Sex - written by me

I awoke this morning with my pussy on fire, my large orchid lips already completely swollen...throbbing...begging for attention.

My wife, Blue, was on her side, facing away from me, and she was sooooooo fucking sexy, lying there with her top leg bent at the knee, her hip leaning over with that leg resting on the mattress.

Fuck! That position always makes me so wet.

I cuddled against her and wrapped my arm around her, my face against the back of her neck. 

Ooooooooo...she smelled just like me...musk oil. We both wear musk oil on our necks, between our breasts, our inner thighs very close to our pussies and our asses. That scent drives me fucking pussy was sloppy-drippy and I could FEEL my outer lips trembling...crying out to fucked against the silky-soft skin of Blue's ass.

I get VERY wet and my juices always flow like a river...

I draped my leg over her and my juices instantly flowed over her, some flowing deep between her ass cheeks, some flowing down her back...

...oooooohhhhhh, but then, my swollen, overheated pussy touched her ass. Ooooohhhh fuck...I was now, surely, past the point of no-return.

My mouth opened wide on the back of her neck and I whimpered helplessly as I fucked my pussy on one of her firm ass cheeks.

Then, Blue woke up and purred deliciously for me...she rolled completely onto her tummy and raised her lovely ass in the air...

I'll more post of this as soon as I write it...
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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Just A Few Sexual Thoughts...

Although ours is not a dom/sub relationship, it makes me hot as hell to belong to Blue. And she belongs to me, but it has a physical effect on me.

Just KNOWING I'm Blue's wife...just even THINKING about the fact that I'm the woman who satisfies her, makes my pussy VERY sloppy-drippy. That makes me want to be SUCH a fucking slut for her!

What I wrote in my recent entry at the start of our vacation? It's real. I really do dress like that in public with Blue.  (unless it's a business function for me)  I LOVE dressing like that and always have.

Good thing, because it's what Blue prefers I wear.

My skirts are all loose fitting, never tight...and they do not cover my ass.

I like a top that is light, maybe a little see-through. I like wearing something lacy on top, or a tank top, tied just above my waist. Yes, a tank top has a hard time covering my breasts, but I don't care.

Panties? I have them...I just don't wear them with a dress. I do wear them with jeans or any other pants.

My hair is platinum-blond and is starting to reach my waist in back. I like my bangs to reach my eyes.

When I REALLY want to drive Blue insane without touching her, I toss it around a bit.

In public, we hold onto each other, usually with Blue's arm around my waist...possessing me...claiming me as hers.

THAT...just THAT, makes my pussy go insane. It reaches the level of a fetish for me...and that's what I was describing in the first part of the vacation piece, below this one.

Of course, her arm around me makes my dress go even higher on the side with her hand on it. Often, she will slide her hand under my dress and hold me with her hand on my hip. When she does, my dress doesn't hide much of me.

I don't care. As Blue belongs to me, I belong to HER. It makes me horny as HELL for her to show me off...and I'm always very proud to be seen with her.

No public sex. This might surprise you in light of everything I just described, but actual sex is private. No spectators and no threesomes.

We DO love passionate kissing in public...that shows the world that we own each other and only want each other.

When Blue and I are having sex...when I'm driving her crazy, I feel it in my pussy...WITHOUT her touching me. And it gets stronger and stronger until I'm throbbing.

My juices flow heavily down my inner thighs, as do Blue's. That's one of a zillion things we love about each other.

Yes...I do cum like hell by making HER cum. Strange? Not to me. Unusual?, imagine how fucking HARD I cum when she has a hold of my body!

And, oh my goodness, we both cum a LOT.  (no squirting)  Since we usually have sex for long periods of time, it can be a very messy affair...


I have more to write, and will do that in a few days.

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Friday, December 11, 2015

Vacation! - Part Five

For something a little different...very loving, but wildly primal you could try my other blog. It's all fiction written by me. Primal Lesbian Sex...Two Wild Women

This is the last part of this series and it picks up right where I left off with part four. If you missed parts 1 - 4, I'd love for you to read them because it's the best stuff I've ever written. I put a lot into writing everything because that's what you deserve...I appreciate you coming here and reading!
I would also love to hear what you think of it. I would love to read your comments.

I will share with YOU, it makes me hot as hell just writing smooth, tanned pussy gets so wet, I'm sitting on three towels.  I have to.

Every time I finish writing, I quickly set my computer aside and spread my legs for Blue, my swollen, soaking wet orchid calling out for her...

Blue gently removed her finger from my ass and stood up.  "Don't move, Sunnybuns! I'll be right back!"

She ran inside the hotel room and came back with our double-dildo! YAY!

Blue smothered the large end, my end, with suntan oil, then slid it between my well-tanned ass cheeks...a shock of pleasure went straight to my pussy and my juices immediately started pouring from me....

"Oooooooooohhhhhhhh............yes, needs this soooooooo bad."  I raised my ass in the air for her.

Blue teased my ass a little with the toy, slipping it in only a little at first...sliding it in and out of my eager ass.

"Fuck Baby's ass good, Blue....make her cum hard!" 

Some women can cum just from having their ass fucked...I'm lucky to be one of them...and Blue is so perfect...she loves my ass and takes such good care of me.

I backed my ass against the toy, wanting more...wanting more real fucking bad.....

Blue wiggled the toy around a little.  "Mmmmmmmmm...ya like that, baby? Would my hot little slut like to have more?"

"Fuck yes! Fuck my ass real deep! You know I can take it!"

"Oooooooooo....give your pretty ass to Blue, my baby!"  Blue shoved the toy in deeper....with her other hand, she dumped the banana scented suntan oil all over her naked body and more all over mine...letting the oil run down between my ass cheeks and over my pussy...

The oil was hot as hell from sitting in the sun...Blue knew what that would do to me. FUCK! I loved it! Blue rubbed her oily body on mine...we were two hot, oily, slippery women.

Blue got a tight grip on the toy with both hands and fucked it in and out of my ass...burying it DEEP inside me each time....

"Oooooooohhhhhhh FUCK yes! Fuck baby's ass! Own me! Possess me! My ass belongs to Blue!"

I was up on my hands now...fucking back against the big toy...screaming loudly each time Blue fucked it into me...

...her hot, oily body felt so fucking good against me...I let my body fall onto my tummy so she could drape her body over mine while fucking me...I kept my ass in the air for her, my legs spread wide apart....

I was yelling and words....just unintelligible, guttural pussy wasn't was POUNDING...AND BLUE WASN'T EVEN TOUCHING ME! I could feel all my juices POURING from me! Yes! It was so much, I could FEEL it!

Blue fucked my ass relentlessly...with no mercy...the way I fucking like it!


Blue fucked my ass harder and growled into my ear...she was claiming my ass...claiming my pussy...claiming me as her own....she knows damn well that drives me insane!

I screamed back at body jumped and I came HARD AS HELL, almost throwing her off me! I was overtaken with violent spasms and I just kept cumming and cumming!
Blue didn't let up...she kept fucking me, trying to hold my body down with hers. She got a wild body was shaking like an earthquake!

My orgasm did finally hips fell back down on the towel. Blue eased the big toy out of me...I just laid there, breathing hard, my legs still spread apart with my cum still oozing from me...

I couldn't talk. All I could do was make noises...

I had my head on the towel, my face turned toward my precious lover.

Blue kissed me passionately, then stayed close to my lips. "Feel good, baby?"


Blue smiled.  "Hmmm...sounds like a yes to me! I'll take it!"


Blue slid her luscious thigh over my ass and whispered...her lips still so close to mine, "Sunny belongs to Blue."

"Blue belongs to Sunny."

Somehow, we both said this together, "I love you so much, baby!"

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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Vacation! - Part Four

My dear readers, just a note - I got VERY horny while writing this part. I did it mostly with one hand...I used my other hand to play with myself. Blue just watched me and inspired me a lot by rubbing her swollen pussy and playing with her juices, most of which were flowing down to her ass.

Parts 1 - 3 are below this one...and they're really good. I'd hate for you to miss them.

I dove between Blue's legs with my wide-open mouth on her pretty pussy, licking her, sucking her and tongue-fucking her! I turned around so my baby could eat me...oh fuck...she grabbed my ass and tried to devour my dripping-wet pussy, making loud slurping sounds. I came almost immediately!

Blue had my outer lips sucked into her mouth when I made her cum HARD! She screamed out loud with her face buried in my pussy...FUCK! I love that!

I kept sucking her and licking all of her sweet cum from her, then I kissed her pussy all over and kissed her inner thighs, sucking her skin and making her body jump...

I turned back around so I could watch her face as I went back after her...I had a firm grip on her ass and fucked my tongue as far into her sensitive pussy as I could...her body went fucking insane!


I loved it! I love eating her! I made my pretty Blue cum four more times in a row with no pause in between...

...then...and you won't believe this...Blue passed out.

Yes...she fainted...that's right.

I didn't panic...I knew that's what it was. I stood on the bed and lifted her legs in the air, her butt just slightly off the mattress. She came back around pretty quickly.

"Sunny! What happened?"

"You fainted, baby!"

"I remember cumming a few times."

Proudly, I informed her, "Five times! I counted!"

"Holy shit! Five times?!?!"

