Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Okay...I'm A Pussy Tease...

Continued from my last post...

Still on her tummy, Blue grabbed my hair hanging down on both sides of her. She had her ass in the air, shoving it against my hips while whimpering for me...

I slid my body down her back, trailing hot, wet kisses down her spine to her ass, speaking between kisses...
"Shall we see how much of my long, strong tongue baby can take in her ass? Would you like me to tongue-fuck you deep enough to make your ears wiggle?"

That made my baby scream in hot anticipation...

I slid my tongue down between her ass cheeks...her body started shaking with excitement...I spread her ass cheeks and DROVE my tongue deep into her ass!


I slipped my finger into her sloppy-drippy pussy and massaged her g-spot while fucking my tongue into her ass a far as I could...she was screaming at the top of her lungs...her voice echoing very loudly off the shower walls!

Blue fucked her ass back at me to get more of my tongue...her pussy tightened around my finger, her juices POURING FROM HER...her body was tense...so ready to cum...

Her body went crazy!  Blue came so fucking hard! I struggled to keep my tongue inside her!  Her orgasm lasted forever!

When it subsided, I laid myself down on the shower floor and gently pulled her on top of me...she spread her legs and straddled my body...her breath deep and hot against my neck.  I wrapped her with my arms and caressed her back and softly rubbed the back of her quivering thighs...she spoke breathlessly against my neck...
"Oh...oh my...Sunny...I love you sooooooo much..."

"I love YOU, my precious Blue...forever and ever until the end of time and beyond."

Her breath was still on my neck...  "Gee...that's a long time!"

"I know!  It's forever and stuff, so..."

I just laid there and kept holding and caressing her as she fell asleep on top of me, still breathing on my neck...damn...that made me hot all over again...

Whether you're male or female, and your wife or girlfriend is an always-horny, incurable nympho, don't fall asleep with your breath on her neck...

We spent the rest of that day, barely able to keep our hands off each other. That evening, we were both working on our computers. I was writing...you know...sex, of course.

I was playing with my pussy between thoughts, sometimes typing with one hand...I was leaning against the end of the couch on which I was sitting. Blue, needing to concentrate, was in a big, huge easychair across from me.

I shouldn't have to tell you this, but, of course, we were naked, as always. Since I'm such a bad girl, I HAD to be sitting so she could see my pussy...and see ME playing with it. I get so wet, good thing I'm always sitting on towels.

Blue looked up, over the top of her screen.
"Uh...Sunny? Please don't do that?"

"Do what, baby?"

"Playing with your pussy?"

"Oh...sorry baby."

I just kept playing with my big swollen outer lips...still typing with one hand, but not very well.

"Sunny?  You're still doing it. I thought you said you were sorry."

"Oh...yes. I AM sorry. I truly am, but that doesn't mean I'm stopping. That, I can't do."

Then I tossed my hair back and smiled hotly at her.

"Damn, Sunny. I think your brains are stuck in your pussy. You are SUCH a fucking slut!"

"Yes, but I'm YOUR fucking slut!"

I set my computer aside and grabbed a handful of my ass-length hair...I let her watch me swat my pussy with it. Her mouth opened a little, her eyes on my pussy...

"Oh...Sunny...no...don't do that."

"Ooooooooooo...I think baby wants my pussy..."

I draped one leg up on the back of the couch, my legs spread real wide for her...I tossed my hair aside...my finger disappeared deep inside my pussy...I arched my back with pure pleasure...
"Oh Blue...I wish this was you fucking me..."

That was when Blue set HER computer aside and spread her legs...

"Oh...Sunny...fuck...please come to me......."

I'll write more as soon as I can...

Thank-you for reading!
My love to all,

© 2016 Sunny Johansen

Friday, September 16, 2016

Blue's Slutty Whore - September 16, 2016

It didn't seem right to post on September 11th...

Continued from the last entry below...

Blue and I are not dom/sub. Neither of us is dominant over the other. With that in mind, kindly read on...

Blue raised her ass in the air for me...

"Ooooooooooohhhhh Sunny...yes, yes yes."

I had my face buried between her ass cheeks, my tongue flicking her opening...her body was tensing up.

I could have made her cum immediately, but I was in the mood to play with her...to bring her right to the edge, then back off and deny her. I would do that as many times as I wanted to...and it makes me hot as HELL.

Sometimes, I'm just a devilish little slut.

It often results in her attacking me with a double dildo buried deep inside her, and ramming my end to the back of my sloppy-drippy pussy.

I withdrew my tongue from her and straddled her ass, resting my large, swollen pussy on one of her firm ass cheeks.

FUCK!  That made my entire body start shaking!

My hot juices flowed down between her ass cheeks and flooded her opening...I slowly fucked myself on her...she raised her ass even higher for me and urged me on...

