Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Last Of the Chocolate Mint 3/28/17

The first three parts of this are very short and are right below this one...I hope you'll read them!  Thank-you!

I slid my tongue over the last of the chocolate mint, sliding it down on Blue's pussy...Blue was already in spasm and had lost all control of her body...
"Fuck Sunny!  You're such a fucking hot slut!  Make me cum in your mouth!"

I open my mouth wide,  and fucking POUNCED my mouth on her pussy, ramming my tongue into her and sucking her to DEATH!
"Fuck yes!  Own my pussy, baby!  Make me cum hard!"

I screamed into her pussy while sucking her, my tongue reaching way inside her...under her ass, my finger ran circles around her opening...I wiggled my tongue real hard deep inside her pussy...then her orgasm overtook her!

Blue's body was all tensed up hard, her ass off the mattress...her sweet, hot cum flowing into my mouth...she screamed and screamed!  I kept riding her with my mouth, holding onto her body, my finger deep between her ass cheeks...I sucked her eagerly to get every bit of cum from her, swallowing it down my throat...

When her orgasm ended, she was out of breath, whimpering...her thigh and tummy muscles quivering...I slid up beside her and wrapped her with my arms and legs, pulling the covers up and stroking her back, over her ass and down the back of her thighs to calm her...

I put my lips very softly to hers and and gave her lots of gentle, wet kisses, then whispered...
"I love you sooooooo much, my precious baby."

She was still exhausted and I could barely hear her, but I felt her lips against mine...
"I love you, baby...so much...so, so much...."

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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Even More Of The Sexy Chocolate Mint 3/26/17

Gentle readers,
There are two other short parts to this, right below this one...and don't miss "Messy Lesbian Fucking" below those!  Thank-you! 

Blue had handfuls of my long hair, pulling hard on it, trying pull my face more into her lovely, chocolate-covered pussy...purring...whimpering at me...begging to be deep-fucked with my tongue...
"Sunny....oh....oh......oh....fuck.....baby....give it to me....."

I kept sliding my tongue downward over the chocolate mint, getting more of it all over her pussy...when I started sucking and pulling on her outer lips, she arched her back, squealing unintelligibly and pushing her pussy at my face...

I opened my mouth wide and her minty-chocolate pussy gave me mouthfuls of her always-sweet juices...I swallowed them hungrily while sucking her pussy harder into my mouth, delighting in her juices flowing down my throat...

I pushed my face harder into her, losing myself in my baby's pussy, sucking at it with hot little sounds of sexual contentment, as though to get nourishment I must have...she was screaming louder now, her body shaking, feeding me more and more of her hot Bluejuices I longed to have in my tummy...

Oh, but I wanted her cum even more...her body was going crazy!  She would give me, her slutty hot playtoy, one mouthful after another of her burning hot Bluecum...

And it was time to take it...

More coming soon...

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Friday, March 24, 2017

More Of The Sexy Chocolate Mint 3/24/17

More about the chocolate mint!  The first part of this is right below this...and please be sure to read "Messy Lesbian Fucking" right below that!  Thank-you!

...I rolled the chocolate mint around in my mouth, keeping it flat and rectangular.  I got it very wet with my warm mouth and let it disolve enough to be very soft.

Blue took keen interest, propping her head on another pillow to watch. 

I looked at her and smiled, then used my tongue to stick the chocolate mint to her skin...JUST above her smooth, hairless pussy...
"Oh gee...here, I thought you were going to actually eat the candy.  I should have known better!"

"Yeah!  You should have!"

"So, I have a chocolate mint stuck to me now.  Great...and what do we ---"
Right then, I slid my tongue downward across the chocolate mint and rubbed her clit with my tongue.  She grabbed my hair and her body went insane!
"Sunny!  Yes, baby!"

I let the candy melt and flow down over her clit while I used my tongue to slather her pussy with the mint chocolate...

I'll write more in a few days...

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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Sexy Chocolate Mint 3/21/17

Be sure to read the entry below this one called "Messy Lesbian Fucking"!  I put a lot into that one and I'd love for you to read it!  I'm working on something else for you, but I had a little something, here, that I had to pass along to you.

I was lying between Blue's legs.  She had them spread wide for me...I was slid farther up, giving her a bunch of warm, wet kisses on her tummy.  She was squirming around...my firm tummy muscles rubbed her pussy, and I could feel it getting hotter.

I slid down farther, then, smiling at her, I reached for one of those thin chocolate mints.  I love them!  You know them...in a green package?  Rectangular with a brand name that starts with an "A"?

Blue said, "Uh...Sunny?  What are you doing?"

I laughed...
"You'll see, baby!"

Writing more as soon as possible!
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Friday, March 10, 2017

Messy Lesbian Fucking!

Blue worshiped my pussy while I wrote this.  I came many times while she gave my swollen outer lips lots of little sucks and hot, wet kisses. 

Like everything I write, it's a true account of a recent sexual adventure with her.  

I went out to the pool to lie in the sun.

Before I had a chance to slather on any oil, my hot Blue came outside.  THAT would have been good enough, but it was what she brought with her...

Two pounds of butter and two HUGE bottles of maple syrup!  She brought a lot of other wonderful stuff with her...I will disclose those later.  Blue was about to indulge me in doing something I love!

She sat down and smiled at me...
"Ready for a treat, Sunnybuns?"

I was speechless at first...I was looking at everything and at her with my mouth open.
"Ooooooohhhhh...my baby....FUCK YES!"

Blue spread out a large sheet of heavy plastic.

"You just lie there and relax, lover...Blue will take good care of you!"