I helped her lie back down and got her some orange juice. Then, we cuddled a lot...mostly with our lips or foreheads, or both, touching....LOTS of soft, little kisses and licks...LOTS of caressing. Then, we fell asleep.

We woke later and I got up and went to the sliding doors to the roof and the pool. I looked out at the sunshine.

"Baby? I'm missing an awful lot of sunshine. I should be out there, working on my tan!"

"Damn, Sunny...HOW does someone with as dark a tan as yours, get darker?"

"I MIGHT get darker, and it does have to be mantained. Will you come outside and spread oil on me?  And, maybe, IN me?"

Blue smiled and followed me outside. I got on my tummy and spread my legs real wide.

Blue gave me a hard spank on my ass. "Omg! You're always such a slutty can never keep your legs together!"

I looked back at her and smiled, my pussy on fire from the spank she gave me. "My pretty baby...I'm YOUR slutty whore and ONLY yours...and I will always spread my legs for you, baby."

Blue smiled again and squeezed a hard squirt of oil deep between my ass cheeks...she started teasing my ass with her finger...

I raised my pretty ass in the air for her. " I think your slutty little whore might need her ass fucked real good...."

THAT, and that alone will make me cum!

Blue purred at me and slid her finger deeeeeeeeep inside my oil-covered ass.


(I'll go crazy if I don't take a break and have Blue fuck me right now...I'll write more in a few days)
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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Vacation! Part Three

This is part one and two are below this one.

The elevator goes only to the penthouse...60 floors up, nonstop. We were both so fucking hot, we were oblivious to the trip.

Remember that elevator door against which I was leaning while Blue was pleasuring me so exquisitely?

It suddenly and very quickly slid open! I wrapped my arms and legs around hand on the back of her head to protect her...and into the penthouse rolled a bundle of Blue and Sunny!

I used to be a stuntwoman, so I thought it was great fun! There we ended up...Blue was very sexy with her tux a rumpled little skirt was up around my waist, most of my long hair was in my face. I was on top of Blue and we were both laughing.

I checked her over for injuries. "Well, that WAS the most interesting almost-orgasm I've ever had! Are you okay, baby?"

At least she was smiling. "Yes, interesting. I just wouldn't want to do it again!"

I looked into her eyes and smiled. "Amazingly, I DO have you right where I want you...under me."

Still on top of her, I sat up and threw my hair back, my bangs still hanging in my face. My eyes never left hers...I unbuttoned her shirt and undid her pants.

"Sunny, wait...I was about to make you cum! Let me finish!"

"It's okay, sweetheart...just imagine how wet I am. I love it!"

I pulled her pants off of her and lowered my pussy back down to her hot juices immediately flooded her tummy and started flowing down to her pussy. I took her hands and leaned forward a bit...she held me up while I ground my swollen pussy on her tummy.

I placed her hands on my ass and scooched up a little, staying up on my pussy dripping nonstop onto her skin.

Blue and I get extremely wet. That's what originally, the very first time, made us so hot for each other...then we fell in love and have been crazy in love ever since.

"Ya want my pussy, sweetheart? Look how swollen and pretty it is for you...that's Blue's has your name on one else shall ever have this good stuff."

Blue's breathing deepened. She gripped my ass harder.  "Oh.........Sunny....please slide up here and feed it to me? I'll suck it so hard for my baby."

Not yet...I stood and took Blue's hand, pulling her to her feet...I led her to the bed and had her sit down on the edge with her feet on the mattress railing. I had her lean back on her hands. I got on my knees in front of her and spread her legs, then gave her pussy a few very hot, very wet kisses.

"Ooooooooohhhhhhhhh, Sunny....fuck!"

I slid my finger through up through her pussy, then looked at her while I rubbed her juices on both of my hard erect nipples.  "Now, why dont you tell your hot little slut what you'd like her to do to you."

I let her watch me hold one of my breasts and suck her juices from my nipple. All she could do was sit there with her mouth open.

"What's wrong, my love? Can't talk? Hmmmm...I'll bet I can get some noise out of you...."
I buried my face between her legs, held onto her ass and flicked her clit real hard with my tongue. That worked...My Blue screamed hard.


Now, I was in a mood to tease her...that excites me to death.

I looked up her in mock amazement. "Oh! She talks!"  I played with her pussy with my finger.  
"Want me to fuck you real good? Your bad little slut can eat you and make you cum over and over and over till you can't take any more...OR, I can hold my end of our double dildo with my pussy and fuck you real hard...deep enough to make your ears wiggle!"

Blue's mouth was open, her head was tilted, pleadingly. She was breathing hard. I leaned back down and sucked her pussy into my mouth, my tongue gathering her juices...I brought my mouth up to hers and spread her juices all over her lips with my tongue, then gently held her face and kissed her ever-so-deeply.

Blue whimpered helplessly into my mouth...I ended our kiss, but kept our lips almost touching, my hot breath on her, my eyes looking into her eyes...I spoke some more...

"Oooooooooo! Perhaps, you'd like Baby to hold that double dildo with her ass and fuck your pussy that ass slapping against you real hard...our soaking wet bodies trying to outfuck each other!"

THAT was all Blue could take...she grabbed me off my knees with both arms and leaned back on the bed, pulling me on top of her!

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Monday, November 30, 2015

Getting Away - Part Two

This is part two. Part one is below it.
Blue pulled my hair real hard and screamed!

Blue fucked her tongue down my throat and her body went fucking insane...she came so hard, the limo was rocking!

When her body collapsed down onto the seat, I gently withdrew my finger from her pussy and sucked on it, giving Blue my "innocent" look.

"My sweet Blue, ya better put yourself back together. You know your fucking agent filled that hotel lobby with photographers and fans."

"Oh know I hate that!"

"We'll discuss that fuckup with him. Too late for this time, though. It's okay, baby. I'll get you through it."

We arrived at the hotel, and Blue was doing better than I thought she would.  "Okay, baby. You get out of this car with a million dollar smile on your face and keep it there until we get on the elevator."

"I think I can handle that...I think I can smile."

I leaned to her and spoke against her lips.  "Why do you think I fucked you? So you would smile. Now, let me see that smile."

Blue did smile with her pretty blue eyes twinkling.

"There ya go! Now, don't forget, we have to stop in front of the photographers...they'll want pictures."

We got out of the car and went inside, holding hands, with me sort of leading her. Sure enough, there they were...photographers...fortunately, behind a ropeline and calling out to Blue so she would look at them for pictures. Apparently, they didn't think she would stop for them. "Blue! Hello Blue! You look very nice today! A few photos please, Blue?"

I stopped us right in front of them and whispered to Blue, "It's okay, baby. You'll give them 5-10 seconds, then we'll move on. I'll be right over here."

I moved over about five steps and back a bit. This was all for Blue...she's worked for this...she's earned this. I was so proud of her!

After about eight seconds, I went over, took her hand and started to walk away.

I guess the photographers weren't quite finished. "You two are a sweet couple! Will you kiss for us please? Please Blue?"

Blue and I looked at each other...she gathered me into her arms and I held her...we kissed each other with her holding me tight, showing the world that I belong to her...taking possession of me...

...good thing, too. My skirt already left a third of my darkly-tanned ass not covered...and her holding me made it a little shorter...

Oh...........FUCK......that made me hot as hell...I could feel my pussy getting wet right there..................

We waved to them and moved on to a group of Blue's fans...most of them wanting her autograph on this or that or one of her books. Blue made sure each one of them got her attention.

I stood behind her with my hand in her back pocket, my pussy still throbbing from the sexual thrill I get when Blue shows me off and claims me as hers...

...there was a breeze blowing through the lobby and my hot little dress was blowing around a little...I could feel my pussy pulsating...I could feel my juices starting to soak my already-swollen outer lips.

How much longer would Blue take here? My juices would, very soon, be dripping down my inner thighs. I don't mind showing my ass in public with a nice dress, but my inner thighs shimmering-wet from my juices? Not so good...

...With my hand in Blue's back pocket, I poked her butt with my finger. She got the message. We each blew kisses and waved goodbye to her fans and got on the penthouse elevator. It goes straight to the penthouse without stopping....


.......I backed against the elevator door and pulled Blue against me, holding her ass real tight. I kissed her hard, then spoke hotly against her lips, knowing I could drive her out of her mind.  
 " made your baby sooooooo wet, Blue....."

I took one of her fingers and slid it up one of my silky-smooth inner thighs...I held that finger and spread my sweet juices on her lips...Blue kissed me again, then got on her knees between my legs...she started licking my inner thighs...sucking my clit was already sooooooooo swollen and hot...Blue's tongue slid across it, then she pulled it with her lips...I gripped her hair and SCREAMED LIKE HELL!!!

Then, something happened that we hadn't quite counted on...

I will write more on this in a few days. Thank-you for reading!
Love to all,

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Time To Get Away!

Yay! Time for a mini-vacation!

Blue and I went to the nearest, decent-size city, which shall remain nameless. Sorry about that.

We were in the back of a limo from the airport to the hotel. I was kindof leaning onto Blue's lap...kissing her as though I was having her mouth for pussy throbbing harder and getting wetter by the second!

Blue had both hands on my ass, squeezing it hard, one finger teasing me between my ass cheeks...fuck, that feels so good! I was breathless against her lips...

