Thursday, December 29, 2016

Two Very Horny Women - Part Two

If you missed my last entry, you'll want to read it first.  It's right below this one.  Thank-you!

....I woke the next morning before Blue.  We were lying on our sides, facing each other...she had her arms around me and her legs were wrapped around my ass.  My face was buried in her neck, and her musk oil scent was making my pussy throb hard...

I fucking DEVOURED her pussy last night...holding her down and eating her mercilessly.  Before me, she'd never had someone who just kept riding her pussy with their mouth after she came, without letting up.  She loved every bit of it, screaming for me not to stop...

The lab genetically programmed me not to stop until Blue says, "Stop!"  But, they also gave me the logic to not hurt know when she should NOT have more.

This morning, I was so hot for her and she still wasn't awake.  I love her too much to wake her...her body really took a lot last night. 

She always wants to be fucked hard by my strong, eight-inch tongue the lab gave fills her completely, and she loves when I lick the very back of her pussy...when I do, she holds my hair and shoves herself at my mouth, wanting me to fuck her as hard as I can with that tongue...

Blue couldn't get enough of my mouth fucking her pussy...everytime she came, I sucked her cum down my throat and came like like hell just from that...just being so fucking excited!

After every orgasm she had, I just held onto her and kept sucking her...that drove her insane!  Her body was constantly shaking and trembling, always either from cumming or on its way to the next one.  I didn't count...I don't know HOW many times she came..., I gently slid out of her arms and, oh-so-carefully so I wouldn't wake her, turned her onto her tummy and slipped between her legs, my mouth on her lower back, one of Blue's most sensitive places on her pretty body.

I held her hips and wetly kissed the very center of her lower back, letting my kiss linger.  Then, I raised my lips from her skin only a little and touched my tongue to her, breathing on her skin and making it very hot.  I slid my tongue up about four inches, then back down to where I kissed, then down four inches...all the while, making sure my breath heated my saliva and her soft, lovely skin...

Blue whimpered in her sleep, her body twitching from my tongue...I smiled and trailed hot sloppy-wet kisses everywhere my tongue had been along her spine on her lower back...

Still in her sleep, she purred and spread her legs more...I heard her inhale hard with each of my kisses.  She wouldn't be asleep much longer...I slid my tongue to the top of her ass.  Should I slide my tongue between her ass cheeks?  Not yet...that would wake her for sure, and I was having fun here.

I spent the next few minutes smothering her ass with slow, wet, deliberate kisses...sliding my tongue here and there...Blue was making soft little whimpering noises which rose in intonation...noises which begged me for more...

I got my lips very wet with my tongue...I spread her ass cheeks only a little and slid my lips...ONLY my lips, only halfway to her center...I sucked her skin on the inside of one of her asscheeks...that drives her out of her MIND when she's awake!

And she did wake up...

My baby raised her ass in the air for me and spread her legs wider...
" baby....oh fuck yes............."

I slid my wet lips some more on the insides of her ass cheeks, kissing her and giving her skin little sucks...she was pushing her ass at my face, wanting me to go deeper...I deeply purred between her cheeks, letting her entire body feel the vibration of my voice.  She begged for more...
"Sunny...fuck...give me your tongue...I want it inside my ass...waaaaaaaaaaaay inside my ass..."

I'm happy to belong to Blue!  It makes me hot as fucking HELL to be her slutty fucktoy!

Oh yes...I buried my face deeper into her ass cheeks and fucked her ass with all eight inches of my tongue, my finger going crazy in her pussy, swirling around inside her...oh my goodness!  She came so hard!  So deeply! Reaching back and grabbing my hair and pulling it while she screamed and screamed!

I rode her ass with my tongue until her orgasm ended...then, her body fell to the mattress on her tummy...her ass and thigh muscles quivering.  I pulled the covers over her body and ran to brush my teeth, then returned and slipped under the covers, gathering her to me...wrapping my body around her and kissing her.

Blue kept her eyes closed and spoke softly against my mouth...
"Every woman should be able to wake up that way...but, they don't have you...I do...and you're mine, mine, mine.  I love you, Sunny!"

"I'm so happy I belong to you, and only you...I love YOU, my precious Blue!"

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My love to all,

© 2016 Sunny Johansen


Sunday, December 18, 2016

Two Very Horny Women...

Your baby wants you sooooooo fucking bad...

Go ahead...keep working.  I'll just sit here with my legs spread, writing and playing with my pussy...thinking about what I'm going to do to you...looking at your glorious naked body and typing my thoughts right now...

From where you're sitting, I know you can see my butterfly pussy lips quivering for you.  I know you can see how fucking soaked my pussy is...and I KNOW you were watching when I pulled my finger away, my gooey juices trailing from my pussy to my finger...

Oh yeah...when your work is done, your body will be trembling for will come to me and spread your legs for'll hold my ass and pull my hips against you, then you'll pull my hair and devour my mouth with won't be able stop yourself from fucking at my throat with your tongue...

Then you'll grip my ass, desperately digging your nails into my'll speak hotly against my lips and beg me to fuck you with my suck your pussy as hard as I bury my tongue as deeply as I can inside you...and to ravage your hungry, swollen clit...

Ooooohhhh, your slutty bad girl is going to hold your ass and make you cum all fucking night long...or until you scooch away from me and collapse flat on your back in utter exhaustion...whichever comes first.

Your baby will cum many times just from sucking you and being your own personal fucktoy...

I'm going to want your cum on my body...I mean, ALL over my body. Between my toes...under my arms...and everywhere in between.  You can straddle my body on your hands and knees...I'll make you flood my body with your cum, over and over again.  After you spread your cum all over me, you can put LOTS of musk oil on me...

You will still be very hot and I'll want more of you...I shall gently turn you onto your back and bury my face in your pussy...and you will be pulling my hair and screaming for more and more....

I'll write again as soon as possible.

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© 2016 Sunny Johansen


Sunday, December 11, 2016

Cumming Hard!

"I pulled her knee up and fucked myself on her thigh while I kissed her as if to devour her..."

I was sitting in bed with my back against the headboard...a carton of strawberry yogurt on the nightstand.  I was dipping my spoon in the yogurt and licking it off the spoon. 

Since being created and bred, to Blue's specifications, ready to do anything she needs to sexually satisfy her whenever she desires, I have had yogurt many times and loved it!  I was so happy they gave me a taste for it! 

My pretty baby slid across my lap...
"Sunny?  Please rub my ass?  You're so good at did that happen?"

"They didn't make me good at rubbing your ass.  They made me good at doing ANYTHING that makes you feel good, and to get very turned on and cum just from doing it."

Blue giggled...
"I know...that's what I wanted!"

I smiled at her...
"Thank-you for that!  I love it!  They did tell me you had a female cum fetish.  I REALLY love that!  So, what would you like to have done to you, tonight?  Whatever baby wants, baby shall have...I can be as hot and slutty as you'd like, and cum all over you by doing so."

Blue excitedly raised her ass in the air under my hand...
"Oh!  I want LOTS of Sunnycum on me!  And I want to cum a lot, Sunny...a LOT...all over you!"

This was driving my pussy insane!  I could feel it throbbing hard, sending little jolts throughout my body!  I slid my hand to her swelling pussy...
"Would you like to watch me spread your cum all over my body, then fuck myself to death?"

