Sunday, March 27, 2016

3/27/16 - My Fetish Continued...Horny Thoughts While Nude Sunbathing

You may want to read the last post if you haven't done so. This one completes my fetish where the last one left off; the two pretty much go together. And as I stated in the last post, my fetishes may or not necessarily be Blue's. The choice to share hers will be made by her, not me. Because she loves me, she indulges me with mine. Thank-you for reading!

.....While I'm still covered from head to toe with an invisible layer of Blue's cum and quite a bit of musk oil, Blue and I go out in public.

Here's what makes me fucking insanely hot as hell, and it's nothing more than this:  Blue holds onto me to let the world know I belong to her.

That's right. It makes me out-of-my-mind horny for Blue to take possession of own me and to show the world I belong to her. It makes my pussy throb so fucking hard, I can feel it throughout my body!

That's a fetish...and it's my fetish!

Sometimes, she wraps her arm around my ass, under my dress with her hand resting on my hip. I'm pretty sure she knows how MUCH of me she's showing the world. It's fine with just makes me hotter.

And to be completely covered in her cum? And wearing musk, a scent that turns me on no matter what? HUGE fetish for me!

To make sure you know it's not dom/sub, please know that I make sure everyone knows SHE belongs to ME. Blue and I own each other and possess each other.

That's how much we love each other.

It doesn't have QUITE that same effect on Blue, and that's fine, but I know she does LIKE it.

She lets me dress as hot as I want...a flouncy little dress that doesn't completely cover my ass and a filmy little top that shows lots of cleavage and lets my nipples poke at the fabric. Six inch "fuck me" heels.

My hair is platinum-blonde and goes to my bangs are long and don't always stay out of my eyes. 100% of my skin is darkly tanned.

Blue is drop-dead-fucking-gorgeous in a very feminine tux with a white shirt, nicely unbuttoned, and which contrasts beautifully with her black hair.

She has those eyes that can take you from across a crowded room and make you totally hers...then she could walk out and you'd follow her anywhere...with your eyes glued to her delectable ass.

I hold onto her to proudly let the world know she's mine and no one else can have would anyone.

By the time we get somewhere private, Blue knows how fucking wet my pussy is.

I'm always eager to lift my little dress and spread my legs for her. She buries her face between my thighs and eats me soooooooo good...sucking me hard...swallowing my juices.

Blue makes my pussy so fucking hot and swollen. She knows exactly how I like to be sucked and tongue-fucked.

She should. I love Blue so completely that my pussy is her possession...along with the rest of heart and my soul for time eternal.

Sunny's pussy belongs to Blue.


I'm turning off my computer...I'm running back inside to fucking POUNCE my oil-covered body on my hot Blue! And the way I feel right now, I'm going to cum ALL OVER HER!

That will be a VERY lovely mess...update coming soon.

Thank-you for reading!
Love to all,
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Saturday, March 26, 2016

3/26/16 - MUCH More Sex In The Sun and Nude Tanning

Gentle reader - if you missed the last post, you'll want to read it first. That one and this one discuss a fetish and go together very closely. Please also know, Blue may or may not necessarily share my fetish. Whether she does or not is her choice, and only hers, to disclose. She indulges me and helps me with mine because she loves me...and it's one of the zillion reasons I love her so much!
Well, I didn't make Blue pee on me. She slipped away from me and ran inside!

I laid in the sunshine a while longer. At 48 degrees, too cold to open the dome...but the brilliant sunshine, with tanning rays allowed through the glass, was baking my skin and felt delightful.

One of my fetishes came to mind. It's the fetish that turns me on the most. Since you've read my other stuff, this shouldn't surprise you. I have alluded to it before, but haven't gone deeply into it.

I hope you're ready to hear about it and I appreciate the chance to tell you. Here it is:

I LOVE to have Blue on top of me and make her cum ALL over my body. We both cum a LOT. Our cum lusciously flows and flows and flows from our pussies. We can cover each other with one orgasm.

So it is, with Blue on top of me, she looks into my eyes, her bangs hanging over her pretty eyes while I rub her swollen clit. She has her lovely ass in the air and I can reach under her, or she slides up higher so I can reach over her ass.

Her body trembles hard and her breath is hot on my lips...she's whimpering louder and louder...I rub her clit other hand has a firm grip on her ass.