" pretty cannot fuck my ass, KNOW that makes me cum like dress will be soaked!"

Okay, I guess this is where I tell you what I was wearing: a loose fitting little skirt with no panties. I NEVER wear tight skirts and dresses. My skirts barely cover my pussy and about a third of my tanned ass shows. This makes Blue insanely hot for me...she always wants me to dress just as fucking slutty as I want to...and I don't hold back.

Blue looked DAMN good...she was wearing a very well-cut women's tux with a long jacket and no tails and a gorgeous, lacy, fitted white shirt which had a breathtaking contrast with her black hair. my urging...that shirt was unbuttoned to WAY below her cleavage.! She looked good enough to eat!

In public, we hold onto each other...I'm always so proud to be seen with her! She holds onto me and takes possession of me...showing the world I belong to her. THAT makes me horny beyond pussy gets so wet when she does that!

Why? I don't know why. I don't suppose "why" matters.

Oh...I was also wearing a lacy little top that draped down over my breasts and covered most of my tummy, along with six-inch "fuck me" heels.

ANYWAY, at that particular the limo...I was savagely kissing my pretty Blue, fucking her mouth with my hand inside her pants with my finger inside the sweetest pussy in the world, softly massaging her g-spot...

...Blue had a firm grip on my hair, pulling it hard and was already screaming into my hot mouth...her pussy muscles were gripping my finger and her juices were oozing freely into my hand...her body was shaking harder and harder...her ass was raised off the seat...

Oh baby was going to have a very hard fucking orgasm any second...

I shall continue this in a few days...
Thank-you for reading!
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Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Shower - Part Two

Gentle readers...part one of this entry is below this one.

When Blue saw the shower massager on pulse, she screamed.
"Fuck no, Sunny! Don't you dare!"

I smiled, turned it off, took her hand and led her to a marble bench in the shower. (The shower is huge and the bench is out from wall and can be moved around)

Blue sat down and I moved one of her legs so she was straddling the bench. I gently laid her on her back.

Oh yeah...I had her where I wanted her. I stood over her, but with one leg on each side of the bench, my pussy directly over her.

I was still holding that shower massager, too. But it was turned off...

.....for now.

Blue reached up and played with my pussy. That's when it started to drip on her.

She grabbed each of my hips. "Ooooooohhhhhh, Sunny....please, baby....give me your pussy."

"Aaawww, sweetheart...ya want your hot slut to feed you her pussy?"

" my good little slut and give me your pussy? I promise, I'll suck it REAL good for you!"

"I know you will, my pretty always do...alright, here ya go."

I slowly lowered my pussy down to Blue. She had a hard grip on my hips, trying to pull it to her and it was dripping even more on her open mouth.

Suddenly, I stood back up, raising it away from her. "Oh!  You almost had it, baby!"

"Dammit, Sunny! I want your pussy now!"

"Here you go, baby...try again."

I lowered back down to her again. She had her mouth wide open and her head off the bench...her nails dug almost into my skin.

I let my swollen pussy lips just BARELY touch her mouth, then jumped back up, out of reach of her mouth.  "Omg! You came so close that time!"

Blue spanked my ass REAL hard.  ''Fuck, Sunny!!  Don't make me get off this bench and attack you!"

I giggled loudly.  "Oh no, babydoll! Not that!" I giggled some more.

That did it.

Blue raised her body up from the waist..a growl came from her throat...she roughly pulled me down on top of her and attacked my pussy with her mouth!

I screamed like HELL!  ''Yes baby! Eat me good! Make my pussy yours!!!"

Blue growled again and sucked my swollen outer lips hard into her mouth!

And...there it was, still in my hand...and at the BEST time to use it...the shower massager.....

Oh goodie!

Writing more on this very soon!
Thank-you for reading.
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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

We finally made it to the shower...

Blue and I got to the shower and stepped onto the heated floor. I eased her back against the wall and deliciously kissed her, my body pressing against hers.

She wrapped her arms around my neck, pulling my hair and purring into my mouth.

Oh, but when I slipped my thigh between her legs, Blue screamed while trying to devour my lips and fucked her pussy on my satin-smooth skin.

I grabbed the hand-held shower massager and turned it up to "hard pulse."

I had plans for my sweet lover...

More in a few days. Thank-you for reading.

Love to all,

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

November 4, 2015

My dear readers...Blue and I are now wife and wife! We were married the evening of November 1st!

Continues from the posting before last - the October 24th posting

Blue and I left the messy kitchen. I took her hand, kissed it and started leading  her to the shower.

"I'm not going to take a shower with you! You'll just want to fuck me again, Sunny!"

I kept walking, but turned my head, looked back at her and smiled.
"Hmmmm...I just might...I can never promise not to." I threw my hair back and put a little wiggle in my ass for her.

"Oh! You're such a fucking slutty nympho!"

I stopped and turned around. I held her ass and pulled her hips roughly against mine...I looked right into her eyes. "Who MAKES me such a fucking slutty nympho and to WHOM does this fucking slutty nympho belong?"

Blue was quick with her answer. "ME!"

"Kiss me, Blue...kiss me like you can't get enough me."

Blue pressed her body harder against me with her arms around my neck. I gripped her ass harder...her lips sunk into mine and she kissed me very hotly...her tongue roughly fucking my mouth...her mouth trying to devour my lips.

I slid one finger teasingly through her ass cheeks from bottom to top and she squealed into my mouth, pulling my hair with her tongue savagely attacking mine...

...I eased off our kiss, caressing her back and giving her a bunch of hot little kisses all over her lips. We were both both breathing heavily.

" dear Miss Blue...that was quite the proper kiss."

"Yes, my dear was quite nice."

I took her hand again. "Shall we continue to the shower, Miss Blue?"

"We shall, my dear Sunny."

"Just so you'll know, Miss Blue, I still might have to be a slutty nympho...and I might have to have very tempestuous sex with you."

"Such would be a lovely occurrence, my dear Sunny."

We ran the rest of the way to the shower in a mass of giggles and dripping pussies.
Holy fuck...what a shower it was. I'll tell you about it in a few days.

Thank-you for reading.
Love to all,

Monday, October 26, 2015


Please know Blue and I are not dom/sub. Nothing you see written here should suggest otherwise.

That said, I will tell you Blue may have my body whenever she wants it. That’s because we have each other’s heart and soul forever and always.

It makes me dripping wet to be Blue’s lady. To possessed by be claimed by her.

I belong to Blue. Blue belongs to me.

She knows what I like and don’t like...and I know hers.

She knows how to make my pussy throb uncontrollably.

I know how to make her out-of-her-mind horny for me...teasing her drives my pussy absolutely insane. I LOVE fucking her with my mouth and would do it for hours on end. I HAVE cum while doing nothing but devouring Blue’s pussy. Fuck! I love that!

She knows what will, besides the normal things, instantly make me cum. Yes, there are a few such things, but I’m going to let Blue keep those as her secret...that’s the way it should be, because I love her.

I would die for Blue. I would give my life protecting her. Blue is a gem for this world to enjoy. If it’s within my power, I will make sure this world, which needs her so much, can have her.

Thank-you for reading.
Love to all,

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Sex In The Kitchen - Who Made This Mess?

 (Continuing from my last entry...)

.....Blue had gone back inside. I stayed outside for about 3 more hours. I may be addicted to tan is very dark, but I still have a fear of losing it, though it doesn't look like that can really happen. Anyway...

I woke from being asleep out there, very hot and horny as always when I've been out there. I found my pretty Blue in the kitchen and I backed her against the back against ass pressed hard against her always-naked body. I was quite oily...I rubbed my ass on her hips and reached back, wrapping my arms around the back of her neck.

Blue wrapped one arm around me and rubbed my tummy...her other hand deeply massaged my ass...oh fuck...I was in heaven! I rubbed my ass on her some more.

"Ya like your baby's ass, my Blue?"

" KNOW I love your ass!"

I pressed my ass into her harder and she slid her hand from my tummy down to my pussy, then rubbed my pussy and massaged it...I purred loudly, my juices starting to soak my inner thighs.

Blue loves that I get so fucking wet...she does too and it drives me crazy!

My pussy was so oily, and Blue was easily able to slide her finger waaaaaaaaay inside me...I involuntarily rose to my toes and hot squeals of absolute pleasure escaped my throat. I drove my ass harder into her and she moved her other hand to my pussy...getting my oily, throbbing clit between two fingers!

I leaned my head way back against her...I was breathless...

"Oooohhhh fuck yes, Blue! Fuck my pussy hard! MAKE YOUR BABY CUM!"

Blue had her hot breath against my ear. "Your pussy is all mine, my sweet Sunnypuss."  Then, she shoved two fingers inside my dripping pussy...fucking me DEEPLY and gently squeezed my clit...

That did it! My oily body spasmed against her and I shook like hell! She kept fucking me and I came fucking HARD, my cum flowing down my inner thigh...I was still holding onto her with my arms around the back of her neck!

When my orgasm ended, I fell to the floor, landing on my side...breathing hard and whimpering. Blue lied down and pulled me to her tummy, wrapping her arms and legs around me.

" sweet baby......I love you so, so much."

"I love YOU, my Sunnypuss...I will forever!...and you made a big mess on this floor!"

"No...YOU did!"

