Friday, April 29, 2016

April 29, 2016

Continued, as they have been for a while and will be for a long time to come, from the last post.

...The strapon is also a double-dildo. While Blue was putting it on, I held my end and rubbed her end on her clit. She stopped and fell on her hands and knees, her body straddling mine.

She looked into my eyes...her eyes had a very sexy half-closed, hazed-over look...her mouth was open...her pretty bangs hanging slightly over her eyes...I could already feel her pussy dripping on me...

"Ooooohhhh....Sunny....fuck, I want you."

Her body was already trembling...I spoke very hotly to her...

"Who's your baby, baby?"

"It's you's, you, you...nobody but you..."

I played with the outside of her pussy some more with her end...

"Who's your very own personal fucktoy...your woman who loves you so much, she'd suck your pussy whenever you need it...your hot little slut who cums just from pleasing your pussy?"

I slid her end just inside her sloppy-wet pussy...her body tensed up and she purred for me...

"'s you's you..."

She tried to fuck herself more onto the big toy...I let her pussy swallow it deeper...I now had a puddle of her sweet juices on my tummy. I slid my finger through them and let her watch me spread them on my lips...then, I got more and reach around, deep between her ass cheeks and teased her opening with my finger...Blue's body jumped with a jolt of pleasure and she screamed softly...

"Ooooooooooo...will you fuck my pussy real hard, my sweet Blue?  Hold me down and ram the back of my pussy? Claim me...own me...possess me?"

While I was saying that, she was hurriedly finishing putting on the strapon...she leaned her mouth down to mine and kissed me hard, using her lips to bite my bottom lip...her breath was so hot on my mouth...

I spread my arms straight out and grabbed handfuls of our satin sheets...I spread my legs wide, giving my pussy to the only woman in the world who knows how I love to be fucked...

I lapped at her lips with my tongue, then kept my lips close to her mouth...

"Now, you hold me down and FUCK my pussy like there's no tomorrow...take complete control of my body and make me scream!"

A hot little squeal escaped Blue's throat as she roughly pounced her body down onto mine...

 I will continue this...                                      

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

April 28, 2016

I want to thank everyone in 31 countries who read this blog. 
It's really special to me that you do so! Thank-you so much!

...out of our toy drawer, Blue got our double-dildo strap-on!

My eyes lit up...

"Yeah baby! Put that thing on, hold me down so I can't move and fuck me!"

Blue laughed...

"Oh Sunny...I intend to fuck you so hard you won't be able to walk!"

"Is that right? Okay! We'll see who outfucks who!"

"Ahem...Sunny...I'm wearing it...even though it's a double, how much COULD you do to me? I'm going fuck you so hard and so deep, your ears will wiggle!"

I held Blue's ass real hard and kissed her ever-so-deeply, then kept my lips very close to hers...

"I want to feel that thing pounding the back of my pussy, baby...fuck me hard enough to make my entire body move...and if you make me cum REAL HARD, I will tongue-fuck your ass until you can't take anymore."

Blue inhaled very quickly...

I laid back and spread my legs, eager for Blue to possess my pussy...

Update within a day or two...

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Sunday, April 24, 2016

April 24, 2016

My dear readers - if you haven't read any of this series, you need to get caught up! The entries are very short. In fact, this is the longest one. I'd love for you to go back to April 18th and read them so you can enjoy what's going on more. Thank-you so much!

I absolutely SMOTHERED Blue in Sunnycum!

Fuck! I just kept cumming and body stayed in spasm, shaking like hell...I had my open mouth on Blue's neck, trying not to bite her TOO hard while screaming uncontrollably!

 What Blue did to me was to bite my shoulder. In just the right spot, THAT alone will make me cum!

Amazingly, my orgasm did end...I gave her lips a lot of very wet kisses...

" baby...fuck, I love you so much."

"Fuck, I love YOU, Sunny!"

