Saturday, February 25, 2017

Bad Girl in the City - Continued! 2/25/17

"Sunny...pleeeeeeease...your baby has to suck you!"

"Don't let go of that headboard, sweetheart."
I watched her as I used my fingers to spread my juices all over my inner thighs, making my tanned skin glisten.  She was squirming and her pussy was soaking wet...she whimpered hotly. 

I leaned over, then tossed all my hair back...she watched intently as I brushed my pussy with a handful of my hair, making my body jump a little...I saw her breathing deepen. With my brain, I sent a hard, pussy-thobbing jolt through her body...she spasmed hard, held the headboard, raised her ass off the bed and screamed...

I giggled as I raised her knees and sat on her tummy...
"You'd better not let go of that headboard, baby!"
I spread my legs so she had a nice view of my pussy.  She had her mouth open, breathing even deeper now...I put my hands on my knees...
"See how bad my pussy wants you, baby?  See it flutter for you, wanting to be sucked into your warm, wet mouth?  Oooooooohhhhh...just look at all my juices, flowing all over your tummy..."

Blue whimpered, looking back and forth from my eyes to my pussy...I decided to make myself cum without touching myself.  I wanted her to have a close view like this.  I leaned my head back and closed my eyes...
"Fuck Blue!  I'm cumming for you, baby!"


Out of nowhere, my thigh muscles tightened...I screamed in utter delight as my orgasm overtook me sitting on top of her!  From deep inside my body, an earthquake took over and my cum flowed and flowed, soaking her!



My cum covered her breasts and her tummy...I lifted my ass and let it flow down over her pussy, burning her.  She was going crazy...she wanted me so fucking bad! 

I smiled and leaned forward...I started rubbing my pussy up and down her tummy in my cum...
"Ooooooooooo....would baby like to fuck her hot nympho slut?"

Then, Blue snapped...adrenaline took over and she let go of the headboard...

I was about to get the fuck of my life....

Update coming in a day or two...

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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Bad Girl STILL In The City - 2/23/17

My dear readers...I'm so sorry I haven't updated!  I will be posting short updates through the weekend...some could be daily.  Please read the rest of this series if you haven't done so?  I'd hate for you to miss anything!

Blue LOVES to be teased...and since it makes me hot as hell to do so, and since I'm here to give her what she wants, I torment her when I tease her...

I had her sitting against the headboard, reaching up and holding onto the top of the headboard with her legs spread...I was straddling her
"Oh...Sunny...make me cum, baby...pleeeeeeeeease."

I kissed her, then kept my lips close to hers.  I know...I do that a lot, because there are few things hotter than that for driving someone out of their mind...
" baby will cum when I let her...not until.  Now, do not touch yourself until I tell you to...if you touch yourself before I let you, I will use my mental abilities to bring you just to the edge of an earth-shaking orgasm and keep you there."

"Sunny!  You're such a fucking whore!"

"Thank-you, my lover!  You're right!  YOUR fucking whore...the hot woman whom you own and possess.  The woman who belongs to you."
I let my pussy drip on her tummy...a lot.  My natural body temperature is MUCH higher than a normal human.  That's why my cum and juices feel sooooooooo damn good on her skin.


I sat back, facing her with my legs spread, my dark, all-over tan and ass-length platinum-blond hair already making her hot.  My leaned back on my hands so she could see my hairless, tanned oversized outer lips were so swollen and excited...I let her watch them quiver for her, my juices flowing heavily from me...

Another update tomorrow or the next day...

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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Bad Girl in the City 2-16-17

A short addition to part six, below...

The elevator ride to the top went very quickly.  I had only enough time to press my body against Blue and kiss her very deeply...fucking her mouth with my tongue, then to speak very hotly against her lips...
"I know what you're thinking're thinking about our wet asses slapping together with that double-dildo buried in both our pussies, aren't you baby."

Blue whimpered with her mouth open against my lips...