"Yeah Sunny!  Cum on my ass!"

I rubbed myself harder on her ass cheek, fucking against it ferociously and screaming...my juices formed a river down her back...deep inside me, an earthquake orgasm was building and I was shaking hard!


I came so fucking hard!!!!

My cum flowed from my pussy and I kept fucking myself against her, riding her ass cheek...fuck!...I cum so much!

When my orgasm passed, Blue stayed on her tummy on the bench and I gently laid myself on top of her, my pussy still oozing cum on her ass...

Blue was rubbing her ass against me as much as she could, being under me...
"Sunny...please...fuck me now...please fuck me!"

I had her pinned to the bench...I was in control. I teased the back of her neck...licking her there and sucking her skin. That drives her crazy!  I slid my mouth near her ear...
"Would baby like to have my tongue in her ass?"


"Would baby like to have my tongue way, waaaaaaaaaay inside her ass?"


I slid down far enough to reach under her and softly play with her clit with one finger...
"Ooooooooo....if your hot, slutty woman is such a bad girl, you'll have to pull me over your lap and spank me."

After I said that, juices started pouring from my pussy again...Blue's body was trembling hard from my finger on her clit. I pulled my finger away...


I laid back down her back and got my lips close to her ear so she could feel my hot breath on her skin...her body was still shaking as I spoke softly... 
"My precious baby...I can make you cum whenever I want you to cum...as many times as I want you to cum...even when you don't think you can cum again, I can STILL make you cum. I know how...that's why I belong to you."

A few notes:

It makes me horny as hell to be Blue's hot fucktoy...her own personal slut who LOVES doing anything to her she desires.  THAT drives me out of my mind, insanely hot. 

It's the reason I dress as hotly as possible when we go to the city. 

When I dress like that, my dresses are very loose-fitting and don't cover my ass. My tops go halfway or completely to my waist, draping over my breasts. No panties. No bra. Six-inch "fuck me" heels.

My hair is platinum blonde and goes to my ass.  My deep, dark tan covers my entire body...and you'd better know, it's not sprayed on.  It's the result of many, MANY days of nude sunbathing.

[Note:  Yes, I'm VERY vain about my looks, but that doesn't make me centered unto my self. Please read my profile.]

I love dressing that way and she likes the world seeing her hot lady. She likes to wrap her arm around my ass...her hand under my way-too-short, loose little dress and resting it on my hip, letting everyone know I belong to her...claiming me...taking possession of me.

When Blue does that, it makes my pussy throb hard!

I hold onto her, letting everyone know Blue is mine...all mine...and no one else may have her.


I can cum very easily simply by pleasuring her...WITHOUT any contact with my pussy at ALL.

I'll write more as soon as possible.

Thank-you for reading!
My love to all,

© 2016 Sunny Johansen

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Hot Fucking With My Long Tongue

Don't miss the last entry, September 4th, just below this one!

Blue and I climbed out of the pool...damn...she looked so hot with the water running down her body!

I took her hand and we headed for the shower...

She smiled hotly at me.  "I guess you're going help me with my shower, huh?"

"You know I can't leave you alone in the shower, baby!"

It's true...I can't shower without getting horny...if Blue isn't in there to play with me, I ALWAYS fuck myself.

We turned on the water and Blue sat on the marble bench. The bench is out from the wall by a few feet. She leaned back, spread her legs for me and patted her pussy...
"Come to me, my hot baby...take my body and do whatever you want, as long as you make me cum DAMN hard."

I smiled and slid my body between her thighs. I massaged her pretty pussy while kissing her.

I slid my long tongue into her mouth...she whimpered and tried to get more of my lips with hers...I fucked my tongue toward her throat and purred at her.

She parted our lips and spoke with her hot breath against my.mouth...
Sunny? Ya know what your baby wants don't you?

"Fuck yes...fuck yes, I do...lie down and give your ass to your very own slutty fucktoy. ..Blue's ass belongs to Sunny."

Blue smiled and laid her body lengthwise on the bench, straddling it...surrendering her ass and sweet pussy to her woman...her woman who knows how to make her cum and cum and cum...

I held my lover's perfect ass and slid my long tongue between her ass cheeks...

I hope to write more tomorrow...

Thank-you for reading!
My love to all,

Sunday, September 4, 2016

So Fucking Hot And Horny - The Series - September 4, 2016

Continuing a series that started August 6th.  Very short entries. Only a few paragraphs each. The last one is just below this one. Please read the others and get caught up?  Thank-you!

...The harder Blue fucked me with the giant toy, the harder I sucked her pussy...her juices were flowing so heavily, my mouth couldn't contain them!  Though I swallowed and swallowed, I had Bluejuices flowing down my cheeks to my neck!

