Thursday, April 23, 2015

About Blue and Sunny...more than just sex

You might read this blog and get the impression there is nothing to Blue or I except sex. While understandable, it's far from true.

About Blue:  Blue is, without question, the most intelligent person I've ever met. She is a writer under the name, Emily Blue, and currently doing what writers do...they write books. 

Her writing is absolutely brilliant and her current work can be sampled here:

Blue also writes poetry that could take your breath away!

I deeply love Blue for all that she is...a gentle soul with a soft heart who would never hurt another being, human or animal. She has a witty, fascinating mind which causes me to adore talking to her for hours and hours on end.

I swear to you, I would give my life for Blue. That's how much I love her.

Oh...she's also an exquisite lover who takes VERY good care of me! We live nude and, admittedly, spend a LOT of time making love with each other.

About me: Formerly, a slutty nympho with many sexual partners, all women. Wait...I'm STILL a slutty nympho, but I am crazy, madly in love with Blue and she is SUCH a good lover, she's all I'll ever need or want.

Deeper stuff about me: I own a charity, mostly a food bank, 95% of which I fund with my own money. I do NOT take ANY Federal, state or local money and I do NOT solicit donations. Part of the remaining 5% is made up of corporate food donations, which are small. Many trucks come to the food bank, but don't leave much. I don't care. It doesn't matter. I'd be just fine without them. The other part of the 5% are two donations from two very rich people.

I feed 300 families of varying sizes...about 1200 people. I refuse to allow ANY children within my reach to go to bed hungry...I won't let it happen. There are also adults who, for whatever reason, can't provide for themselves due to getting laid off, being handicapped, etc. I ask no questions. I turn away no one.

Having said all that, if I find someone has fallen down, I will grab their wrist and pull them to their feet. BUT, I also want THEM to grab MY wrist and pull just as hard if they're physically able.

I've hired quite a few people to teach small classes or one-on-one to anyone isn't handicapped, how to start getting themselves out of poverty, how to get and keep a job and assistance in getting one and tutoring for high school seniors at risk of not graduating.

I run a home for abused women and their children. Women and their children may stay as long as they need to for free. My people help them get a job and childcare is provided for their working hours. The home is well-hidden, impenetrably enclosed and protected by armed guards. By the way...the guards are NEVER allowed inside the building for obvious reasons.

I employ 20 people at the food bank. I also employ an additional 10 middle-teenagers in a program aimed at teaching them how to keep a job...performing their duties at a job, dealing with difficult supervisors and dealing with difficult co-workers in tough situations. They also learn how to go about getting a job.

There it is. Blue and Sunny...two very horny women who, amazingly, think about other things besides sex! 

Thank-you for reading.

Love to all,

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I woke beside Blue, the most beautiful woman in all the land with her thigh against my pussy...I couldn't resist pulling her thigh firmly against me, wriggling my hips to rub my already swollen pussy against her velvety-soft skin... body was already trembling a little and my hot breath was blowing harder on one of her nipples...with my one free hand, I held her breast and sucked her nipple into my wet mouth...her nipple immediately started getting harder and more erect and I sucked harder, whimpering softly, but more urgently...

...her leg was soaked from the river of juices flowing from my burning-hot pussy and I fucked harder with my hand still holding onto her rhythm was broken by my building orgasm, making my body spasm, and my fucking is uncontrolled and savage...

...I was going to cum any second, but my mouth still held her nipple captive, making loud, wet sucking noises, my saliva dripping down her breast as I screamed against her burning nipple...then I came HARD in an earthquake-orgasm! My cum felt like a burning river of lava flowing down her leg to toward her pussy...she could feel my nails against the back of her thigh as I kept fucking myself on teeth slightly grazed against her breast because I LOVE sucking her while I cum!...

...I finally collapsed, whimpering and spent, my body quivering, my breath through my half-open mouth burning her nipple as it lies on my lower lip...

...I wrapped my arms and legs around her body, relishing her scents...her softness...her peachy little curves.  Oh... my sweet, wonderful Blue...never, never, never will I let go of her.

I slid down between her soft thighs and spent the rest of that day making her a very lucky woman...and showing her how special she is to me.

Thank-you for reading.
Love to all,

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Update soon!

I intend to update tonight or tomorrow...I'm so sorry to take so long! My offline commitments have been many. Thank-you for being so patient.
Love to all,