I bit one of her lips with both of mine and continued...
"Oh baby...I'm going to be SUCH a slutty whore for you...your bad girl will do anything you want done to you...anything..."

Then, the elevator door opened and we were in our room.  I took her hand, kissed it, and led her to our hot pussy already soaking my inner thighs...


Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Bad Girl in the City - Part Six - Down To the Pool! 2-15-17

Parts 1 -5 are below this one.  Kindly read them if you haven't already?  Thank-you!

There's a pool outside our hotel room on the roof, but because I like to swim so much and so long underwater, Blue and I went down to the larger hotel pool.

Gee, I didn't know a bathing suit was required...Blue didn't have me created with the knowledge of such things. 

We grabbed a few chairs and dropped our stuff.  Blue removed her robe and was wearing the hottest bathing suit I'd ever seen, with very sexy ruffles!

I removed my robe...

"Sunny!  Fuck!"

"Yes, baby?"

"You can't be naked here, Sunny!"

"Huh...who says?"

"Well...rules...the law...or something!"

"Eh...I wouldn't worry about it.  Prostitution is legal in this state...certainly, it's okay to swim naked!"

" doesn't work like that!"

I wrapped my arms around Blue with my hands holding her amazing ass...she was a little shocked...
"And I'm pretty sure we can't do that WHILE you're naked down here either!"

I gave her a quick kiss on her lips, then dove in the water.  I swam along the bottom to the other side and back again.  When I surfaced, there was the hotel girl who checked us in, talking to Blue.
"Miss Blue, your uh...ladyfriend...will need to wear a bathing suit."

I swam to the edge and rested my arms and my tanned breasts on the tile and spoke out.
"Are you sure?  Who says?''

The girl turned to me, then was noticeably uncomfortable.
"Uh...well...those are the rules, okay? Also, the law around here, so..."

I looked right into her face...Blue thought I was going to use my mental turn-on thing...
"Sunny?  No.  Don't do it!"

The girl whipped her head around to Blue.
"What?  Don't do what?"
Then, she turned back to me, looking very concerned.

"Dammit, Sunny!  No!"

The girl kept looking from me to Blue.
"No what?  Don't do what?  What's going on?"

I looked at Blue and concentrated on HER pussy...she immediately crossed her legs and remembered the safe word...
"Sunny!  Stop!"

"Aaaawwwww!  It would have been fun!"

The girl's voice was more stern, now...
"Ma'am!  You MUST put on a bathing suit!"

Still in the water, I laughed playfully, then turned around and dove straight down, my wet ass shining in the sun before it disappeared under water.  I then did a handstand with my legs spread wide apart with my pussy in the air, out of the water.  I held it about five seconds, then turned right-side up, standing on the bottom with water pouring off my body.

The girl threw up her hands and walked away.  I went to the edge, hopped up and sat there, then laid back and looked backwards at Blue, playing with my wet hair to tease all-over tanned body, I know, making her hot...
"Well!  Looks like everything turned out okay, huh?"

Blue just shook her head, smiling...
"Sunny, Sunny, Sunny...come on, baby.  I'd better get you back upstairs to our own pool.  Besides, I have a HUGE double-dildo waiting for you!"

"Oh!  I get the big end!  Will you ram it real hard against the back of pussy?  Make my pussy splatter all over both of us?"

"Oh, you have no idea!  You're such a fucking slut, I may have to spank you while I fuck you!"

I jumped to my feet...
"Fuck YES!  Come on, baby!"
I held her hand and helped her out of her chair.  I handed her all her stuff, draped my robe over my arm and held her hand as we walked out of the pool area.
"Still not wearing anything, Sunny?"

I laughed...
"Why should I?"

Blue just shook her head and led me hurriedly to the penthouse elevator...

In my next entry, hot, sloppy-wet fucking...the way only two hot women can give it to each other...

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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Bad Girl in the City - Part Five

My dear readers,
This is part five.  If you haven't read parts 1 - 4, I'd love it if you'd do so!  They are right below this one and rather short.  Also, I have recently read a lovely letter from a cherished reader that made me realize I should reiterate what I actually "am" in my fantasy. 

