Sunday, July 17, 2016

Teasing The UPS Man

This is a repost of one of my first entries, from February 13, 2015. It occurs to me that a lot of you haven't seen it. It was quite popular at the time and I'd love for you to read it while I work on my current entry, which should have been finished by now.

Like all but one of my blog entries, this really happened. The only blog entry that is fictional is also very good, and I'll likely repost that one, too. I'll tell you that when I post it so you'll know.

This happened before I met Blue. If I'd had her, I wouldn't have done it. Also, since then, I've realized it isn't nice for a lesbian to tease men, and I wouldn't do it again, Blue or no Blue.

Here we go:

I did not expect the golden opportunity which arose. The parcel delivery man   (I've always been a lesbian, so, don't get ahead of me)  rang the bell out at the gate. I told him I would come to the gate. It's a half mile.

Then the devil in me got started - I grabbed my skimpiest cutoffs. They only cover half my butt and only the frayed edges at the bottom cover my shaved pussy. No time for a shirt. (goodie!) I drove to the gate where a very young-looking UPS man waited. I walked up to breasts doing this sexy little bouncy thing.

Me: "Hi! Package?" He backs up a step.  (Oh, this was going to be fun!)  He just looks at me with his mouth open.

Him: "Um...uh...yes ma'am."  Still just standing there, the package tucked under his arm

Me: "Great! Could I...have it?"

Him: "Uh...oh...yes ma'am. Here you go"  He still doesn't know what color my eyes are. He hasn't looked that far up, yet.

Me: "Alrighty. Do I...sign something?"

Him: "Um, oh, yes ma'am."  Hands me the signing thing. I notice a wedding ring. Oh yeah! This was way too easy!

Me: "'re married."

Him: "Oh! Yes I am."  (Trying to convince himself?)

Me: "I'll bet your wife is very pretty."

Him: "Oh, yes! Yes, she is!"

Me: "Aww, that's great." I step very close to him. Now, he backs against the truck. He's pinned. My nipples are against his shirt. His breathing deepens. Oh, I am SO going to hell for this. I look deep into his eyes and continue...

"Here's what I want you to do. When you go home, go straight to her, pick her up, carry her to bed and I want you to fuck her REAL good for me. And when you just can't hold back ANY longer, you give it all to her REAL good and think about me...Sunny. Do you understand? Will you do that?"

No more "yes ma'am."  And I'd swear he's out of breath...
Him: "Yeah...yeah...I...I will!"

Me: "Good man."  I pat him on the shoulder and get back in my pickup truck and both my hands went straight between my took me about 30 seconds to cum like holy hell...I screamed so loud, I'm pretty sure I heard coyotes howling in the distance.

Thank-you for reading!
My love to all, 

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