Maybe that's why she was pounding my pussy so hard with the awesome toy...it stretched my pussy so fucking well and I screamed each time it hit the back of me!  My oily pussy was so wet, the toy made loud, sloppy noises as she fucked me!  My back was arched with my body's building earthquake...Blue's body was a mass of shaking and trembling! 

I opened my mouth against her pussy and screamed!

Then, both our bodies spasmed and went fucking insane...we were cumming together!  Blue was fucking amazing, still fucking me all the way through her hard orgasm!  I fucked her with my fingers and sucked her clit, letting her delicious cum flow down onto my body!

After our forever orgasm passed, both our bodies collapsed...mine relaxing down onto the mattress, hers relaxing down onto mine.



Our bodies still reversed, I wrapped my arms around her waist and gave her pussy lots of sloppy-wet kisses...she gently slid the toy from me, slid her hands under my ass and smothered my still-dripping pussy with little sucks and licks...

"My Blue...you're so fucking perfect...so perfect..."

Blue turned around on my body and wrapped me with her arms and legs...we kissed soooooooo deeply, whimpering and purring to each other.

"You WOULD be perfect, Sunny...IF you weren't all greasy and stuff right now, and you got ME all greasy and stuff, too!"

"Really?  Well, let me fix that for you, sweetheart."

I picked her up in my arms and walked to the edge of the pool.

"Put me down, Sunny!  I hate the pool!"

"Ha!  I know you do!  But hey, you're all "greasy and stuff"!  You have to go in!"

I tossed her in the water...only 4 and a half feet deep.  I did a racing dive, very shallow, then dove underwater and rose between her legs...I pulled on her pussy a few times with my lips.

I heard her scream while I was underwater...she grabbed my hair and pulled me up...we wrapped our arms around each other.

"I love you so much, Sunny!"
"I love YOU so much, Blue!"

I'll write more as soon as possible...

Thank-you for reading!
My love to all,

© 2016 Sunny Johansen

Thursday, September 1, 2016

So Fucking Hot And Horny - The Series - September 1, 2016

Continuing from the last entry on August 31, just below this one. This series started August 6th. The entries are very short, so if you haven't been following along, it would be very easy to read them and get caught up!

As with everything I write on this blog unless I label it a fiction piece, this is a real account and happened just a few days ago. 

My hot baby joined me outside...nude, of course.  You expected otherwise?  No...not us...if we're home, we're naked as the day we were born.

I was asleep, covered with LOTS of oil, my body glistening in the sun.  I awoke to the feel of Blue massaging my oily, swollen pussy lips, sending intense pleasure through my body.

I could feel her breathing on my ear...her breaths were deep and hot...
"My my my, Sunnybuns...such large pussy lips you have. I'm dying for you to wash off that suntan oil so I suck on them real hard and make you cum in my mouth..."

"Ooooooooohhhhh, Blue....fuck, yes!"

"Hmmmmm...perhaps, you like to fuck that hot pussy on one of my ass cheeks and let your burning cum flow down between them, soaking my pussy..."

"Fuck! Blue! Pleeeeeeeease get a few of your fingers inside me right now!"

Blue giggled and got my hot, enraged clit between two of her fingers.  I screamed and raised my ass in the air...I urgently grabbed her hand and tried to stuff two of her fingers in my hungry pussy...
"Baby!  Fuck my pussy!  Make me cum!!!"

Blue propped herself up on one hand, kissed me ever-so-deeply with her tongue fucking my mouth...then spoke very close and very hot against my lips... 
"You don't think baby came out here empty-handed do you?  I brought something to fuck my hot slut with..."

"Oh yeah...baby...make me your fucking hot slut...fuck yes!"

"You belong to Blue and Blue belongs to Sunny...and I'm going to take possession of my hot woman right now..."

Right then, Blue slipped our ten inch by two inch toy sooooooooo easily into my sloppy-wet, oily pussy. My body went insane!!  My pussy swallowed it right up...I dug my nails into Blue's back and pushed my pussy toward the toy, urging it deeper....deeper....hot whimpers of pure pleasure coming from my throat... 
"All the way, baby....fuck yeah...hit the back of my pussy HARD! I can take it!"

My baby got on top of me with her ass and pussy facing me...she grabbed the oily toy with both hands and started RAMMING it into me...fucking at the back of pussy so, so hard!

I grabbed her hips and roughly pulled her pussy to my face...she pushed it at me and I buried my mouth in her pussy, savagely tongue-fucking her!  She screamed so fucking loud!  She was going to cum all over me any second!

More on this as soon as I can...typing it with one finger inside my pussy hasn't been easy...

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© 2016 Sunny Johansen