Contrary to what it may seem, I'm not a cyborg.  I look completely human, and started in a petri dish, having been genetically infused with the attributes Blue ordered from the lab.  I grew to full human adult size in about a month.

Our luggage had arrived a few hours ahead of us, having been taken there by Blue's assistant who had also checked us in.  The hotel wanted to personally give us our key cards, though, so they could welcome us.

Meeting us just inside the door and representing the hotel, was a young lady whom I'm sure could not ALWAYS be as shy and nervous as she was in front of us.  No way.  I could tell she thought Blue was drop-dead she certainly was, dressed only somewhat more conservatively with her black hair, fabulous breasts and incredible eyes. 

Every time she looked right at Blue, she seemed to melt a little.  Who wouldn't?  I sure do!  But, Blue is good at making others feel comfortable and at ease around her.  I love her for that!

Remember, Blue didn't have me created with any social propriety or public modesty, but I also lack the ability to hurt anyone.

The girl said to Blue, "If you need anything...anything at all, call me personally."

Blue smiled and thanked her.  I assured the girl,  "It'll be fine...I'm going to keep Miss Blue too busy to want anything but ME...but, thank-you anyway."

The girl took a good look at all of me...
"Oh, I have no doubt you can...and will."

We all smiled again and Blue and I headed to the elevator, my little dress flouncing around my ass and my high heels.  I put some wiggle in my ass to make Blue proud to be with me.  When the elevator door closed, she tried to use that time for a lesson...
"The comment you made?  That would be the kind of thing you shouldn't say, Sunny, okay?"

I backed against the wall, held her hips and pulled her against me, then held her ass and spoke with my lips close to hers...
"Well?  It's true, right?  I'm all you need!"

"Well, yes, but we just don't have to say it, okay?"

"Oh, I had to say it.  I saw right through her act of cute shyness...such a fucking act!"

"How do you know about such things, Sunny?"

"Some things I can't see.  Some things I can, and can process them VERY well...and her gimmick was NO problem!"

The elevator arrived at the top.  We stepped into our room and she shoved me back against the wall in our room.

She kissed me roughly, then kept her lips against mine... 

"Okay...what am I thinking now, baby?"

I smiled and removed my skirt and unbuttoned my top...I spread my legs and pulled her silky-smooth thigh to my pussy...right away, my pussy started soaking her leg, my juices flowing all over it...
"Hmmmmm...I think my baby wants to fuck me real hard with a double-toy!"

"Yes!  You're right!  I do!"

"I think my baby wants to fuck me so hard with that, our wet asses slap together, make a lot of sexy noise and splatter our juices all over us!"


I picked Blue up and held her ass with her legs wrapped around my waist.  I walked to the bed and fell forward with her on her back, breaking my fall with my hands so I wouldn't hurt her.  I straddled her on my hands and knees, my pussy dripping on her tummy...I lowered my mouth to hers, lapped at her lips with my tongue, then spoke hotly against her mouth...
"I want you to fuck the HELL out of me, okay?  I want the big end of that toy ramming against the back of my pussy and filling me won't hurt me, baby...I want it it?"

Blue grabbed my lips with hers, gripped handfuls of my hair and kissed me, devouring my lips and fucking my mouth with her tongue.  I screamed into her mouth while kissing her, my body shaking uncontrollably...I opened my mouth wider to invite more of her tongue...I sucked it and screamed even louder as I came all over her!

Blue bit my shoulder and my cum flowed and flowed from my pussy!  (no squirting)  My body was in hard spasm...I LOVE when she bites me...she knows exactly where and how hard!  Without even touching my pussy, I came all over her tummy, her breasts and her pussy!

"Oooooohhhhhh, Blue......I love that you had me created to cum a lot!"

"Well?  I want to be covered in Sunnycum!"

