Sunday, February 28, 2016

February 28, 2016

This picks right up from the last posting...

Blue was standing with her ass leaning against the kitchen counter. Our eyes met...I threw my waist-length hair back and didn't let my eyes leave hers.

She held her arms out to me...she knew she was in for a VERY good time. She knows I'm always horny as hell when I come in from the sun. I could already feel my pussy dripping down my inner thighs...

I pressed my oil body against her and she wrapped her arms around my hands slid to her ass and held it tightly...our lips fell together and I gave her short, hot little kisses, pulling on her bottom lip each time. I spoke hotly into her mouth between each one...

"Sunny wants Blue's pussy........Sunny NEEDS Blue's pussy.........Sunny will not let go of Blue's pussy.......Blue's pussy belongs to Sunny."

I was rubbing my oily body all over her, then I slipped my silky-smooth thigh between her legs and firmly rubbed it upon the sweetest pussy on earth. My mouth went to her neck...I opened my mouth wide and let her feel my teeth on her skin...I sucked her skin, then whispered to her ear...

"Fuck! I want you so fucking BAD!"

Blue purred for me and spread her feet apart...I slid down along her body to my knees and buried my face in her pretty pussy...Blue screamed softly and grabbed my hair...

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Saturday, February 20, 2016

2/20/16 - Sex In The Sun, Nude Tanning And Sexy Thoughts

Continued from my last post, right below this one.

Blue slid between my thighs and spoke hotly to me. "Be me slutty bad girl and spread your legs for me, Sunny."

"Baby will always spread her legs for you, my Blue."

Blue sucked my pussy into her mouth. I'm quite a mouthful and she loves to suck on me, her tongue fucking against my swollen lips. She was making noisy sucking sounds as her warm mouth worked on me, swallowing every drop of my juices.

She held my legs apart with her shoulders and had her arms under my thighs, holding my hands down. I was pinned except for my ass, which I raised up so I could drape my legs over her shoulders.

Blue had my body already shaking and trembling...she knows how to make me cum so fucking quickly...and I could feel my orgasm already building waaaaaaaay inside me....

I raised my ass higher for Blue and SCREAMED...she screamed back at me, into my pussy, and my whole body felt that...then I came hard as hell and felt it from head to toe!

I cum a LOT and Blue sucked me harder, swallowing all my cum with my pussy lips still in her mouth...I could hear her swallowing and sucking at the same time...oh fuck...I'm so lucky to have her as my lover!

When my orgasm passed, Blue kissed my pussy and few times, making my body jump, then slid up a little and kissed my tummy, then came up to me and kissed my lips.

She looked into my eyes. "I shall be looking forward to being SunnyFucked when you come back inside, my baby."

I rubbed my lips against hers. "Oh, you have no idea what you're in for, my sweet'd better take a're going to need it!"

Tanning might be an addiction to me. Am I tanned enough? Sure, but a tan fades on caucasions, and I'm deathly afraid of that. 

After a few hours out there, I went back inside. 

Sure enough, Blue was waiting..........

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Sunday, February 14, 2016

2/14/16 - Sex In The Sun, Nude Tanning, Naked Living And Other Hot Sexual Topics

This begins a daily or semi-daily series of short, but very hot, blog updates. I do hope you'll check it often. Thank-you very much!

 When I'm lying nude in the sun, my mind has time to sexually wander. That happens easily because nude sunbathing excites the hell out of my pussy.

Though Caucasian, my skin is tanned a dark, golden brown from head to toe. When the sun has passed it's apex, I sometimes lie with my pussy facing the sun and my legs spread apart. My pussy has to be tanned also, and this lets the sun's rays hit my inner thighs, too.

Words cannot express how wonderful the sun feels shining directly on my pussy like this. In the sun or not, I always get exceptionally wet when excited, but out here, it makes my pussy flow heavily.

Right now, I'm lying here with my pussy throbbing.

My large outer lips are swelling, opening like a pretty orchid greeting the sun.

My juices are flowing under me to my ass. THAT just excites me even more.

(Of course, I rolled onto my tummy to type this...can't type while on my back.)

I'm going to have to make myself cum if I want to relax...but, I don't always have to do it myself. Sometimes, my wonderful Blue, my wife...the forever love of my life, comes out there.

Blue does not love the sun as I do, but she does love fucking me with her warm, wet mouth...and she does that so very well!

Ooooohhhh, here comes my baby less than a minute, she'll have me screaming and my cum flowing into her mouth...

