Monday, May 30, 2016

May 30, 2016

Honey fetish conclusion...

Blue screamed when I fucked my tongue hard into her honey-covered ass...


She raised her ass in the air and spread her legs farther, urging my tongue in deeper...wanting more and more...I covered her body with handfuls of honey. Good thing our bathroom has a floor drain, because we were making a huge mess and loving every bit of it!
She looked so beautiful with a thick layer of honey all over her body! I had my arms under her, holding her as I struggled to push my face harder against her tongue relentlessly fucking her...showing her ass no mercy. Soft squeals escaped her...she had her hands flat on the floor, fucking back at my face...


Wiggling my tongue deep inside her ass, I slid my finger inside her pretty pussy and massaged her g-spot.

Of course, that was all it took...Blue's body exploded with violent spasms in a screaming-out-loud orgasm!

I kept at her...riding her ass with my finger going crazy in her pussy...lots and lots of her sweet cum filled my hand!

When her orgasm passed, Blue's hips fell down on the edge of the bathtub, her legs still spread...she had her forehead resting on her hands. Her ass and thigh muscles were quivering...I rubbed all of her cum, mixed with the honey, all over her back and thighs, massaging her muscles.

She was still trying to catch her breath.  "Oh..........Sunny........fuck....."

I climbed out and laid down, then pulled her on top of my body with her legs straddling me. I cuddled her, still caressing her back and thighs. We kissed ever-so-deeply and I held her to make her feel cherished and forever-loved.

"I love you so, so very much, my precious Blue."

"I love YOU, so very much, Sunny."


"Yes, my love?"

"Just...I wanted to have honey dripping from your pussy onto mine...and...well...its pretty damn exciting."

Blue kissed me, then slid off me...and I didn't see this coming...

She slid me back into our honey-tub! Fuck, I loved it! I laughed and crawled to the edge...she was there to meet me.

She gently held my face and kissed me, then lovingly kept my face in her hands...

"18 hours, Sunny...18 hours of honey...ya know it's been 18 hours? Of honey?"

I smiled into her pretty eyes...."Yes, my baby....thank-you...I do...and its one of the zillion reasons why I love you more than anything else in this world!"

Thank-you for reading!
My love to all,

© 2016 Sunny Johansen


Friday, May 27, 2016

May 27, 2016

Continued from the last post on May 25th, just below this one. 
This post involves the use of a 90 degree double dildo. Be very, very careful in using one of these. As always, everything I write really happened, but please be WAY more gentle than the impression I've given. Painful damage can take place. Yours, or a pussy you love, could be harmed.

We dumped the other five gallons of honey in the tub. We were now sitting in honey up to our waists! Fuck! I loved it and my pussy was going crazy!

I leaned way back against the back of the pussy was throbbing hard just from the honey!...I could just feel my juices oozing out into the honey...I spread my legs for Blue and she smiled at me while her two fingers slid very easily, way into my honey-submerged pussy...

"Ya like that don't you, baby...I know you love all this honey."

I could hardly talk between my deep breaths and my body near spasm.  " only thing better than my Blue is my Blue and honey!"

My body shook hard...between Blue finger-fucking me and all that luscious honey, I could have cum any second!

That's why she removed her fingers and reached for our right angle double dildo...the short part is a 90-degree angle...perfect to wear by one woman fucking another while getting a lot of pleasure!


Oh my...all that honey too. Blue laid on top of me...she was in a LOT of honey too...I covered her back and her ass with honey.  She slid the short upward part of the toy into hot, eager pussy swallowed up the longer, bigger end...I had so much lovely, gooey honey inside me, it quickly slid all the way to the back of my pussy...I raised my ass off the bottom of the tub...Blue's end was moving so nicely inside her, rubbing her g-spot...

"That's it my Sunny...take it all, my wonderful, hot little slut...."

I looked into Blue's captivating eyes...she knows how hot it makes me to be her very own slutty little bad girl...belonging to her to only her...

"Oh...fuck yeah...I AM Blue's own personal slut...take possession of me...claim me as your very own fucktoy...fuck, I love you!"

"Sunny belongs to Blue and Blue belongs to Sunny...fuck, I love YOU! Now, hold onto my ass, baby...Blue's going to ride you HARD!"