I smiled I slid down between her legs and used my hands to slather my still-warm cum over her body, starting at her neck...she just laid there and relaxed...

"Mmmmmmmm....Sunny...yes, baby...I want your cum everywhere. Under my arms, between my toes...don't miss anywhere!"

I just kept smiling and covered her completely, then kissed her pussy, very lovingly, many, many times, purring at her while I did.

Blue ran her fingers through my hair and wrapped her legs around me, sexy little sounds coming from her open mouth. I flicked her hardening, swelling clit with the tip of my tongue...her honey-sweet juices were flowing again and I sucked them from her pretty pussy and swallowed them hungrily.

By now, our layers of each other's cum had dried on both of us. I got our two bottles of musk oil and we put it all over each other...

When Blue slid her musk-covered fingers along my inner thigh, caressing my skin WAY too much right next to my pussy, my body tensed up and I ALMOST pounced on her!

She came up to my lips and spoke softly, her hot breath against my mouth...

"Oooooooooo...I think my slutty nympho needs her pussy fucked."

I dug my nails into her back and wrapped my legs around her ass, whimpering in reply. She kept teasing me...

"Perhaps I should get our double dildo and fuck the hell out of you...shoving the big end to the back of that pussy of yours..."

I screamed and tightened my grip on her ass with my legs...

"...pounding your pussy with mine, letting all my wonderful juices splatter all over you!"

Fuck! Her breath was so hot on my lips. I couldn't take much more of this! Blue got her lips just BARELY touching mine...

"Oh! Maybe I should bury my face in your pussy and tongue-fuck you, sucking your delicious juices, then sucking your huge clit into my warm...wet...mouth, holding you down and making you cum as many fucking times as I KNOW I can do that."

I'd heard enough...I was already about to cum and she hadn't even touched me...


Blue smiled and reached into our toy drawer...

I'll continue this tomorrow...

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Saturday, April 23, 2016

April 23, 2016

...and she kept screaming too...

I kept rubbing the HELL out of Blue's clit and she kept cumming and cumming while devouring my mouth and screaming at the same time...

My body was literally COVERED with delicious Bluecum!

Oh yeah...we both cum a LOT...without squirting.

When her orgasm ended, she stayed on her hands and knees so I could spread  her cum all over my body...there was enough to cover me from my neck to my toes! 

With cum still oozing from her lovely pussy, she smothered my face with wet kisses. I wrapped my arms around her neck and spoke hotly against her lips...

"Your turn now...would baby like to be covered in Sunnycum?"

"Fuck yes! I'll make you cum all over me! And we won't take a shower! We'll wear each other's cum and lots of musk all day!"

"Ooooooooooo....keep talking're making your hot, slutty wife even hotter..."

My baby eagerly flipped onto her back and I straddled her on my hands and sloppy-wet pussy was already dripping heavily onto her pretty skin.

Blue grabbed my hair and pulled my mouth to hers, kissing me now, I was trying to get more of her mouth, purring and whimpering...

Then...Blue did something that makes me cum so fucking HARD every time she does it, because she knows just how I like it done... 

And no, it has nothing to do with my pussy and nothing to do with my ass...she doesn't even touch them!

....but, works EVERY fucking time.......

I will continue this tomorrow...

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

April 21, 2016

My dear readers - this is a continuation from the last two posts. 
Posts will be dated now, instead of titled, for quite a while to come. They will all be rather short, so I hope you'll read them to get caught up. Thank-you! 
As is normal, these are actual daily accounts of real sex between Blue and I.
I hope you enjoy them!

Blue screamed.

Not exactly a pleasant morning sound, huh? But, it was wondrously enjoyable, since I had a mouthful of her pretty pussy.

I held her legs apart with my shoulders and sucked her swollen pussy lips, fucking my tongue into her as far as I could get it. 

Fuck! I love doing this to her! I firmly held her ass and pushed my mouth harder into her pussy to fuck her with my strong tongue...she held onto my hair, pulling it hard and lifting her ass off the mattress, screaming like hell!