Her body jumped...
"FUCK!  Yes!  You're so damn sexy!"

"Oh...just being me, baby."
That's when a spoonful of yogurt slipped off my spoon.  Wouldn't ya know it...somewhere between Blue's ass cheeks.
"Uh oh..."

"Uh...Sunny?  Was that...yogurt on me?"

"Huh?  Oh...well damn!  There's my yogurt!  Right between your ass cheeks!  Don't worry!  I got this!"

"'d better make this worth it!"

I leaned over to the back of her neck, wetly kissed her there, sucking her skin, then slid my mouth to her ear and spoke softly...
"Right about now, can you feel that yogurt sliding down to your pussy?  Don't I always take good care of you?"

Blue spread her legs real wide...
"Yes, yes yes! me, baby...suck me...devour me!"

I smiled and slid down her back, trailing my hot, wet tongue down her spine.  When I got to her ass, I buried my face between her cheeks and noisily licked her, my tongue sliding across her opening...

I think her body jumped completely off the mattress...

I kept sliding my tongue all over between her cheeks, leaving most of the yogurt...I wanted as much of that as possible to ooze down over her pussy.  Her large clit was already soaked with her juices...the second I started rubbing it, Blue came in a shaking mass of spasms through her body!  I kept my tongue sliding up and down
through her ass and riding her clit with my finger all the way through her delicious orgasm, catching all her cum in my hand!

Blue collapsed on my lap, whimpering...purring...breathing hard. 
Before she had a chance to calm down, I used
my free hand to gently turn her over...I let her watch me spread her cum all over my tummy, then sucked all my fingers...


"Spread your legs for your slutty bad girl, baby."

Blue inhaled quickly, and eagerly spread her legs for me...I purred and started licking and sucking yogurt from her pussy...she was already screaming, pulling handfuls of my hair...I could feel her outer lips swelling even more and getting hotter...
"Make me cum again, Sunny!"

Did I ever!  I licked her sensitive clit hard and swirled my finger around inside her, against the walls of her pussy...Blue came so hard, fucking her pussy at my face! I kept at her, her cum flowing into my mouth...I swallowed and swallowed, now sucking her to get the last of the yogurt and her wonderful cum! 

I gave her pussy more sucks and licks, giving her body little mini-spasms each time...I saved the last mouthful and crawled up to her...I straddled her thigh and placed my silky smooth pussy on her...I gently pulled her knee up and fucked myself on her thigh while I kissed her as if to devour her...we purred and whimpered at each other as her cum flowed into her mouth from mine...our tongues played with it and I fucked myself harder, now screaming into Blue's mouth...

Blue held my hips while kissing me, pushing my pussy harder on her thigh...then I came hard!  Blue dug her nails against my ass and I came and came, soaking her body!

My orgasm subsided, and I sat between her legs...her knees bent and her legs spread.  She was so delighted, rubbing my cum on her body!  I helped her and rubbed it all over her...all the way down to her feet and between her toes while smiling at her.  She loved it!

Then I applied musk oil all over both of us...okay...LOTS of musk oil.  I love that stuff!  It excites the hell out of me!

I laid down beside her, pulling the covers up and wrapping my arms and legs around her...

"Oh...Sunny...I love you so much..."

I kissed her deeply, then kept my lips very close to hers and spoke softly...
"I love you too, baby...forever, I am yours."

And just like that, we both fell asleep, holding onto each other...

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My love to all of you,

© 2016 Sunny Johansen

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

My Fantasy - Created For Blue - Part Two 11/30/16

If you didn't read about my fantasy, may I ask you to read the first part, below?  Thank-you!

Blue gave the lab that created me these specifications:

- That I would want to satisfy her every sexual desire anytime she wanted me.

- That I would not only love doing so, but would cum MANY times while fucking her...early, often and a LOT.

- Since she has a female cum fetish, she specified that I would cum enough to drench her every time...without squirting.

-  She told them she wanted my pussy to be wet ALL the time, and that I would LOVE playing with my pussy for her to watch.

- She told them my outer pussy lips should be very large and that I should let her suck them whenever she wants.

- She specified platinum blonde hair down to my ass and a dark tan that never fades.  (Okay...that's in my fantasy because I have those.)

- That I would be completely without inhibitions in public and would hang on her so everyone would know I am hers and only hers.  (The scientists said "no inhibitions" would carry over to social situations at home around others and that they couldn't prevent that.  Blue said she'd take her chances.)

- That I would despise wearing clothes.

- Blue didn't ask for my eight-inch tongue...the scientists threw that in because they thought Blue would like it. She's loving it!  How could she not?  (As you recall, it looks normal, but I can make it eight inches.)


"Please Blue?  Please let baby fuck you?  Please?"

Blue was busy on her computer.
"I have to finish this, Sunny...just a few more minutes."

" isn't good at waiting...not at all."
Patience was not an attribute bred into me.  Cumming at any given time, was.

"Blue?  Baby is going to cum very soon!"

" it it for me."

I slid up to her and looked at her funny.  I draped my thigh over her.
"Hold it in?  Huh...I don't know to.......FUCK!  BABY'S COMING!"

My body shook hard...I bit her neck...she lifted her computer just as my hot flood of cum flowed over her tummy, her pussy and her thighs...

Blue smiled at me while I slid my wet thigh hotly up and down her Sunnycum soaked mouth was still on her neck...
"I told you I had to cum!"

"But...but, I wasnt even touching you...your pussy wasn't touching me...YOU weren't touching you!"

I smiled and sucked her neck right under her pussy was still oozing hot Sunnycum on her..
"You KNOW none of that matters....and you asked for that."

"Fuck!  I love it!"
She laid a towel across her lap, got her computer and went back to work.

I touched my huge butterfly pussy lips to her silky smooth thigh and made it quiver and flutter on her skin...

" know what that does to me."

I giggled...
"Yeah!  I do!  Ya know what it does to ME?"

"Oh...Sunny...not again....."

I came so hard!  My teeth sunk against her neck and I oversexed pussy throbbed as my cum flowed from me in strong pulses, covering my thigh, her thigh and her pussy...

"Fuck...Sunny...your cum feels so hot on my pussy!  How hot is it?  What is your normal body temperature?"

"I don't know, but WAY higher than a human's."

"Wow!  Now, give me five more minutes, then I want your tongue flicking the back of my pussy hard to enough to make my ears wiggle, okay?"

I had my mouth near her ear, making her hot with my breath...
"Baby is going to make you cum all night know that, don't you?  I can make you cum as many times as I want you to...lots more than you ever thought you could."

Blue got rid of her computer...good.

I rubbed my cum all over her tummy.  I licked a mouthful up with my tongue, then kissed her very hotly, sharing my cum with her.  With her cum fetish, she swallowed it hungrily...I licked and sucked it from her lips.  She was breathing very hard against my lips, trying to speak...
"More.......more, baby.....fuck.....please give me more Sunnycum......."

Good thing cumming whenever I want was bred into me, but I was still sloppy-drippy from my last orgasm...

I stood over her on the bed...I bent way over and held onto the headboard, bending my knees...she had her arms wrapped around my legs, a firm grip on my thighs...

