Saturday, February 28, 2015

She was only gone a few minutes! Part one of two...

Part one of two...

Blue only went to the mailbox. It was only a few minutes, but I missed her terribly! Finally, she came back....

I am SO glad you're back!" I ran to her, wrapped my arms around her and smothered her with kisses. It's only been a few minutes, but it felt like eternity! Our lips found each other and we kissed like it HAS been an eternity. I backed her against the wall...I devoured her and fucked her mouth with my tongue...little whimpers of pure pleasure escaped her as her hands stroked my back...when she firmly squeezed my ass and pulled me into her, our kisses became much more urgent...determined...and full of sexual demand.

I could wait no lips lightly touched hers and my eyes looked deeply into the eyes which have seduced me so many times. "Baby, please get out of those clothes!" I had a firm grip on both sides of her button-down shirt...the first button straining. "They're coming off one way or another...I'm not waiting, baby" She start unbuttoning and I pulled at her eyes never leaving hers. I couldn't stop kissing her and sucking on her warm, soft lips.

With her shirt open, Blue took me by the hand and headed for the bedroom, her sweet ass teasing me to death. On the way, she removed her shirt and I couldn't stop myself from gently smacking her butt with it. When her shorts hit the floor, we fell to the bed in each others  arms...kissing ever so deeply as though we couldn't get enough of each other. She wrapped her legs around me as we tried desperately to get our bodies even closer together. 

When our lips finally parted, I trailed little kisses...then my tongue, around to that little place that drives her crazy...right under her ear. Oh, I do know right where it is...we know each other's bodies so completely. I planted my lips right there, flicking at it with my tongue...I could feel her heart beat faster...breathlessly, she cried out and tightened her legs around me, her fingernails digging gently into my back. Oh, how I love making love to her!

When I moved one of my thighs between her legs, letting it rub against her wonderfully soaked pussy, her legs tensed up...her nails dug harder into my back...her lips sought out mine and we locked together...two hot lovers who can satisfy each other like no one else can.

My  juices were already flowing onto her tummy where she could feel how hot they were... between kisses, she reached down to them and wet her fingers, spreading them on her lips. "Oh, you taste good." I couldn't resist her and I licked her lips...then fucked my tongue deep inside her mouth. She tried SO  hard to grind her sweet pussy against my leg...she pulled her lips away, pleading into my ear in that voice that always gets her what she needs..."Please, oh please, lover...make me cum...please baby."

I'll post part two tomorrow! Thanks for reading! 

February 28th, 2015

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

My favorite position...

When I wake, you're in my favorite position...laying on your side, leaning over a bit with your top leg bent and your knee laying over on the mattress. I'm in the exact same position with your pretty butt snugly tucked in my tummy, my top leg bent at the knee and laying on your bottom leg.

My arm is around you, but even before I'm fully awake, my hand is exploring your breasts, my fingers gently caressing across your nipples...I have such a urge to suck them right now....omg...I love doing that.

Your scent of musk is making my pussy more wet by the's throbbing so hard now, I know I have to have you, baby.....

My hand slides gently down your side, delighting in your soft, pretty skin...your wonderful, peachy curves only make me hotter for breathing is getting lips are kissing your back and my hot breath is against your skin...'re starting to stir hands are caressing your hips and you're enjoying the way you woke up..."mmmmmmmm" leg is still crossed over your bottom leg and I'm sure you can feel my hot juices dripping on your inner thigh...

....Ooooooohhhhhh fuck....I have to cum...HAVE to haven't moved your body at all and neither have I, so I drape my leg over the top of you and maneuver myself so my swollen pussy is in contact with your top asscheek...

Oooooooohhhhhhmg! My body is already trembling...this is what my pussy needs so's you,'s always you!

With my arms wrapped around you, I fuck my pussy against you...I feel you reach back for a handful of my know me sooooo start pulling my hair because you know I fucking LOVE having my hair pulled when I cum! That makes me fuck harder against your soft entire body is now an intensely building orgasm...a rumbling volcano set to go off...loud whispers escape my lips..."Oh fuck oh fuck....fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck."  That makes you pull my hair know my body as well as I do...

...then, my orgasm EXPLODES! I let out a long, loud squeal  (no screaming in the morning!)  and my forehead goes against the back of your shoulder while I ride against you, cumming VERY hard in a strong wave which has my body going fucking insane and my arms holding onto you for dear life! My orgasm lasts for fucking EVER and my cum flows deliciously down between your ass cheeks...

