Thursday, September 24, 2015

Blue Comes To Bed - Part Four

My wonderful readers,
This is part four of an ongoing series. Parts one, two and three are beneath this one...You'll want to read those first. Thank-you.

I spread Blue's legs, opened my mouth wide and placed it on her hot tongue against her still-swollen and very sensitive outer lips. My pretty baby screamed out fucking LOUD in total pleasure and grabbed two handfuls of my hair, pulling on it ferociously!

Fuck! I LOVE when she pulls my hair!

I slid my tongue from bottom to top...licking Blue's pretty pussy like a lollipop, over and over...each time, ending with the tip of my tongue flicking across her clit.

Blue's body was in constant spasm and shaking hard each time my tongue hit her clit...I fucking LOVED was I was doing to her! I grabbed her hands and pulled them from my hair, slid my arms back under her thighs and held her wrists down...

...good thing I did that...

...I had my mouth on her tongue ravaging it...fuck, it was so hot! Blue's body shook hard and immediately, she came like hell! Blue cums a LOT, as do I.  (no, we don't squirt)  I kept torturing her clit and sucking her honey-sweet cum from her, swallowing every drop...Blue just kept screaming and screaming my name at the top of her lungs!

When Blue's body finally wound down, I scooped and sucked the last of her cum from her burning pussy into my mouth, crawled up to her and kissed her, letting all her cum flow into her mouth.

Of thigh was firmly against her pussy...

Our tongues played with Blue's cum, back and forth...both of us whimpering and purring at each other...she had my hair again, pulling on it while she tried to devour my lips. I took her bottom lip with mine, squeezed it, then pulled on it before licking her cum that we had spilled from her cheeks...

...she just laid there...her mouth open...catching her breath...speaking, but, barely intelligible...
" Sunny......oooooohhhhhh........"

Mmmmmmmm! I loved it!

And I wanted more...

.....a LOT more....

....and I would have it.....

I slid back down between my pretty Blue's thighs, her fingernails scraping my back as I went. Then, she grabbed my hair as I buried my face in her pussy, which I love so much....

"Ooooooooohhhhhhh me again, Sunny......pleeeeeeease suck my pussy again, Sunny.........."

Oh...did I ever...and my baby came three more times because I didn't even stop after each time...just kept on fucking her with my mouth!

I crawled up to my Blue, my always and forever love, and lovingly kissed her lips, neck and shoulders...then held her against me to make her feel loved and cherished. We both fell asleep, our hearts beating as one.

Thank-you for reading.
My love to you all,

Monday, September 14, 2015

Blue Comes To Bed - Part Three

My dear readers,
This is part three of a continuing series. If you missed parts one and two, they are directly under this will want to read them first...or the end of part two to refresh your memory. Thank-you.

...I tucked one leg under one of Blue's legs and kept fucking the double dildo in and out of her...gently...steadily...but, ALL the way in...letting it push her body every time it reached the back of her hungry pussy.

Blue's body was already trembling with excitement, her juices pouring out of her and running down to her ass.

"Ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh....Sunneeeeeeeeeee.........yes baby....yes baby......fuck me real good!"

I looked right into her pretty eyes...Blue was in that zone...she had a wild, savage, animal-based urge....I knew...she had gotten me into that zone many times.

"Blue? know I love you...right, baby?"

Blue was breathless. "Oh....Sunny...I love you, too!....NOW FUCK ME!"

I kept working our toy in and out of Blue...pushing it all the way in each time...a little squeal coming from her throat every time I fucked into her. I reached down, soaked my finger in my own juices and held it to her mouth, spreading my juices on her lips. Blue sucked my finger into her mouth, grabbed my long hair with both hands and BIT my finger!

"FUCK ME SUNNY!!!!!!!!!!"

I wrenched her hands from my hair and shoved her onto her back. I threw all my waist-length, platinum blonde hair back...I got a firm grip on that double-dildo with my pussy muscles and fucked HARD into her...over and over and over! Blue screamed with pure pleasure each time...

I was now too wet to hold my end and each fuck into her was fucking hard into my own pussy...hitting the back of me...I cum so easily and a hard orgasm was building deep within my body!

Our bodies were now slapping together and our juices were splashing all over both of us...we both get extremely wet and we were both soaked!


She was now fucking her pussy at me, meeting me every time I fucked her...ramming that toy hard against the back of my pussy, screaming each time...

"FUCK SUNNY!!!!!!!...I'M CUMMING BABY!!!!!!!!"

BLue grabbed my ankles and fucked hard at me...I was going to cum any second...I grabbed HER ankles because I was shoving her shaking body every time I fucked her!

Suddenly, we both came at once! Two sex-crazed, wild women who each cum a LOT! We fucked the living daylights out of each other and continously screamed...our bodies working as one violent earthquake!


"FUCK ME HARD, BLUUUUUUUUUUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

With both our bodies in violent spasm, our cum flowed hard from our pussies and splashed EVERYWHERE! We held onto each other and rode each other roughly...each of us trying to out-fuck the other! We were both COVERED in each other's cum!

When our orgasms finally ended, I eased off of my end of our lovely toy and gently slipped Blue's end from her. She was flat on her back, breathing heavily...her leg muscles quivering...

