Thursday, March 26, 2015

Why Blue makes me insanely hot....

Some of you have wondered and I'll tell you, Blue and I do not have a dom/sub thing. Neither of us dominates over the other.

Having said that, here's a few more things...Blue is an exquisite lover with the ability to make me want to give myself to her anytime...24 hours a day. She really brings out my nympho side and whenever she wants me, she may have me because I LOVE pleasing her sexually...I LOVE making her cum!

It makes me hot beyond belief being the lover she needs...being her hot little slut. When she calls me that, I don't just get horny...I get a way deep down animal urge for her...a fucking strong sexual need...the kind of sexual urge that makes me want to jump on her, grab her, hold her down and savagely eat her pussy without stopping...making her cum over and over...screaming with fucking joy and pleasure, pulling my hair real hard and urging me on...begging to cum yet again.


SOMETIMES, I have to tease her. She works very hard with her job.  I highly respect that and give her plenty of space. But, you see, her baby has needs....after a while, her baby must have her!

We don't wear clothes and I sometimes see her look at me from over her screen while she's typing...this is when I become a very cruel pussy-tease. I love to sit across the room, watching TV or reading...all the while, casually playing with my pussy, my legs wide open so she can see how wet I'm getting...sometimes sliding a finger inside me.

When her typing completely stops, as it does sooner or later, I love to walk over to her and straddle her lap and slide my finger inside me again, then suck on it.  "Mmmmmmm....ya like my pussy, sweetheart? Ya want some of this good stuff?"

Then, I straddle one of her thighs and fuck my swollen pussy against her silky-smooth skin...only a little....then I stand up, put her computer back on her lap and kiss her hotly.  "You need to keep writing, hon. Your sweet little fuck-toy is going upstairs to fuck herself to death...come on up when you're ready, ok?"

I then walk away, but I don't get very far...she tackles me from behind and pins me down, her pussy pressing hard on my ass and her open mouth clamping her teeth on the back of my neck! FUCK! I love that!

Then, it's pretty much a "Blue and Sunny in bed all weekend" thing.....

Thursday, March 19, 2015

March 19, 2015

I had the pool covered with a glass dome which lets the tanning rays of the sun in, so I can work on my all-over tan all year long.

I love the banana smell of the suntan oil, but, I'll tell you guys a secret...only two-thirds of the bottle is suntan oil...the other third is Blue's cum! She cums a lot, as do I...I just HAD to have it mixed with my oil. Mmmmmmm...I fucking LOVE having it all over my body! It drives me insane!

This afternoon, Blue came out to help me rub oil on my back. I didn't know she was there until I felt the hot oil hit my skin, then, her hands...oh fuck...she knows what she's REALLY doing to me...making my pussy quiver with excitement...I spread my legs wide apart for her. 

Blue put more oil on me...lots of it. All the way down my legs to my feet, then back to my ass and more oil. She just sat there, massaging my ass real deep. The burning hot oil was running down to my pussy and Blue kept one hand on my ass, the other slid to my pussy where she played with my swollen lips...

...I raised my ass in the air...I was breathless. "Oh...Blue...pleeeeeeease fuck your baby...oh fuck! My pussy needs you!"

She slipped two fingers inside me and let them play around while the other hand was trying to hold me down, but I was already fucking against her fingers...squeezing them with my strong pussy muscles and screaming...


My entire body was shaking hard and I was gripping handfuls of the pussy was making loud, wet noises as she used her fingers to fuck me VERY deeply. Oh fuck! I was going to cum any fucking second!

And then...Blue stopped! She gently withdrew her fingers and fucking STOPPED!  OMG!!  She layed her head down and looked me in the eyes, sucked on her fingers, kissed me and told me, 

"My smoking-hot little fuck toy...when you're done out here, I'll be inside waiting for you."  Then she headed back inside...that nude, delectable ass of hers wiggling very hotly.

I was furious! "OH! You bitch! You fucking pussy-tease!!! OMG! You will fucking PAY for this!!!

My hot lady just kept walking...and even worse: she giggled soooooo devilishly.
And my pussy was on FIRE!
I KNEW I wasn't going to stay out there too much longer.........

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Part two of part one, which is below this one...if you haven't read that yet, you should do so.

Part two of two
....then, here came my body spasmed hard and tensed up...Blue slipped a finger down deep between my ass cheeks and played with me there and  I screamed loudly into Blue's mouth while kissing her savagely and pouring my cum onto her tummy! I kept working my clit furiously while kissing her and screaming at the same time! My pussy was on fire! My cum poured like a river onto her and flowed down to her pussy! Omg...I came soooooo fucking much!

When my orgasm finally ended, I lowered my pussy down into my puddle on her tummy and slid around in it, my body still shaking.

I whimpered against Blue's lips, "Oooooohhhhh, Blue.....oh fuck...I loved it that....oh damn!"

I knew what she wanted now...but, I wanted her to say it.  "Now...I'm going to take good care of you. You tell your hot little fuck toy exactly what you want...make it good too...make your baby your fucking hot slut."

Her breathing quickened against my lips and had gotten much hotter...her muscles were already tense and quivering...she could barely talk, but I heard it all right as she pulled on my hair..."I...want my slut to eat my my pussy hard...fuck me with your tongue, too!"

