Sunday, May 31, 2015

May 31, 2015

Blue came out to the pool to put oil on my back for me. She doesn't care for the sun, but comes out after I've been on my back for a while to oil my back. As always, she was just as naked as I was.


My head was turned so I could see her coming out. Oh...she's so fucking beautiful...just looking at her makes my pussy throb. She makes me want her soooooooo bad...


I turned over on my tummy and she squirted the hot, sunshine-heated oil on me...lots of felt so good when she rubbed it all over me. She squirted more oil on my ass and my legs...rubbed it all over my lower legs, then my thighs...


More oil on my ass...fuck! It was so hot, it burned as it ran down deep between my ass cheeks. Blue lightly rubbed my ass, sliding her fingers way down between my cheeks. I couldn't help but to raise my ass in the air for her, urging her to fuck her finger into my ass...


"Ooooohhhhh...Blue...please fuck me....please, Blue....fuck your baby...."
Blue giggled. "Noooooo. Baby will wait till she comes back inside. You know I hate this sunshine"

I tried to tease her a little more with my ass. Oh! I wanted her so fucking BAD!  When Blue slid her hand down to my pussy and played with it, mixing oil with all my juices leaking from me like a river, it was time to make a move...


...I flipped myself onto my back, grabbed her and pulled her on top of me. She was laying flat on my tummy, her legs spread part. I wrapped my arms and legs around her and held her to me. Our lips quickly met and we kissed each other like wild fucking animals, our tongues savagely fucking into each other's mouths....each of us trying to devour the other. Then our lips parted only slightly...

Blue whispered to me...her breath hot on my mouth.
"Sunny, I'll be right back, baby. I have to pee and I'll be right back"


"Noooooooo! Please don't go? Please? I want you so fucking bad."

"I'll be right back, Sunny. Really, I will. Have to pee REALLY bad, baby."


I tightened my grip on her body with my arms and legs.
"Well, I'm not letting you go...I want your pussy and you're not leaving."


"Sunny! If you don't let me go and pee, I'll end up peeing on you!"

I held onto her with my legs and slid my fingertips down to her ass and caressed her there. "Nawww...I dont think you'll pee on me!"

"Dammit Sunny! I can't hold it much longer! Let me go!"

I gripped her hard....
"Ooooohhhh, Blue...Baby wants your pussy...Baby neeeeeeds it right now! Don't won't pee on me.."

"Fuck, Sunny! If you don't let me go, Im going fucking pee on you any second!!!"

I giggled and held tight to her, keeping her against my body.
"Ha! I don't think you will!"

Blue's entire body tensed up hard....
"Fuck! I warned you! I fucking warned you!"

She slid up and bit me hard on my shoulder, which I happen to love, and certainly DID start to pee on my body!  Ooooooo, she was so mad!
"I warned you, Sunny! I fucking warned you ahead of time!"

Blue just kept peeing, seeming not to stop...I laughed very softly, in a non-taunting sort of way.
" did warn me, sweetheart. I am sorry...please kiss me?"

Blue did kiss me...very deeply...our tongues had a wonderful time, playing.

We went back inside and took a shower, through most of which, we fucked each other to death...I couldn't get enough of Blue's pretty pussy and she drove mine absolutely insane, fucking that long tongue of hers so far inside me, I think my ears wiggled. We both came many, many times! was a very long shower...when it was over, we dried off and fell into bed, exhausted. We wrapped ourselves around each other...
"Sunny? I love you, so very, very much."
"I love you, my sweet Blue...forever and ever."


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Saturday, May 23, 2015

I love waking up beside Blue....

I woke beside Blue very early this morning...

She was lying on her side, her top leg bent at the knee and lying over on the mattress...little could she know, in the innocence of sleep, her ass was turned upward a bit...teasing me...taunting me...daring me...ah, my sleeping also left her pussy vulnerable!

Lying on my side behind her, her pretty ass was tucked into my tummy. My arm was around her and my hand was holding her face was buried in her hair.

I softly and gently massaged her breasts, then slid my hand down along her sweet, peachy curves, caressing her hip and moving over her ass and squeezing it. I slid my hand farther down the outside of her thigh and back up the back of her thigh. Then slowly and only once, sliding over her pussy.

Hmmm...I felt her pussy lips move as a muscle contraction in her sleep! own pussy started to get very wet.

Ohmygoodness!...should I wake her?...should I?  Nooooooo...I had to let her sleep.