"No! YOU did!"

"It was YOU!"

"No! YOU!"

(That may never be resolved...I WILL take 50% of the blame)

Thank-you for reading.
Love to all,

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Part six 10/20/15

As I said last time, Blue and I are going to get married! I also said I would tell you the date when we decided on one. Our wedding will be Sunday, November 1st, 2015!

This is part six of a series I haven't brought to a close. I suggest reading parts one through five, first, if you haven't already. They are below. Thank-you and I hope you enjoy it!

...Where I left off last time, I had just fucked, I was relaxing and baking in the sun...maybe half-asleep...not sure.

Then, Blue came out, except, I didn't know she was there until her lips touched mine. She brushed her lips on mine at first, then licked my lips with the tip of her tongue. Like me, she was naked. We don't wear clothes outside either. She was above my head where I couldn't reach her body...looking at me upside down.

" Blue....kiss me, baby...kiss me good."

Blue purred at me and sank her lips upon mine....I whimpered into her and her tongue explored my warm, wet mouth...her lips pressing hard on mine. I softly squealed when her tongue fucked farther into my mouth, then she backed off our kiss and kept her lips barely touching mine.

"You look sooooooo fucking hot, Sunny...I had to come out here."

"I have a feeling I'm going to get hotter, sweetheart."

Blue giggled. "Why do you think I came out here, my baby?"

"Ooooooooooooo...yes, pussy belongs to you, Blue...take it whenever you want, my pretty baby."

Blue kissed me again, her lips eagerly against mine...we were holding each other's faces and her tongue was fucking toward my throat. A hot, very sexual sound came from her throat and her kiss got more urgent as she savagely tried to devour me with her mouth.

I moaned and whimpered into her mouth, then separated our kiss, but kept my hot breath on her lips "Fuck me, Blue! Take my pussy! Possess it! Fuck me good and make me your hot, fucking slut!"

I could feel my juices flowing from my overheated pussy....

Blue smiled at me. "Spread your legs for me, hotstuff."

"I'll always spread my legs for you, my Blue!"

Blue slid down, slid her arms under my thighs and held my wrists down...she buried her face between my legs...when she sucked my throbbing pussy into her mouth, I raised my ass in the air and screamed out-fucking LOUD!

I said earlier I was going to get hotter? Oh....yeah....I did.....

More next time...soon...
Thank-you for reading.
My love to all,

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Blue Comes To Bed - Part Five

Guess what! Blue and I are getting married! I've never been happier in my life! Blue is so perfect...she's everything I need...and we are now each other's fiancee, soon to be each other's wife!

I'm so excited!


This is part 5 of a continuing series. If you haven't read parts 1 - 4 below, you might want to read those first.

The next morning, I woke up with my arms and legs wrapped around my sweet fiancee.

As is normal, I was horny as hell when I woke. Blue was sleeping very soundly. I couldn't wake her...I really worked her over last night and loved every second of it!

I slipped my arms and legs from around her and rolled onto my tummy. I slid my hand under me, slid two fingers deep inside my pussy and proceeded to fuck myself very hard!

My sloppy-wet pussy made so much noise...and the wetter I got, the harder and deeper I fucked myself! Out of nowhere, my body shuddered and shook...I buried my face in my pillow to supress my scream and I came VERY fucking hard!

I collapsed to the mattress and my face was still in the pillow when I heard my Blue. "You are SO fucking sexy, baby."

I turned to my future wife and she hadn't moved, but her eyes were open and she was smiling.
"Good point! I AM fucking sexy and I belong to you, my love! By the way, I didn't know you were awake."

"How could I sleep through all that? And it was hot as hell!"

I gently held Blue's face and kissed her very deeply. "As your future wife, I will always be hot as hell for you, baby."

Blue smiled with those gorgeous eyes. "As YOUR future wife, I will always be something for you to get hot for!"

"I love you soooooo much, Blue."

"I love YOU, Sunny."

I kissed her again, then went outside, naked of course, to get my daily sunshine. I squirted hot suntan oil all over my deeply-tanned body and rubbed it all over myself...
...naturally, I played with my pussy. The sun on my naked body makes my pussy throb hard and beg for attention. Oh, I wanted Blue out there!

I rubbed my oily, swollen clit and thought of my gorgeous no time, I came very hard in a delicious orgasm!

Then, I relaxed...contented and restful...and so happy Blue and I have each other.

Thank-you for reading.
My love to you all,

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Blue Comes To Bed - Part Four

My wonderful readers,
This is part four of an ongoing series. Parts one, two and three are beneath this one...You'll want to read those first. Thank-you.

I spread Blue's legs, opened my mouth wide and placed it on her hot tongue against her still-swollen and very sensitive outer lips. My pretty baby screamed out fucking LOUD in total pleasure and grabbed two handfuls of my hair, pulling on it ferociously!

Fuck! I LOVE when she pulls my hair!

I slid my tongue from bottom to top...licking Blue's pretty pussy like a lollipop, over and over...each time, ending with the tip of my tongue flicking across her clit.

Blue's body was in constant spasm and shaking hard each time my tongue hit her clit...I fucking LOVED was I was doing to her! I grabbed her hands and pulled them from my hair, slid my arms back under her thighs and held her wrists down...

...good thing I did that...

...I had my mouth on her tongue ravaging it...fuck, it was so hot! Blue's body shook hard and immediately, she came like hell! Blue cums a LOT, as do I.  (no, we don't squirt)  I kept torturing her clit and sucking her honey-sweet cum from her, swallowing every drop...Blue just kept screaming and screaming my name at the top of her lungs!

When Blue's body finally wound down, I scooped and sucked the last of her cum from her burning pussy into my mouth, crawled up to her and kissed her, letting all her cum flow into her mouth.

Of thigh was firmly against her pussy...

Our tongues played with Blue's cum, back and forth...both of us whimpering and purring at each other...she had my hair again, pulling on it while she tried to devour my lips. I took her bottom lip with mine, squeezed it, then pulled on it before licking her cum that we had spilled from her cheeks...

...she just laid there...her mouth open...catching her breath...speaking, but, barely intelligible...
" Sunny......oooooohhhhhh........"

Mmmmmmmm! I loved it!

And I wanted more...

.....a LOT more....

....and I would have it.....

I slid back down between my pretty Blue's thighs, her fingernails scraping my back as I went. Then, she grabbed my hair as I buried my face in her pussy, which I love so much....

"Ooooooooohhhhhhh me again, Sunny......pleeeeeeease suck my pussy again, Sunny.........."

Oh...did I ever...and my baby came three more times because I didn't even stop after each time...just kept on fucking her with my mouth!

I crawled up to my Blue, my always and forever love, and lovingly kissed her lips, neck and shoulders...then held her against me to make her feel loved and cherished. We both fell asleep, our hearts beating as one.

Thank-you for reading.
My love to you all,

Monday, September 14, 2015

Blue Comes To Bed - Part Three

My dear readers,
This is part three of a continuing series. If you missed parts one and two, they are directly under this will want to read them first...or the end of part two to refresh your memory. Thank-you.

...I tucked one leg under one of Blue's legs and kept fucking the double dildo in and out of her...gently...steadily...but, ALL the way in...letting it push her body every time it reached the back of her hungry pussy.

Blue's body was already trembling with excitement, her juices pouring out of her and running down to her ass.

"Ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh....Sunneeeeeeeeeee.........yes baby....yes baby......fuck me real good!"

I looked right into her pretty eyes...Blue was in that zone...she had a wild, savage, animal-based urge....I knew...she had gotten me into that zone many times.

"Blue? know I love you...right, baby?"

Blue was breathless. "Oh....Sunny...I love you, too!....NOW FUCK ME!"

I kept working our toy in and out of Blue...pushing it all the way in each time...a little squeal coming from her throat every time I fucked into her. I reached down, soaked my finger in my own juices and held it to her mouth, spreading my juices on her lips. Blue sucked my finger into her mouth, grabbed my long hair with both hands and BIT my finger!

"FUCK ME SUNNY!!!!!!!!!!"

I wrenched her hands from my hair and shoved her onto her back. I threw all my waist-length, platinum blonde hair back...I got a firm grip on that double-dildo with my pussy muscles and fucked HARD into her...over and over and over! Blue screamed with pure pleasure each time...

I was now too wet to hold my end and each fuck into her was fucking hard into my own pussy...hitting the back of me...I cum so easily and a hard orgasm was building deep within my body!

Our bodies were now slapping together and our juices were splashing all over both of us...we both get extremely wet and we were both soaked!


She was now fucking her pussy at me, meeting me every time I fucked her...ramming that toy hard against the back of my pussy, screaming each time...

"FUCK SUNNY!!!!!!!...I'M CUMMING BABY!!!!!!!!"

BLue grabbed my ankles and fucked hard at me...I was going to cum any second...I grabbed HER ankles because I was shoving her shaking body every time I fucked her!

Suddenly, we both came at once! Two sex-crazed, wild women who each cum a LOT! We fucked the living daylights out of each other and continously screamed...our bodies working as one violent earthquake!


"FUCK ME HARD, BLUUUUUUUUUUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

With both our bodies in violent spasm, our cum flowed hard from our pussies and splashed EVERYWHERE! We held onto each other and rode each other roughly...each of us trying to out-fuck the other! We were both COVERED in each other's cum!