I HAD to tease her a little...and I did by giving her hot little kisses on her lips while doing so...."Ooooohhhh...I don't didn't pull your baby's hair hard enough when you said that."

Blue pulled my hair MUCH harder...I got it this time. "DAMMIT SUNNY! FUCK ME! OWN MY PUSSY AND SUCK ME GOOD!!!

"Very good,, hold on tight...your baby is taking you for a ride."  I lapped at her lips with my tongue and slid down between her legs...I would swear I saw her swollen pussy lips quiver at my arrival.

I reached under her and held onto her ass...I covered her pussy with my mouth and gave her the tongue-fucking of her life! Fuck! I LOVE when she cums...shaking like hell and screaming at me, she filled my mouth with her cum as I also sucked all mine off her!

When her orgasm ended, I gave her pussy a big, sloppy kiss, kissed both her inner thighs and crawled up to her, rolled us over so she could lay on top of me, straddling my tummy so I could wrap my arms and legs around her still-quivering body....I wanted to make her feel safe, loved and cherished.

I kissed her with every bit of love I have for her...she returned my kiss and we were as one.

"I love you, my sweet Blue."
"I love you, Sunny."

Thank-you for reading,
Sunny Johansen

Saturday, March 7, 2015

My attack on Blue...part one

Part one of two...

After Blue got out of the shower, she didn't bother dressing. (we never do ) She just got on the bed, leaned back and started working on her computer. She was pretty busy, but I caught her looking at me as I walked across the room...her eyes following me.

I hopped onto the bed, gently set her computer aside and straddled her tummy...looking right into her eyes.

"I saw that look."

"What look? I was writing...really I was."

She didn't look innocent at all.  "Don't try to fuck with me...there was hunger in those pretty eyes of yours. Blue? I've seen that look in your eyes a thousand times!"

I lowered my already-wet pussy onto her tummy, leaned down and kissed her roughly while gently holding her pretty face, my tongue fucking her mouth and my lips trying sooooo hard to devour her. Her hands held my ass, squeezing harder the longer I kissed her.

I parted our kiss, but kept my lips lightly touching hers and spoke quietly with my hot breath against her mouth..."Oh fuck....Blue...your baby needs you fucking bad."

I got more up onto my knees and raised my pussy off her tummy...with my breath still against her lips, I reached down and started playing with myself, dripping my juices onto her skin. I always get VERY wet and I cum a does Blue and I fucking love it.

I threw back my long hair, slipped another finger into my sloppy-wet pussy and attacked Blue's lips again...savagely...softly screaming into her mouth.

My juices were pouring onto her tummy now...starting to run down toward her pussy. I let my two fingers play around inside me and Blue was holding onto my ass much harder. Without hardly even parting our lips, I spoke more urgently into her mouth, "Fuck yes, lover...hold on to my ass real tight...oh yeah...your baby is going to cum hard for you!

I intend to post part two of this piece Monday night...thank-you for reading!
Sunny Johansen

Sunday, March 1, 2015

She was only gone for a few minutes! Part TWO of two...kindly read part one, below, first...

...I slid my tongue up her soft inner thigh...I LOVE doing this so much because I know what it does to her. I replaced my tongue with big wet kisses...teasingly and ever closer to her waiting pussy. I gave her velvet-soft skin sexy bites and sucks with my lips...each one made her jump, tensing up and deliciously squealing. I slid my tongue straight across her impatient outer lips to the other side...she entangled her fingers in my hair, moaning over and over...her pussy was SO hot, I couldn't resist dipping my tongue into her for a mouthful of the sweetest pussy juices on earth.

But, I love her thighs and the other received big, wet, sloppy kisses and teasing bites with my lips....her overflowing pussy BEGGED for my attention and I returned to make love to it...and it was soooo hot! When I slid my tongue sensuously from bottom to top, she cried out and arched her back...and I LOVE when she pulls my hair with such overwhelming passion!

I softly sucked each of her outer lips and pull them with my lips...her body jumped a little each time and her legs started to tremble...I love to suck her swollen lips into my wet mouth...driving them crazy with my tongue! Her juices flowed so freely now into my mouth and I LOVE drinking them in! Burying my face into her folds, I fucked deeply with my tongue...sucking on her juices and driving her body insane...she screamed at me, "Oh fuck, baby! I have to cum NOW, lover! Make me cum hard!"

I wrapped my arms around her thighs from underneath...I know what's coming and I had to hold her down...I took her throbbing clit into my mouth...working on it with my tongue with two fingers inside her...the quaking of her body was building and she was screaming louder and no time at all, she came SO HARD! Her steaming hot cum poured out of her burning pussy and I drank in as much as possible...she was clenching the sheet and tearing it apart!

After what seemed minutes, her incredible orgasm calmed...her body tried, slowly, to settle down. As I always do, I planted a big sloppy kiss on her tender pussy and took her into my arms with my legs wrapped around her...I wanted to hold her close to me...I wanted to make her know she's so needed... so loved...

Her head was on my shoulder and she finally caught her breath enough to say, "Please, Sunny, hold me forever." 

"Don't worry, my sweet Blue...I can't EVER let go of you. I love you, baby"

The end.
Thank-you for reading,
Sunny Johansen