I held Blue's ass while her hot, curvy hips fucked the huge toy in and out of me, ramming the back of my pussy...making me scream like HELL each time...

My body went insane! The honey was so slippery-gooey, the big toy slid so easily every time Blue shoved it VERY deep inside me...she kissed me roughly and fucked me HARD, screaming into my mouth each time she rammed it to the back of my pussy...I screamed back at her, at the same time, trying to devour more of her mouth...


Blue's body was slapping the honey as she fucked me...I held onto her slippery ass and fucked back at her, meeting her each time...then, both of our bodies went into spasm...we were about to cum together!


Blue pounced her open mouth onto my shoulder, right on the one little spot she knows to bite me...right where she knows she can bite me VERY hard and make me cum instantly...I slid my finger way between her ass cheeks...

Our screaming was deafening, echoing off the bathroom walls...both our bodies spasmed violently and we came hard...still savagely fucking each other...riding out a fucking hot orgasm! was so fucking amazing...................

Blue fell on my body and we gave each other lots and lots of honey-covered kisses...the toy was still inside both of us...I held it with my pussy and held Blue's ass while I slid my hips on hers, working the toy around inside her pussy...

Blue's breath was hot on my mouth...I spoke to her ever-so-softly and hotly, "Perhaps baby would like to give me her ass so I can drive my tongue waaaaaaaay inside you and tongue-fuck your ass real, REAL hard..."

Blue squealed joyfully...she eagerly turned around and bent at the waist, laying on the deck outside the sunken tub, her legs hanging down...

"Very nice! To whom does Blue's ass belong, baby?"

She yelled, "Belongs to Sunny! Blue's ass belongs to Sunny!"

I purred with utter delight and buried my face between Blue's pretty ass cheeks...

More on this when I continue...

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

May 25, 2016

I'm so sorry I've taken so long to update. My charity is so many people left behind by many need my help. I will soon devote a blog entry to explaining, in depth, the work I do offline. Many people do ask, so I should do that.


Blue and I stepped into the bath five gallon bucket of honey in the tub...another outside the tub.

Our bath tub is huge...more than big enough for two people and heated, because a bath tub can be very cold without warm water in it!

I closed the drain and Blue and I started slathering double-handfuls of honey on each other...oh fuck! My pussy was already on fire!

Blue knows what this does to me. It's my fetish...and while it isn't hers, she does love to drive me insane with it! She kept covering me with honey and we were both covered with a LOT of it. And what wasn't staying on our bodies, was collecting in the tub. Soon, we would have ten gallons of honey...covering us and in the tub!

We don't cover our faces with honey, but a lot does get on our faces from licking it off each other...and how would we suck each others pussies without getting honey all over our cheeks?

My pussy was already throbbing with excitement...we had the first bucket almost empty...Blue was rubbing huge handfuls of honey all over me...all over my neck, shoulders, my breasts and my was flowing down to my pussy and she started rubbing my clit with one hand and rubbing honey all over me with the other.

I laid down in the honey...already, there was six inches of honey in the tub and my pussy was submerged in the honey.

Fuck! It felt so damn good! Blue had two fingers slipping and sliding so easily in and out of my pussy!

"Blue! Fuck! You're going to make me cum! Fuck me, baby!"

Blue smiled and let her fingers wiggle like crazy inside me, her other hand rubbing my clit...I leaned my head back in the body spasmed hard and I raised my ass to meet her finger-thrusts in my body exploded in a hard, violent orgasm...I came like HELL in the honey with Blue riding my pussy with her fingers!

Then my orgasm passed and Blue slid her hands up and down my thighs, which were under the honey...I gently pulled her on top of me with her legs spread, straddling my body...we kissed oh-so-passionately, our tongues making love inside our mouths.

We purred and whimpered to each other...kissing and sucking our honey-covered lips...trying to get more and more of our mouths...then, licking each others lips...

I scooped handfulls of honey onto Blue's back, letting the honey slide slowly and luxuriously all over her. More handfuls on her hands playing with the honey and her fingers sliding through her ass cheeks.

I was on fire all over again...I had my hands on Blue's ass, one VERY well lubricated finger playing with her opening...Blue was licking my lips, breathing hard...trying to speak between licks with her breath deep and hot on my mouth...

" baby....make me cum?....please baby?....make me cum real hard?...please?"