When our orgasms finally ended, I eased off of my end of our lovely toy and gently slipped Blue's end from her. She was flat on her back, breathing heavily...her leg muscles quivering...

I slid my wet body up to Blue...when my nipples slid against her's, she jumped deliciously...I straddled her body and held mouth met her lips and I kissed her very deeply, my tongue sliding along her tongue...I ended our kiss by pulling on her bottom lip and letting it go.


"Oh, precious lover......I am sooooooo not done with you"

"Oooooohhh fuck, Sunny...."

I slid down only a little and gently sucked each of her nipples into my mouth, then let them slip to my lips...I squeezed each one, then pulled it until it slipped from my lips. Each time, Blue softly screamed and her body jumped hard as she dug her nails into my back...she was ultra-sensitive now....I slid my body down to her pussy and spread her legs...

"Now, my sweet just relax...your hot little slut has more she wants to do to you....LOTS more."

I slid my arms under Blue's thighs and and held on tight...I knew what was going to happen...I placed my mouth on her wet inner thigh...right NEXT to her still-quivering pussy...Blue screamed out loud and her body went insane!

I held onto her and trailed hot, wet kisses toward her pussy...nooooooooooo...I was nowhere near done with my Blue.......

More to come...thank-you for reading.
My love to you all,

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Blue Comes To Bed - Part Two

My dear readers,
This is part two. If you missed part one, it's directly under this will want to read that first. Thank-you.


I slid down and Blue spread her legs for me....I sat between her legs, facing her...and that pretty pussy of hers. She sat up and I spread my legs, crossing them over hers. She could see how wet I already was.

Oh yes...I was going to take my time...I'm such a fucking tease!

I made her watch me as I slid my finger inside my swollen pussy...I made a show of it, making my body jump a little and squealing with delight. Yes...I was getting to her...Her eyes watched every move I made and her mouth was open partway...

", baby.....don't fucking tease me....please...."

I smiled and pulled my finger out of me, holding it out to her. She went for it with her mouth, but I pulled it away.

"Ooops! You almost had it! Try again!"  I held it out to her again and pulled it back when she went for it...

"Dammit Sunny!"
"Oooooohhhh...poor baby......I have something better for you!"

I grabbed the double dildo and used the large end, my end, on the outside of her pussy...rubbing it against her and playing with her clit with it...Blue leaned back on her hands, her head back, and raised her ass off the bed...

"Ooooooooooooo....fuck me Sunny....give it to me, baby!"

Blue's sweet juices were already pouring out of her pussy...I turned our toy around and let her watch me use it to play with my wet, swollen orchid...I looked right into her eyes...

"How hard would my baby like to be fucked?"

"Hard Sunny! Real hard! Ram that thing against the back of my pussy!"

" know your hot slut will NOT show you any mercy, right?"

Then, quick as lightning, Blue grabbed the toy and shoved it HARD into my pussy! I screamed out loud!  "FUCK! DAMMIT!"

Blue giggled joyously and shoved her hips forward...her end disappeared inside her...she collapsed onto her back, then got back up again and giggled some more!


"You'd better find something to hold onto! You're REALLY going to get it!

My legs were on top of hers...I raised my ass off the bed, gripped that toy with my strong pussy muscles and started working her end in and out of her...gently at first...but, this was NOT going to stay gentle....

(part three coming in a few days)
Thank-you for reading.
Love to all,

Monday, September 7, 2015

Blue Comes To Bed - Part One

Blue was busy typing, so I went to bed and sat up, reading a book. It didn't take long for Blue to come to bed. When she climbed into bed, she had that look...those gorgeous eyes that always say, "do me or I'll die"...

I laid my book aside...I can't resist those eyes!

Blue climbed on top of me and rested her already-wet pussy on my tummy. I held her hips and let her grind it against me...she was sitting up with all her weight on her pussy against my skin...her juices already in a puddle on my tummy. She moved her hips around...rubbing her pussy against me hard while looking into my eyes.

I pulled her down to my mouth and she kissed me hard with urgent need, fucking my mouth with her tongue. My hands moved to her ass and squeezed it firmly...she whimpered and kept kissing me...savagely now, while she fucked her pussy on my firm tummy.

I slid a finger up between her ass cheeks...she grabbed my hair with both hands and a scream came from her throat into my mouth...she tried to devour my lips...her tongue reaching for my throat.

I dug my nails into her ass and screamed back at her, still with our lips locked together. But, when I slid my finger up through her ass cheeks again, much slower this time, she was a fucking animal in dire heat...biting my lips with hers and pulling on them.

I held her body and rolled us over...I pulled my lips from hers only a little...I wanted her to feel my breath on them...

"Oooooooooo, my pretty Blue...I think your pussy needs my attention."

Blue was breathless.  "Oh........Sunny......please, baby." She reached for my lips, but I pulled back and smiled at her.

I slid my silky-smooth thigh against her sloppy-wet pussy. "Tell me, my love, who is your hot little slut?"

Blue pulled harder on my hair...she was so worked up and breathing hard, she could hardly form words. "You Sunny! It', baby...."

I held her down and gave her lots of hot, teasing, little kisses on her lips, then, kept my mouth close to hers....."Who is the woman who makes you cum SO fucking hard every time?"

"'s you Sunny! Only you! Fuck my pussy!"

Oh...this was going to be fun...I reached for our favorite toy...our double dildo!

Blue's eyes lit up and she started shaking....

(I'll continue this in my next post, which, I promise, will only be in a few days)

Thank-you for reading
Love to all,

Thursday, August 20, 2015

When I Want Blue 8/20/15

Blue was half sitting, half lying against the headboard of our bed, typing as usual...she set it aside when I crawled up beside her and turned onto her side. She knew I wanted her...I always want her...fucking always. I hunger for Blue like the air I breathe.

She also knows, the busier she is, the more relentless I am in my pursuit of her...but, sometimes, she does that to me on purpose...staying busy when she IS busy. It turns her on for me to do all things I do to get her...the way my breathing gets deeper, the way my skin gets warmer, the way my fingertips roam her body...and the way my hot juices drip from my pussy, burning her skin...

...yes...I get really, really wet, as does's something we share and one of a zillion things we love about each other.

I slid my thigh between her legs and got both arms around her, getting as close as I could to her body...I rubbed my face against her breasts and took in her intoxicating scent...mmmmmmm...that drives me crazy.

With soft, quiet, but urgent little whimpers, my open mouth sought one of her nipples...I found it quickly and an almost-silent, higher-pitched sound of need escaped my throat...

...tightening my arm around her, I sucked her breast into my wet mouth, my tongue sliding on her hardening nipple. Blue's arm tightened around me and she purred deliciously, reaching down with her other hand and pulling my thigh against her silky-smooth pussy.

I pushed my thigh more firmly against her and sucked her nipple harder...she made a soft squeal and dug her nails into my back.

"Ooooooooohhhhhhhh, Sunny............suck me harder, baby......."

 I did suck harder, for sure...her body tensed up and she grabbed two handfuls of my long hair and pulled, screaming softly...she was soaking my thigh with her juices...fuck!...her pussy felt SO hot on my skin!

"Sunny Sunny Sunny...oh yeah! Give it to me, lover!"

I let her nipple slip to my lips, where I now kept hold of it...Blue started fucking her pussy against my thigh...she had her legs spread and I gripped her ass very hard to keep her against me...I tightened my lips on her nipple...very carefully, just the way she likes it...and pulled on it, letting it slip out...Blue pulled my hair HARD and her body went fucking crazy!


My, my...I could not deny such a polite and eloquent request! I could make her cum any way I wanted, but, she needed to cum quickly.

I dove headfirst between her wide-spread legs...her body already shaking like a building earthquake! I gave her what she loves finger inside her, twirling circles around the walls of her pussy and my mouth on her hot, swollen clit, sucking it gently...but, licking it ferociously!

Oh fuck! Did Blue EVER cum! Screaming, shaking, nails in my back, pulling my hair, windows rattling, dog barking, alarms going off! If we had neighbors, they'd be pounding on the walls!

Okay...I was proud of myself, okay? There...I admit it...

I crawled up to my sweet baby and gathered what was left of her against me, wrapping my arms and legs around her quivering body and pulling the covers up to us. I gave her soft, loving kisses all over her face, then kissed her lips...letting my lips linger upon hers.

I wanted her to feel cherished and intensely she will always be. I looked into her pretty Blue eyes...the eyes which first captured me and still do.

"I love you, my Blue...always and forever."
"My Sunlight...I love you, also. Never will I stop loving you."

Thank-you for reading.
Love to all,

Monday, August 10, 2015


A lazy afternoon.

For me, anyway. Blue was writing...I was being lazy, reading my second favorite author. Blue is my first.

As is normal, neither of us had any clothes on and she was sitting, turned sideways at her end of the couch, as was I at my, we were facing each other. Her legs were stretched out and one of mine was stretched out with the other one bent at the knee and lying over sideways. Yes, I'm quite slutty and unladylike around Blue.

Occasionally, I looked up and looked into Blue's eyes. Without stopping her typing, she would look at mine and smile. Oh....that just melts me....

Oh, I had to have her...but, she was working and I respect that, so I had to make her come to me.

