Thursday, December 31, 2015

My Pussy On Fire - Part One

For something a little different, try two hot females who must have sex to live...totally gorgeous, but not completely human:  Primal Lesbian Sex - written by me

I awoke this morning with my pussy on fire, my large orchid lips already completely swollen...throbbing...begging for attention.

My wife, Blue, was on her side, facing away from me, and she was sooooooo fucking sexy, lying there with her top leg bent at the knee, her hip leaning over with that leg resting on the mattress.

Fuck! That position always makes me so wet.

I cuddled against her and wrapped my arm around her, my face against the back of her neck. 

Ooooooooo...she smelled just like me...musk oil. We both wear musk oil on our necks, between our breasts, our inner thighs very close to our pussies and our asses. That scent drives me fucking pussy was sloppy-drippy and I could FEEL my outer lips trembling...crying out to fucked against the silky-soft skin of Blue's ass.

I get VERY wet and my juices always flow like a river...

I draped my leg over her and my juices instantly flowed over her, some flowing deep between her ass cheeks, some flowing down her back...

...oooooohhhhhh, but then, my swollen, overheated pussy touched her ass. Ooooohhhh fuck...I was now, surely, past the point of no-return.

My mouth opened wide on the back of her neck and I whimpered helplessly as I fucked my pussy on one of her firm ass cheeks.

Then, Blue woke up and purred deliciously for me...she rolled completely onto her tummy and raised her lovely ass in the air...

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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Just A Few Sexual Thoughts...

Although ours is not a dom/sub relationship, it makes me hot as hell to belong to Blue. And she belongs to me, but it has a physical effect on me.

Just KNOWING I'm Blue's wife...just even THINKING about the fact that I'm the woman who satisfies her, makes my pussy VERY sloppy-drippy. That makes me want to be SUCH a fucking slut for her!

What I wrote in my recent entry at the start of our vacation? It's real. I really do dress like that in public with Blue.  (unless it's a business function for me)  I LOVE dressing like that and always have.

Good thing, because it's what Blue prefers I wear.

My skirts are all loose fitting, never tight...and they do not cover my ass.

I like a top that is light, maybe a little see-through. I like wearing something lacy on top, or a tank top, tied just above my waist. Yes, a tank top has a hard time covering my breasts, but I don't care.

Panties? I have them...I just don't wear them with a dress. I do wear them with jeans or any other pants.

My hair is platinum-blond and is starting to reach my waist in back. I like my bangs to reach my eyes.

When I REALLY want to drive Blue insane without touching her, I toss it around a bit.

In public, we hold onto each other, usually with Blue's arm around my waist...possessing me...claiming me as hers.

THAT...just THAT, makes my pussy go insane. It reaches the level of a fetish for me...and that's what I was describing in the first part of the vacation piece, below this one.

Of course, her arm around me makes my dress go even higher on the side with her hand on it. Often, she will slide her hand under my dress and hold me with her hand on my hip. When she does, my dress doesn't hide much of me.

I don't care. As Blue belongs to me, I belong to HER. It makes me horny as HELL for her to show me off...and I'm always very proud to be seen with her.

No public sex. This might surprise you in light of everything I just described, but actual sex is private. No spectators and no threesomes.

We DO love passionate kissing in public...that shows the world that we own each other and only want each other.

When Blue and I are having sex...when I'm driving her crazy, I feel it in my pussy...WITHOUT her touching me. And it gets stronger and stronger until I'm throbbing.

My juices flow heavily down my inner thighs, as do Blue's. That's one of a zillion things we love about each other.

Yes...I do cum like hell by making HER cum. Strange? Not to me. Unusual?, imagine how fucking HARD I cum when she has a hold of my body!

And, oh my goodness, we both cum a LOT.  (no squirting)  Since we usually have sex for long periods of time, it can be a very messy affair...


I have more to write, and will do that in a few days.

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Friday, December 11, 2015

Vacation! - Part Five

For something a little different...very loving, but wildly primal you could try my other blog. It's all fiction written by me. Primal Lesbian Sex...Two Wild Women

This is the last part of this series and it picks up right where I left off with part four. If you missed parts 1 - 4, I'd love for you to read them because it's the best stuff I've ever written. I put a lot into writing everything because that's what you deserve...I appreciate you coming here and reading!
I would also love to hear what you think of it. I would love to read your comments.

I will share with YOU, it makes me hot as hell just writing smooth, tanned pussy gets so wet, I'm sitting on three towels.  I have to.

Every time I finish writing, I quickly set my computer aside and spread my legs for Blue, my swollen, soaking wet orchid calling out for her...

Blue gently removed her finger from my ass and stood up.  "Don't move, Sunnybuns! I'll be right back!"

She ran inside the hotel room and came back with our double-dildo! YAY!

Blue smothered the large end, my end, with suntan oil, then slid it between my well-tanned ass cheeks...a shock of pleasure went straight to my pussy and my juices immediately started pouring from me....