...finally...out of breath, but wanting sooooo much to please you, I gently turn you onto your back and give your inner thighs a bunch of hot, wet kisses...your body tenses with each one and you speak quietly, but urgently,  "Oh fuck, lover! Pleeeeeeease eat me! Pleeeeeeeeeeease...NOW!     Of course, you're now holding my hair with both hands and pulling hard!

I can't make you wait...I slip my hands under you and hold onto your ass  and bury my face between your legs...THAT'S when you scream!  "Fuck YES, Sunny!!!  Suck me!!!!!"  Oh yes...that makes me give you the BEST morning tongue-fucking you've EVER had!

When your still-quivering body collapses onto the mattress, I slide up to you and wrap myself around you, caressing you and holding onto you to make you feel loved and cherished...I kiss you lovingly, then look into your eyes..."Good morning, Miss Blue...I love you, baby"

Monday, February 23, 2015

February 23rd, 2015

This morning, before I was fully awake...before my eyes were open, I was sure I was dreaming. I was dreaming my pussy was being eaten...and exquisitely so.

Then, I opened my eyes and, sure enough, there, between my legs was my gorgeous girlfriend, Blue, with her face buried in my pussy. Her pretty eyes were looking at me...her bangs hanging down in them...and her eyes were smiling....

...and, as always, she was loving my pussy very well! She knows just how I like it too... she had a mouthful of my swollen orchid lips, her tongue reaching inside me as far as she could get it.

She was enjoying doing it, making these sexy little whimpering sounds which mixed very well with the wet, slurping noises as she sucked my juices. She loves what she does to me.
She sent constant constant jolts of pleasure throughout my body with her tongue fucking me and her mouth gently sucking. I had my fingers weaved through her hair and I screamed over and over, my body tensing because I was going to cum real hard any second.

My knees were raised and my legs spread wide, using my feet to raise my ass in the air to give her my pussy completely. She had a firm grip on my ass to hold onto me...she knows my body goes fucking insane.

Then I came hard! Oh fuck...did I ever! I had my legs wrapped around Blue's shoulders...she never did let up as I came and came...didn't think I was going to stop! I screamed like hell and my body was like an earthquake! Blue just kept at me and sucked the last of my cum from my pussy...yeah...I cum a lot...and she's the reason why.

Oooooooooohhhhhhhh fuck! Blue does it to me sooooo well every time!

She crawled up to me and we held each other tight, kissing deeply...and I LOVED licking and sucking my cum off her lips....
What a way to wake up! Thank-you, Blue. I love you, baby.....

Saturday, February 21, 2015


Friday, February 13, 2015

Darling, I have an unquenchable hunger for you deep within the warm, soft recesses of my being.....

...EEEWWWW!!!!! Let's fuck Baby! I mean yellin, screamin, sweatin, scratching clawin, bitin, dogs barkin, out of breath, neighbors pounding on the walls!!!

But, my favorite part is when you collapse on top of me, completely spent and exhausted, your body laying in the warm cum gathered on my tummy...your pretty face nuzzled against my breasts...your legs still quivering from your hard arms and legs wrapped around you...

I could hold you like that all night long...I love you, baby.

Really Happened...Not Fiction

I did not expect the golden opportunity which arose. The parcel delivery man (no, I'm a lesbian, so don't get ahead of me) rang the bell out at the gate. I told him I would come to the gate. It's a half mile.

Then the devil started - I grabbed my skimpiest cutoffs. They only cover half my butt and only the frayed edges at the bottom cover my sweet little lady parts No time for a shirt. (goodie!) I drove to the gate where a very young-looking parcel delivery guy waited. I walked up to breasts doing this sexy little bouncy thing.

Me: "Hi! Package?" He backs up a step. Oh, this was going to be fun! He just looks at me with his mouth open.

Him: "Um...uh...yes ma'am. Still just standing there, the package tucked under his arm

Me: "Great! Could I...have it?

Him: "Uh...oh...yes ma'am. Here you go" He still doesn't know what color my eyes are. He hasn't gotten that far.

Me: "Alrighty. Do I...sign something?"

Him: "Um, oh, yes ma'am." Hands me the signing thing. I notice a wedding ring. Oh yeah! This was way too easy!

Me: "So you're married."

Him: "Oh! Yes I am." Trying to convince himself?