NOT a problem....

I laid my book aside and looked at her eyes again, draping one leg over the back of the couch so Blue had a nice view of my pussy. I kept my eyes locked on hers and just casually started rubbing my pussy.

Without even stopping her typing, her eyes moved to my pussy, then back to my eyes. She narrowed her eyes and scowled at me and, still typing, slowly shook her head, meaning, "No Sunny...not now...don't you dare."

Blue knew that wouldn't make me stop. When I want her, I don't stop until I get her, although, I will say, that's really not a lot of work.    

I just kept my eyes on hers without changing my expression...her eyes spent increasing amounts of time on my pussy, which was now glistening wet.

I slid down a little more so she could see my pussy better...I slipped one finger inside me and inhaled deeply, my eyes telling her how good it felt, my mouth opening slightly more.

Only slightly, I lifted my ass off the couch, hotly moving my hips to fuck my pussy to my finger. Blue's eyes were now shifting quickly from my pussy to my finger disappeared completely inside me and Blue could now see my juices flowing from my pussy...a soft whimper of pure pleasure escaped my throat...

Her typing stopped.

Good. Mission proceeding nicely!

I sat my ass back down on the towel on which I was sitting...while still looking at her, I removed my finger from my sloppy-wet pussy and brought it to my lips...her eyes were transfixed on my finger as I spread my juices on my lips, then slid my tongue along my lips to lick them.


Blue closed her computer and set it aside, her mouth opening a bit...but, she inhaled very deeply and spread her own legs when I put my finger in my mouth and sucked my juices from it, making hot slurping sounds. I pulled it out slowly from between my lips.

As I knew it would, her hand went right to her pretty pussy...I started caressing my inner thighs  and started saying everything that makes her so hot.

" sweet always make me want you sooooo bad...being your woman...being a fucking hot slut for you...."

That sent her second finger inside her sweet pussy...the pussy I love so much and must have.  
"Oh fuck,'re such a fucking tease!"

I let her watch me dip my fingers inside me, then spread my juices on my inner thighs.  I let her watch me play with my swollen pussy lips. I let her watch me pull on them and make my body jump.

Everyone has their breaking point...Blue had reached hers...

When I saw her tuck her feet under her and roll forward, I was ready for her...I tightened my stomach muscles and held my arms out...Blue pushed off with her feet and flew through air...the couch is eight feet...she landed on top of me with one thigh hitting firmly against my pussy, her mouth seeming to land on my mine...her lips started to devour my mouth, her tongue fucking nearly to my throat...

Blue's thigh fucked against my wet, swollen pussy, making loud, sloppy noises each time...she was relentless and I could feel my clit against her silky-smooth skin. My juices absolutely soaked her and splashed all over both of us...

My body was starting to shake hard and we were now both screaming into each other's mouths....I was screaming from my building orgasm...she was screaming just from pure fucking excitement, our tongues fucking against each other...

Blue knows my body so well...she broke our kiss and I knew where she was headed...


Blue knows exactly WHERE on my shoulder to bite me and exactly how hard....she opened her mouth wide (it doesn't hurt that way) and sunk her teeth hard against my skin and the muscles underneath...she kept her thigh rubbing firmly on my pussy...

I screamed loud enough to almost break the windows and came fucking HARD in a violent orgasm! Blue didn't let up on me, keeping her teeth firmly against my shoulder, her thigh didn't stop fucking against me until my orgasm FINALLY ended...

....I wrapped my arms and legs around Blue and held her, stroking and caressing her back, my muscles still quivering...she covered my face with wet, loving kisses...all to make each other feel loved and forever cherished. Then, we looked into each other's eyes....

"My sweet Blue...I love you so very much....."
"My precious Sunny...I will love you always and forever..."

Thank-you for reading.
Love to all,

Friday, July 31, 2015

I heard Blue get into the shower.

I gave her a few minutes while I set aside profit and loss statements, cost/benefit ratios and focus group results.

It was Blue and Sunny time...I headed straight to the shower.

I came in behind her and wrapped my arms around her with my hands on her breasts...I put my lips on the back of her neck and kissed her, then sucked hard on her skin and slid my tongue from between her shoulders, all the way to her hairline.

" glad you're here....."

"Me too, baby...I wouldn't miss this."

I gently pulled her out from the wall a little, took her hands and placed them on the wall above her head so she was bending over...I touched both of her ankles with my foot and spoke with my hot breath on her neck.  "Spread your legs real wide for me, lover, and hold onto that wall...your baby is taking you for a little ride."

Blue eagerly did what I asked. I grabbed the shower head, set it on pulse and rinsed all the soap off her pretty body. When the pulse hit her between her asscheeks, her legs trembled and she whimpered softly.

I directed the pulse right at her pussy, aiming it at her clit. Her body jumped hard and she screamed loudly.

"FUCK, SUNNY! Pleeeeeeease don't fucking tease me!"

I put the shower head back, stood behind her and held her hips, rubbing my body against her ass...I slid my finger from the back of her neck, ALL the way down the middle of her back, through her ass cheeks, through her hot pussy and across her swollen clit.

I giggled softly. "My sweet, sweet Blue...don't worry...if I tease you, I'll make it sooooooo worth it. I always do, don't I baby?"

Blue was pushing her ass against me, rubbing my body, urging me on...her voice was shaky and weak...

"Oh, yes baby...y...yes you do....oh....fuck, Sunny...pleeeeease take my pussy and make it yours, lover"

Oh yeah....this was where I wanted her...

"Keep your hands on that wall, sweetheart. Your hot, slutty girlfriend will make you feel real nice."

I held onto her hips and slid my warm tongue down her her hot, wet kisses along the way...she whimpered louder, the lower I got.

With my tongue on her lower back, I got on my knees and used one finger to tease her pussy...I gave her kisses all over her ass, then slid my tongue down through her ass cheeks....Blue squealed softly and her body tensed up...I just flicked my tongue around between her cheeks to drive her crazy.

My finger flicked her swollen clit  and her legs were trembling a little...I wasnt sure how much longer she would stand up...I slipped my finger just BARELY inside her...That's when I opened my mouth wide and gently bit her ass...oh...she did scream, then...


I love when she screams at me like that...and just like me, her sweet pussy gets dripping wet...her juices were running down her inner thighs...

" pretty baby....I shall make you cum when it's time...and you wont be able to stop me."

I turned around under her so she could see my face...I slipped my finger deeper inside her, then let her watch me bring my finger to my mouth and suck on it...that's when Blue lost it...

She took her hands off the wall, spun around, picked me up under my arms and shoved me hard against the wall. She got her lips close to mine and I could feel her hot breath when she proclaimed, "NOW is the time! The time is NOW!"

Now, I was the one with the sloppy-drippy pussy.

Blue roughly pinned me against the wall with her body...her lips met mine and she devoured me...fucking my mouth with her tongue and kissing me savagely...her hips pushing me hard against wall, she had one hand on the back of my head and the other hand holding my ass, digging her nails threateningly against my skin. She was kissing me like a fucking wild animal, screaming into my mouth!

....and I loved every bit of it!

She ended our kiss...if I can call it that...and breathed heavily against my mouth.  "Make me cum, Sunny...fuck....PLEASE, eat my pussy hard and make me cum good!"

I took her hand and kissed it very lovingly, then led her over to the marble bench  (yeah, its a big shower)  and had her straddle it and lie on her back with her legs spread wide apart...her thigh muscles were already quivering, her breathing was very deep...

...her inner thighs were soaked with her juices and I slid my tongue along the soft skin on her inner thigh, kissing all the way up and stopping JUST short of her pussy.

Blue squealed and grabbed my hair...I moved my mouth to the other side, opened my mouth wide and gently sunk my teeth into her skin right next to her pussy. I knew what that would do to her and I was ready.

Blue's body tightened real hard and she pulled my hair ferociously! She screamed and her voice echoed hard against the walls of the shower!

I covered her pussy with my mouth and made hot, tempestuous love to it. With Blue screaming like hell the entire time, I sucked her pussy lips hard into my mouth, torturing them with my tongue!


I grabbed her pussy lips with my lips, pulled them hard...when I let them slip from my lips, 

Blue pulled my hair even harder...her body spasmed and she screamed some more!

Time for my baby to cum....

I covered her hot, swollen clit with my mouth and savagely attacked it with my tongue...I slipped one finger inside her burning pussy and swirled it around in circles, hitting her g-spot every time around...Blue tried to fuck herself against my finger, but I knew where I wanted it...her g-spot...that sends her over the edge like a fucking earthquake! Blue came violently with her body shaking uncontrollably...I kept riding her with my mouth and she pulled my hair harder than ever!

When her orgasm finally ended, I held her hands and lapped up all her cum from her thighs...I gave her still-quivering pussy a big wet kiss, then crawled up to her.

I took the lady I love into my arms and wrapped my legs around her to hold her securely against me, stroking her back to help calm her and make her her feel loved and taken care of...I kissed her with all the love I have for her.

"Oh, Sunny... I love you sooooooo much."

"I love you, my Blue...from the bottom of my heart...forever and for always."

Thank-you for reading.
Love to all,

Thursday, July 2, 2015

July 2, 2015

 A continuation from the last post. If you haven't read that one, you might want to.

