Friday, July 31, 2015

I heard Blue get into the shower.

I gave her a few minutes while I set aside profit and loss statements, cost/benefit ratios and focus group results.

It was Blue and Sunny time...I headed straight to the shower.

I came in behind her and wrapped my arms around her with my hands on her breasts...I put my lips on the back of her neck and kissed her, then sucked hard on her skin and slid my tongue from between her shoulders, all the way to her hairline.

" glad you're here....."

"Me too, baby...I wouldn't miss this."

I gently pulled her out from the wall a little, took her hands and placed them on the wall above her head so she was bending over...I touched both of her ankles with my foot and spoke with my hot breath on her neck.  "Spread your legs real wide for me, lover, and hold onto that wall...your baby is taking you for a little ride."

Blue eagerly did what I asked. I grabbed the shower head, set it on pulse and rinsed all the soap off her pretty body. When the pulse hit her between her asscheeks, her legs trembled and she whimpered softly.

I directed the pulse right at her pussy, aiming it at her clit. Her body jumped hard and she screamed loudly.

"FUCK, SUNNY! Pleeeeeeease don't fucking tease me!"

I put the shower head back, stood behind her and held her hips, rubbing my body against her ass...I slid my finger from the back of her neck, ALL the way down the middle of her back, through her ass cheeks, through her hot pussy and across her swollen clit.

I giggled softly. "My sweet, sweet Blue...don't worry...if I tease you, I'll make it sooooooo worth it. I always do, don't I baby?"

Blue was pushing her ass against me, rubbing my body, urging me on...her voice was shaky and weak...

"Oh, yes baby...y...yes you do....oh....fuck, Sunny...pleeeeease take my pussy and make it yours, lover"

Oh yeah....this was where I wanted her...

"Keep your hands on that wall, sweetheart. Your hot, slutty girlfriend will make you feel real nice."

I held onto her hips and slid my warm tongue down her her hot, wet kisses along the way...she whimpered louder, the lower I got.

With my tongue on her lower back, I got on my knees and used one finger to tease her pussy...I gave her kisses all over her ass, then slid my tongue down through her ass cheeks....Blue squealed softly and her body tensed up...I just flicked my tongue around between her cheeks to drive her crazy.

My finger flicked her swollen clit  and her legs were trembling a little...I wasnt sure how much longer she would stand up...I slipped my finger just BARELY inside her...That's when I opened my mouth wide and gently bit her ass...oh...she did scream, then...


I love when she screams at me like that...and just like me, her sweet pussy gets dripping wet...her juices were running down her inner thighs...

" pretty baby....I shall make you cum when it's time...and you wont be able to stop me."

I turned around under her so she could see my face...I slipped my finger deeper inside her, then let her watch me bring my finger to my mouth and suck on it...that's when Blue lost it...

She took her hands off the wall, spun around, picked me up under my arms and shoved me hard against the wall. She got her lips close to mine and I could feel her hot breath when she proclaimed, "NOW is the time! The time is NOW!"

Now, I was the one with the sloppy-drippy pussy.

Blue roughly pinned me against the wall with her body...her lips met mine and she devoured me...fucking my mouth with her tongue and kissing me savagely...her hips pushing me hard against wall, she had one hand on the back of my head and the other hand holding my ass, digging her nails threateningly against my skin. She was kissing me like a fucking wild animal, screaming into my mouth!

....and I loved every bit of it!

She ended our kiss...if I can call it that...and breathed heavily against my mouth.  "Make me cum, Sunny...fuck....PLEASE, eat my pussy hard and make me cum good!"

I took her hand and kissed it very lovingly, then led her over to the marble bench  (yeah, its a big shower)  and had her straddle it and lie on her back with her legs spread wide apart...her thigh muscles were already quivering, her breathing was very deep...

...her inner thighs were soaked with her juices and I slid my tongue along the soft skin on her inner thigh, kissing all the way up and stopping JUST short of her pussy.

Blue squealed and grabbed my hair...I moved my mouth to the other side, opened my mouth wide and gently sunk my teeth into her skin right next to her pussy. I knew what that would do to her and I was ready.

Blue's body tightened real hard and she pulled my hair ferociously! She screamed and her voice echoed hard against the walls of the shower!

I covered her pussy with my mouth and made hot, tempestuous love to it. With Blue screaming like hell the entire time, I sucked her pussy lips hard into my mouth, torturing them with my tongue!


I grabbed her pussy lips with my lips, pulled them hard...when I let them slip from my lips, 

Blue pulled my hair even harder...her body spasmed and she screamed some more!

Time for my baby to cum....

I covered her hot, swollen clit with my mouth and savagely attacked it with my tongue...I slipped one finger inside her burning pussy and swirled it around in circles, hitting her g-spot every time around...Blue tried to fuck herself against my finger, but I knew where I wanted it...her g-spot...that sends her over the edge like a fucking earthquake! Blue came violently with her body shaking uncontrollably...I kept riding her with my mouth and she pulled my hair harder than ever!

When her orgasm finally ended, I held her hands and lapped up all her cum from her thighs...I gave her still-quivering pussy a big wet kiss, then crawled up to her.

I took the lady I love into my arms and wrapped my legs around her to hold her securely against me, stroking her back to help calm her and make her her feel loved and taken care of...I kissed her with all the love I have for her.

"Oh, Sunny... I love you sooooooo much."

"I love you, my Blue...from the bottom of my heart...forever and for always."

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Love to all,

Thursday, July 2, 2015

July 2, 2015

 A continuation from the last post. If you haven't read that one, you might want to.

........After on and off sex all day yesterday and wild tempestuous fucking that night, I woke with my pussy very sensitive. Not sore, just tingly. 

Blue and I were lying on our sides...our arms were wrapped around each other...she was holding onto me and I was holding onto her. My face was buried in her breasts and there was her leg again...tucked against my pussy! 

I was already dripping hot juices had run all over her leg and she was soaked! Oooooohhhhhh, Blue is so fucking hot! My pussy was throbbing so hard, I could feel it throughout my body!

I knew I would NOT get back to sleep unless I came...and I knew it wouldn't take long! I was about to cum already and I haven't done anything yet!  Trying hard not to wake her, I held onto her silky-smooth thigh with both hands and fucked my poor swollen pussy against it....oooooohhhhh.....fuck! 

My body shook hard and I tried to be still...I had my face in her breasts, whimpering quietly against them...but, I believe my pussy screamed! I came so fucking hard, holding onto her thigh for dear life! orgasm lasted forever!!!                           

When my body calmed back down...finally...I slid down to Blue's sweet pussy and gave it bunches and bunches of hot, wet kisses...I spread her legs wider and, ever-so-softly, slid the tip of my tongue from bottom to top....

Hmmm...the sun is up, now...I think it's time for my pretty Blue to wake up...

That's when my tongue slid deeeeep inside my Lady always and forever love.

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Love to all,