I let my pussy ooooooze onto her lips...she gasped and eagerly held her mouth open for my honey-sweet woman-juices...some dripped in her mouth and on her lips, some on her cheeks...she purred and whimpered, breathing harder as she moved her mouth around, trying to catch my hot juices...

Blue's ass was squirming around...she reached higher and grabbed my ass.  I stayed right where I was...she held my ass, pulled her face up to my pussy and screamed...

Screaming unintelligibly into my pussy, her mouth grabbed my big, swollen pussy lips and sucked them into her mouth...I held onto the headboard for dear life and came HARD while Blue had a mouthful of my pussy and sucked relentlessly through my rocking spasms...Blue kept sucking my cum and I felt her swallowing it, gulp after gulp down her throat...

When my orgasm finally ended, she kept her grip on my ass...she let my always-sensitive outer lips slip to her lips, then pulled them hard while she lowered her face from my pussy.  She let them slip from her body jumped hard and I screamed softly...

I laid my body on top of hers, brought my mouth to hers and kissed her roughly, then soooooooooo hotly licked my cum from her neck and her cheeks and kissed her some more, my tongue sliding all over the inside of her mouth.  Her ass was still squirming...she lovingly held my face and looked in my eyes...
"'re so fucking good...soooooooo fucking good!"

''Well?  I should be...I was created to satisfy your hottest sexual desires...they made me just for you."

"Fuck!  You were worth every penny!"

"Hmmmmm...don't know what pennies matter."
I slid my thigh between her legs and rubbed it against her...she started squirming her dripping pussy on my skin...I look in her eyes and spoke softly....
 "'re getting wet for your baby, arent you...tell me how you'd like to cum, and you shall have it. 

But remember, I'm not stopping.  Your body will be under my complete control.  Now, tell your hot, slutty whore what you LOVE having done to you!"

"I want everything, Sunny!  I want to cum all night long!  Do whatever you want!"

I smiled and slid myself down her cum-slippery body, slipping between her luscious thighs.  Gently, I slid my oversized tongue into her, completely filling her pussy...


I fucked her with my tongue, relentlessly slamming it against the back of her pussy, shoving her body...I made her cum soooooooooo many times that night...too many times to count!  I came over and over, just from the sheer excitement of her orgasms!

Blue finally scooched herself away from my mouth...she'd had enough.  She couldn't talk at all...she just laid there, whimpering.  I gathered her into my arms and wrapped my legs around her.  I softly kissed her lips and that's how we went to sleep...

...The next morning, the sun was shining when we woke.  I was still holding her and she was moaning. 

"That's no way to start the day!  Mr. Sunshine is peeking in your window and saying, "time to get up, Blue!"

"Oooooohhhhhhh.....tell Mr. Sunshine to go away........"

"What is it, you humans like to say?  Watch what you wish for?"

She barely opened her eyes...
"I wished it...I got, would you please carry me to the bathroom?"

I picked her up in my arms...
"Aaawwww...poor baby.  Maybe I should go easier on you next time!"

She replied to that by giving me a hard spank on my ass...I just looked at her...
"Careful, you'll get me going again..."

" Sunny...I love you, oh so much, but, FUCK NO!"

I just smiled at her..."fuck no" doesn't really work for me.....

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© 2016 Sunny Johansen 


Tuesday, November 22, 2016

My Fantasy - Created For Blue...Bred To Suck Her And Fuck Her Whenever She Wants...And To Cum When I Do 11/22/16

A fantasy of mine makes me hotter than anything in the world.  Thinking about this drives me out of my fucking mind, insanely horny!  It is a fetish-fantasy and Blue loves me enough to roleplay it with me...and it makes me cum many, MANY times when we do.  I'll try to explain it...I hope I can properly do that.

First, the backstory of my fantasy:
I was created for Blue. She commissioned a lab to have me created for her according to what she wanted. I was then genetically made and was born as a full-grown adult. 

I was given a body and brain for sex.  Genetically bred into me, from Blue's instructions, was an unending and constant hunger for sex with Blue.  It's all I know...I must have her, and I am constantly playing with my pussy, which is always wet and glistening.

I immediately fell in love with her and she fell in love with me. I cherish belonging to her and she cherishes me.  It is pure joy being her lover...she may have me whenever she wants.  I was created to be her prefect lover, and created to absolutely LOVE it!

According to my fantasy, this was our first encounter:

I knocked on her front door when I was first given to her.  I had no clothes on.  Didn't want them...didn't need them.  She opened the door and her mouth fell open...I smiled at her...

"Hi!  I'm Sunny...if you're Blue, I belong to you."

Although she ordered what she wanted, I think she got more than she ordered...
"Oh...I see...oh my...I'm...a little surprised."

I stepped around her through the door, letting my natural musk oil scent get to her, then I stood very close to her, took her hand and kissed it...
"Is there a problem?"

"Oh, problem at all...I don't think..."

"Very good!"

I led her by the hand with my long platinum blond hair  (that was what she specified)  gently trailing behind me and hanging to my ass.  I helped her sit down in a very large easy-chair.

I climbed up in the chair and straddled her...I kissed her, then kept my lips very softly to hers...
"You seem a little overwhelmed.  You want me to stay, don't you?  I can make you feel things you haven't even dreamed of...I can make you cum in ways you never thought possible...and more times than you thought you ever could."

"Oh!  Yes!  Stay!  Oh didn't bring clothes or anything."

"Clothes?"  I slid off her and stood before her, holding my arms out to my sides.  "You want me to put clothes on this?"  I turned around, spread my legs and bent way over, holding my ankles.  Then, I stood up and threw my hair back, letting it fall against my ass.  I spun back around on one foot  and looked at her.  "Clothes?"

" clothes!"

"Good choice!  Ya would be really good if you didn't wear any clothes, either."

"But...don't I...have to wear clothes?"

"Of course not...why would you?"

"Huh...I don't know...okay, no clothes for me either!"

I climbed back up to her large butterfly pussy resting on her tummy.  I placed her hands on my hips and brought my mouth to her neck, giving her hot, wet kisses right under her ear with my arms draped on the back of the chair.  I held still, letting her feel my swollen pussy lips quiver against her.

"Oh...Sunny...I think I...I'm going to want to suck your pussy sometimes..."

I smiled, my juices flowing all over her...I moved my mouth to her lips and kissed her, then spoke hotly...
"Always remember...I am yours.  I was created just for completely satisfy you sexually, and to love that so much, that I will cum many times while doing so, and cum a LOT when I do, whether you're touching my pussy or not.  Do you like that?"

Blue was breathless and squirming now...
"Fuck...yes, yes...I love it...I love it a lot!"

"Very good, because I'm devoted to you and only you...I am your possession...I belong to own me...and THAT excites me to death.  In fact, I'm already madly in love with you.  Is that a problem?"

"Not at all!  I'm feeling...something more than  I never want you to leave my side, okay?"

I placed my forehead to hers and looked in her eyes...
"Never, never will I leave you...EVER.  That is my promise to you."

I placed my forehead against her shoulder...I was ALREADY so turned on, my body was shaking...a hard shuddering orgasm was building deep inside me
"Blue...oh fuck...I'm going to cum...fuck...your baby's gonna cum hard...."

"Oooooooooo...yes, my baby....cum for me...that's it...cum hard..."