........After on and off sex all day yesterday and wild tempestuous fucking that night, I woke with my pussy very sensitive. Not sore, just tingly. 

Blue and I were lying on our sides...our arms were wrapped around each other...she was holding onto me and I was holding onto her. My face was buried in her breasts and there was her leg again...tucked against my pussy! 

I was already dripping hot juices had run all over her leg and she was soaked! Oooooohhhhhh, Blue is so fucking hot! My pussy was throbbing so hard, I could feel it throughout my body!

I knew I would NOT get back to sleep unless I came...and I knew it wouldn't take long! I was about to cum already and I haven't done anything yet!  Trying hard not to wake her, I held onto her silky-smooth thigh with both hands and fucked my poor swollen pussy against it....oooooohhhhh.....fuck! 

My body shook hard and I tried to be still...I had my face in her breasts, whimpering quietly against them...but, I believe my pussy screamed! I came so fucking hard, holding onto her thigh for dear life! orgasm lasted forever!!!                           

When my body calmed back down...finally...I slid down to Blue's sweet pussy and gave it bunches and bunches of hot, wet kisses...I spread her legs wider and, ever-so-softly, slid the tip of my tongue from bottom to top....

Hmmm...the sun is up, now...I think it's time for my pretty Blue to wake up...

That's when my tongue slid deeeeep inside my Lady always and forever love.

Thank-you for reading.
Love to all, 

Monday, June 29, 2015

Blue's Dream

Did Blue have a dream? Or, did she not? Only I know for sure...

I woke in the middle of the night...Blue and I were lying on our sides and my arms were around her. Somehow, my thigh was between her thighs...almost touching her pussy...

Hey...I don't know HOW it got there...really...honest!

I could tell, my precious Blue was sound asleep. Problem: I was wide awake with a throbbing pussy! THEN, it hit me...I would give Blue a fucking hot dream! I can make sure she stays's easy enough because our room is pitch dark when we sleep! When she wakes in the morning, she'll have this dream to tell me about!

I wanted to test her a little. With my arms around her, I slid down to her mouth found one of her nipples and I slid my tongue over it...very lightly...very slowly. I waited to see if she stirred around. She didn't, but her breathing got a little deeper.

Oh....this was going to be fun! I licked her nipple a few more times and Blue made a very, very soft more than that. I opened my mouth wide and lowered it down onto as much of her breast as possible, not sucking or licking...only my warm mouth and my wet lips.  Ever-so-gently, I slid my mouth off her breast, but used my lips to catch her nipple and held it before letting it go...

Is she waking up?  No...very good! SO.....

...very carefully, I took her nipple between my lips and gently pulled on it, then let it go. Blue made a most delightful little squeal in her sleep and her body jumped! Her breathing quickened  and she reached down and ran her fingers through my hair.

I slid my lips down her tummy, kissing her skin as I went along. Then, confirmation she was asleep:  "No. Tell them I can't cook now! Sunny is fucking me! We'll eat later!"

Oh yeah...she was asleep for sure, so I took it up a few notches...I slid farther down and licked her pussy just once with my entire tongue, from bottom to top.  Blue grabbed my hair, arched her back and screamed:  "SUNNY! Eat my pussy before they come home!!!!"

I couldn't keep from giggling! I reached under my pretty Blue and held her ass...I spread her pussy lips with my mouth and fucked my tongue inside her as deep as I could...she screamed out fucking LOUD and wrapped her legs around my back, pulling my hair now, very hard!

By now, I was afraid she'd wake up. I had to make her cum...VERY hard. I wanted her to remember this dream!

I gave it to her real good, too...I ate her just they way she likes it!

I sucked Blue's pretty pussy lips, making soft slurping noises in all her juices flowing to my mouth. I pulled on her swollen pussy lips with my lips, letting them slip out hard, over and over, making her scream louder each time! I  pushed her legs toward her, bending them at the knees and spread them wider so I could REALLY bury my face into her!

Blue screamed at the top of her lungs!  FUCK! SUNNY! MAKE ME CUM FUCKING HARD! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blue had two handfuls of my hair and was pulling hard! My mouth attacked her hot, swollen clit...I slipped my finger inside her and swirled it around in a circle against the walls of her tongue ravaged her clit, savagely trying to devour it!

Oooooooohhhhhh, she did cum then....did she ever....

Blue's entire body tensed up hard...she screamed something unintelligible, VERY fucking loud! I could tell her orgasm was building like an earthquake!


Blue just kept screaming and her body exploded, her honey-sweet cum filling my mouth! I swallowed it down and sucked more out of her...she LOVES the way I eat her! Blue came and came...I loved every second of it!

I thought it wouldn't happen, but her orgasm did end...I crawled up to her and gathered her into my arms and wrapped her with my legs. I still didn't want to wake her, so I just whispered against her neck, knowing she'd hear it in her dream, "My always and forever love, my precious Blue, I love you with all my heart."

Thank-you for reading.
Love to all,

Sunday, May 31, 2015

May 31, 2015

Blue came out to the pool to put oil on my back for me. She doesn't care for the sun, but comes out after I've been on my back for a while to oil my back. As always, she was just as naked as I was.


My head was turned so I could see her coming out. Oh...she's so fucking beautiful...just looking at her makes my pussy throb. She makes me want her soooooooo bad...


I turned over on my tummy and she squirted the hot, sunshine-heated oil on me...lots of felt so good when she rubbed it all over me. She squirted more oil on my ass and my legs...rubbed it all over my lower legs, then my thighs...


More oil on my ass...fuck! It was so hot, it burned as it ran down deep between my ass cheeks. Blue lightly rubbed my ass, sliding her fingers way down between my cheeks. I couldn't help but to raise my ass in the air for her, urging her to fuck her finger into my ass...


"Ooooohhhhh...Blue...please fuck me....please, Blue....fuck your baby...."
Blue giggled. "Noooooo. Baby will wait till she comes back inside. You know I hate this sunshine"

I tried to tease her a little more with my ass. Oh! I wanted her so fucking BAD!  When Blue slid her hand down to my pussy and played with it, mixing oil with all my juices leaking from me like a river, it was time to make a move...


...I flipped myself onto my back, grabbed her and pulled her on top of me. She was laying flat on my tummy, her legs spread part. I wrapped my arms and legs around her and held her to me. Our lips quickly met and we kissed each other like wild fucking animals, our tongues savagely fucking into each other's mouths....each of us trying to devour the other. Then our lips parted only slightly...

Blue whispered to me...her breath hot on my mouth.
"Sunny, I'll be right back, baby. I have to pee and I'll be right back"


"Noooooooo! Please don't go? Please? I want you so fucking bad."

"I'll be right back, Sunny. Really, I will. Have to pee REALLY bad, baby."


I tightened my grip on her body with my arms and legs.
"Well, I'm not letting you go...I want your pussy and you're not leaving."


"Sunny! If you don't let me go and pee, I'll end up peeing on you!"

I held onto her with my legs and slid my fingertips down to her ass and caressed her there. "Nawww...I dont think you'll pee on me!"

"Dammit Sunny! I can't hold it much longer! Let me go!"

I gripped her hard....
"Ooooohhhh, Blue...Baby wants your pussy...Baby neeeeeeds it right now! Don't won't pee on me.."

"Fuck, Sunny! If you don't let me go, Im going fucking pee on you any second!!!"

I giggled and held tight to her, keeping her against my body.
"Ha! I don't think you will!"

Blue's entire body tensed up hard....
"Fuck! I warned you! I fucking warned you!"

She slid up and bit me hard on my shoulder, which I happen to love, and certainly DID start to pee on my body!  Ooooooo, she was so mad!
"I warned you, Sunny! I fucking warned you ahead of time!"

Blue just kept peeing, seeming not to stop...I laughed very softly, in a non-taunting sort of way.
" did warn me, sweetheart. I am sorry...please kiss me?"

Blue did kiss me...very deeply...our tongues had a wonderful time, playing.

We went back inside and took a shower, through most of which, we fucked each other to death...I couldn't get enough of Blue's pretty pussy and she drove mine absolutely insane, fucking that long tongue of hers so far inside me, I think my ears wiggled. We both came many, many times! was a very long shower...when it was over, we dried off and fell into bed, exhausted. We wrapped ourselves around each other...
"Sunny? I love you, so very, very much."
"I love you, my sweet Blue...forever and ever."


Thank-you for reading...I will post again very soon. I promise!
Love to all,

Saturday, May 23, 2015

I love waking up beside Blue....

I woke beside Blue very early this morning...

She was lying on her side, her top leg bent at the knee and lying over on the mattress...little could she know, in the innocence of sleep, her ass was turned upward a bit...teasing me...taunting me...daring me...ah, my sleeping also left her pussy vulnerable!

Lying on my side behind her, her pretty ass was tucked into my tummy. My arm was around her and my hand was holding her face was buried in her hair.

I softly and gently massaged her breasts, then slid my hand down along her sweet, peachy curves, caressing her hip and moving over her ass and squeezing it. I slid my hand farther down the outside of her thigh and back up the back of her thigh. Then slowly and only once, sliding over her pussy.

Hmmm...I felt her pussy lips move as a muscle contraction in her sleep! own pussy started to get very wet.