I kept at her, mercilessly tongue-fucking her, sucking mouthfuls of her sweet juices...they felt so fucking hot going down my throat...

Blue's ass tensed up and her whole body started to shake...her strong pussy muscles tightened around my tongue and her body was overtaken by hard spasms...


Oh, I wanted my baby to cum all over my body, so I wrapped my arms around her and, very fast, rolled over with her on top of me...


I plunged two fingers into her pussy and fucked them deep inside her, making hot sloppy-squishy sounds as her juices were forced onto my tummy...two fingers of my other hand ferociously rubbed her hungry, swollen clit...

Blue's body shook hard and she pounced her mouth onto mine, savagely fucking her tongue to my throat, pulling harder on my hair and screaming into my mouth...

Then...oh my goodness...did she EVER cum.....

I will continue this in the next day or two...that's a promise!

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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

April 19, 2016

When Blue and I first met, one of the many things which attracted us to each other was how dripping wet both of our pussies get. Just our juices can literally puddle on our tummies. Something else was how much we cum...and without squirting. Our cum just flows and flows during orgasm...enough to soak to each other. It makes such a fun, deliciously sloppy mess!  

In fact, we HAVE cum all over each other, let it dry completely, then applied lots of musk oil all over us.  Since Blue and I live naked, that's a huge turn-on and we spend that day without being able to keep our hands off each other. that I think about it, we can never keep our hands off each other, so...


Continuing here from my last post...

...I slid my tongue just barely between Blue's ass cheeks, giving her long gentle licks. I was flat on my tummy so I could keep licking her while watching for signs she was waking up.

I gently spread her cheeks and wetly pushed my tongue deeper between them, giving her shorter licks, much closer to her opening. Fuck...I was getting so hot...

I buried my face deeper and slid my tongue in circles around her opening. Though still asleep, Blue's breathing got deeper...I could tell I wouldn't be able to spend much more time doing this without waking her...

I let the tip of my tongue give her a few strokes across her opening, then, ever-so-slowly and gently, I turned her over onto her back. Her juices had already soaked her pussy.

Oh my goodness...even asleep, my Blue is sexy beyond belief...

I could feel my own pussy throbbing now...I wanted my mouth on her silky-smooth pussy...I wanted to fuck my tongue as deeply into her as possible, her oncoming orgasm making her muscles tighten around my tongue...I wanted to suck her and fill my mouth with her hot, sweet juices while she pulled my hair, screaming for more and more... 

...All in due time...and it wouldn't be long. I licked and kissed Blue's inner thighs, sliding my mouth on her warm skin. When I started giving her skin little sucks right next to her pussy, she started to wake, making sexy little whimpering sounds...

She reached down and buried her fingers in my long hair, whimpering more, purring for me.  
I then opened my mouth wide and buried my face deep between her thighs...

I'll continue this tomorrow...

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Monday, April 18, 2016

April 18, 2016

Dear readers - if you didn't get a chance to read my recent five-part series which is below this one, I hope you'll have a look at it, starting with part one. I'm real happy with how it turned out and I don't want you to miss it. Thank-you for reading!

When I awoke this morning, my baby was still sleeping soundly.
Blue was lying on her side, her hip leaned over, her top knee bent and lying over on the mattress. 

Damn...she always looks so fucking hot that way...and I'm not able to resist it...

The large outer lips of my pussy were already hot and swollen, juices running out of me.
I slid my fingers along my velvet-smooth inner thighs, brought them to my mouth and sucked my juices from them...

I slid down her bottom leg, which was stretched out straight...that made my pussy even hotter and I left a trail of my juices on her skin... sweet Blue is still asleep...I want my baby to start her day with her pretty pussy in my warm, wet mouth.

But first, Blue's ass is calling out to me for some attention...

More tomorrow...