But, my pussy was on fire! Gently, I draped one leg over her and made myself cum. I had to! I buried my finger inside my pussy as far as it would go...I fucked myself hard while my other hand furiously rubbed my hot, swollen clit. FUCK! I came hard! It took only a minute, but it was SO hard to suppress my shaking and trembling! She's the hottest woman on earth! When my fantastic orgasm finally ended, I was completely spent...lying almost lifeless, my hot breath coming in gasps...... 

I finally fell very contentedly back to sleep with a smile on my face, knowing how lucky I am to have her.....

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Love to all,

Sunday, May 17, 2015


Blue has finished the 18th chapter of her book! I'm so happy and excited for her!!  YAY!!!!!

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Our Favorite Toy - Part Three of Three

Part three...the first two parts are might want to read those first if you haven't already.

Blue is so much fun with that double dildo...I really have to hold on to the sheets when she fucks me! She rams her ass into mine like a wild woman and I fuck right at her to meet her...we both get VERY wet and our juices splatter all over our asses and each other each time our asses slap together...the rest of our hot juices were flowing down our thighs...fuck! We were soaked!

That dildo felt heavenly each time Blue fucked it against the back of my pussy...goodness knows, that's how hard I tried to fuck HER. We stopped every so often to grind our asses in hot circles...making each end rub the back and sides of our hungry pussies...

...we went at each other for about an hour...two fucking crazy women... wild, sexual animal urges...screaming, whimpering, squealing...making each other cum over and over and over! Not even letting up...just trying to outfuck each other!

Good thing that bed is extra large...ten feet across by seven feet...I think we used every bit it!

It's not clear to me which of us settled down first...probably me! We both fell to the mattress, completely exhausted...

...I turned around and crawled to her, got on my back and helped her crawl on top of me...her legs spread apart to straddle my tummy...our favorite cuddle position. I wrapped my arms and legs around her to make her feel cherished and forever loved...we kissed...very, very deeply to let our intense love flow between us.

Then, we just looked into each others eyes and rubbed our noses together.

"My sweet, sweet Blue....I love you, baby...."
"I love YOU, Sunny.....sooooo very much....."

We kept hold of each other just like that, but rolled onto our sides...and fell to sleep...very happy.

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Love to all,

Monday, May 11, 2015

Our Favorite Toy - Part Two

Part two...if you didn't read part one, please find it below this one.

When we got to our bedroom, Blue did some kind of flying-roll thing, ending up in the middle of our ten-foot wide bed. I jumped from about six feet back and landed, grabbing her and rolling us the rest of the way across.

Blue jumped to her knees, holding the double dildo. Oh, she was soooooo excited!  "Spread those legs for me, Sunnybuns!"

I sat up, facing legs spread wide for my hot lady. I leaned into her and kissed her deeply, then spoke quietly. "Fuck me, Blue...fuck my pussy hard...I can take it, baby...give it to me......"

Blue's pussy was already dripping down her inner thighs...mine was absolutely soaked. I leaned back on my elbows and Blue used my juices to wet my end of our toy...then she gently...very gently...slid it into my pussy bit by bit...oh...FUCK! Did it feel good!

...."Oooooooooohhhhhhhh, Bluuuuuuuuuue.......oh.....fuck yes......that's right, sweetheart...far as it will go, baby......."

Blue is so good at this and she knows my body...she worked the dildo in and out of me a few times, then she held onto it while I put my legs together and...CAREFULLY...turned over and got on my hands and knees.

Blue, very worked up, quickly got on her hands and knees facing away from me in the opposite direction with our asses facing each other. Her pussy was so sloppy-wet, she just backed herself right to her end and shoved herself onto it...a happy squeal of delight coming from her!

She went weak for a second with pure pleasure...her head dropped and she whimpered loudly, then she tossed her hair out of her eyes and screamed at me.  "Fuck me, Sunny! Give it to me, baby!"

Oh, we gave it to each other, all right...we fucked the HELL out of each other...our wet asses slapping together real hard!........

I will tell you all about it when I post part three of this wild or before Wednesday night!
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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Our Favorite Toy - Part One


I knew that tone of voice...It always means Blue is about to make me VERY lucky! I looked up from my book...there stood Lady Blue...naked, of was I.
(in case you're a first-time reader, we don't wear clothes at home...inside or outside)

Blue was hiding something behind her back. She came over and straddled my lap with a twinkle in her pretty eyes, still hiding...something...behind her back.

I leaned my head over a bit, trying to see it. "Hmmm...what do you have there, lover?"
She giggled and brought it around to show was our favorite Blue and Sunny toy...our double-dildo! Ours has one end bigger than the other, (that's my end!)  it's very comfortably shaped, but neither end resembles a male body part. That's one thing we really like about it.   