Then she screams and pounces her mouth upon mine, still screaming into my mouth and trying to fuck my throat with her tongue...her hands pulling hard on my hair...a violent orgasm taking control of her body and her cum flowing like a swiftly-moving river from her burning pussy... no time at all, my tan skin is COVERED with luscious Blue-cum!


We smother each others lips with kisses, then I gently roll her onto her back. I let her watch me spread her cum all over my body...from my neck, all over my breasts, my tummy, my hips and my pussy.

I throw my waist-length hair back and delight in Blue watching me pause at my pussy to play with myself a little...then I spread her cum on my thighs, below my knees and all over my feet, making sure I get precious Blue-cum between all my toes.

By then, Blue is horny all over over again and can't lie still...she eases me onto my tummy and straddles my ass with her legs spread wide...I raise my ass up for her and she hotly fucks herself on one of my firm ass cheeks. With two handfuls of my hair, she cums EVEN harder than before, riding my ass and pulling my hair to keep from falling off...

...I am fucking SOAKED with her precious cum! She slides down and I spread my legs for her while she spreads her cum all over my shoulders and ass is already covered...she spreads it all over the back of my thighs and legs...!

Blue leans around to me and kisses my lips, sliding her tongue into my mouth only once. Then, keeping her breath on my lips, she whispers, "When you come back inside, I'll fuck you absolutely to death, baby."

I lie there and let Blue's cum thoroughly dry on me. Later, when I go inside, I'll apply musk oil on my neck, my breasts and tummy...and I'll slide it along my inner thighs...

Shower? way!

There's still a secondary aspect to this fetish, also very hot...I will go into that tomorrow. I promise...tomorrow. Thank-you for reading!

My love to all,
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Thursday, March 24, 2016

3/24/16 - Way More Sex In The Sun And Nude Tanning

Blue purred for me and laid her body down on top of me, sliding it all over me. I pressed my well-oiled finger on the opening to her ass more firmly, rubbing tight circles.

Blue squealed, then kissed me roughly, fucking her tongue deep into my mouth. I kept playing with her ass and she whimpered loudly while trying devour my lips.

FUCK! I wanted pussy was going insane!

I slid her way up so I could reach her pussy from behind. It was so hot! I used all my fingers to massage her swollen outer lips.

Blue broke our kiss, but kept her lips very close to mine...

"Oooooohhhh baby.....I have to pee really bad!"

That sent a thrill through my body...I slipped a finger just inside her and giggled.

"It's okay lover! You can pee on me! I don't care!"

"No Sunny...I am NOT going to pee on you...let me go, baby."

I spoke quieter, my breath on her lips, "Aaaawwww...I KNOW ya want to...I just know it."
When I started using two fingers to play with her clit, her body jumped.

"FUCK, SUNNY!  DON'T! You're GOING to make me pee all over you!"

"Oooooooooo! Maybe you'll pee on my pussy!"

"Dammit no, Sunny...I will NOT pee on your pussy!"

"Hmmmmm...I think you just might!"

I got her clit between my two fingers and slid my thumb inside her, gently massaging her g-spot. She screamed and bit my lower lip with her lips...her ass muscles tightened and her pussy squeezed my thumb...then she screamed into my mouth...


Hmmmmmm...gee...which would she do first...cum all over me or pee uncontrollably?
I have to say...either one would be a LOT of fun.......

More tomorrow!
Thank-you for reading,

My love to all,
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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

3/23/16 - Even More Sex In The Sun, Nude Tanning And Sexy Thoughts

My beloved readers - for the next 4 days or so, I'll be updating every day with short little pieces, all relating to each other. I do hope you don't miss any of this, because they will all cover a few hot fetish topics. As always, I'm grateful to you for reading!
Back in the sun, my favorite place to be...

As is always the case at home, naked. I wouldn't consider having any clothes on at home, and a bathing suit is out of the question. No tan lines for completely tanned body...ever.

My suntan oil is banana-scented, but I add a lot of musk oil to it...musk makes me very horny and I've worn it ever since I can remember.

Making myself horny without even touching myself? Okay...I'll admit to's happened a lot.

Also in the suntan oil...about a third of the bottle: Blue's cum. Oooooohhhhh yeah. I know that must seem strange to you. I understand that. Hey...we all have our little "things" don't we?

You should know by now, Blue and I cum a LOT. We don't just flows. And flows and flows and flows. It's one of the many things she and I love about each other. I LOVE having her cum all over me, soooooooo, there it is, in my suntan oil.