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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Blue Is A Pussy Tease - A Few Days In The City - Part Five

My dear readers - this is part five of a five part series. Parts one through four are very important to this one and I'd hate for you to miss them. They are right below this one...please read them? Thank-you!

Blue eagerly scooched her ass to the edge of the bed and spread her gorgeous legs...I buried my face between her velvety-smooth thighs, sliding my wet tongue right next to her pussy...on her other inner thigh, I gave her skin little sucks and lip-nibbles, each one making Blue's body jump and making her inhale very hard each time. She grabbed my hair and softly squealed, the closer I got to her pussy.

I raised back up on my knees and slid my finger through her pussy, then got very close to her, looked into her eyes, letting her watch me spread her juices on my lips...

"My my my...I DO love your pussy, baby."

Blue was watching me, her entranced eyes glazed over, her mouth open...Then, she grabbed handfuls of my long hair and pulled me closer...


I was still on my knees...I smiled at her, then held the back of her knees, pushed her backward and spread her legs. Holding her like that, I attacked her pretty pussy with my mouth, pushing my face hard against her to fuck my tongue waaaaaaaaaaaay inside her as far as I could!

Good thing we had the penthouse with no neighbors! Blue was screaming so loud, the bedside lamps rattled! She had a firm grip on my hair while she screamed, pulling hard on it...screaming for more of my tongue!


Blue's sweet juices were pouring from her and I was noisily sucking them into my mouth, swallowing every drop! I wanted to make Blue cum, so I sucked her swollen clit into my mouth and kept it there while my tongue rubbed it to finger inside her pussy, swirling it around in a circle, hitting her g-spot every time around...


Blue came so fucking hard! Her body bucked against my hands and arms with hard spasms and she screamed EVEN LOUDER! I kept at her, letting her cum flow down to her ass without letting up until her orgasm ended.

My baby was still on the edge of the bed, lying on her back, her thigh muscles quivering, whimpering and trying to catch her breath....

"Oh......Sunny............fuck......Sunny baby........"

I stood and leaned over her and gave her lips lots of wet little kisses...

"I love you, my sweet baby...and I am sooooooo not done with you!"

I roughly-but-playfully flipped her onto her tummy, her legs still hanging over the edge of the bed...Blue screamed with absolute joy, but started purring with total pleasure when I spread her ass cheeks and started licking her cum from deep between her cheeks...her body tensed and she made soft little squeals when I teased her opening with my tongue....

"Oooooooohhhhhh Sunny, please......pleeeeeeeeease tongue-fuck my ass! Please baby, please? Real deep, okay?"

Remember the bullet vibe she put in my pussy to torture and tease me? While licking around her opening, I removed it from my pussy. I turned it on "high."

Both at the same time, I plunged it DEEP inside her pussy and pounced my mouth between her asscheeks, instantly fucking my tongue into her ass!

Oh my goodness! You've never HEARD such a scream in all your life! My baby grabbed handfuls of the bed covers and ferociously fucked her ass back against my tongue, trying to get my tongue farther into her...I could feel her entire body spasming now....


Much harder now, I fucked my tongue into her ass and helped her hold the vibrator deep her pussy, my finger massaging her g-spot...her screaming was continuous now...her body was shaking hard AND fucking against my tongue!

Oh, there was a HUGE earthquake building deep within her!

Suddenly, oh FUCK! Did she ever cum hard! I kept riding her with my tongue, the vibrator and my finger!

I caught as much of her cum as I could with my other hand...her orgasm eased off, then ended...Blue crawled the rest of the way onto the bed and collapsed on the mattress.

She was alive...barely......

I spread her cum all over my tummy, then laid beside her, pulling the covers up. I gently rolled her onto her side and wrapped my arms and legs around her to make her feel safe, cherished and forever loved...I kissed her very deeply, then looked into her half-open eyes...

"I love you so much, my sweet Blue."

My baby managed a smile. "I love YOU, Sunny...a whole bunch!"

