Monday, October 26, 2015


Please know Blue and I are not dom/sub. Nothing you see written here should suggest otherwise.

That said, I will tell you Blue may have my body whenever she wants it. That’s because we have each other’s heart and soul forever and always.

It makes me dripping wet to be Blue’s lady. To possessed by be claimed by her.

I belong to Blue. Blue belongs to me.

She knows what I like and don’t like...and I know hers.

She knows how to make my pussy throb uncontrollably.

I know how to make her out-of-her-mind horny for me...teasing her drives my pussy absolutely insane. I LOVE fucking her with my mouth and would do it for hours on end. I HAVE cum while doing nothing but devouring Blue’s pussy. Fuck! I love that!

She knows what will, besides the normal things, instantly make me cum. Yes, there are a few such things, but I’m going to let Blue keep those as her secret...that’s the way it should be, because I love her.

I would die for Blue. I would give my life protecting her. Blue is a gem for this world to enjoy. If it’s within my power, I will make sure this world, which needs her so much, can have her.

Thank-you for reading.
Love to all,

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Sex In The Kitchen - Who Made This Mess?

 (Continuing from my last entry...)

.....Blue had gone back inside. I stayed outside for about 3 more hours. I may be addicted to tan is very dark, but I still have a fear of losing it, though it doesn't look like that can really happen. Anyway...

I woke from being asleep out there, very hot and horny as always when I've been out there. I found my pretty Blue in the kitchen and I backed her against the back against ass pressed hard against her always-naked body. I was quite oily...I rubbed my ass on her hips and reached back, wrapping my arms around the back of her neck.

Blue wrapped one arm around me and rubbed my tummy...her other hand deeply massaged my ass...oh fuck...I was in heaven! I rubbed my ass on her some more.

"Ya like your baby's ass, my Blue?"

" KNOW I love your ass!"

I pressed my ass into her harder and she slid her hand from my tummy down to my pussy, then rubbed my pussy and massaged it...I purred loudly, my juices starting to soak my inner thighs.

Blue loves that I get so fucking wet...she does too and it drives me crazy!

My pussy was so oily, and Blue was easily able to slide her finger waaaaaaaaay inside me...I involuntarily rose to my toes and hot squeals of absolute pleasure escaped my throat. I drove my ass harder into her and she moved her other hand to my pussy...getting my oily, throbbing clit between two fingers!

I leaned my head way back against her...I was breathless...

"Oooohhhh fuck yes, Blue! Fuck my pussy hard! MAKE YOUR BABY CUM!"

Blue had her hot breath against my ear. "Your pussy is all mine, my sweet Sunnypuss."  Then, she shoved two fingers inside my dripping pussy...fucking me DEEPLY and gently squeezed my clit...

That did it! My oily body spasmed against her and I shook like hell! She kept fucking me and I came fucking HARD, my cum flowing down my inner thigh...I was still holding onto her with my arms around the back of her neck!

When my orgasm ended, I fell to the floor, landing on my side...breathing hard and whimpering. Blue lied down and pulled me to her tummy, wrapping her arms and legs around me.

" sweet baby......I love you so, so much."

"I love YOU, my Sunnypuss...I will forever!...and you made a big mess on this floor!"

"No...YOU did!"

"No! YOU did!"

"It was YOU!"

"No! YOU!"

(That may never be resolved...I WILL take 50% of the blame)

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Love to all,

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Part six 10/20/15

As I said last time, Blue and I are going to get married! I also said I would tell you the date when we decided on one. Our wedding will be Sunday, November 1st, 2015!

This is part six of a series I haven't brought to a close. I suggest reading parts one through five, first, if you haven't already. They are below. Thank-you and I hope you enjoy it!

...Where I left off last time, I had just fucked, I was relaxing and baking in the sun...maybe half-asleep...not sure.

Then, Blue came out, except, I didn't know she was there until her lips touched mine. She brushed her lips on mine at first, then licked my lips with the tip of her tongue. Like me, she was naked. We don't wear clothes outside either. She was above my head where I couldn't reach her body...looking at me upside down.

" Blue....kiss me, baby...kiss me good."

Blue purred at me and sank her lips upon mine....I whimpered into her and her tongue explored my warm, wet mouth...her lips pressing hard on mine. I softly squealed when her tongue fucked farther into my mouth, then she backed off our kiss and kept her lips barely touching mine.

"You look sooooooo fucking hot, Sunny...I had to come out here."

"I have a feeling I'm going to get hotter, sweetheart."

Blue giggled. "Why do you think I came out here, my baby?"

"Ooooooooooooo...yes, pussy belongs to you, Blue...take it whenever you want, my pretty baby."

Blue kissed me again, her lips eagerly against mine...we were holding each other's faces and her tongue was fucking toward my throat. A hot, very sexual sound came from her throat and her kiss got more urgent as she savagely tried to devour me with her mouth.

I moaned and whimpered into her mouth, then separated our kiss, but kept my hot breath on her lips "Fuck me, Blue! Take my pussy! Possess it! Fuck me good and make me your hot, fucking slut!"

I could feel my juices flowing from my overheated pussy....

Blue smiled at me. "Spread your legs for me, hotstuff."

"I'll always spread my legs for you, my Blue!"

Blue slid down, slid her arms under my thighs and held my wrists down...she buried her face between my legs...when she sucked my throbbing pussy into her mouth, I raised my ass in the air and screamed out-fucking LOUD!

I said earlier I was going to get hotter? Oh....yeah....I did.....

More next time...soon...
Thank-you for reading.
My love to all,

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Blue Comes To Bed - Part Five

Guess what! Blue and I are getting married! I've never been happier in my life! Blue is so perfect...she's everything I need...and we are now each other's fiancee, soon to be each other's wife!

I'm so excited!


This is part 5 of a continuing series. If you haven't read parts 1 - 4 below, you might want to read those first.

The next morning, I woke up with my arms and legs wrapped around my sweet fiancee.

As is normal, I was horny as hell when I woke. Blue was sleeping very soundly. I couldn't wake her...I really worked her over last night and loved every second of it!

I slipped my arms and legs from around her and rolled onto my tummy. I slid my hand under me, slid two fingers deep inside my pussy and proceeded to fuck myself very hard!

My sloppy-wet pussy made so much noise...and the wetter I got, the harder and deeper I fucked myself! Out of nowhere, my body shuddered and shook...I buried my face in my pillow to supress my scream and I came VERY fucking hard!

I collapsed to the mattress and my face was still in the pillow when I heard my Blue. "You are SO fucking sexy, baby."

I turned to my future wife and she hadn't moved, but her eyes were open and she was smiling.
"Good point! I AM fucking sexy and I belong to you, my love! By the way, I didn't know you were awake."

"How could I sleep through all that? And it was hot as hell!"

I gently held Blue's face and kissed her very deeply. "As your future wife, I will always be hot as hell for you, baby."

Blue smiled with those gorgeous eyes. "As YOUR future wife, I will always be something for you to get hot for!"

"I love you soooooo much, Blue."

"I love YOU, Sunny."

I kissed her again, then went outside, naked of course, to get my daily sunshine. I squirted hot suntan oil all over my deeply-tanned body and rubbed it all over myself...
...naturally, I played with my pussy. The sun on my naked body makes my pussy throb hard and beg for attention. Oh, I wanted Blue out there!

I rubbed my oily, swollen clit and thought of my gorgeous no time, I came very hard in a delicious orgasm!

Then, I relaxed...contented and restful...and so happy Blue and I have each other.

Thank-you for reading.
My love to you all,