" sweet know I will!"

I stayed just the way I was, lying on my back in the honey...I raised my knee enough to get perfect contact with Blue's pussy...I held her hips and pushed her against my thigh, my finger still between her ass cheeks, tightly rimming her opening...

Blue's body went crazy and she fucked herself HARD on my thigh...


With our bodies laying in six inches of honey, I used one hand to hold her tightly to my pussy while she fucked herself on my strong thigh other hand holding her firmly between her ass cheeks, my finger pressing harder on her opening and rubbing in a tight circle...

Blue fucked harder and screamed out loud, then pounced her mouth onto mine...still screaming as her body tensed hard...she tongue-fucked my throat...while she came and came and came, her cum flowed onto my body and mixed with all that honey!

"Oh're the fucking hottest woman on earth!"

Blue didn't answer...she was breathlessly licking, kissing and sucking my lips...

"Oh FUCK, Blue...I want more of you...and I want more honey...I want more of you IN more honey!"

Blue bit my lip with her lips..she kept her mouth there and spoke hotly.  "Then my Sunny shall have me...and I hope you're ready lover, because I'm going to get our biggest toy and!"

My nails dug into Blue's ass and a lightning bolt shot through my pussy...she sat up on her knees and looked at me. "Help me dump the other five gallons in here, Sunny? I want both our bodies fucking in a honey pool!"

I sat up quickly and screamed! "FUCK YES!"

More on this when I continue as soon as I can...

Thank-you for reading!
Love to all,

© 2016 Sunny Johansen

Saturday, May 21, 2016

May 21, 2016

Continuing my honey fetish, not from the last post, but from the May 18th post. It's on this same might want to scroll down there and review the ending of that one.

After I finished typing this entry,
Blue devoured my pussy and made me cum many times. She made me a very lucky lady as only she I fucked her very hard...just the way she likes it...


Blue and I were both covered head to toe in a thick layer of honey...playing in puddle of honey!  Just watching Blue squirting honey into her pussy nearly pushed me over the edge!

She got on her knees and I eagerly slid between between them, my face right under her...Blue let the honey dribble from her pussy, right into my mouth and on my face...

"Ooooooo...yes, my Blue...feed baby your honey!"

I rubbed her clit while honey oozed from her beautiful pussy...her body shook hard and her clit swelled even more...

"Fuck Sunny! I'm going to cum all over you!"

Her pussy dripped honey and Bluejuices all over my face...oh fuck...I was in heaven!

She was still on her knees, but very wobbly. I was able to look up into her eyes. "Wanna make your baby your pussy-slut? Wanna feed me your pussy, sweetheart?"

I reached up and held her honey-slippery hips to pull her down to me.

"Fuck me hard...make me cum!"

I pulled her down to my face. "There you go, sweetie...feed baby your pussy....I'll let you fuck my tongue..."

I open my mouth wide and held my hands under her ass...Blue lowered her throbbing pussy onto me..I buried my face deeply into her pussy and fucked my tongue into her...she started to gently fuck my face, her pussy seeming to suck more of my tongue farther in...


I opened my mouth wider and sucked ALL of her, clit and all, into my mouth...I sucked her so fucking hard and used my tongue to fuck against her hot swollen out lips...

Oh yeah...I had a delicious, honey-covered mouthful of Blue...I slid my thumb between her ass cheeks and massaged her honey-lubricated opening...


I slid up so her pussy was over my body and and attacked her clit with my fingers...she fell down on her hands on both sides of me, on her hands and knees...I looked into her eyes with her clit firmly between my two fingers...

"Cum all over my body, baby...Sunny belongs to Blue...possess me and make me your cum-slut...."

That did it...Blue's body went into uncontrollable spasms...her ass still in the air, her lips fell upon mine and she tongue-fucked her way to my throat, screaming loudly into my mouth...I purred and whimpered back at her while a hot river of cum flowed from her pussy, burning my skin...

Ooooooooohhhhhhhh fuck! So much cum! How fucking wonderful!

Blue kept fucking her clit against my fingers while her cum covered me, from over my breasts and my tummy and...oh fuck!...flowing over my pussy!

Before long, Blue relaxed her body onto mine, kissing me very deeply. I wrapped my arms and legs around her...all that sloppy-slippery honey, now mixed with Bluecum, felt sooooooooo fucking good!