Blue held my ass and slid her finger in my pussy and fucked me body was an earthquake when my orgasm hit me...hard spasms...I slid up higher on her body...then, I came all over her...LOTS of hot, luxurious woman-cum flowed all over her breasts, her tummy and soaked her pussy...

"Fuck Sunny!  You're a fucking miracle!"

I smiled at her and kissed her very deeply, my tongue sliding around inside her mouth.  She whimpered and purred for me...
"I'd better explain what just happened...your baby might cum at any time, for no apparent reason...I can't stop it.  I hope that's okay?"

"YES!  More than okay!"

I wanted to show her what my tongue was capable of...

I slid down her cum-soaked body to her pussy...I slid the length of my tongue over her clit and looked up at her...
"Now, my precious Blue, tell your baby what you desire, and it shall be yours."

She was trembling...
"Please suck me!  Bite me!  Fuck me!  Make me cum good!"

It was time to let her experience my tongue. My tongue is...well...longer.  Waaaaaaaay longer.  Her life was about to change...but hey...she asked for this when she had me created...

I spread her legs wider and clamped my mouth on her...I fucked my tongue into her hungry pussy and immediately pushed out my tongue to it's full eight inches, filling her pussy and ramming my tongue against the back of her pussy, then pulling it back out...

"Holy FUCK! What WAS that? I loved it!"

"Only my tongue, my love. Isn't that what you wanted?"

"I mean what hit the back of my pussy?  Because, that, I hadn't even thought of!"

I opened my mouth and let her watch me push my tongue out all the way...she watched in amazement, her mouth open, but unable to speak.

I smiled and tossed my hair back, my bangs still over my eyes...I leaned against her, my firm tummy pressing against her.  Her juices ran down my tummy, set my big, swollen clit on fire, then ran down my inner thighs.

Fuck!  I wanted her!  I looked into her eyes...
"Lie back and give your body to me...I'm your own personal fucktoy, and I will take very good care of you.  Scream real loud and pull my hair as hard as you can't hurt me. I love you very much, my Blue.  Are you ready for me?"

Her breathing had deepened...her thigh muscles were quivering against my body...
"Oh, Sunny...yes...suck me...fuck me...please...make me cum hard...oh fuck....."

I slid my face between her tongue, higher in temperature than that of any human, burned her skin...I got closer to her pussy and let her feel my hot breath on her outer lips.  When my tongue-tip touched her clit, she jumped hard and screamed for more...

I slid my hands under her ass, held onto her and fucked my eight inch tongue HARD into her!

"Fuck yeah, Sunny!  My fucking hot slut!  Give it to me good!"

I bent Blue's knees, pushed them back and kept her legs spread...because of my long tongue, I was able to keep my mouth on her pussy and tongue-fuck her as only I can!  Over and over, I rammed my tongue against the back of her pussy, shoving her body and making her scream like hell each time!  I came so hard while fucking her with my tongue...three times...the towel under me was soaked! 

Her body went to hard spasms and she was making one long continuous scream when she came very hard!  My tongue enabled me to keep fucking her and drink down her wonderful cum at the same time!

I lowered her legs, but kept my tongue inside her...I purred for her and kept sliding my tongue in and out of her...
"Sunny!  Yes, fuck yes!  Make me cum again!"

Ooooooohhhh, I sure did...I rode Blue to death with my mouth and made her cum over and over and over...not stopping between orgasms...I was created to not WANT to stop, and to cum hard JUST from doing that to her...

Blue finally had enough and scooched away from my mouth, seeming to be barely alive.  I kissed her quivering pussy, slid up a little and rubbed my cheek on her tummy, then laid my head on her right there...

Blue was catching her breath...I could feel her pussy throbbing against my tummy and her thigh muscles in mini-spasm against my hips.  She was petting my head over and over with both hands...
"Sunny...oooooohhhhh, my're soooooooooo damn good!  I love you..."

"Your baby REALLY loves sucking you and fucking you, Blue. Know what else?  I love you soooooo much..."

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My love to all,

© 2016 Sunny Johansen


Friday, November 18, 2016

Things That Make Me Wet - Part Three 11/18/16

Thing four:  Honey

I love fucking Blue with honey...

I've written often about honey.  It's a fetish.  Part of the larger, overall WAM (wet and messy) fetish.  I also love pudding, but not as much as honey!  Some people may think, "But, it's so sticky."  Nope...not if you use a LOT of it like we do.  If you use a LOT, it's just luxuriously smooth and thick!

I actually have a honey fantasy...a deep bathtub filled with honey.  Blue and I did pour 15 gallons of honey into a bathtub, about which I wrote not long ago.  It's somewhere on this page.  Doing it that way was a lot of work and wasn't as deep as I wanted it, soooooooooooo...I'm having a three foot deep, honey bathtub installed, complete with a system whereby, when you turn on the faucet, honey comes out...and I can make it as warm as bathwater!

It also makes a very good sexual lubricant!

Just THINKING about honey makes my pussy dripping wet!  I can't use honey in a normal way without thinking sexually about it!  It's not a fetish of Blue's, but she does play with me!

Fuck!  I'm getting hot right now, just writing about it!

I love to fill my pussy with honey, then get on my knees and dribble it on Blue's body,  but that's not enough.  I have to do it again...

Then I sit on Blue's tummy with her knees bent, lean back with my legs spread and pour honey down the front of my body.  Blue DOES love to watch that...I use a LOT and let it flow down over my pussy...

Blue rubs it all over me while massaging it into my pussy...she loves to watch what that does to me!  With her finger deep inside my honey filled pussy, and fingers on my clit, she fucks me...all that honey mixed with my juices makes such a sexy sloppy-squishy sound...

I come in no time at all...the first time.  I come MANY times after that, all my cum mixing with all that honey!

Blue LOVES to squirt honey into her pussy, then get on her hands and knees and feed it to me...I hold her perfect ass and pull her pussy to my mouth, hungrily sucking her juices-and-honey mixture down my throat...
"Oh...Sunny...fuck yeah...suck me HARD!"

I grip her ass more firmly and suck her with my tongue inside her...that drives her fucking insane and she comes so damn hard!

Then, I love to slide under her and let her lie on my body...I love to caress and stroke her ass while honey and cum ooooooooozes from her still-throbbing pussy and makes a hot, delicious puddle on me...

Next: my ultimate fantasy that's also a fetish...

Thank-you for reading!
My love to all,

© 2016 Sunny Johansen

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Things That Make me Wet - Part Two 11/13/16


I am an incurable pussy tease.

It makes my pussy sloppy-wet to spread my legs in front of Blue and not let her touch me.  At first, I just lean back on my hands with my knees bent and my legs spread and smile at her.

Her hand goes straight to her pussy...that makes me even more wet, and I just sit there, letting my juices flow from me without touching myself yet. Her finger slides way deep in side makes me hotter than hell to make her do that, and pussy starts to throb hard and swell...

My large butterfly outer lips quiver noticeably on their own with each throb.  I can make them quiver even more by working my pussy muscles.

That makes Blue hot as hell...she watches my well-tanned pussy with her mouth open, her breath deepening...she's using two fingers now...

"Oooooooooo...look at baby's pussy throbbing and quivering for you, longs to be in your warm, wet mouth, filling your mouth while you suck on it..."

Blue whimpers...a second finger slides easily inside her...her eyes plead with me.