I smiled at her, slid my tongue on her cum-covered tummy, then used my tongue to spread my cum all over her lips...she purred and whimpered for me...

" Blue wants me to suck her pussy, don't you baby..."

Blue was breathless, looking at me with those eyes...
"Sunny....fuck me or I'll die, baby..."

I slid my thigh against her wet, slippery pussy...her back arched and she screamed.  I kept my thigh there and gave her mouth one teasing, hot little kiss after another...she grabbed my lower lip with hers, bit it with her lips, then whispered hotly...
"Fuck me Sunny....make me cum, baby..."

Hmmmmm...I decided, why not do this...

I held her body...she screamed out loud...I rolled over with her on top of me...I lifted her onto her hands and knees and held onto her hips real tight, not even touching her pussy...

She never saw it coming...

I used my mental ability to send a FUCKING HARD, PULSE-POUNDING ORGASM through her entire body and straight to her trembling pussy...

Oh wow...even I was amazed at what it did to her...

Blue's hot body was a mass of hard spasms...her cum didnt squirt, it fucking POURED from her pussy in a heavy flow, flooding my body...she was screaming at the top of her lungs and I had to hold on to her hips very tightly to keep her in place!

I kept sending the signals through her body and she got up on her knees and screamed harder, then fell back down on her hands, then collapsed her body flat onto my tummy, splattering her cum all over!

Blue lied on my tummy, whimpering with every breath.  I could feel her ass and thigh muscles in little involuntary spasms...the last of her cum ooooooooozed from her quivering pussy onto mine...

Oh fuck!  That was all it took for me!  I rolled us back over with her back on top of me...I got on my hands and knees, threw all my hair back and rubbed the hell out of my big, swollen clit, COVERING her with Sunnycum!

"Oh yeah, Sunny!  All over me, baby!"

Every time we have sex, I'm so happy Blue had me created to cum by the bucketfull!  Even she can't believe, sometimes, how much I can cum!  I slid down and rubbed my cum all over her feet, smiling at her.  She was rubbing her body, spreading my cum all over her...her pussy, her tummy and her fucking amazing breasts.

I leaned down and kissed her pussy...her body jumped a little and she pulled me up on top of her.  She kissed me deeply while holding my ass, then rolled us onto our sides...
"Okay, my Sunny, here's the plan.  We will go swimming, then I get to have my way with you with the double-dildo!"

"I love it!  But, the pool here on the roof is too small for me to swim underwater as long I'd like.  Can we go downstairs to the big pool?"

"Well...I don't know...can you be a good girl?"

I twirled my hair and spoke against her lips...
"Aren't I always your good girl, baby?"

"Oooooohhhhh...I might regret this...."

She rolled over, got off the bed and dug around in the luggage for her bathing suit.  She didn't see me grab my robe and wrap it around my naked body, all ready for the pool...

This week, I'm planning an ALMOST daily, I hope, series of much shorter updates.  I hope you'll check here for them?  Thank-you!

Below last week's entry on this same page is a picture of me, in case you're interested.

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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Bad Girl in the City - The Surprise! Part Four 2/4/17

My cherished readers,

I want to thank all of you from 69 countries for reading my stuff!  If you haven't read parts one through three, you might want to do so.  They're rather short.  Thank-you so much!

At the bottom of this blog entry is a picture of me.   

As always, I only write about the real events in the life of Blue and I, so, this is real.  Also mixed herein, are parts having to do with my fantasy of having been created in a lab according to Blue's specifications...she had me created with an eight inch tongue, to ALWAYS be horny for her and a hot desire to please her sexually anytime she wants me, 24 hours a day.

Yes, that fantasy excites the hell out of me!  Just sitting here writing about it makes my pussy so sloppy-wet!

I am always naked when I write, since Blue and I don't wear clothes.  It is my firm belief that you should be naked when you read it.  I hear from men, women and couples, saying how well they've cum from reading my writing.
Fuck, I love that!! 