I laid there for a few minutes and let the sun heat up my body, then I reached for the oil which was hot from baking in the sun.

"Here baby, I'll take care of that."

It was my hot Blue, of course, as naked as me. Though not a fan of lying in the sun, she does love feeling the sun on her body...she also loves slathering oil all over me.

I smiled as Blue sat on my hips and smiled at me. She just looked into my eyes and squirted LOTS of oil all over her large breasts and let it drip on my body.

"Oh  FUCK,'re so fucking sexy!"

She just smiled some more and watched me as she leaned way back. I raised my knees to let her rest back against my thighs. She squirted a lot more oil between her breasts, and let it flow down her lovely body, over her tummy and soaking her pussy before it flowed onto me.

My pussy started throbbing hard and my breathing got deeper...I got my hands all oily and slid them down her back to her ass, where I held onto her.

Blue leaned forward and slid her oil-soaked pussy on my body. I squeezed her ass some more...a finger slipping deep between her cheeks, playing with her...teasing her...

More tomorrow. That's a promise!

Thank-you for reading!
My love to all,

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Thursday, March 17, 2016

3/17/16 - Still More Sex In The Sun, Nude Tanning And Sexy Thoughts

Damn! The sun is so hot on my ass today! IS shining through the dome...

But, damn! The sun is so hot on my ass today!

I'm on my tummy with my legs spread wide and my mind on last night...the way Blue fucked my pussy so DAMN hard with a strapon. The strapon has a double dildo, so every time she fucked into me, she also fucked herself.

Or was that me, fucking back at her? I'm not sure, because she fucked my brains out...ramming against the back of my pussy made me insane!

I was on my hands and knees. I TRIED to fuck back at her, but she took complete and total control of my body, gripping my hips and fucking the huge toy so far into me, I'm pretty sure she made my ears wiggle.

Every time our bodies slapped together, our juices splattered everywhere! We were both covered!

When my orgasm started to build, I lowered myself to my forearms and gave myself completely to Blue, telling her to fuck me harder...DAMN hard....

....oooohhhh, she did and I came and came and came, screaming at the top of my voice while my baby fucked my pussy and hers at the same time....she came wondrously right after that!

I fell down flat on my tummy, exhausted...but my Blue was nowhere near done with me....she laid on top of me and slid the well-lubricated toy right into my ass, knowing very well how to make me cum that way.

I was in pure joy, having her fuck my ass...I begged for more and more of the toy and Blue slammed her hips down onto my ass, screaming right along with me...I came so fucking hard in no time at all and Blue came with me!

Blue took off the strapon and laid beside me...we wrapped each other in our bodies, smothering kisses all over our lips...we fell to sleep holding each other very close because we love each other soooooo very much.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to stay on my tummy and fuck a few of my fingers....

Update coming soon. Thank-you for reading!
Love to all,
Coyright 2016 Sunny Johansen

Saturday, March 12, 2016

March 12, 2016

Just to let you know, I have posted an update on my other blog, Primal Lesbian Sex. If you've never read that blog before, you might want to read the introduction, which is the last post at the bottom.

Here's the link:

The latest post on THIS blog is right below this one.

Thank-you for reading!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

3/9/16 - Even More Sex In The Sun, Nude Tanning And Sexy Thoughts

This is a series which started about six posts ago. I'm enjoying writing them. May I ask you to read them? Thank-you!

I WAS on my back in the sun...turned onto my tummy to type.

My pussy is throbbing soooooooo hard. But, it does that most of the time, doesn't it?  It COULD be the small bullet vibrator I have deep inside my pussy...

It has a wireless remote control and its turned off now. I'm not a good typist anyway...if that thing were working on me, vibrating against the walls of my pussy, I couldn't type at all.

Blue likes to joke about my bad typing. She types about a zillion words per minute...unless my face is buried between her luscious thighs. Sooner or later, she gives up, sets her computer aside, grabs my hair and leans back with her legs spread for me...

...then, I really have my way with her pretty pussy.

It makes me horny as hell to be just as slutty as I can be for Blue...

I LOVE being her hot woman...the woman who gets to make her cum, screaming like hell...

Yes, I would do ANYTHING in bed  (or wherever we happen to be )  that she'd like me to do. 

I'm not sure why, but doing THAT makes ME cum. And we both cum a LOT...sometimes, all over each other.