"Oooooooooohhhhhhhh............yes, needs this soooooooo bad."  I raised my ass in the air for her.

Blue teased my ass a little with the toy, slipping it in only a little at first...sliding it in and out of my eager ass.

"Fuck Baby's ass good, Blue....make her cum hard!" 

Some women can cum just from having their ass fucked...I'm lucky to be one of them...and Blue is so perfect...she loves my ass and takes such good care of me.

I backed my ass against the toy, wanting more...wanting more real fucking bad.....

Blue wiggled the toy around a little.  "Mmmmmmmmm...ya like that, baby? Would my hot little slut like to have more?"

"Fuck yes! Fuck my ass real deep! You know I can take it!"

"Oooooooooo....give your pretty ass to Blue, my baby!"  Blue shoved the toy in deeper....with her other hand, she dumped the banana scented suntan oil all over her naked body and more all over mine...letting the oil run down between my ass cheeks and over my pussy...

The oil was hot as hell from sitting in the sun...Blue knew what that would do to me. FUCK! I loved it! Blue rubbed her oily body on mine...we were two hot, oily, slippery women.

Blue got a tight grip on the toy with both hands and fucked it in and out of my ass...burying it DEEP inside me each time....

"Oooooooohhhhhhh FUCK yes! Fuck baby's ass! Own me! Possess me! My ass belongs to Blue!"

I was up on my hands now...fucking back against the big toy...screaming loudly each time Blue fucked it into me...

...her hot, oily body felt so fucking good against me...I let my body fall onto my tummy so she could drape her body over mine while fucking me...I kept my ass in the air for her, my legs spread wide apart....

I was yelling and words....just unintelligible, guttural pussy wasn't was POUNDING...AND BLUE WASN'T EVEN TOUCHING ME! I could feel all my juices POURING from me! Yes! It was so much, I could FEEL it!

Blue fucked my ass relentlessly...with no mercy...the way I fucking like it!


Blue fucked my ass harder and growled into my ear...she was claiming my ass...claiming my pussy...claiming me as her own....she knows damn well that drives me insane!

I screamed back at body jumped and I came HARD AS HELL, almost throwing her off me! I was overtaken with violent spasms and I just kept cumming and cumming!
Blue didn't let up...she kept fucking me, trying to hold my body down with hers. She got a wild body was shaking like an earthquake!

My orgasm did finally hips fell back down on the towel. Blue eased the big toy out of me...I just laid there, breathing hard, my legs still spread apart with my cum still oozing from me...

I couldn't talk. All I could do was make noises...

I had my head on the towel, my face turned toward my precious lover.

Blue kissed me passionately, then stayed close to my lips. "Feel good, baby?"


Blue smiled.  "Hmmm...sounds like a yes to me! I'll take it!"


Blue slid her luscious thigh over my ass and whispered...her lips still so close to mine, "Sunny belongs to Blue."

"Blue belongs to Sunny."

Somehow, we both said this together, "I love you so much, baby!"

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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Vacation! - Part Four

My dear readers, just a note - I got VERY horny while writing this part. I did it mostly with one hand...I used my other hand to play with myself. Blue just watched me and inspired me a lot by rubbing her swollen pussy and playing with her juices, most of which were flowing down to her ass.

Parts 1 - 3 are below this one...and they're really good. I'd hate for you to miss them.

I dove between Blue's legs with my wide-open mouth on her pretty pussy, licking her, sucking her and tongue-fucking her! I turned around so my baby could eat me...oh fuck...she grabbed my ass and tried to devour my dripping-wet pussy, making loud slurping sounds. I came almost immediately!

Blue had my outer lips sucked into her mouth when I made her cum HARD! She screamed out loud with her face buried in my pussy...FUCK! I love that!

I kept sucking her and licking all of her sweet cum from her, then I kissed her pussy all over and kissed her inner thighs, sucking her skin and making her body jump...

I turned back around so I could watch her face as I went back after her...I had a firm grip on her ass and fucked my tongue as far into her sensitive pussy as I could...her body went fucking insane!


I loved it! I love eating her! I made my pretty Blue cum four more times in a row with no pause in between...

...then...and you won't believe this...Blue passed out.

Yes...she fainted...that's right.

I didn't panic...I knew that's what it was. I stood on the bed and lifted her legs in the air, her butt just slightly off the mattress. She came back around pretty quickly.

"Sunny! What happened?"

"You fainted, baby!"

"I remember cumming a few times."

Proudly, I informed her, "Five times! I counted!"

"Holy shit! Five times?!?!"

I helped her lie back down and got her some orange juice. Then, we cuddled a lot...mostly with our lips or foreheads, or both, touching....LOTS of soft, little kisses and licks...LOTS of caressing. Then, we fell asleep.

We woke later and I got up and went to the sliding doors to the roof and the pool. I looked out at the sunshine.

"Baby? I'm missing an awful lot of sunshine. I should be out there, working on my tan!"