A hot thrill went through my body!

I quickly approved. "Ah yes...It HAS been a while since we used that...way too long."
Blue, ever the hot tease, slid back toward my knees with my legs spread apart and began to rub my pussy with it. I got very wet, very quickly and leaned back on the couch, my arms outstretched on the back of the couch.

"Oooooohhhhh, pretty baby...pleeeeeeease promise you'll fuck me real hard."
She kept rubbing me with it and leaned toward me. "Oh Sunny...I'm going to make you my hot little slut...with my end hitting against the back of my pussy."

My breathing deepened...I kept my arms on the back of the couch, but my ass wouldn't sit still. I started moving my hips...trying to get closer to our favorite toy.

Blue moved the double dildo underneath us and slipped it inside my already sloppy-wet pussy...I whimpered loudly as hot pleasure shot through my body...

...that's when I grabbed her and pulled her down on top of me, kissing her savagely...fucking my tongue into her mouth...trying to devour her lips!

I backed off my kiss, but kept my hot breath on her lips..."Blue...I hope you're ready for your little slut...I'm going to hold it inside my pussy and make you cum hard enough to lose your mind!"

My lips met hers again and I kissed her hard, my tongue fucking against her little squeals of joy escaped her throat. My fingernails slid gently down her back, then dug into her ass.

"I want your pussy, pretty baby...pleeeeeease let me fuck you."
And she was sooooooo accomodating. " precious lover...let ME fuck YOU."

"Yes yes yes!"

She got up and took my hand...we stepped over our faithful guard dog at the bottom of the stairs, Grover, and took the steps two at a time.
Grover knew, right then, he'd be hearing a lot of joyous yelling and screaming from upstairs. He's used to it by now...

I'll post part two of this by or before Monday night.
Thank-you for reading.
Love to all,

Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Blue and I were getting ready to go to Reno. More accurately, I was trying on clothes and Blue was sitting on the edge of the bed and watching me...with great interest.

Blue, being the more sensible of the two of us, is already packed, dressed and ready....I'm still trying stuff on.

I looked in the mirror and decided I liked something I tried on...and white, loose-fitting, flouncy little dress which didn't REALLY cover my butt and a rather sheer, lacy little top with three buttons which came barely over my boobage. Hey, at least it had sleeves...very short sleeves...but, sleeves. No panties and a pair of black six-inch heels with straps around my ankles.

Before I fell in love with Blue, I dressed like this in public all the time. Now, I only dress this way when she's with me, so I wanted her approval. I turned and looked at her.

"Okay...what do you think?"

Blue frowned. "That? You're wearing...that?"

I turned and look at the mirror again, then back at her. "Sure! Why not? Don't you like it?"
"Of course! I love it! much..."

I bent waaaaaay over and looked her in the face. "My precious Blue..."

But, she wasn't looking at me...she was looking around me, at the mirror behind me. I gently placed two fingers under her chin and leaned my head over and smiled at her.  "Over here, face is over here..."

Her eyes grudgingly left the mirror and met mine. She smiled back at me. I continued.

"Now...who's my baby?"


"Correct. Who's YOUR baby?"


"Also correct. Blue, we belong to each other. I LOVE belonging to you. NO one will ever have me for the rest of my life. I am crazy, madly in love with you and I LOVE giving myself to and no one else. Got that?"

Blue smiled. Oh, how I love it when she smiles. "Yes, Sunny...I got it."

I unbuttoned my top, stepped between her legs and wove my fingers through her hair, holding her lovingly against my breasts. She wrapped her arms around the back of my thighs.

I kissed the top of her head and laid my head there. "I love you, Blue."
"I love you, Sunny."  She wrapped her arms around my ass and held me tightly against her.

I further reassured her, "You'd better know I will be holding onto you...constantly. I want the entire world to know we belong to each other!"

She asked me, "That dress is pretty short. What if my hand happens to slip down to your ass? By mistake...I mean..."

"My precious lover...I don't care WHERE we are in public...there's my bare ass and my equally bare hip. You want them? You hold onto them and claim me, sweetheart. Nothing would please me more."

At that point, Blue's hands went to my ass and she kissed my tummy. A big smile came across my face...

...we spent the rest of that day having wild, tempestuous sex with each other. We stopped in the early evening to get something to eat, then spent the rest of the night trying to outfuck each other. I made her cum MANY times...Blue made me cum over and over and over...the way only SHE ever could. 

...It's no wonder why I always fucking want her...soooooo badly......

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Love to all,