Ohmygoodness!...should I wake her?...should I?  Nooooooo...I had to let her sleep.

But, my pussy was on fire! Gently, I draped one leg over her and made myself cum. I had to! I buried my finger inside my pussy as far as it would go...I fucked myself hard while my other hand furiously rubbed my hot, swollen clit. FUCK! I came hard! It took only a minute, but it was SO hard to suppress my shaking and trembling! She's the hottest woman on earth! When my fantastic orgasm finally ended, I was completely spent...lying almost lifeless, my hot breath coming in gasps...... 

I finally fell very contentedly back to sleep with a smile on my face, knowing how lucky I am to have her.....

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Love to all,

Sunday, May 17, 2015


Blue has finished the 18th chapter of her book! I'm so happy and excited for her!!  YAY!!!!!

Love to all,

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Our Favorite Toy - Part Three of Three

Part three...the first two parts are might want to read those first if you haven't already.

Blue is so much fun with that double dildo...I really have to hold on to the sheets when she fucks me! She rams her ass into mine like a wild woman and I fuck right at her to meet her...we both get VERY wet and our juices splatter all over our asses and each other each time our asses slap together...the rest of our hot juices were flowing down our thighs...fuck! We were soaked!

That dildo felt heavenly each time Blue fucked it against the back of my pussy...goodness knows, that's how hard I tried to fuck HER. We stopped every so often to grind our asses in hot circles...making each end rub the back and sides of our hungry pussies...

...we went at each other for about an hour...two fucking crazy women... wild, sexual animal urges...screaming, whimpering, squealing...making each other cum over and over and over! Not even letting up...just trying to outfuck each other!

Good thing that bed is extra large...ten feet across by seven feet...I think we used every bit it!

It's not clear to me which of us settled down first...probably me! We both fell to the mattress, completely exhausted...

...I turned around and crawled to her, got on my back and helped her crawl on top of me...her legs spread apart to straddle my tummy...our favorite cuddle position. I wrapped my arms and legs around her to make her feel cherished and forever loved...we kissed...very, very deeply to let our intense love flow between us.

Then, we just looked into each others eyes and rubbed our noses together.

"My sweet, sweet Blue....I love you, baby...."
"I love YOU, Sunny.....sooooo very much....."

We kept hold of each other just like that, but rolled onto our sides...and fell to sleep...very happy.

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Love to all,

Monday, May 11, 2015

Our Favorite Toy - Part Two

Part two...if you didn't read part one, please find it below this one.

When we got to our bedroom, Blue did some kind of flying-roll thing, ending up in the middle of our ten-foot wide bed. I jumped from about six feet back and landed, grabbing her and rolling us the rest of the way across.

Blue jumped to her knees, holding the double dildo. Oh, she was soooooo excited!  "Spread those legs for me, Sunnybuns!"

I sat up, facing legs spread wide for my hot lady. I leaned into her and kissed her deeply, then spoke quietly. "Fuck me, Blue...fuck my pussy hard...I can take it, baby...give it to me......"

Blue's pussy was already dripping down her inner thighs...mine was absolutely soaked. I leaned back on my elbows and Blue used my juices to wet my end of our toy...then she gently...very gently...slid it into my pussy bit by bit...oh...FUCK! Did it feel good!

...."Oooooooooohhhhhhhh, Bluuuuuuuuuue.......oh.....fuck yes......that's right, sweetheart...far as it will go, baby......."

Blue is so good at this and she knows my body...she worked the dildo in and out of me a few times, then she held onto it while I put my legs together and...CAREFULLY...turned over and got on my hands and knees.

Blue, very worked up, quickly got on her hands and knees facing away from me in the opposite direction with our asses facing each other. Her pussy was so sloppy-wet, she just backed herself right to her end and shoved herself onto it...a happy squeal of delight coming from her!

She went weak for a second with pure pleasure...her head dropped and she whimpered loudly, then she tossed her hair out of her eyes and screamed at me.  "Fuck me, Sunny! Give it to me, baby!"

Oh, we gave it to each other, all right...we fucked the HELL out of each other...our wet asses slapping together real hard!........

I will tell you all about it when I post part three of this wild or before Wednesday night!
Thank-you for reading.
Love to all,

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Our Favorite Toy - Part One


I knew that tone of voice...It always means Blue is about to make me VERY lucky! I looked up from my book...there stood Lady Blue...naked, of was I.
(in case you're a first-time reader, we don't wear clothes at home...inside or outside)

Blue was hiding something behind her back. She came over and straddled my lap with a twinkle in her pretty eyes, still hiding...something...behind her back.

I leaned my head over a bit, trying to see it. "Hmmm...what do you have there, lover?"
She giggled and brought it around to show was our favorite Blue and Sunny toy...our double-dildo! Ours has one end bigger than the other, (that's my end!)  it's very comfortably shaped, but neither end resembles a male body part. That's one thing we really like about it.   

A hot thrill went through my body!

I quickly approved. "Ah yes...It HAS been a while since we used that...way too long."
Blue, ever the hot tease, slid back toward my knees with my legs spread apart and began to rub my pussy with it. I got very wet, very quickly and leaned back on the couch, my arms outstretched on the back of the couch.

"Oooooohhhhh, pretty baby...pleeeeeeease promise you'll fuck me real hard."
She kept rubbing me with it and leaned toward me. "Oh Sunny...I'm going to make you my hot little slut...with my end hitting against the back of my pussy."

My breathing deepened...I kept my arms on the back of the couch, but my ass wouldn't sit still. I started moving my hips...trying to get closer to our favorite toy.

Blue moved the double dildo underneath us and slipped it inside my already sloppy-wet pussy...I whimpered loudly as hot pleasure shot through my body...

...that's when I grabbed her and pulled her down on top of me, kissing her savagely...fucking my tongue into her mouth...trying to devour her lips!

I backed off my kiss, but kept my hot breath on her lips..."Blue...I hope you're ready for your little slut...I'm going to hold it inside my pussy and make you cum hard enough to lose your mind!"

My lips met hers again and I kissed her hard, my tongue fucking against her little squeals of joy escaped her throat. My fingernails slid gently down her back, then dug into her ass.

"I want your pussy, pretty baby...pleeeeeease let me fuck you."
And she was sooooooo accomodating. " precious lover...let ME fuck YOU."

"Yes yes yes!"

She got up and took my hand...we stepped over our faithful guard dog at the bottom of the stairs, Grover, and took the steps two at a time.
Grover knew, right then, he'd be hearing a lot of joyous yelling and screaming from upstairs. He's used to it by now...

I'll post part two of this by or before Monday night.
Thank-you for reading.
Love to all,

Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Blue and I were getting ready to go to Reno. More accurately, I was trying on clothes and Blue was sitting on the edge of the bed and watching me...with great interest.

Blue, being the more sensible of the two of us, is already packed, dressed and ready....I'm still trying stuff on.

I looked in the mirror and decided I liked something I tried on...and white, loose-fitting, flouncy little dress which didn't REALLY cover my butt and a rather sheer, lacy little top with three buttons which came barely over my boobage. Hey, at least it had sleeves...very short sleeves...but, sleeves. No panties and a pair of black six-inch heels with straps around my ankles.

Before I fell in love with Blue, I dressed like this in public all the time. Now, I only dress this way when she's with me, so I wanted her approval. I turned and looked at her.

"Okay...what do you think?"

Blue frowned. "That? You're wearing...that?"

I turned and look at the mirror again, then back at her. "Sure! Why not? Don't you like it?"
"Of course! I love it! much..."

I bent waaaaaay over and looked her in the face. "My precious Blue..."

But, she wasn't looking at me...she was looking around me, at the mirror behind me. I gently placed two fingers under her chin and leaned my head over and smiled at her.  "Over here, face is over here..."

Her eyes grudgingly left the mirror and met mine. She smiled back at me. I continued.

"Now...who's my baby?"


"Correct. Who's YOUR baby?"


"Also correct. Blue, we belong to each other. I LOVE belonging to you. NO one will ever have me for the rest of my life. I am crazy, madly in love with you and I LOVE giving myself to and no one else. Got that?"

Blue smiled. Oh, how I love it when she smiles. "Yes, Sunny...I got it."

I unbuttoned my top, stepped between her legs and wove my fingers through her hair, holding her lovingly against my breasts. She wrapped her arms around the back of my thighs.

I kissed the top of her head and laid my head there. "I love you, Blue."
"I love you, Sunny."  She wrapped her arms around my ass and held me tightly against her.

I further reassured her, "You'd better know I will be holding onto you...constantly. I want the entire world to know we belong to each other!"

She asked me, "That dress is pretty short. What if my hand happens to slip down to your ass? By mistake...I mean..."

"My precious lover...I don't care WHERE we are in public...there's my bare ass and my equally bare hip. You want them? You hold onto them and claim me, sweetheart. Nothing would please me more."

At that point, Blue's hands went to my ass and she kissed my tummy. A big smile came across my face...

...we spent the rest of that day having wild, tempestuous sex with each other. We stopped in the early evening to get something to eat, then spent the rest of the night trying to outfuck each other. I made her cum MANY times...Blue made me cum over and over and over...the way only SHE ever could. 

...It's no wonder why I always fucking want her...soooooo badly......

Thank-you for reading.
Love to all,