We were still licking each others lips....."Oh sweet, precious baby...I love you so, so much...."

"Mmmmmmmm...oh Sunny...fuck, I love you!"

She turned her body around on top of me and, oh-so-lovingly and affectionately, we licked and kissed each others's something we do because our love is so intense...

Okay, okay...sometimes it stays "loving and affectionate"...sometimes not...

I stood up and took her hand, helping her to her feet...two beautiful, shining, shimmering, honey-covered women headed to the bathroom...

Nooooooooo....we were far, FAR from finished...

Awaiting us in our large, two-person bathtub?  Two five-gallon buckets of honey...and we intended to use every drop...

I will continue this within the next few days...                                                                    
Thank-you for reading!
Love to all, 

© 2016 Sunny Johansen

Thursday, May 19, 2016

May 19, 2016

I hope, more of my honey fetish on this post...and that will continue over the next few posts...I promise!

Just to remind you, what I write is real, no fiction. These are the sexual goings-on between Blue and I.

I love having my pussy excited when I write these for all of you...I write much better with my pussy dripping wet and throbbing. Naturally, I'm sitting on a would too if you lived naked, as Blue an I do...and are so easily turned on as we are.

Writing these only makes me hotter...MUCH hotter. And I rarely get through a few sentences without pausing to play with myself a little while thinking of the next line.

Sometimes, Blue stops her own work and watches as I stop occasionally, nonchalantly  massaging my juices flowing out and down to my ass. I know she's watching...but, I don't even look at her. I'm concentrating on my writing, right?

When I finish writing, I set my computer aside, lay back and spread my legs for my hot lady...Blue dives between my thighs and buries her face in my pussy, holding my ass and fucking her expert tongue inside me as far as she can...I love when she sucks my large outer lips into her mouth, torturing them with her tongue...making hot, wet sucking sounds and swallowing my juices that fill her mouth, letting me know she can't get enough of them.

She lets my outer lips slip out to her lips and squeezes them with her lips, then pulls them HARD...making me raise my ass in the air and scream...driving me out of my fucking mind! Then, her fingers attack my hot, swollen clit while she sucks me more...I cum within seconds, filling her mouth to overflowing with my cum...

Oh yeah...Blue always takes VERY good care of her baby's pussy...

She keeps my cum in her mouth, crawls up to me and kisses me...she lets some of my cum flow into my mouth and our tongues play with it...we hold onto each others bodies and roll all over our king-size-and-half size bed while devouring our mouths, my cum running down our cheeks and necks, her pussy dripping all over both of us...

We lick my cum off each others faces and necks, then smother each other in kisses before I slide down between her silky-smooth thighs and make love to her sweet pussy.

Damn...I haven't even talked about honey in this blog entry. I'm sorry...I do have an excuse.

It's because right now, as I've been typing this, she has been under the table, licking and kissing my inner thighs...and getting closer and closer to my soaking-wet pussy...

Her patience is running out...she has my orchid lips spread and she's flicking my clit with her tongue-tip...

I'd better run for baby wants to fuck me...

My honey fetish will continue in the next day or two.

Thank-you for reading!
Love to all,

© 2016 Sunny Johansen

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

May 18, 2016

This continues where the last post left off. The last few posts, and this one, have to do with my honey fetish. At the end of the last post, Blue and I were completely covered in a thick layer of honey from neck to toes and lying in a honey puddle!

*Note*  It's my fetish, not Blue's, but she loves to indulge my fetish for me because she knows what it does to me...and I love her for that! If you missed any of the last few posts about this, you'll want to scroll down on this same page and read them first. Thank-you!

I parted our lips and screamed. "FUCK!  BLUE!  I'M CUMMING HARD!"

Blue let go of my hair and grabbed my ass, holding me onto her body...pressing my soaked pussy roughly against her. We were both covered in a thick, slippery layer of honey...

With all that lubricant to work with, Blue shoved her finger inside my ass and ravaged me...fucking the HELL out of my ass while swollen pussy fucked against her tummy...


Blue added a second finger to my ass and wiggled those fingers like crazy! My shaking, trembling body came fucking HARD and my pussy POURED my burning cum all over my lovely, honey-covered Blue!