I slid my wet body up to Blue...when my nipples slid against her's, she jumped deliciously...I straddled her body and held mouth met her lips and I kissed her very deeply, my tongue sliding along her tongue...I ended our kiss by pulling on her bottom lip and letting it go.


"Oh, precious lover......I am sooooooo not done with you"

"Oooooohhh fuck, Sunny...."

I slid down only a little and gently sucked each of her nipples into my mouth, then let them slip to my lips...I squeezed each one, then pulled it until it slipped from my lips. Each time, Blue softly screamed and her body jumped hard as she dug her nails into my back...she was ultra-sensitive now....I slid my body down to her pussy and spread her legs...

"Now, my sweet just relax...your hot little slut has more she wants to do to you....LOTS more."

I slid my arms under Blue's thighs and and held on tight...I knew what was going to happen...I placed my mouth on her wet inner thigh...right NEXT to her still-quivering pussy...Blue screamed out loud and her body went insane!

I held onto her and trailed hot, wet kisses toward her pussy...nooooooooooo...I was nowhere near done with my Blue.......

More to come...thank-you for reading.
My love to you all,

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Blue Comes To Bed - Part Two

My dear readers,
This is part two. If you missed part one, it's directly under this will want to read that first. Thank-you.


I slid down and Blue spread her legs for me....I sat between her legs, facing her...and that pretty pussy of hers. She sat up and I spread my legs, crossing them over hers. She could see how wet I already was.

Oh yes...I was going to take my time...I'm such a fucking tease!

I made her watch me as I slid my finger inside my swollen pussy...I made a show of it, making my body jump a little and squealing with delight. Yes...I was getting to her...Her eyes watched every move I made and her mouth was open partway...

", baby.....don't fucking tease me....please...."

I smiled and pulled my finger out of me, holding it out to her. She went for it with her mouth, but I pulled it away.

"Ooops! You almost had it! Try again!"  I held it out to her again and pulled it back when she went for it...

"Dammit Sunny!"
"Oooooohhhh...poor baby......I have something better for you!"

I grabbed the double dildo and used the large end, my end, on the outside of her pussy...rubbing it against her and playing with her clit with it...Blue leaned back on her hands, her head back, and raised her ass off the bed...

"Ooooooooooooo....fuck me Sunny....give it to me, baby!"

Blue's sweet juices were already pouring out of her pussy...I turned our toy around and let her watch me use it to play with my wet, swollen orchid...I looked right into her eyes...

"How hard would my baby like to be fucked?"

"Hard Sunny! Real hard! Ram that thing against the back of my pussy!"

" know your hot slut will NOT show you any mercy, right?"

Then, quick as lightning, Blue grabbed the toy and shoved it HARD into my pussy! I screamed out loud!  "FUCK! DAMMIT!"

Blue giggled joyously and shoved her hips forward...her end disappeared inside her...she collapsed onto her back, then got back up again and giggled some more!


"You'd better find something to hold onto! You're REALLY going to get it!

My legs were on top of hers...I raised my ass off the bed, gripped that toy with my strong pussy muscles and started working her end in and out of her...gently at first...but, this was NOT going to stay gentle....

(part three coming in a few days)
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Love to all,

Monday, September 7, 2015

Blue Comes To Bed - Part One

Blue was busy typing, so I went to bed and sat up, reading a book. It didn't take long for Blue to come to bed. When she climbed into bed, she had that look...those gorgeous eyes that always say, "do me or I'll die"...

I laid my book aside...I can't resist those eyes!

Blue climbed on top of me and rested her already-wet pussy on my tummy. I held her hips and let her grind it against me...she was sitting up with all her weight on her pussy against my skin...her juices already in a puddle on my tummy. She moved her hips around...rubbing her pussy against me hard while looking into my eyes.

I pulled her down to my mouth and she kissed me hard with urgent need, fucking my mouth with her tongue. My hands moved to her ass and squeezed it firmly...she whimpered and kept kissing me...savagely now, while she fucked her pussy on my firm tummy.

I slid a finger up between her ass cheeks...she grabbed my hair with both hands and a scream came from her throat into my mouth...she tried to devour my lips...her tongue reaching for my throat.

I dug my nails into her ass and screamed back at her, still with our lips locked together. But, when I slid my finger up through her ass cheeks again, much slower this time, she was a fucking animal in dire heat...biting my lips with hers and pulling on them.

I held her body and rolled us over...I pulled my lips from hers only a little...I wanted her to feel my breath on them...

"Oooooooooo, my pretty Blue...I think your pussy needs my attention."

Blue was breathless.  "Oh........Sunny......please, baby." She reached for my lips, but I pulled back and smiled at her.

I slid my silky-smooth thigh against her sloppy-wet pussy. "Tell me, my love, who is your hot little slut?"

Blue pulled harder on my hair...she was so worked up and breathing hard, she could hardly form words. "You Sunny! It', baby...."

I held her down and gave her lots of hot, teasing, little kisses on her lips, then, kept my mouth close to hers....."Who is the woman who makes you cum SO fucking hard every time?"

"'s you Sunny! Only you! Fuck my pussy!"

Oh...this was going to be fun...I reached for our favorite toy...our double dildo!

Blue's eyes lit up and she started shaking....

(I'll continue this in my next post, which, I promise, will only be in a few days)

Thank-you for reading
Love to all,