Gotta promised, I will update this if not everyday, every few days.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Pussy On Fire

I'd love for you to read my other blog, also. Unlike this one, which is real, the other one is fiction about two primal lesbians who must have sex to survive. Here is a link:
Suri and Belle - Primal Lesbians

"Please, Blue...please rub Baby's ass?

I lied across Blue's lap. I LOVE when she rubs and pats my ass.

"You know I WILL, baby."  Blue used one hand to pat my ass, then she rubbed large circles on my ass...her other hand caressed the back of my thighs.

"Mmmmmmm...You always make my ass feel so good, Blue." 

I couldn't resist raising my ass in the air a little. Blue patted me firmly, then kept rubbing me. I wiggled my ass to tease her a little.

"Sunny...if you tease me, I shall have to attack you!"

" like my dark-tanned ass, don't you sweetheart? You like how nice and firm it LOVE how it makes your pussy wet, don't you!"

Blue gave my ass a playful spank. "Stop Sunny! You're teasing my pussy, and you know it!"

I giggled. "Me? I am not! I'm not even touching your pussy!" I giggled again.

"You don't HAVE to touch my pussy to tease it, Sunny! Now stop being such a bad little slut or I'll spank you harder!"

THAT sent a shock to my pussy. "Oh no! Not that!" I giggled again and shoved her with my ass.

Blue gave me an even harder spank...I felt it in my pussy and started soaking her thighs with my juices. Blue started deeply massaging my ass with both hands.

I lowered my hips back down to her lap and gave my ass completely over to Blue.  

"Oooooohhhh...yes....Baby's ass belongs to Blue."   

Blue leaned over and gave both of my firm ass cheeks a big, wet kiss. "Oh, yeah...Sunny's ass belongs to me...Sunny's pussy belongs to me. Best of all, Sunny fucks me whenever I want."

She was now lightly caressing my ass with her fingertips...I was just lying there, purring for her and loving every bit of it.

Blue reached over to the nightstand and got a Sharpie permanent marker. She wrote on my ass in very small letters, "Belongs to Blue."  Then, she gave me a firm double-pat on my ass.  "There ya go...all mine!"

Fuck...that thrilled my pussy to death...I could feel my juices flowing onto her thigh. I spread my legs for her....she loves when I spread my legs for her, giving my pussy to her to do whatever she wants.

"Yes, my sweet Blue...all of me belongs to you...I LOVE being your own personal fucktoy!

" Sunny.......yes, baby...give me your pussy."

Blue was teasing my ass, now, with one finger deep between my ass cheeks...her other hand was massaging my burning-hot, sloppy-drippy, very swollen pussy.

I had my ass back in the air and was DYING for Blue to fuck me. I had my forehead on the mattress and was making a bunch of sexy little purring noises.  "Baby? Please fuck me? Please fuck me real hard, baby?"

Blue always knows how to treat my ass, AND, guess what...Blue knows how to make me cum without touching my pussy...just by fucking my ass!

I told you, she's perfect!

She knew I could cum any second. She reached into our toy drawer and picked out our biggest, hugest toy...a big, oversized dildo! She giggled...she knew I could take it...I'd teased her many times by fucking myself with it.

Blue lubricated it and teased me with it...playing with my ass. I pushed my ass back against it, urging her on.


Blue gently eased the big toy inside me. It slid in deliciously!

I squealed loudly and inhaled body collapsed onto her lap, my legs spread real wide for her. My voice was very shaky.


Blue LOVES this. She knows exactly how to drive my body insane. She slid the toy deeper inside me, then started to slide it in and out while caressing her fingers down the middle of my back.

I whimpered loudly each time she fucked the toy into me...the intense pleasure shooting straight to my pussy. My body started to tense up, an intense orgasm was building deeeeeeeeeep inside me. I grabbed handfulls of the covers and pulled on them...


Blue turned sideways, facing my feet, and wrapped her arm around my waist...she rammed my ass harder, screaming with me each time...

"I'M CUMMING! DON'T STOP, BLUE!"  Suddenly, a fucking earthquake orgasm took me over...arising from way down deep inside me...Blue held me tighter around my waist and kept fucking my ass...I came and came and cum POURED from my pussy onto Blue's thighs...I fucked my ass back to meet every thrust she drove into me!

After forever, my orgasm ended, but my body was a mass of quivering muscles. Blue gently eased the toy out, got on her back and pulled me to her tummy, my legs spread and straddling her. She gave me long strokes from my shoulders to my ass to calm my muscles.