Me: "I'll bet your wife is very pretty."

Him: "Oh yes! Yes she is."

Me: "Aww, that's great." I step very close to him. Now, he backs against the truck. He's pinned. My nipples are against his shirt. His breathing deepens. Oh, I am SO going to hell for this. I look deep into his eyes and continue.

"Here's what I want you to do. When you go home, go straight to her, pick her up, carry her to bed and I want you to fuck her REAL good for me. And when you just can't hold back ANY longer, you give it all to her REAL good and think about me...Sunny. Do you understand? Will you do that?"

No more "yes ma'am."  And I'd swear he's out of breath.
Him: "Yeah...yeah...I...I will"

Me: "Good man." I pat him on the shoulder and get back in my pickup truck and both my hands went straight between my took me about 30 seconds to cum like holy hell...I screamed so loud, I'm pretty sure I heard coyotes howling in the distance.
Thank-you for reading. 
Sunny Johansen

Seduction At Starbucks (fiction)

I grab a seat in my favorite Starbucks with my coffee which was real strong. It had to be...that woman last night was such a wild ride. The sun was in our eyes when we finally quit. What was I thinking when I went after her?

So I'm just looking around a bit at nothing in particular..., brownies...maybe a choco...Whoa! Hold it! What is happening over there in the corner? WHAT a drop-dead gorgeous woman we have here! Oh no, not overactive pussy is really getting stirred up. I try to look away from this vision of sensuality in her short little lacy and flouncy...the kind that makes you long for a strong breeze.

I have no chance of looking anywhere else but between your legs. It doesn't seem like anyone else can see your pretty pussy, but I sure can. You're caressing one of your inner thighs, way close to your pussy and I'm getting weak all over...I look at your face and, holy crap! You're looking at me! Your eyes are mesmerizing...they seem to be asking, "WHAT are you doing over there, when you should be right here beside me? Right here, where I can get my hands between your legs?"

Slowly, and keeping your eyes on mine, you spread your legs farther apart and use one finger to lightly stroke your lovely pussy lips... you open your mouth so seductively, letting me know how good you're making yourself feel. I catch one of my fingers slipping inside my little tiny shorts...but I can't stop it...don't want to. I do realize my mouth is open way too wide, and close it. But, not much because my breathing is much deeper now.

Now, you have a smile on your face as you watch me. You know you're just killing me and you're loving it! From here, I can SEE your juices seductively oozing out of you...add to that, you're spreading your juices all over your wet pussy, making it glisten with a come-and-get-it look to it. My finger ventures into my own pussy...I can't even stop it from pussy is on fire! One of your fingers slips inside you and you close your are SUCH a fucking TEASE! That's it. I'm going over!

I grab a sugar packet and head over...your face lights up...oh, you're so beautiful. "Hello!" I hand you the sugar packet so you can see the word, "sugar."  "You seem to have dropped your name tag. Is this seat taken?"

You're not really impressed with that line, but you're pleased by the attempt. "Oh, good line! Yes, baby. That seat is taken. It's been yours for the last 20 minutes. WHERE have you been?"
"Definitely in the wrong seat. That's for sure. Now, I couldn't help but notice, you've been playing with yourself...are you prepared to explain why, young lady?"

You lean in real close to me. "That's easy. You weren't here to do it for me." You take your finger out from between your legs and put it in your take my hand and lay it on your dripping wet pussy. I rub your hot juices all over before putting two fingers deep in side you.

"Now that's soooo much better baby. Yeah, that's it" You ass is squirming around and you start fucking my fingers just a bit. You jump and tense up a bit when I rub your g-spot...oh, I know this is going to fun! Maybe too much fun for Starbucks, but no one has noticed us yet. You lean over and your lips meet tenderly hold my face as our kiss heats up. Social propriety gets the better of me and I lean back a bit.

"I think we should leave. We should be at your place or mine." You grab my hand and hold it in your pussy. "NO. Not just yet. No."  Your body is starting to shake and your juices are pouring out of really are going to cum right here in Starbucks! You're in my ear, quietly, "Fuck me baby! Fuckmefuckmefuckme! Oh...yeah!" Your body spasms hard and you're trying SO hard to suppress screams from leaving your mouth. Your hot cum pours from your pussy, burning my hand! Oh, you really are the hottest woman I've ever seen!

