Thursday, August 20, 2015

When I Want Blue 8/20/15

Blue was half sitting, half lying against the headboard of our bed, typing as usual...she set it aside when I crawled up beside her and turned onto her side. She knew I wanted her...I always want her...fucking always. I hunger for Blue like the air I breathe.

She also knows, the busier she is, the more relentless I am in my pursuit of her...but, sometimes, she does that to me on purpose...staying busy when she IS busy. It turns her on for me to do all things I do to get her...the way my breathing gets deeper, the way my skin gets warmer, the way my fingertips roam her body...and the way my hot juices drip from my pussy, burning her skin...

...yes...I get really, really wet, as does's something we share and one of a zillion things we love about each other.

I slid my thigh between her legs and got both arms around her, getting as close as I could to her body...I rubbed my face against her breasts and took in her intoxicating scent...mmmmmmm...that drives me crazy.

With soft, quiet, but urgent little whimpers, my open mouth sought one of her nipples...I found it quickly and an almost-silent, higher-pitched sound of need escaped my throat...

...tightening my arm around her, I sucked her breast into my wet mouth, my tongue sliding on her hardening nipple. Blue's arm tightened around me and she purred deliciously, reaching down with her other hand and pulling my thigh against her silky-smooth pussy.

I pushed my thigh more firmly against her and sucked her nipple harder...she made a soft squeal and dug her nails into my back.

"Ooooooooohhhhhhhh, Sunny............suck me harder, baby......."

 I did suck harder, for sure...her body tensed up and she grabbed two handfuls of my long hair and pulled, screaming softly...she was soaking my thigh with her juices...fuck!...her pussy felt SO hot on my skin!

"Sunny Sunny Sunny...oh yeah! Give it to me, lover!"

I let her nipple slip to my lips, where I now kept hold of it...Blue started fucking her pussy against my thigh...she had her legs spread and I gripped her ass very hard to keep her against me...I tightened my lips on her nipple...very carefully, just the way she likes it...and pulled on it, letting it slip out...Blue pulled my hair HARD and her body went fucking crazy!


My, my...I could not deny such a polite and eloquent request! I could make her cum any way I wanted, but, she needed to cum quickly.

I dove headfirst between her wide-spread legs...her body already shaking like a building earthquake! I gave her what she loves finger inside her, twirling circles around the walls of her pussy and my mouth on her hot, swollen clit, sucking it gently...but, licking it ferociously!

Oh fuck! Did Blue EVER cum! Screaming, shaking, nails in my back, pulling my hair, windows rattling, dog barking, alarms going off! If we had neighbors, they'd be pounding on the walls!

Okay...I was proud of myself, okay? There...I admit it...

I crawled up to my sweet baby and gathered what was left of her against me, wrapping my arms and legs around her quivering body and pulling the covers up to us. I gave her soft, loving kisses all over her face, then kissed her lips...letting my lips linger upon hers.

I wanted her to feel cherished and intensely she will always be. I looked into her pretty Blue eyes...the eyes which first captured me and still do.

"I love you, my Blue...always and forever."
"My Sunlight...I love you, also. Never will I stop loving you."

Thank-you for reading.
Love to all,

Monday, August 10, 2015


A lazy afternoon.

For me, anyway. Blue was writing...I was being lazy, reading my second favorite author. Blue is my first.

As is normal, neither of us had any clothes on and she was sitting, turned sideways at her end of the couch, as was I at my, we were facing each other. Her legs were stretched out and one of mine was stretched out with the other one bent at the knee and lying over sideways. Yes, I'm quite slutty and unladylike around Blue.

Occasionally, I looked up and looked into Blue's eyes. Without stopping her typing, she would look at mine and smile. Oh....that just melts me....

Oh, I had to have her...but, she was working and I respect that, so I had to make her come to me.

NOT a problem....

I laid my book aside and looked at her eyes again, draping one leg over the back of the couch so Blue had a nice view of my pussy. I kept my eyes locked on hers and just casually started rubbing my pussy.

Without even stopping her typing, her eyes moved to my pussy, then back to my eyes. She narrowed her eyes and scowled at me and, still typing, slowly shook her head, meaning, "No Sunny...not now...don't you dare."

Blue knew that wouldn't make me stop. When I want her, I don't stop until I get her, although, I will say, that's really not a lot of work.    

I just kept my eyes on hers without changing my expression...her eyes spent increasing amounts of time on my pussy, which was now glistening wet.

I slid down a little more so she could see my pussy better...I slipped one finger inside me and inhaled deeply, my eyes telling her how good it felt, my mouth opening slightly more.

Only slightly, I lifted my ass off the couch, hotly moving my hips to fuck my pussy to my finger. Blue's eyes were now shifting quickly from my pussy to my finger disappeared completely inside me and Blue could now see my juices flowing from my pussy...a soft whimper of pure pleasure escaped my throat...

Her typing stopped.

Good. Mission proceeding nicely!

I sat my ass back down on the towel on which I was sitting...while still looking at her, I removed my finger from my sloppy-wet pussy and brought it to my lips...her eyes were transfixed on my finger as I spread my juices on my lips, then slid my tongue along my lips to lick them.


Blue closed her computer and set it aside, her mouth opening a bit...but, she inhaled very deeply and spread her own legs when I put my finger in my mouth and sucked my juices from it, making hot slurping sounds. I pulled it out slowly from between my lips.

As I knew it would, her hand went right to her pretty pussy...I started caressing my inner thighs  and started saying everything that makes her so hot.

" sweet always make me want you sooooo bad...being your woman...being a fucking hot slut for you...."

That sent her second finger inside her sweet pussy...the pussy I love so much and must have.  
"Oh fuck,'re such a fucking tease!"

I let her watch me dip my fingers inside me, then spread my juices on my inner thighs.  I let her watch me play with my swollen pussy lips. I let her watch me pull on them and make my body jump.

Everyone has their breaking point...Blue had reached hers...

When I saw her tuck her feet under her and roll forward, I was ready for her...I tightened my stomach muscles and held my arms out...Blue pushed off with her feet and flew through air...the couch is eight feet...she landed on top of me with one thigh hitting firmly against my pussy, her mouth seeming to land on my mine...her lips started to devour my mouth, her tongue fucking nearly to my throat...

Blue's thigh fucked against my wet, swollen pussy, making loud, sloppy noises each time...she was relentless and I could feel my clit against her silky-smooth skin. My juices absolutely soaked her and splashed all over both of us...

My body was starting to shake hard and we were now both screaming into each other's mouths....I was screaming from my building orgasm...she was screaming just from pure fucking excitement, our tongues fucking against each other...

Blue knows my body so well...she broke our kiss and I knew where she was headed...


Blue knows exactly WHERE on my shoulder to bite me and exactly how hard....she opened her mouth wide (it doesn't hurt that way) and sunk her teeth hard against my skin and the muscles underneath...she kept her thigh rubbing firmly on my pussy...

I screamed loud enough to almost break the windows and came fucking HARD in a violent orgasm! Blue didn't let up on me, keeping her teeth firmly against my shoulder, her thigh didn't stop fucking against me until my orgasm FINALLY ended...

....I wrapped my arms and legs around Blue and held her, stroking and caressing her back, my muscles still quivering...she covered my face with wet, loving kisses...all to make each other feel loved and forever cherished. Then, we looked into each other's eyes....

"My sweet Blue...I love you so very much....."
"My precious Sunny...I will love you always and forever..."

Thank-you for reading.
Love to all,