My breath was against her neck, my breathing very deep.  "Oooooooohhhhh, wonderful're so fucking awesome....thank-you, baby."

Blue kissed me very deeply, then kept her lips close to mine. "I LOVE fucking you, Sunny...and your hot cum flowed all over my pussy! That, I REALLY love!"

I started to slide down toward Blue's pretty pussy. "Did it now? Well, I think I should clean you up!"

 I stopped at her breasts and pulled each of her nipples with my lips. Blue screamed and grabbed my hair. Her body jumped each time. I smiled at her and she was trying to wriggle her hips up...eagerly trying to get her pussy to my face.

While looking right into Blue's eyes, I gave her clit a big, sloppy kiss...and I couldn't resist sucking it a little. Oh...her clit was sooooooo hot and swollen! Her body jumped HARD and she pulled on my hair, screaming out loud...


I gave her inner thigh a long lick with my tongue.  "Mmmmmmmm! Tell me baby...who is the hottest woman in the world?"


I slid my warm, wet tongue along her other inner thigh, stopping JUST short of her already-dripping pussy and smiled at her...

"Tell me this, hotstuff...who is your hot little slut who fucks you anytime you need her because she loves it so much?"

Blue's body was already trembling.  "IT'S YOU SUNNY!!"

Her sweet juices were POURING from her...I flicked her hard clit only once with the tip of my tongue.  She screamed again and her ass jumped off the mattress, her thighs closed on my head...

"All good answers! Now, ya better get this one right...who is your bad girl who gets hot as hell being your very own personal fucktoy...and loves you so MUCH, she is devoted to pleasuring you and only you, forever?"


Blue's body was already a mass of shaking, trembling muscles...her breathing was very deep and quick...her juices were already flowing like a river down to her ass.

Oh my goodness...she was already very close to cumming...

Very quickly, I slid my arms under her thighs, my shoulders keeping them apart...I held her wrists, pinning her hands to the mattress.

All that was in about two seconds...the rest was blur...

I opened my mouth REAL wide...


I sucked her swollen lips and clit into my mouth and sucked hard, making loud slurping sounds while I attacked all of her with my tongue!

Holding her like I was, I had her immobilized...AND pinned down with my mouth hard upon her pussy. Oh fuck! She was screaming and and her body was going insane!


My mouth was relentless on her burning pussy, and did she EVER cum! I didn't let up and her sweet cum filled my mouth! I LOVE that she cums so much!

With her orgasm over and my mouth still full of her cum, I nuzzled my face in Blue's pretty pussy, then crawled up to her mouth.

Keeping my silky-smooth thigh firmly against her pussy, I kissed her VERY hotly and deeply. Blue purred in utter delight as I let her cum flow from my mouth to hers...

My thigh was rubbing her pussy...our tongues played with her cum, sharing it back and forth between our mouths.

Blue was whimpering very hotly and trying to fuck my thigh while kissing me...she swallowed all of her cum on her mouth, then spoke breathlessly, her hot breath against my mouth...

"Ooooooohhhhh, wants more....please, Sunny? Make baby come again?"

I replied while licking her cum that had run down her cheeks...speaking between licks...

"You know I will, my sweet baby...I'm going to make you cum and cum and cum till the sunrise peeks in that window...and right now, I'm going to make you cum all OVER my me."

I wrapped my arms and legs around her and rolled us over...she squealed happily was now straddling me with her legs spread wide. I had her high up on my body so I could reach her pussy and her lovely ass.

I held her ass and kissed her ever-so-deeply, then helped her to her hands and knees and looked hotly into her eyes...

"You'd better grab that headboard, baby...Sunny's taking you for a ride."

Blue eagerly got halfway to her knees and held onto the headboard...


I giggled, then slid down between her legs, grabbed her hips and roughly pulled her pussy to my mouth...

...oh yeah...she DID cum all over me very quickly!


Then, I slid back up, took her hands from the headboard and spread my legs. I let her fall on her back onto the mattress between my legs!

I immediately dove headfirst to Blue's pussy and made her cum MANY times that night!Not stopping between her orgasms! Keeping right at her!

I finally crawled back up to her, gathered her into my arms and smothered her face with kisses.

Blue was so spent, but she managed to speak softly...

"I love you, Sunny."

"I love YOU, my precious Blue."

The next morning, Blue couldn't even get out of bed.

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