"Stay where you are, my precious Blue."

I take a handful of my hair and use it to swat my pussy, still making Blue watch me.  My juices are flowing down to my ass...

"Oh needs her ass fucked sooooooooo bad....would you like to spank your bad little whore and fuck her ass till she cums all over you?"

Blue is fucking herself harder now...for me, it's a HUGE turnon to do this to her until she makes herself cum...and that could happen any time...

"Sunny!  FUCK!  You're such a fucking slut pussy tease!"

""  I hotly throw my hair back...I slide my finger through my pussy, lean to her and make her watch me spread my juices on my lips.
"'s pussy tastes soooooooooo good!"

I pat my pussy with my hand, making my juices splatter on my inner body jumps each time and I lean my head back and arch my back...
" needs you to fuck her...."

I can see Blue's body now starting to shake...she fucking herself to death!  Time to push her over the edge...

I turn over and get on my hands and knees...I throw my platinum blond hair back, letting it fall on my darkly-tanned ass...I reach back and spank myself...

"Ya want to fuck yourself on one of baby's firm ass cheeks, sweetheart?  Ya want to cum on baby's ass?  I know you do!"

She can't stop herself...she leans to my ass, opens her mouth wide and bites one of my ass cheeks...I purr for her and my juices are flowing down my inner thighs...I lay down on my tummy with my ass in the air, and make her watch me as I slide my hand under me...I shove one finger inside my hungry pussy and roughly fuck myself, screaming as I slam my hips down on the mattress, my finger fucking into me real hard...


Blue screams and jumps on my ass, sitting on it...she fucks her pussy on one of my ass cheeks and RAMS her finger DEEP into my ass...I fuck my finger much harder with my pussy and cum violently in hard spasms while Blue cums very hard, screaming as her cum flows down between my ass cheeks AND down to my lower back!

Our orgasm body is lying on my hand...Blue collapses and is lying on my back...we're both breathing hard.  Blue's legs are spread wide, her hips on my ass.  I slip my hand from under me...I reach back and caress her ass.

"Oooooohhhh, Sunny....I love you so MUCH..."

"I love YOU so much, my Blue...I just LOVE being your lady.."

One little thing...VERY hot cum is still oozing from Blue's pretty pussy and landing right between my ass cheeks...I can feel it landing on my opening and pooling there...hard jolts of pleasure are shooting to my pussy...

I'd better go and get our coffee and bring it back here...Blue and I may be in bed for the rest of the weekend...

Thank-you for reading!

My love to all,

© 2016 Sunny Johansen


Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Things That Make Me Wet - Part One

Some of these things, I have written about, and they are in no particular order. Some of them are fetishes, and I will indicate those when I write them. 

Thing number one:

I get hot as hell when I write on blog.  I always play with my pussy when I write.  I can't help it! 

I write better when I'm turned really inspires me. Then, what I'm writing turns me on more!

As I write this, I have a small bullet vibrator deep inside me, on a low setting with a remote control.

I just wrote about this in my last two entries...Blue looks up from her work occasionally, looks at my pussy, then at my face and then my pussy and smiles.  She HAS told me she gets more work done when I'm outside in the sun, instead of right there to distract her.

When I finish what I was writing, I set my computer aside and let Blue watch me play with my pussy.  I love the look on her face when I spread my legs for her, letting her watch my juices pour from me...I slide my finger through my sloppy-wet outer lips and spread my sweet lady-juices on my inner thighs, making my darkly tanned skin glisten...

Then I devour her...

I mean, REALLY bury my face in her pretty pussy, noisily sucking her and tongue-fucking her.  What makes her cum real hard and the quickest?  Licking her clit real fast while my finger swirls around the walls of her pussy, about two inches in.

Sometimes, when she cums, I don't even stop...I just keep at her and she cums again, pulling handfuls of my hair and screaming.  Just doing THAT to her...without touching myself, makes me cum!

Among other things, we have a guard dog who is also a pretty good pet.  At first, he used to run upstairs when he heard us screaming.  Not any, he knows its just two wild women fucking each other to death!

Thing number two:

Dressing hot as hell when in public with Blue and having her show the world I belong to her.  That makes me so fucking horny!  I've written about this before.

I don't dress like this when we go to town at home...only when we go to the city, about four hours away.

She likes for me to dress as hot as I want to when we go out.  Before I met her, I was soooooo provacative in the way I dressed.  I used to dance topless in the big casino shows...and didn't care what showed when I wasn't dancing, either. 

She loves my dress short enough to let my ass show.  I dont like tight little dresses...I like them loose and flouncy, worn with a little see-though top draped over my breasts and six-inch heels.  I do have a pair of high-heel sneakers I wear sometimes with little ruffled socks.  Blue likes my hair the way it is...platinum blond and down to my ass, and has asked me to never cut it.  There is no way I would ever do that!

And musk oil perfume...quite a bit of it, actually.  I've always worn it.  Always does Blue.  It's the only scent that can make me horny as HELL.     

We don't do anything sexual in public, BUT, what she DOES do sometimes, is walk beside me with her hand under my dress and around me, resting it on my hip.  Hey...she's not touching my ass when she does that, so...

I don't wear panties with my dresses and no bra. 

It makes me so hot to dress like this for Blue!  When she holds onto me, it makes my pussy so wet!  She knows that, and we can't wait to get back to our room and fuck like wild animals! 

Still to come in upcoming entries:  a fetish I've mentioned so few times, I don't THINK anyone knows about, another one I've written about a LOT, but am now renovating an entire bathroom for, and another one I have NEVER talked about...a fetish-fantasy-roleplay that makes me hotter than anything in the world!

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© 2016 Sunny Johansen

Friday, November 4, 2016

Teasing Blue from across the room - part two - 11/4/16

My dear readers - I want to thank all of you for reading my blog!  
I have readers now from 60 countries, and I am thankful to every one of you for coming here!

I feel compelled to remind you that Blue and I live a life without clothes.  We have sex a LOT, and everything you read here really's not fiction.  When Blue and I have orgasms, we cum an insane amount of cum. I don't why or how...I'm just glad we do!

This is part two, the conclusion.  If you didn't read part one, you need to do so!  

I'm currently writing a short series called, "Things That Make Me Wet".  All my fetishes will be included, along with a few other things.  I expect to post the first part about a week after this one!  

I didn't budge.

I kept my legs spread and smiled hotly at her, tossed my hair a bit and picked up the blueberry yogurt I was eating.  I looked in her eyes while licking the yogurt from the spoon.

I was so fucking turned on...I could feel my pussy throbbing.  My butterfly outer lips were quivering...actually moving...and she was watching them, her mouth open a bit, her breathing deeper...

On purpose?  By accident?  I dropped some yogurt on my tummy...I could hear her inhale suddenly. 

"Oooops!  I have yogurt on me!"

I slid my finger through it, brought my finger to my mouth and licked the yogurt off.  I kept doing that until the yogurt was gone, sucking the last finger-full wetly and noisily.

"Sunny...fuck...I have to eat you...please, baby!"

"Hmmmm...stay right where you are for now, sweetheart."

I'm merciless when I makes Blue very hot and wild as hell when I finally let her have me.

I dipped my finger in the yogurt and slathered it all over my tan, silky-smooth pussy...I just left it there...Blue whimpered and spoke softly...