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Okay to repost as long as you credit me and link back to me.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Blue Is A Pussy Tease - A Few Days In The City - Part 4

My dear readers - this is part four of a five-part, five day series. If you missed parts 1-3, you'll want to read them below this one. Thank-you!

Blue held my ass and put the most skillful tongue in the world to work, licking my juices from my my tender skin long licks up my inner thighs, stopping just short of my pussy each time. I could hear her purring very softly for me...kissing and sucking my skin.

I weaved my fingers through her hair, over and over while her tongue made my pussy throb hard without even touching it. My juices were flowing heavier now, and my baby covered my entire pussy with her mouth to catch them. My body tensed and I squealed just a little as she sucked my pussy, relishing my juices...

Oooooooohhhhhhhh hot lover was about to make me cum!

Blue sucked me harder now and fucked me with her long tongue...she made sexy-squishy sucking sounds with her warm wet mouth on my pussy.

She knew my orgasm was very close and she just kept pushing her face hard into my pussy, trying to reach the back of my pussy with her tongue!

She gripped my ass with her nails dug in...I leaned back and slid my ass to her, giving her all of my burning pussy...


Without letting up, Blue kept sucking me...she attacked my pussy with her tongue, letting my huge amount of cum flow into her mouth...she kept sucking and swallowing my cum down her throat...holding my ass harder...riding my pussy with her mouth!

When my orgasm FINALLY ended, my hot baby licked the last of my cum from my pussy...sucking on my swollen orchid just a little...kissing all over my pussy. All I could was sit there and LOVE it!

Only seconds before our dinner arrived, Blue reappeared beside me, wiping her face with a napkin. I said to Blue, in front of him, "Thank-you, Blue...that was sooooooo delightful."  Blue replied, "Delightful for both of us, my love."  At that, our server paused and looked at both of us, then finished what he was doing.

When he left, we both fell apart, giggling like hell!

We ate our dinner and left the restaurant, headed for the elevator. Blue had her arm around me, resting on my hip, but under my dress. I don't care...I belong to Blue...and it makes me hot as hell for her to show the world what she has...and it excites me to death to show HER off...and to show everyone they can't have her...she is mine. All fucking MINE.

I don't know what it is about elevators that brings out my devil side. It IS a private one else is getting on, so it's not a "danger of being caught thing."  I pressed Blue against the elevator wall, and while looking right into her eyes, undid her pants, zipper and all.

"My turn now, my sweet lover...and I am going to make you a VERY lucky woman."

While I slid my hand inside her pants, my lips pressed roughly to hers...she grabbed my hair and pulled me against her, eagerly kissing and sucking my lips. Our tongues fucked and we tried to get more of each other's mouths... finger slipped inside her already-soaked pussy and she screamed while kissing me, then she barely parted our lips, speaking breathlessly...

"Fuck..........Sunny........yes, pussy is all yours.......pleeeeeeeeeeeease fuck me, Sunny!"

I traced my tongue around her lips, letting her feel my breath on her mouth...

"I WILL fuck you, baby...Sunny will take possession of Blue's pretty pussy...I love being your wife and your very own make me want to be VERY hot and slutty for you!"

Blue whimpered and dug her nails in my ass, fucking my mouth with her tongue. FUCK! I love that!

We arrived at our room and the door opened. I took Blue's hand and led her to the bed to sit on the edge...I started to remove her clothes while giving her wet little kisses on her lips and looking into her eyes. I pulled on her bottom lip, then kept my mouth close to hers...

"Now, my sweet baby...tell your hot, slutty wife, who loves you intensely and would do anything you want in bed, what it is Blue desires."


I had her clothes off...I smiled at her...

"Spread your legs for Sunny, baby....."

Part five is tomorrow...
Thank-you for reading!
Love to all,
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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Blue Is A Pussy Tease - A Few Days In The City - Part Three

Gentle readers, this is part three of a 5-part daily series. If you haven't read parts 1 and 2, I hope you'll do so before reading this one. Thank-you!