When my fantastic orgasm passed, every muscle I had was still quivering...I collapsed on top of Blue, splattering our luscious cum-and-honey mixture...she slid her hands up and down my back and wrapped her legs around me...we kissed ever-so-deeply, letting our tongues play with each other.

Then I spoke against her lips, " sweet, wonderful Blue...I love you so fucking MUCH."

"I love YOU so fucking much, Sunny!"

Then we kissed harder...roughly...devouring each other in a mass of purring and whimpering...our tongues fucking our mouths...

"Oh....Blue...I want your pussy...I HAVE to have my mouth full of your pussy"

"Ooooooooo...would baby like to suck the honey from my pretty pussy?"

"Fuck yes!"

"Hmmmm...perhaps I should get on my hands and knees and feed baby honey with my pussy, then lower my pussy to her mouth and feed my pussy to her."

"Fuck YES!

Blue KNOWS what she's doing to me...she buried her hand between my thighs and played with my honey-covered, throbbing, over-sexed outer lips so hot and swollen...

She bit my bottom lip with both of hers and pulled on it, her breath hot against my open mouth.  "Does baby promise to suck my pussy real fucking hard and make me scream while I pull her hair, holding my ass and not letting go of me?"

I bit her neck, screaming, then yelled, "FUCK YES, BLUE!  GIVE BABY YOUR PUSSY!!!"

My hot lover screamed with delight when I bit her, then she got the squeeze honey bottle and, smiling, filled her pussy with honey for me....

More when this continues in the next one or two days...

Thank-you for reading!
My love to all,
© 2016 Sunny Johansen

Monday, May 16, 2016

May 16, 2016

We climbed off the bed onto a very large sheet of plastic on the floor. Our bedroom is huge so we had a very large area to play.

Blue is so wonderful...she lets me do whatever I want with honey, using as much as I want.

She got on her back with her knees up and I sat on her tummy, leaning back against her thighs...

I smiled at her while pouring a luscious river of honey down the entire front of my body, starting at my neck. It flowed very slowly down over both of my large breasts and between them. I kept pouring the honey right on the base of my neck and just it flow down my body...

The honey got to my tummy and just kept flowing slowly. felt so wonderful!

I had my legs spread apart so Blue could see my pussy...I was so fucking hot and juices were flowing down to my ass...Blue slid her finger from my ass to my pussy, making my body jump...

"Oooooohhhh, my're going to make your baby cum aaaaallllllllll over you........"

"Go ahead and cum, sweetheart...I'd LOVE to be covered in honey and Sunnycum...."

I poured the last of the quart of honey on my body...honey was now flowing over my pussy.

"Blue....fuck, this feels good!"

My outer pussy lips were large, swollen and very hot...I couldn't wait for Blue to suck them, which she does so well...she started massaging my pussy as the honey was now flowing onto her lovely body...

"Blue, you look so fucking good covered in honey...I just want to eat you up!"

"Guess what, baby...I think I shall let you do that!"

I let lots of honey flow onto her body and spread it all over her...we both had a thick layer of honey on our bodies, so it wasn't sticky...just delightfully gooey. FUCK! That turns me on!

I leaned forward and rested on my hands, sliding my throbbing, orchid pussy all over Blue's tummy...I brought my mouth to hers while fucking myself against her and her thick layer of honey...she held my hair and kissed me very hotly, then spoke against my lips...

"Cum for me, baby...cum all over me...I want to be covered head to toe with honey and Sunnycum..."

My body was pussy was throbbing harder...Blue pulled my hair harder, urging me on...she knew how fucking much I loved this...we were both breathing harder and I was whimpering more and more...

"That's it, sweetheart...give it to me...I want every drop of your cum burning my body."

She attacked my mouth, trying to devour me...she fucked her tongue against mine...

I screamed into her mouth and a fucking earthquake was overtaking my body...

More when I continue this very soon...

Thank-you for reading!
My love to all, 
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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

May 11, 2016

Continued from the last post right below this one...

I withdrew my tongue from Blue's ass only long enough to slip around between her legs...I spread her ass cheeks and used my tongue to play with her opening, flicking it with just the tip, then just barely pushing it in...

Blue had her forehead on the mattress, shoving her ass at me, urging me on, trying to get more of my tongue...

"Ooooooohhhhhh...Sunneeeeeee....more baby!"