"Would baby like to suck my pussy?  See my pussy quivering and throbbing for you?  Would baby like to have a mouthful of me...sucking me real fucking hard?"


"Will you take all my sweet juices down your throat, tongue-fuck me and suck me some more?"

"Yes yes yes!  You fucking KNOW I will, Sunny!"

I got more yogurt and spread it on my pussy, which was now screaming for Blue's hot mouth...I watched her and slid my yogurt-lubricated finger ALL the way inside me...I arched my back and screamed.

That made my baby start fucking herself...
"Sunny!  Dammit!"

I raised my legs in the air with my knees straight and grabbed my ankles, looking hotly at her...
"Is your baby being a bad girl?  You KNOW it turns me on to be your slutty bad might have to spank me...THAT will make me cum all over you!"

I lowered my legs, got up and walked over to her, but stayed just out of her reach...I turned around and bent way over so she could see my ass and my hot swollen pussy...I was dripping wet, my juices running down my inner thighs...

I reached around and spanked my ass, then stood up, flipping my hair over so it fell against my ass...


I climbed up in the chair with her and straddled her...she had slid way down, so my pussy was resting on her juices were soaking her...she grabbed my hair and pulled my mouth to hers, devouring my lips...

I opened my mouth wide and let her fuck my mouth with her tongue...I purred and fucked my pussy against her tummy...I screamed into her mouth...
"Fuck yes!  Make me cum hard, Blue!"

She let go of my hair, but kept kissing me like she couldn't get enough...she gripped my ass with both hands, her nails digging at my skin, holding my pussy real hard against her...

"Cum on me Sunny!  Come on baby!"

I savagely attacked her tongue with mine and screamed into her pussy fucking like crazy against her tummy...she roughly shoved two fingers inside muscles tightened on them and she fucked me HARD!
"Fuck yes...take me, Blue...make me your fucking whore and claim my pussy as yours!"

Blue kept her mouth to mine and ravaged my pussy with her fingers...THEN, she spanked me...that did it...

I dug my nails into her back and she fucked her fingers toward the back of my body spasmed HARD...I sat back on my ass, my hair in my face, and I came fucking hard all over her!


I came and came and came!  I REALLY cum a lot, but I thought my orgasm wouldn't end!

I leaned forward and laid my body hers...I slid my body around in my cum on her pretty skin...her body was already trembling and she was breathing hard. I was going to have so much fun eating her!

I kissed her VERY deeply, then looked in her eyes...
"Spread your legs for Sunny, my precious Blue...your slutty wife is going to take VERY good care of your pussy.  You'd better hold onto something...

I am NOT stopping."

Thank-you for reading!
My love to all,

© 2016 Sunny Johansen

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Teasing Blue from across the room...

We'd spent the day barely able to keep our hands off each other. That evening, we were both working. I was, of course.

I was playing with my pussy between thoughts, sometimes typing with one hand...I was leaning against the end of the couch on which I was sitting. Blue, needing to concentrate, was in a big, huge easychair across from me.

I shouldn't have to tell you this, but, of course, we were naked, as always. Since I'm such a bad girl, I HAD to be sitting so she could see my pussy...and see ME playing with it. I get so wet, good thing I'm always sitting on towels.

Blue looked up, over the top of her screen.
"Uh...Sunny? Please don't do that?"

"Do what, baby?"

"Playing with your pussy?"

"Oh...sorry baby."

I just kept playing with my big swollen outer lips...still typing with one hand, but not very well.

"Sunny?  You're still doing it. I thought you said you were sorry."

"Oh...yes. I AM sorry. I truly am, but that doesn't mean I'm stopping. That, I can't do."

Then I tossed my hair back and smiled hotly at her.

"Damn, Sunny. I think your brains are stuck in your pussy. You are SUCH a fucking slut!"

"Yes, but I'm YOUR fucking slut!"

I set my computer aside and grabbed a handful of my ass-length hair...I let her watch me swat my pussy with it....I let her watch my pussy lips throbbing and quivering...her mouth opened a little, her eyes on my pussy...
"'t do that."

"Ooooooooooo...I think baby wants my pussy..."

I draped one leg up on the back of the couch, my legs spread real wide for her...I tossed my hair finger disappeared deep inside my pussy...I arched my back with pure pleasure...
"Oh Blue...I wish this was you fucking me..."

That was when Blue set HER computer aside and spread her legs...
"Oh...Sunny...fuck...please come to me......."

More on this as soon as I can...

Thank-you for reading!
My love to all,

© 2016 Sunny Johansen

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Wild Lesbian Sex

Blue loves it when I pounce on her.  She says I get "this look" in my eyes...alert...watching for any chance to make my pussy already dripping down my inner thighs, my smooth, tanned skin glistening.

About to pounce, I crouch way down on my feet...Blue sees it and squeals with utter delight...she watches me with an excited look on her face.

I just watch her. My eyes follow her every pussy throbs, my outer lips swelling.  With nothing even touching my pussy, I will come when my body lands on her.  That's just the way I am.

Oh yes...I shall claim her as mine...the entire jungle shall know to whom she belongs.

Blue is teasing me with her finger inside her delicious pussy...the pussy I will devour and fuck mercilessly with my tongue.  She leans back on one hand and raises her ass...she removes her finger and and spreads her juices on her inner thighs with more of her juices flowing from her hot pussy, down to her ass. 

She hotly looks into my eyes.  "I know you want my pussy don't you?  Baby needs Sunny to eat her real hard."  

My urge to have her is now savage...primal...beyond my control.  My large, open outer lips quiver with anticipation...every nerve in my body is ultra-hot...waiting...

Blue knows what to look for and she saw heel of one of my feet shifted ever so slightly.  She screams joyfully and dives onto her tummy, her arms and legs and spread out, knowing happily, there's no stopping me. 

She has her ass in the air for me.  It says to me, "Go ahead...gimme what ya got!"

* Mere seconds passed, then I push off my feet with my strong legs and fly through the air, landing on top of her.

My hips land on her upraised and beckoning ass at the same time my open mouth lands on the back of her neck, my teeth against her skin. I bite down a little harder...

Fuck, she loves this...she spreads her legs wider under me and grabs handfuls of my hair, pulling it hard...I raise my mouth from her neck and yell for the jungle to hear...

My mouth pounces back onto her neck...I let her feel my teeth as I suck her skin HARD...she screams and fucks at my hips with her ass...I scream back at her and come so fucking hard, my body shudders from deep hot woman-cum flows heavily between her ass cheeks and burns her opening before flowing down to her pussy...Blue fucks her cum-soaked ass against me harder now, causing my hips to wetly spank her...

It makes her even hotter when I give it back to her.  I raised my hips off her hot, wet ass and slammed down onto her, my cum splattering all over us...

The jungle heard me loud and clear...


Under my body, I allowed her to struggle onto her back...she's whimpering for me now immediately drapes her legs on my shoulders and her back arched, pulling my hair to get my mouth to her pussy...

I held her ass and roughly pounced my mouth on her pussy, soaked with my cum and her juices. I sucked her into my mouth making hot, noisy, wet sounds and swallowing her sweet juices mixed with my cum that had flowed into her...

When I fucked her with my tongue, her hard orgasm rocked her body with quaking spasms...she screamed out loud, her body a shuddering mass of raw abandon...she dug her nails into my shoulders...