Blue and I finally got dressed...I in a loose-fitting, short, little pleated skirt that won't let me lean over...not even a little, and little top that went almost to my waist. No bra. No panties either...I want Blue to able to get to my pussy anytime she wants it.

Blue looked incredible! She wore her tux with a gorgeous white shirt...unbuttoned just enough to show her inviting cleavage. I'm always so proud to be seen with her.

We had no sooner gotten off the penthouse express elevator when three women started checking Blue out. I held onto Blue's arm real tight and pulled her very close to me to take possession of her...I wanted them to know Blue is mine and I am hers, and that NO ONE gets the good stuff they were looking at but ME.

We made it to the restaurant in time and were escorted to our normal private booth. Like the rest of the tables, it has a table cloth that reaches the floor. The seat is circular, so we were able to sit right beside each other.

Blue had her purse on the other side of her, and I didn't see her reach into it...I sure felt it, though...

...the bullet vibe way inside me started softly tingling my pussy...Blue just sat there and smiled while my back involuntarily arched and my eyes closed...

"Blue....oooooooohhhhh Blue........"

"It's only on the low setting, baby."

"Fuck! That feels nice!"

She turned it up in intensity...I felt the vibration move throughout my body! Blue reached between my legs and caressed my inner thigh, her fingers sliding very close to my pussy. She spoke softly, but so hotly into my ear...

"Mmmmmmm....I think my baby likes that."

My head was laying back against the mouth was open and my breathing was getting deeper. I had to be careful not speak too loudly...

"Fuck.........fuck........your baby LOVES it...and your baby is going to ATTACK you when we get back to our room! Now, you'd better turn it off, because our server will be here any minute!"

Blue turned it off, but right after she did, she couldn't resist hitting the "high" button just once! 
My body jumped so hard! At the same time, I clamped my hand on her thigh muscle and squeezed real hard...

"Stop it, you little pussy tease!"

All she could do was giggle...I glared at her...and she giggled even more. Damn, she's so sweet when she giggles, she completely melts me.

Just then, our server showed up. Blue ordered first...and did very well with my hand rubbing her pussy through her pants under the table...

The table was big enough for six people, and the server was on the opposite side from us, so he suspected nothing.

I started to order, hoping Blue would be a good girl. Since she's the well-behaved of the two of us, you'd think so, right?

You would be wrong.

Blue couldn't resist hitting the medium button just once! My body jumped a little and our server couldn't help but notice!

"Miss Johansen? Are you alright? Can I help you with something?"

"'m fine, thank you...just a pain in my leg that spasms once in a while. Thank-you for asking."

He left and I whipped my head around to Blue, threw my hair back, and menacingly narrowed my eyes at her. She fell back against the seat in a mass of helpless giggles, her pretty bangs in her eyes.

"You fucking tease! Fuck! After dinner, I am going to fuck you as hard as I WANT, for as LONG as I want! I'm not letting go of you till I'm DONE!"

I should have known that wouldn't threaten Blue...she loves wild sex as much as I do. She leaned real close to get her lips almost touching mine...she spoke with her breath against my mouth...

"Ooooooohhhh nooooooooo! I hope ya don't fuck me TOO hard!"

While she said that, she slid her finger through my sloppy-drippy pussy, then sucked her finger with her head innocently tilted, looking right at me with her do-me-or-I'll-die eyes.

Then, she just HAD to do it...she turned the vibe on low and left it on, then flicked her tongue at my lips. I leaned to her neck and trailed my tongue up her neck to her ear and spoke softly...

"Oh Blue.....please, baby....pleeeeeeeeeeease...I can't make it through this dinner unless I cum...I won't make it........."

Blue held my face and kissed me, then whispered against my lips...
"I got this, baby...don't worry."

Blue slipped under the table, concealed by the floor length tablecloth. I spread my legs for her and she buried her face between my wet thighs.

 Part four is tomorrow...
Thank-you for reading!
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