"Damn, Sunny...HOW does someone with as dark a tan as yours, get darker?"

"I MIGHT get darker, and it does have to be mantained. Will you come outside and spread oil on me?  And, maybe, IN me?"

Blue smiled and followed me outside. I got on my tummy and spread my legs real wide.

Blue gave me a hard spank on my ass. "Omg! You're always such a slutty can never keep your legs together!"

I looked back at her and smiled, my pussy on fire from the spank she gave me. "My pretty baby...I'm YOUR slutty whore and ONLY yours...and I will always spread my legs for you, baby."

Blue smiled again and squeezed a hard squirt of oil deep between my ass cheeks...she started teasing my ass with her finger...

I raised my pretty ass in the air for her. " I think your slutty little whore might need her ass fucked real good...."

THAT, and that alone will make me cum!

Blue purred at me and slid her finger deeeeeeeeep inside my oil-covered ass.


(I'll go crazy if I don't take a break and have Blue fuck me right now...I'll write more in a few days)
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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Vacation! Part Three

This is part one and two are below this one.

The elevator goes only to the penthouse...60 floors up, nonstop. We were both so fucking hot, we were oblivious to the trip.

Remember that elevator door against which I was leaning while Blue was pleasuring me so exquisitely?

It suddenly and very quickly slid open! I wrapped my arms and legs around hand on the back of her head to protect her...and into the penthouse rolled a bundle of Blue and Sunny!

I used to be a stuntwoman, so I thought it was great fun! There we ended up...Blue was very sexy with her tux a rumpled little skirt was up around my waist, most of my long hair was in my face. I was on top of Blue and we were both laughing.

I checked her over for injuries. "Well, that WAS the most interesting almost-orgasm I've ever had! Are you okay, baby?"

At least she was smiling. "Yes, interesting. I just wouldn't want to do it again!"

I looked into her eyes and smiled. "Amazingly, I DO have you right where I want you...under me."

Still on top of her, I sat up and threw my hair back, my bangs still hanging in my face. My eyes never left hers...I unbuttoned her shirt and undid her pants.

"Sunny, wait...I was about to make you cum! Let me finish!"

"It's okay, sweetheart...just imagine how wet I am. I love it!"

I pulled her pants off of her and lowered my pussy back down to her hot juices immediately flooded her tummy and started flowing down to her pussy. I took her hands and leaned forward a bit...she held me up while I ground my swollen pussy on her tummy.

I placed her hands on my ass and scooched up a little, staying up on my pussy dripping nonstop onto her skin.

Blue and I get extremely wet. That's what originally, the very first time, made us so hot for each other...then we fell in love and have been crazy in love ever since.

"Ya want my pussy, sweetheart? Look how swollen and pretty it is for you...that's Blue's has your name on one else shall ever have this good stuff."

Blue's breathing deepened. She gripped my ass harder.  "Oh.........Sunny....please slide up here and feed it to me? I'll suck it so hard for my baby."

Not yet...I stood and took Blue's hand, pulling her to her feet...I led her to the bed and had her sit down on the edge with her feet on the mattress railing. I had her lean back on her hands. I got on my knees in front of her and spread her legs, then gave her pussy a few very hot, very wet kisses.

"Ooooooooohhhhhhhhh, Sunny....fuck!"

I slid my finger through up through her pussy, then looked at her while I rubbed her juices on both of my hard erect nipples.  "Now, why dont you tell your hot little slut what you'd like her to do to you."

I let her watch me hold one of my breasts and suck her juices from my nipple. All she could do was sit there with her mouth open.

"What's wrong, my love? Can't talk? Hmmmm...I'll bet I can get some noise out of you...."
I buried my face between her legs, held onto her ass and flicked her clit real hard with my tongue. That worked...My Blue screamed hard.


Now, I was in a mood to tease her...that excites me to death.

I looked up her in mock amazement. "Oh! She talks!"  I played with her pussy with my finger.  
"Want me to fuck you real good? Your bad little slut can eat you and make you cum over and over and over till you can't take any more...OR, I can hold my end of our double dildo with my pussy and fuck you real hard...deep enough to make your ears wiggle!"

Blue's mouth was open, her head was tilted, pleadingly. She was breathing hard. I leaned back down and sucked her pussy into my mouth, my tongue gathering her juices...I brought my mouth up to hers and spread her juices all over her lips with my tongue, then gently held her face and kissed her ever-so-deeply.

Blue whimpered helplessly into my mouth...I ended our kiss, but kept our lips almost touching, my hot breath on her, my eyes looking into her eyes...I spoke some more...

"Oooooooooo! Perhaps, you'd like Baby to hold that double dildo with her ass and fuck your pussy that ass slapping against you real hard...our soaking wet bodies trying to outfuck each other!"

THAT was all Blue could take...she grabbed me off my knees with both arms and leaned back on the bed, pulling me on top of her!

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