I removed my tongue and spoke while squirting more honey deep between her ass cheeks...

"Who's your hot, slutty little nympho, baby? Who's your own personal fucktoy?"


I spread her cheeks and POUNCED my mouth between them, fucking my tongue HARD into her honey-flooded ass...I reached down and ravaged her swollen clit at the same time...


I pushed my face harder between her cheeks and fucked my tongue even DEEPER into her ass, wiggling it like crazy, just the way she likes it...her clit was so damn swollen and hot between my fingers, she was going to cum any second!


I drove my tongue mercilessly into her ass...all that honey flowed down over her pussy, slickly lubricating my fingers tormenting her clit...I slipped my thumb inside her pussy and gently massaged her g-spot...

...then, her body tensed up...her ass tightened on my tongue and she shoved it eagerly at my face...her clit suddenly lit on fire and she screamed loud enough to echo off the nearby mountains...

Blue came real hard! Her lovely cum flowed from her pretty pussy into my hand...I kept tongue-fucking her ass and riding her clit with my fingers, making sure I got all her cum...

When her orgasm passed, Blue's body rested back onto my lap...her breathing very deep...her thigh muscles still quivering...

I spread her cum all over my breasts and tummy...

" are the hottest thing on earth!"

"Noooooo....Sunny is!"

I reached for the quart jar of honey...things were about to get way hotter...

More when this continues in the next day or so...

Thank-you for reading!
Love to all,

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Protected under Chapter 17
U.S. Code


Monday, May 9, 2016

May 9, 2016

...I slid my honey-lubricated finger between Blue's ass cheeks...she raised her pretty ass in the air and purred like a contented kitten...

"Oh yes, Sunny...please play with my ass...fuck yes............"

I slid my finger farther down and slid it just ONCE over her opening...her whole body shook and fell onto my lap...


I used the little honey squeeze bottle and dribbled more honey deep between her cheeks...

"Does my baby like honey on her ass?"

"Yes, I do, Sunny! Fuck yes!"

I slid my finger all around her opening...Blue grabbed bigger handfulls of the covers...her body was trembling...

"Ooooooo...perhaps I should fill your ass with honey and slide my tongue in there as far as it will go....I mean waaaaaaaaay inside your ass."

I played with her ass some more, rimming her opening, using lots of honey as a lubricant...Blue was now shoving her ass at my finger and breathing deeply...

I got between her legs and kissed her ass all over, but stopped there just for a second..

" baby...your pussy is covered with honey...if I fill your pussy with honey, will you climb on top of me and let it dribble all over my body?"


I slipped my tongue just inside Blue's ass...Blue screamed and fucked her ass back at my face...

More when this continues...

Thank-you for reading!
My love to all,

Copyright 2016 Sunny Johansen

Friday, May 6, 2016

May 6, 2016

Since I don't want you to miss any of this, the preceding posts are all below this.

...By now, you may have nailed down my fetish: Honey.

It's not Blue's's mine. Because she loves me, Blue often indulges my fetish, and it's one of the zillion reasons I love her.

I cannot think about honey without getting dripping wet. Just thinking about it makes my pussy throb very hard.

Some people think, "But it's so sticky!"  No, not if you use a lot of it at a time, which I do. Blue and I used about a gallon of honey that night! The more you use, the more it's delightfully gooey and slippery!

You'll understand more of this, the farther I progress with it.

(Oh damn...ya see? I'm already hot as hell and I've hardly said anything yet!)

I set the honey jar on the nightstand for now and started rubbing Blue's ass. She purred deliciously at the touch of my hand...

"Ooooooooo...ya like that, don't you baby..."

All she could do was purr some more...I could see her breathing deepen. In no time, her pussy would be dripping on my lap. I rubbed her lovely ass a little slower, then used just my fingertips to caress it.

" sweet make feel so fucking good. Please don't stop...more...please give me more."

"Stop? Noooooo...I'm just getting started, my love."

Holy hell...she wasn't going to last long at all...

I slid a finger from between her pussy and ass, all the way up between her ass cheeks...she squealed with delight! I did it a few more times and Blue's body jumped...she put her forehead on the mattress, grabbing the covers...Blue was already breathless...

"Fuck yes, Sunny...more baby....more!"

"Mmmmmmmm...I'll give you all you want hotstuff!