The trip along the way to the city wasn't so bad.  Blue was busy, working...I was lying on her shoulder with my breath on her neck.  My hand was under my short little skirt, idly playing with my pussy. 

My skirt was lose-fitting...I don't like tight skirts or dresses and never wear them.  The only other thing I was wearing was a filmy little top that draped over my breasts.  No bra or was bad enough that I had to wear clothes!  I liked my skirt because there wasn't much to it.  It allowed half of my tanned ass to show when I was standing up.  I loved it!

Blue had picked it out...she wanted me to look as hot as possible.  I really like that.  I love belonging to her!

I was playing with my pussy and giving Blue wet little kisses on her neck, rubbing my lips on her.  I could tell she was enjoying it, but she was so, so busy.  I spoke softly in her ear...
"Let your hot fucktoy know when you're done so I can fuck you..."

Blue stopped working long enough to turn her head and kiss me...I slid my tongue into her warm, wet mouth and purred for her, then spoke against her lips...
"Sunny wants Blue's pussy...real fucking bad."

Blue smiled and went back to working.

I had to have more of her attention...maybe now was the time to tell her my secret...the mental ability the lab gave me as a surprise for her...
"That's okay...I can make you cum without even touching you...and without you touching yourself."

Blue laughed and kept working, then stopped, looked up, then looked at me.
"Uh...wait.  What?  What was that?"

I giggled...
" heard me.  You cumming.  Me not touching you.  You not touching you OR even looking at me!"

She laughed it off, thinking I was joking...
"Yeah...wouldn't THAT be amazing, huh?"
We both laughed, then she went back to work.

Hmmmmmm...okay.  Time for a little demonstration.  I slid far enough away from her so that I wasn't touching her.  I looked at her and concentrated.  Right away, she started squirming...then was bent over, little mini-spasms making her body jump a little.  She set her computer aside and looked at me...
"Hey...uh...Sunny?  About that cumming thing...."

I kept looking at her and smiling.  She had both her hands on her pussy.  I removed them and held them... 
"Yes, baby?"

With my mind, I made her body jump a little...
"FUCK!  Sunny!  What are are you...doing this?"

"Just using my brain to communicate with your pussy through your brain.  I don't have to make you cum...I can bring you to the edge and just stop...and do that over and over.  Or, I can cause your orgasm ABOUT to start and keep you that way for as long as I want.  Does baby like it?"

I was making her body shake now...still holding her hands.
" likes!  Baby likes it a lot, Sunny!"

I kissed both her hands, then laid them on her knees.  I just kept her nearly cumming...right at the edge.
"Um, Sunny?  When does know...end?  How long does this go on?"

I giggled, but kept concentrating on her...
"For as long as I want, or when you say, "stop."

"Well, what if I want a LOT of it?  What if I don't want it to stop?"

Immediately, I stopped concentrating and her body relaxed...her shaking ended.

"Sunny?  What happened?  Why did it end?"

"That's simple!  You said "stop".

"When?  Oooooohhhh...when I asked 'what if I don't want it to...stop."

"Correct!  So, if you don't want it to end, don't say stop!"
I started sending hot tingles to her pussy.

She spread her legs and leaned back...
"Oh...Sunny...fuck...not now, baby...noooooooo."

I laughed and kept looking in her sending waves of hot pleasure through her...
"Really?  Because, I'm sure I haven't heard you say it!"
I then sent a few hard, hot spasms through her, rocking her pussy...


I stopped...then I kissed her.

"Can you do this to just anyone?"

"I can, but I will not.  It's you I love!  I'm devoted to YOU.  I will not go around, giving people orgasms!"

"Thank-you, Sunny."

We still had a ways to go before arriving.  I slid to the floor in front of her, lifted her dress and gave her a bunch of hot kisses all over her pussy.  She wove her fingers through my hair and spread her legs more for me, purring hotly for me.