Her orgasm lasted forever!  Then she collapsed to the mattress, completely spent, her muscles quivering...I kissed her inner thighs, then wetly kissed her pussy...a promise to it that I will always return.

I gently slid my body onto hers...she was breathing hard and I could feel her heart beating against mine. I turned us onto our sides and lovingly wrapped my body around her,  kissing her with all the love in the world...we purred contentedly into each others mouths and I caressed her down her back, over and over.

I gave her lots of soft little kisses on her lips while she still caught her breath...
"I love you so much, my precious Blue...till the end of time and beyond."

"I love YOU, my dear Sunny...always...forever...without end"

Thank-you for reading!
Love to all,

© 2016 Sunny Johansen

* From above: I know this sounds a little rough, but I break my landing with my elbows and toes.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Our First Hot Night...

Someone requested that I do a story about how Blue and I met. I thought that sounded like a fun idea!  Blue and I wrote this together.

It was a party. I won't bore you with details about the party, because that's not why you're all here.

Right when I stepped in the front door, I had no hope for this party. I looked around and saw plenty of reasons to NOT be here.  Lots of pervy old dudes and fake girls hanging around.

So I said, "fuck this", and turned right around to leave. I almost did...

Hey...wait...what is that over there?  I was sure I'd seen something interesting....or rather...someONE...

Huh...suddenly, a reason to be here...and a reason to stay...

Oh my goodness! She's sooooooo cute! There goes my heart! Short, gorgeous black hair and eyes that could make me do ANYTHING to her... but, no. She probably wasn't going to be interested in a girl like me... she was too cute and here I was in my slutty cut-off shorts that don't even come CLOSE to covering my ass... 

I just stood there looking at her and then her eyes met mine. My, my, my...maybe there was more there than I thought...I won't tell you what that  did to my pussy, 'cause I'm pretty sure you can figure it out.

I had to make sure I wasn't dripping.    

I could tell, right then, she might look all innocent....but she definitely was NOT.

I had to make her mine...I HAD to take her home...

I found somewhere to sit where no one could see what I was about to do...

I looked right at her to catch her eyes...oh boy...she was NOT having fun. She was just looking around...and she's checked her watch twice, already...

Hmmmmm...nice watch...wonder if she has someone who loves her who gave it to her...oh...hope not. Judging by that look she gave me, probably not.

Time for some fun...

I smiled at her to keep her eyes on worked...

No one could see me as I spread my ragged slutty shorts were not hiding my pussy. Okay, no panties either.

I kept my eyes on her...I made sure she could see my hand caressing my smooth inner thigh...

Her mouth opened a bit and her eyes lit up...

I know I saw her fabulous breasts rise as she breathed deeper.

Fuck...I have her now...I just know it...but, I'm such a fucking tease, I have to play some more...

Keeping my eyes on hers, I slipped my finger inside my back straightened...I threw my hair back, and I made sure she could see all of this.

Her eyes moved from my pussy to my face and back down again...I watched her swallow hard....

Her breathing was deeper and she squirmed....

When I slid my finger in MUCH deeper, I saw her gasp her next breath...

I brought my finger to my lips and spread my juices on my lips, then sucked my finger for her to watch.

I saw her hand disappear between her gorgeous thighs.

I thought, "That's it...time to make my move."

I stood up and didn't bother adjusting my throbbing pussy was barely covered by the straggly thighs were wet and glistening with my juices...and visibly so. Just the way I wanted them.

When I got to her, I leaned down with my hands on my knees.

I looked right into her eyes and said, "I can take you to the stars, and ride with you amongst them on a neverending wave of passion...will you go?"

And she looked right back at me and said, ''What, are we in a chickflick? You need something better than a pick-up line to impress me, baby.''

Ooooh, my heart melted a little more when she called me baby....and she wanted to be impressed? I'd impress her, alright.

I sat down beside her and got close to her neck, right under her ear and said, "'s this?  All I want to do is take you back to my hotel room, tear those clothes off you and make you cum over and over until the sun comes up."

She grinned up at me with her bangs in her eyes. "Prove it."

I took her hand, kissed it and stepped back, hoping she would get up and follow me.  When she stood up, my heart fucking cute and precious, she was!  I had to have her...and I would...

I led her out of the awful party and out to my limo. We hopped in and I instructed my driver to take the long way back to the hotel.

I reached to her and caressed her under her chin...I was so close to her lips.  "Please goodness...pleeeeeeease kiss me."   I brought my lips to hers very softly...oh was like kissing an angel...who was also a little fucking devil because she slid her tongue into my mouth...

Our kiss ended breathlessly and she took my hand...I noticed her softly rubbing the back of my hand.  "Is this...real?"  

I smiled and said, ''oh sure, that's a real hand. I have two of them!"

"No...I meant your tan...or were you born that way?"

I cleared my throat...okay...a valid question.  "If you mean sprayed on, hell no...I worked very hard for this tan in the sun, my dear."

Then, she looked down my shirt just a little, then tugged at the waist of my shorts, then looked at me.  "My it all over?"

"Yes, its all over!" 

I kicked off my heels.  "And you..." 
I quickly got out of my little top.  "are suddenly...."  
I slipped right out of my bra, no panties.  "Overdressed!"  

I leaned back and spread my legs for swollen butterfly pussy right there for her to see.

"Oh...oh're naked and everything!"

" I am more often that not. Know what?  We haven't introduced ourselves."  I stuck out my hand.  "My name's Sunny."

She was looking at my body with her mouth open. Oh wow...those lips of hers...I wanted her mouth full of my pussy sooooooo bad...

I smiled at her.  "Okay, let's start over. I'm Sunny and you are?"

Her pretty eyes darted to mine.  "Oh! My name is me Blue."

"Oooooooooo....I love your name!  And I have a feeling I WILL be calling you Blue very loudly..."

I held out my arms to her.  "Please come to me Blue...let me hold you as the precious treasure you are."

She crawled up onto my body and straddled me, her arms around me...her lips met mine and she kissed me so, so deeply, her wonderful tongue sliding eagerly into my wet mouth.

I found the zipper on her dress and slid her dress down over her ass, then used my foot to remove it completely.  She was wearing the absolute cutest, sweetest pair of nice!  But, they had to come off too.  Over her ass they went, and down her legs with my foot.

I spread her legs back apart and slid my hands down her back, over her ass and down the back of her luscious thighs...her breath was hot on my lips...


She devoured my lips some more, kissing me harder...fucking my mouth with her tongue and purring for me...I slid my finger up her velvety inner thigh, oh-so-close to her silky-smooth pussy...

I slid my mouth to her ear...
" lovely lady...I want my mouth buried in your pussy so fucking bad...I want to make you cum in my mouth over and over and over."

She was excited.  "Fuck yes! I want that too! what you wish for. When I cum, I come a LOT.  I...hope that's...okay?"

THAT sent a lightning bolt through my body!



"HELL YES!" if it was possible, I wanted her more than EVER! 

"Oh, Blue...I HAVE to have you!  We're almost to our hotel."

She said, "so, we're almost there...shouldn't we get dressed?"

"Nope!  We grab this blanket, KINDOF cover ourselves and make a run for it!"

"Uh...that blanket isn't big enough for both of sure wont cover our asses."