When I'm sucking her pussy and I make her cum, sometimes, I don't stop at all...I just keep devouring her and making her cum over and over and over...until she either passes out or sits up and pulls her pussy away from me, pointing her finger at me and saying,  "No Sunny! No more! You're going to kill me!"  Then she flops backward onto the mattress and I hold her against me and smother her lips with kisses. 

In public, it depends upon where we're going, but I love to dress as hotly as I can when I'm with her. I love to wear my loose-fitting skirts as short as possible. They don't completely cover my ass...sometimes, Blue will walk with me with her hand around me and under my skirt, resting on my hip.

That leaves...let's see...half of my ass exposed. I don't care. It excites my pussy to DEATH for 

Blue to show me take possession of me, showing the world to whom I belong. FUCK! That makes me wet!

Then, when we're in private, Blue licks all my juices from my inner thighs, then gives my smooth pussy a very good tongue-fucking!

Oh fuck! That's all I can write for now....have to turn this vibrator up on high...I'm already shaking. In about 15 seconds, my body will be in total spasm and I'll be screaming through a violent orgasm....

Writing more very soon!
Thank-you for reading.
Love to all,
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Saturday, March 5, 2016

3/5/16 - More Sex In The Sun, Nude Tanning And Sexy Stuff I Think About While Lying Here

This blog post begins in a few paragraphs down, but please don't forget my other blog? 
Here's the link:
Primal Lesbian Sex 

Unlike this one, it's all fiction. Primal Lesbian Sex. It's about two almost-human females. Here's the beginning of the longer introduction I wrote for it:

Belle and Suri...two wildly sexual lesbian women. Their sex is ALWAYS very primal, animalistic and wildly savage. It's a very noisy affair filled with lots of screaming, squealing and loud whimpering. There are no exceptions. It IS their nature to fuck this way. They know no other way and they have sex many times per day.

They love each other very deeply, and there is no hitting or slapping, no  clawing or scratching, no blood and no bruising. They love biting each other and being bitten, it's with their mouths wide open, so it does not hurt. In fact, that makes them insanely hotter for each other.
I hope you'll take some time to have a look. Thank-you very much!


The sun is so hot on my bare ass. I'm lying here right now on my tummy, typing...beads of sweat running down between my ass cheeks, then to my pussy where my sweat feels even hotter.

Its only 20 degrees outside, but I'm under a dome that covers the pool and the surrounding deck. It lets the tanning rays through and it's hot as hell under here. Brilliant sunshine...not a cloud in the sky. 

The dome retracts in the summertime.

I love being horny when I write this stuff. That works pretty well, because I'm horny ALL the time.

That's Blue's fault. She makes me want to be SUCH a hot slut for her. Sometimes, she comes out here  (always just as naked as me)  to "make sure I'm properly covered with oil."  Oh yeah...she takes care of that.

The oil gets super-hot lying in the sun. She dribbles it on my's so hot, it almost burns me. She spreads it all over my back, then my legs. When she gets to the back of my thighs, I spread my legs for her and she she slides her fingertips along my inner thighs, getting oh-so-close to my pussy...but without touching it.

She knows what she's doing to me...she loves to caress my inner thighs and watch my orchid pussy swell and start to drip.

She giggles sweetly and dribbles the hot oil between my ass cheeks, letting it drip right on the opening to my ass. She lays the oil aside and uses one finger to play with my ass. I raise my ass in the air with my legs spread, whimpering for her to fuck my ass with her finger.

She purrs back at me and slides her finger around my opening...I raise my ass more, begging her to fuck my ass. Sometimes, she will not, because she knows just fucking my ass will make me cum, and she wants to save that for later.

Later...when she'll lie under me and fuck my ass real hard, making me cum all over her. Ooooohhhhh, my baby loves that because I cum a whole LOT. We both do.  (but we're not squirters.) 

Sometimes after I cum, she doesn't stop fucking my ass...she just keeps at me, knowing I'll cum again and even more cum will flow all over her pretty body...

Then, I get to decide...shall I lay myself on her body in all my cum and slide myself all over her, my thigh against her pussy and driving her insane, OR shall I lick up a mouthful of my cum and savagely kiss her, sharing my cum with her while my tongue fucks her mouth and my cum dribbles down her cheeks?

I have to lie here in the sun with my legs spread apart, oil and sweat glistening on my darkly-tanned body, and think about this some more...

Update in a few days.
Thank-you for reading!
Love to all,
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