I dipped, just for now, only one finger in the honey jar...that finger was about to drive Blue out of her mind...

More when I continue this...

Thank-you for reading!
My love to all,

Copyright 2016 Sunny Johansen
U.S. Code, Chapter 17 protected.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

May 5, 2016

Continued from the last post, just below this one...

...Blue didn't let up! Through her monstrous orgasm, she just kept fucking me...her lovely cum flowing from her pussy under the strapon and down her thighs...

All through my orgasm, she kept ramming the big toy into me...splattering all my cum all over both of us!

After forever, our bodies did relax...I let go of my ankles and Blue gently pulled my end from my pussy...I arched my back as the smooth toy wetly slid out, bringing with it more of my cum which dribbled down to the opening of my ass.

Before she could remove the strapon, I giggled and I held my end and moved it around in circles, which moved HER end, still inside her, all around the walls of her pussy...


I giggled some more! She took off the strapon and fell on top of me...I wrapped my arms and legs around her and gave her long caresses down her back while I smothered her lips with kisses...I wanted her to feel so-very-loved and forever cherished...just the way she makes me feel. 

"I love you sooooooo much, Blue..."

"I love YOU, Sunny!"

I rolled us over with her on her back, then got up on my knees and looked in the waist-length hair was a wild, crazy mess...I call it my "Fucked Hard By Blue Look".

"Good thing you know how to treat my pussy baby, because ya really made a mess of my hair!"

"Oh, I did, did I? Well, maybe this will fix it!"

She sat up and spanked my ass real hard!  I laughed and turned my ass around to her.

"Ooooooooooo! I KNOW you can spank me harder than THAT!"

She took another swing at my ass, waaaaaaaaaay harder this time...

"Oh yeah! Getting better!"

Before she could spank me again, I slid down between her legs and very lovingly...very affectionately...licked and kissed her still-wet inner thighs, sucking and licking her cum from her skin...

Blue weaved her fingers through my hair...she knew I wasn't trying to get her going again...I was just being ultra-affectionate, wanting her to feel special...

I slid my mouth to her pussy and licked up all her cum from her, making a lot of sexy-sucking noises...swallowing all of her cum I could get...I always want her to know how precious she is to me.

I crawled up and sat against the headboard...Blue came up to me and kissed  me eagerly...pressing her lips firmly to mine. We purred and whimpered into each others mouths with pure hunger.

Then, Blue parted our kiss and laid her body across my lap...

"Sunny? Please rub my ass? Please?"

BUT, my baby had her legs spread apart...this was not to be just any old butt massage...and I did promise to tongue-fuck her ass...I LOVE what that does to her!

"Aaaaaawwww...yes, my hot lover...I will play mean...rub your ass for you."

Blue giggled. She knew she was in for a good time...

I gently slid her off me and ran to get a quart jar of honey.

That's what I said...a quart of honey...

I will go into that when I continue...

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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

May 3, 2016

...When she did, my pussy was so sloppy-wet, my end of Blue's strapon rammed right into me...Blue spread my legs farther apart and held them apart with her legs, pinning me arms were out straight and Blue held them down with her hands...

I could tell by the look of complete pleasure on Blue's face, her end of the double-dildo was waaaaaaaay deep inside her hot pussy...every time she fucked into me, she was fucking herself!

FUCK! I loved her holding me down and taking control of my body, fucking me to death!

"Yeah baby! Fuck the back of my pussy! Shove it in all the way!" 

We were both screaming each time she fucked into much as I could, I raised my ass off the mattress to meet her fucks and to try to shove her end farther into her...

Some deep guttural sounds were coming from Blue's throat and she fucked me harder, using long strokes, sliding almost all the way out, then ramming back into me! I could feel it hitting the back of my pussy! 

Blue kept me pinned down. I didn't struggle against her...I fucking LOVED it! She fucked me savagely, just the way I like it...ravaging my pussy and splattering my juices all over both of us!

My orgasm was only seconds away!

"Give it to me, lover! Own my pussy! I'M GONNA CUM, BABY!"


My body started to spasm, shaking hard! I tore my legs and arms from her grasp, kept my knees straight...I swung my ankles back to me and grabbed them, my legs spread apart and my pussy in the air for Blue...



Then, our orgasms exploded, rocking our bodies!

I will continue this...

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