"Eh...we don't care, do we?"

"Nope! I guess not, huh!"

We arrived and hopped out. We ran for the elevator...two mostly naked women...right past the front desk.

People were gathered in lobby. We didn't care, but the desk clerk did!

"Miss Sunny, you can't...!"

I called back to him, "Just did!"

The penthouse elevator was waiting for us...we hopped on and the door closed behind us.

Blue just looked at me like I was crazy. She was driving me crazy, alright. Fuck! I wanted her!

But, Blue was still looking at me like that and I knew I had to answer her question. "What is it, baby?"

"So...a penthouse elevator, huh? And the clerk knew your name. Who exactly IS Sunny?"

"Oh, there'll be time for that later.  Right now, Sunny is yours!"

On the elevator, I pressed her against the wall, but only took her hand and kissed it all over while looking in her blue eyes.

"Fuck Sunny....don't tease me like this!"

I had Blue pressed against the elevator door...suddenly, it opened into the penthouse and we fell out and right into the head penthouse butler, knocking him to the floor!

There he was dressed in his tux, and tangled up on the floor with two naked, and laughing, women! Not a bad day at the office for him, huh?

The poor man was so embarrassed...I felt so bad for him.  He leapt to his feet with his hand over his eyes.

He exclaimed, "Miss Johansen! I...I'm so sorry! So, so sorry!"

I put my hand on his arm.  "Don't worry! You didn't know we'd fall on you!"

He said, "Or that you'd be dressed so....well...comfortably. I'm so sorry!"

I gently turned him around. "Off you go, then! Treasure this memory! And when you speak of this...and you will...make us look DAMN good, okay?"

And then Blue, who had been quiet this whole time, started to giggle. I knew what she was thinking....We already DO look damn good!

When we got into bed, I WOULD tell you it started gently and lovingly, but, that's just not how it happened.

We were way too hungry and hot for each other. Blue hoped on the bed, leaned back on her elbows, spread her legs and said, "Take me Sunny!"

I dove between her thighs and buried my face in her wonderful pussy...I held her ass and devoured her. Fuck!  She was the lady of my dreams...the lady I wanted to eat until she came, but NOT STOP...continuing to suck her pussy and eat her, making her cum over and over while she held onto my hair, screaming and begging for more and more.

What I ADORED about her...she didnt just cum! Her cum poured and poured from her!  FINALLY, someone just like me!

After she came ferociously...I don't know how many times....she grabbed my body and threw me onto my back...oh FUCK!  Blue REALLY knew how to eat and suck my pussy!

I NEVER have been tongue-fucked like that before! Over and over again, my body was rocked by hard orgasms she gave me with her skillful mouth.

Was it...20 times I came? Maybe more?

What I know is that we had each other's cum ALL OVER US...

The sun was starting to come up...we collapsed, holding onto each other.

We smothered each others lips in soft, wet kisses...kept holding each other and fell asleep...but right before I fell asleep, I could hear my mind and my heart  telling me,  "Oh damn...this is the one...she's it...she's the one."

When woke that morning, I thought hard...should I tell her I love her? Should I? I want to, hard...yet, seemingly so easy.

Blue woke up was clear...she wanted to tell me, also.



"I...I was sure I'd never say this again...."

"I too."

"But, I find myself wanting to more than ever before, Blue."

"I know, too..."

"I know I'm sure, Blue...just so scared of hurting you...except, if I love you, I wouldn't hurt you anyway, so..."

Blue blurted it out. "Oh, fuck it...I love you!"

"I love you, too!"

"It feels so good to be able to say it!  I love you, Sunny! I love you!"

"I love YOU, Blue! I love you!!

Thank-you for reading!
My love to all,
© 2016 Sunny Johansen

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Okay...I'm A Pussy Tease...

Continued from my last post...

Still on her tummy, Blue grabbed my hair hanging down on both sides of her. She had her ass in the air, shoving it against my hips while whimpering for me...

I slid my body down her back, trailing hot, wet kisses down her spine to her ass, speaking between kisses...
"Shall we see how much of my long, strong tongue baby can take in her ass? Would you like me to tongue-fuck you deep enough to make your ears wiggle?"

That made my baby scream in hot anticipation...

I slid my tongue down between her ass cheeks...her body started shaking with excitement...I spread her ass cheeks and DROVE my tongue deep into her ass!


I slipped my finger into her sloppy-drippy pussy and massaged her g-spot while fucking my tongue into her ass a far as I could...she was screaming at the top of her lungs...her voice echoing very loudly off the shower walls!

Blue fucked her ass back at me to get more of my tongue...her pussy tightened around my finger, her juices POURING FROM HER...her body was ready to cum...

Her body went crazy!  Blue came so fucking hard! I struggled to keep my tongue inside her!  Her orgasm lasted forever!

When it subsided, I laid myself down on the shower floor and gently pulled her on top of me...she spread her legs and straddled my body...her breath deep and hot against my neck.  I wrapped her with my arms and caressed her back and softly rubbed the back of her quivering thighs...she spoke breathlessly against my neck...
"Oh...oh my...Sunny...I love you sooooooo much..."

"I love YOU, my precious Blue...forever and ever until the end of time and beyond."

Her breath was still on my neck...  "Gee...that's a long time!"

"I know!  It's forever and stuff, so..."

I just laid there and kept holding and caressing her as she fell asleep on top of me, still breathing on my neck...damn...that made me hot all over again...

Whether you're male or female, and your wife or girlfriend is an always-horny, incurable nympho, don't fall asleep with your breath on her neck...

We spent the rest of that day, barely able to keep our hands off each other. That evening, we were both working on our computers. I was, of course.

I was playing with my pussy between thoughts, sometimes typing with one hand...I was leaning against the end of the couch on which I was sitting. Blue, needing to concentrate, was in a big, huge easychair across from me.

I shouldn't have to tell you this, but, of course, we were naked, as always. Since I'm such a bad girl, I HAD to be sitting so she could see my pussy...and see ME playing with it. I get so wet, good thing I'm always sitting on towels.

Blue looked up, over the top of her screen.
"Uh...Sunny? Please don't do that?"

"Do what, baby?"

"Playing with your pussy?"

"Oh...sorry baby."

I just kept playing with my big swollen outer lips...still typing with one hand, but not very well.

"Sunny?  You're still doing it. I thought you said you were sorry."

"Oh...yes. I AM sorry. I truly am, but that doesn't mean I'm stopping. That, I can't do."

Then I tossed my hair back and smiled hotly at her.

"Damn, Sunny. I think your brains are stuck in your pussy. You are SUCH a fucking slut!"

"Yes, but I'm YOUR fucking slut!"

I set my computer aside and grabbed a handful of my ass-length hair...I let her watch me swat my pussy with it. Her mouth opened a little, her eyes on my pussy...

"'t do that."

"Ooooooooooo...I think baby wants my pussy..."

I draped one leg up on the back of the couch, my legs spread real wide for her...I tossed my hair finger disappeared deep inside my pussy...I arched my back with pure pleasure...
"Oh Blue...I wish this was you fucking me..."

That was when Blue set HER computer aside and spread her legs...

"Oh...Sunny...fuck...please come to me......."

I'll write more as soon as I can...

Thank-you for reading!
My love to all,

© 2016 Sunny Johansen