Very nonchalantly, we get up and you smooth out your dress, as any proper lady would. We go out the door and, holding hands, take off running away from Starbucks in a mass of laughs, giggles and joyous squeals. The wind is blowing your very short and delightfully diaphanous dress up around your pretty butt...a more beautiful sight, I know I've never seen!

We get to your car and you have a surprise for me. You push me up against the car, get very close to me and look deep into me with the eyes of an angel. You tell me in the softest and sexiest voice, "Thank-you baby. You were soooo much fun! Here's a little something for you." You kiss me SO passionately and deeply while your hand easily finds it's way between my legs.

With one hand, you sink two fingers deep inside me...with the other hand, two fingers rub my enraged clit. Oh, that's what I needed...I cum in no time at all...a delicious river of cum flowing into your hand and my body shaking uncontrollably. I screamed out so loud, it echoed off buildings! My legs were so weak and it took me forever to come back down. Only then, did you end our kiss, licked my cum off your fingers and kissed me again, licking my lips before a final quick, wet kiss. Oh, it was heavenly!

As you walked around your car, you said, "Call me baby! I just HAVE to see you again!" You drove away as I realized I didn't have your number! Oh no! I panicked and called out to you, but you never heard me! Omg, if you read this, please meet me right here...or at Starbucks...or...anywhere!

The Next Morning...

This morning you crawled over the edge of my bed and dropped to the floor...

"Dammit...WHAT did you do to me last night?

I lean over the edge and look into your pretty eyes...a devious grin on my face...
"What's the matter baby? Too much for ya?"

A playful scowl comes over your face.
"Oh, you just wait, you slutty little nympho...I'll pay you back for this!"

I give you a look of mock fear...
"Ooooohhhh, no!"

I push myself off the bed and land beside you.
My grin comes back...I slide a finger from your tummy, all the way up to your lips.
"Mmmmm...take your best shot baby...but make it a good one, because when I pounce, I'll pounce hard and I won't let go."

I stand up and help you to your feet, then hold you close to me and kiss you deeply. "I love you baby. You know that right?" You nod and kiss me again. "I love you too."

During your shower, I slip one of your college textbooks out of your bag...later, thinking you've left it in your car, you'll come out there looking for it...

Yes, my lover...I have plans...

...while hiding in your car, I'm playing with my pussy...timing it right so I cum just before you come out to your car and open the back door...

and there I am...wearing nothing but a short little cut off pretty pussy still oozing cum. I reach out and pull you on top of me...kissing you with urgent passion...then, I pull my lips back, almost touching yours...

"Been waiting for you baby...just couldn't stay home...I HAD to have you."

I reach down and with three fingers, scoop up my creamy cum...I slather it all over your lips and mine, then kiss you SO tongue fucking your cum making our lips nice and slippery...

You're out of breath...
"Oh...fuck...take me right now..."

Not yet...I want your pussy on fire...
"Not now baby...after the next class."

You protest...
"What makes you think I'll be back?"

Your lips are glistening with my cum...I rub them with mine.

"Oh...I'm not'll be back baby...I know it...and so do you."

I kiss you again and you slide off me. You get out of the car and scamper off...

...Sure class break, there you are...walking VERY quickly to the car. I see you approaching and put down my I-pad on which I've been writing a really filthy story about us...

You open the door and jump on top of me. Taking my hands and pinning them over my head, you kiss me hard...your tongue mercilessly attacking mine.

You allow our lips to part...your forehead is touching still have me pinned to the seat and you're sexually very desperate...

"Now look you fucking little tease...I've suffered through two classes, two hours...knowing you're out here! I have you right where I want're going to make me cum NOW!!"

You let go of my hands to pull your short little dress up to your waist, then grab my hands, pinning me again. Your sloppy-wet pussy slides down my leg and you lean forward...fucking yourself against my silky-smooth thigh.

Your eyes're already halfway to the stars...god, you are SO sexy baby.

You start to cum in no time at all...fucking my leg hard, your body is in spasm...your juices are flowing onto my tummy. They feel SO hot!

You lean down to me and use your lips to bite my lower lip...but pull on it hard and let it go when your orgasm starts and you're screaming like hell.

When you're fucking my leg SO hard, I can feel your own leg muscles tighten as you cum in a screaming orgasm...your wonderful cum flowing like a river onto my tummy.

When you finally subside, I get loose from your hands and pull you on top of me and kiss you lovingly, our bodies enjoying the pool of your juices between us...
Your next class must leave. But, you know I'll be at home waiting for you.