I slipped out of my was bad enough that I had to wear clothes.  I stayed on my knees and held her hips, pressing my tummy against her pussy...I LOVED her juices flowing down my tummy to my pussy.  I threw my hair back and looked into her eyes...
"Blue?  When we get to the hotel, please hold onto me and show everyone I belong to you and no one else may have me, okay?  That would make me soooooooooooo fucking hot."

I used my brain to get her pussy more fired up.  She squirmed a lot...
"You're mine,'re all mine, baby!"

I kept her pussy throbbing steadily...I looked in her eyes and just kept her pussy throbbing at that level...
"I want your hand under my dress and around my hip, taking possession of me, baby."

"But, your dress doesn't even cover your ass!"

I sent a strong jolt to her pussy with my mind...she jumped a little, closed her eyes, then reopened them with that hot, sexy look in them...
"My sweet Blue, if you hold me like that and show me off properly as your hot, slutty fucktoy, I shall tongue-fuck the HELL out of you when we get to our room.  Would my baby like that?"

Her juices POURED down my tummy and I could feel her pussy throbbing against me...
"Fuck YES, Sunny!  Hold me down and fuck me with ALL eight inches of your tongue!"

I used my brain to keep her pussy at a constant level of hotness while holding her hips and looking at her through my bangs...
" baby...I'm going to suck your pussy mercilessly...and I'm not stopping."

Now, she was fucking her pussy against my tummy...
"Sunny...fuck, baby....I have to cum...Sunny...make me cum....."

I hit her pussy hard with my mind and made her scream...I smiled at her.  I couldn't wait...I had to have her NOW.
"Are you ready to cum a whole fucking lot?  I mean...enough Bluecum to fill my mouth?  Hot enough to burn my throat as I swallow it?  Enough to make my tummy feel soooooooooo good inside?"


I slipped my arms under her and firmly held her brain already driving her insane...
I lowered my open mouth to her pussy and POUNCED on her, my mouth covering all of her and sucking her big, swollen pussy lips AND clit into my brain sending very strong jolts through her body...

I screamed into her pussy and came hard just from what I was doing to orgasm rocked my cum flowed down my thighs...Blue was fucking my mouth...I drove my loooooooong tongue to the back of her pussy and licked her there....

Blue had a hard-shuddering, full-body orgasm!  It was all I could do to hold onto her while she came and came into my tongue fucking hard against the back of her pussy and shoving her body...she held onto the back of the seat and fucked my mouth...I sucked and sucked the hot flow of her cum, swallowing it hungrily!

Her body finally collapsed...I held my tummy against her still-hot pussy and let the last of her cum ooze onto me...

I leaned down and licked her pussy, giving it little sucks here and there and purring for her...Blue whimpered back at me...her body was very busy with little after-spasms...

I straightened back up on my knees and rubbed the sexy mixture of Bluecum and Sunnycum all over both of us...I got our little bottle of musk oil and dabbed it all over both of us..
"Mmmmmmmmm....your cum feels so good inside my tummy, baby...I can't get enough of you..."

Blue sat up, held me by my ass and kissed me very deeply, then spoke quietly and hotly against my lips...
"Sunny belongs to are mine...all mine."

"That's right, my precious baby...I'm your very own hot, slutty whore...I will do anything you want done, anytime...and it makes me soooooooo fucking hot to do it!  I love you so much!"

"I love YOU, Sunny!  Uh oh...just a few blocks from the hotel.  Put that little dress back on, baby."

I put it back on and threw my hair back, letting it hit my ass.  We'd arrived at the hotel and stopped.
"And Sunny?  When we get to our room, remind me to hold you down and fuck you real hard with a strapon?"

"Oh...I'll remind you, my love."
With that, I gave her something to think about as I excited the SUV...bending way over and showing her my darkly tanned pussy and ass...

I'll write more as soon as possible...

Just for you, a picture of me.  I hope it doesn't offend anyone.  It is a digital painting, done from photograph, by George Thomas.  Here is his link:
I'm sorry...but, you may not repost it anywhere.  Leave it right here, come back anytime and enjoy it.

Thank-you for reading!
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