Wednesday, January 27, 2016

I Must Have Blue...NOW

At the end of this post, you'll find an excerpt from my other blog. Unlike this one, which is real sex between my wife, Blue, and I, the other blog is fiction about two lesbian women who are not completely human. They LOOK very human (with a few sexy exceptions) and are utterly gorgeous. They actually LIVE on sex with each other...and have a few of what WE would call fetishes, which are completely normal to them. Further details will be below, along with a link.

My sweet Blue? Sunny wants Blue's pussy.

Your baby neeeeeeeeeds your pussy.

Your baby needs your pussy NOW.

You know when baby wants you, I WILL make you want me. I can always make you WANT to spread your legs for me.

I love how my pussy throbs when I'm ravaging you with my mouth for hours on end. I fucking LOVE it! THAT...just THAT will make me cum.

Oh yeah...I love how we both cum so much!

I love making you whimper for me when my face is buried between your legs.

I love making loud slurping noises when I suck your sweet juices from your pretty pussy and swallow them, purring for more as I keep sucking you.

I love making you squeal loudly when I take your swollen clit between my lips.

I love making you pull my hair and scream my name when you cum so fucking hard, your cum fills my mouth...and I LOVE not even stopping after you cum, but just keep right on sucking and tongue-fucking you, making you cum again...and again and again...AND again...
Of course, we're crazy in love with each other...and that makes it even better!


Here is an introduction to the two fictional semi-human women on my other blog. Here is the link:

Primal Lesbian Sex 
Belle and Suri...two wildly sexual lesbian females.

In a lot of ways, they look completely human. Their bodies have human shapes and they walk perfectly upright, except, their walk is incredibly sexy and hot. They have beautiful asses which have firm muscles...when they walk, their asses are VERY captivating. Their breasts are quite firm and large, but in perfect proportion to their six-foot bodies.

Their outer pussy lips are large and distended. Even more so when having sex, during which time, they are beautifully swollen and orchid-like.

Their sex is ALWAYS very primal, animalistic and wildly savage. It's a very noisy affair filled with lots of screaming, squealing and loud whimpering . There are no exceptions. It IS their nature to fuck this way. They know no other way.

They are not sado-masochistic. They love each other very deeply, and there is no hitting or slapping, no  clawing or scratching, no blood and no bruising. They love biting each other and being bitten...and it's with their mouths wide open, so it does not hurt.

They are the only two of their species. Since the day they were born, they have never worn clothes...never owned any...don't even know what clothes are.

In their world, there are no others like them and no humans.

Their juices are always oozing from their pussies...dripping or running down their thighs. Lots and LOTS of their juices flow from them, especially during sex...and they cum enough to completely cover each other in one orgasm. And they have many orgasms in one sexual session.

Good thing too. Their bodies actually require the cum of each other to function.

Lots more on that blog, including the first of sex between them! Here's the link:
Primal Lesbian Sex

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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

My Pussy On Fire - Part Two

 Dear reader - this is part two of two parts. Part one is just below it.

...Total pleasure shot through my body...I wrapped my arms and legs around Blue and fucked liked crazy against her ass cheek...I was softly screaming, my mouth still wide open on the back of her neck, my teeth now hitting her skin.

My body was in spasm, sliding in my juices now all over Blue's back...she was bucking her ass up to meet my orgasm was building like an oncoming earthquake over my entire body...


I came like HELL! As it always does, my cum flowed HEAVILY from me...

Blue loves that and was cheering me on. "Oh yeah, Sunny! Cum all over me, lover!"

Oooohhh, did I ever...I came all over Blue's ass and down her back, covering her! Then I collapsed and fell over on the bed beside her...I gently eased her up to lie on my shoulder.

She climbed on top of me and straddled my tummy with her legs spread and started smothering my lips with hot, wet kisses...she was whimpering and purring in a flurry of begging and pleading and kissing.

"Fuck pussy needs you so bad.....fuck me......fuck me, Sunny...please, baby...."

I was having a wonderful time, spreading my cum and juices all over her back and ass...sliding my finger deep between her ass cheeks and teasing her there.

"Aaaawww...does baby need Sunny to fuck her real good?"

"Sunny...fuck...please take care of my pussy!"

"Mmmmmm! Ya know I will, hotstuff! Will you cum real hard all over me?"

I slid her body up higher so I could reach her pussy.

She screamed, "Fuck YES, I will!" 

LOTS more kisses.  "Take my pussy...possess my pussy!"  

More kisses, then she screamed again, "Blue's pussy belongs to Sunny!"

I squeezed her ass real hard while she tongue-fucked my mouth, whimpering the entire time. I played with her way down deep between her ass cheeks...her kisses became urgent...savage...she sucked my lips, trying to talk, but hardly intelligible,  "Dammit...make me cum, baby."

Blue's juices had collected on my tummy. FUCK, I love that...I wanted her to cum all over my body. We can both do that and its something we love about each other.

I grabbed a g-spot vibrator with a clit stimulator without her even knowing.  I slid her up higher on my body...she was still devouring my mouth when I slipped it inside her...


Blue came within seconds! I could feel her burning cum flowing onto my tummy...I held her ass with one hand to keep her in place while the vibrator did it's job, driving her out of her mind, her body going crazy, cumming like hell!

Her orgasm subsided and she fell on top of me in her puddle of cum and juices, her hot breath on my neck, purring for me.  " sweet Sunny."

I stroked and caressed her back and down to her thighs to calm her quivering muscles. I pulled the covers to her shoulders, kissed her lips and smiled at her.  "So....I'm liked it, huh?"

She gave me a big wet kiss on my neck. "I love you so much, Sunny...FUCK, I love you."

I smiled some more. "I love YOU, fucking much!"

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