Monday, June 29, 2015

Blue's Dream

Did Blue have a dream? Or, did she not? Only I know for sure...

I woke in the middle of the night...Blue and I were lying on our sides and my arms were around her. Somehow, my thigh was between her thighs...almost touching her pussy...

Hey...I don't know HOW it got there...really...honest!

I could tell, my precious Blue was sound asleep. Problem: I was wide awake with a throbbing pussy! THEN, it hit me...I would give Blue a fucking hot dream! I can make sure she stays's easy enough because our room is pitch dark when we sleep! When she wakes in the morning, she'll have this dream to tell me about!

I wanted to test her a little. With my arms around her, I slid down to her mouth found one of her nipples and I slid my tongue over it...very lightly...very slowly. I waited to see if she stirred around. She didn't, but her breathing got a little deeper.

Oh....this was going to be fun! I licked her nipple a few more times and Blue made a very, very soft more than that. I opened my mouth wide and lowered it down onto as much of her breast as possible, not sucking or licking...only my warm mouth and my wet lips.  Ever-so-gently, I slid my mouth off her breast, but used my lips to catch her nipple and held it before letting it go...

Is she waking up?  No...very good! SO.....

...very carefully, I took her nipple between my lips and gently pulled on it, then let it go. Blue made a most delightful little squeal in her sleep and her body jumped! Her breathing quickened  and she reached down and ran her fingers through my hair.

I slid my lips down her tummy, kissing her skin as I went along. Then, confirmation she was asleep:  "No. Tell them I can't cook now! Sunny is fucking me! We'll eat later!"

Oh yeah...she was asleep for sure, so I took it up a few notches...I slid farther down and licked her pussy just once with my entire tongue, from bottom to top.  Blue grabbed my hair, arched her back and screamed:  "SUNNY! Eat my pussy before they come home!!!!"

I couldn't keep from giggling! I reached under my pretty Blue and held her ass...I spread her pussy lips with my mouth and fucked my tongue inside her as deep as I could...she screamed out fucking LOUD and wrapped her legs around my back, pulling my hair now, very hard!

By now, I was afraid she'd wake up. I had to make her cum...VERY hard. I wanted her to remember this dream!

I gave it to her real good, too...I ate her just they way she likes it!

I sucked Blue's pretty pussy lips, making soft slurping noises in all her juices flowing to my mouth. I pulled on her swollen pussy lips with my lips, letting them slip out hard, over and over, making her scream louder each time! I  pushed her legs toward her, bending them at the knees and spread them wider so I could REALLY bury my face into her!

Blue screamed at the top of her lungs!  FUCK! SUNNY! MAKE ME CUM FUCKING HARD! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blue had two handfuls of my hair and was pulling hard! My mouth attacked her hot, swollen clit...I slipped my finger inside her and swirled it around in a circle against the walls of her tongue ravaged her clit, savagely trying to devour it!

Oooooooohhhhhh, she did cum then....did she ever....

Blue's entire body tensed up hard...she screamed something unintelligible, VERY fucking loud! I could tell her orgasm was building like an earthquake!


Blue just kept screaming and her body exploded, her honey-sweet cum filling my mouth! I swallowed it down and sucked more out of her...she LOVES the way I eat her! Blue came and came...I loved every second of it!

I thought it wouldn't happen, but her orgasm did end...I crawled up to her and gathered her into my arms and wrapped her with my legs. I still didn't want to wake her, so I just whispered against her neck, knowing she'd hear it in her dream, "My always and forever love, my precious Blue, I love you with all my heart."

Thank-you for reading.
Love to all,