Relax??  With my pussy pounding so hard with every heartbeat?? 

I laid there and rubbed Blue's ass while she leaned over me on her hands and knees and went to work on me with a stick of butter...oh my, my, my...it felt so good on my skin!  Blue rubbed the butter on my tummy, then all over my breasts.  She leaned down and kissed me while rubbing it all over my shoulders and my neck.

I loved it so much!  It made me so fucking hot!  I spread my arms so Blue could rub it under my arms and down my arms...
"Ya like it, baby?"

"YES! I'm loving it!  Don't miss anywhere!"

She smiled and got another stick of butter...
"Spread your legs for me Sunny?"

I quickly spread my legs...my body was already going insane...Blue rubbed the stick of butter on my inner thighs...
"Oh...baby...yes...my pussy...yes..."

The butter melted much faster when she rubbed my pussy with it...she spread it ALL over my pussy...my juices were flowing heavily and mixing with the butter...
"Oh Blue...yes baby...extra rubbing....oh yeah...."

Blue smiled and massaged my pussy with a handful of butter...hard spasms shot through my body and I came immediately!

My body went crazy and my ass raised up involuntarily...Blue slid her butter-covered finger inside me and fucked me to a powerful orgasm! 

I was breathless after that...Blue had held her hand under my pussy, letting my cum flow into it...I now watched her spread it all over her tummy and breasts.  She's so fucking sexy!

"I think my Sunny is enjoying it so far!"

"I am! I am! I am!  More butter, baby!"

Blue got another stick of butter and rubbed it all over my legs, all the way down to my feet...she rubbed it all over my feet and between my toes...I wiggled my toes and smiled at her, then turned over on my tummy.
"My ass, baby!  Gotta get my ass!"

"Of course...that's one of your best parts!"

I raised my ass in the air and waggled it for her...she held it while rubbing butter on the back of my legs, then higher to my ass.  I spread my legs...

Oh wow...Blue really knows how to take care of my ass...

She got another stick of butter and laid it deeply between my ass cheeks...I purred for her in utter delight, the butter melting and flowing all over my opening and down to my pussy...Blue rubbed it all over my dark-tanned ass cheeks...
"Oooooooooooo...my baby looks good covered in butter..."

"Your baby FEELS good covered in butter!"

She rubbed it all over my back and down my sides...I was now completely covered in butter, except for my face, AND I FUCKING LOVED IT!  I was so hot and horny...Blue knew I could cum again super-easy...

I got on my hands and knees and brought my mouth to hers...we kissed very deeply, our tongues hotly sliding together.  I gently pushed her onto her back with my body while kissing her, and kept tongue-fucking her mouth while sliding my body all over her..my pussy flowing juices on her body...

I spoke against her warm, wet mouth...
"Blue's turn!"

Blue smiled and I got a stick of butter and slipped it between our bodies, then slid all over her, using my body to rub butter all over her lovely body...
"Blue like?"

"Blue loves!  Give Blue more!"

As she did for me, I rubbed butter everywhere she wasn't already soaked with it...her arms, under her arms, her neck and shoulders.  I slid down between her legs with more butter and rubbed them down to her feet and between her toes...

Then, saving it for last...the pussy I love and adore...her pretty pussy...

More butter...and all I did was barely touch her inner thigh next to her pussy with it...her body jumped sky-high...

Her pussy was already butter-soaked...I took a little more butter and pressed it into her pussy...it was mixing with her juices and flowing out of her...I buried my face between her satin-smooth legs and lapped it up with my tongue, swallowing as much as I could...

I squealed and pounced my mouth onto her, sucking ALL of her into my mouth while ravaging her with my tongue...she came so fucking quickly and so fucking hard, filling my mouth with her delicious cum and butter mixture while hard quakes took control of her body!

I swallowed every drop of her, then licked and sucked her for more...she held onto my body with her arms and legs and rolled us over with her on top...she rubbed her lips on mine while speaking hotly...
"I'm going to make you my Sunny pancake..."

My eyes widened...

Blue reached into the bag and brought out a huge 32 ounce bottle of pancake syrup!!
"Oh shit, Blue!  You're so perfect!"

"Damn right, I am!"

Blue proved that by standing up with her feet on each side of my hips.  She smiled and poured LOTS of syrup on her shoulders, letting it flow down her beautiful body and dripping all over me!  It ran down her awesome breasts, dripping off her nipples, down her tummy and off her pussy!

It was hot as hell!  It dripped onto my body with my legs spread apart...it made me so fucking horny, I was breathing deeply and purring for her, rubbing it all over my butter-covered body with one hand, my other hand rubbing my hot, swollen pussy...
"Oh Blue...yes baby...fuck yes!"

The syrup ran out, so she got another bottle and stood over me, letting the syrup dribble from the bottle all the way down onto my body...I was near orgasm as I played with it...patting it on my cheeks and rubbing it all over myself, mixing it with the butter!   Blue sat down beside me...
"Now, why don't you get up on your knees and lean your head back, baby?"

I did, and happily so...Blue poured the syrup on top of my head, letting flow down through my long hair and over my ass.  She set the bottle down and worked her fingers through my hair, then...oh fuck!...she got a stick of
butter and had me lie on my tummy...she rubbed the melting butter into my hair, mixing it with the syrup!

"Blue....oooooooooo.....my baby.........."

She rubbed the extra butter and syrup down to my ass, deeply massaging my ass and sliding her fingers through my ass cheeks...I slid my body over her lap and spread my legs...she slid her finger to my opening...I whimpered for her and raised my ass higher, begging to be ass-fucked...
"Blue...my hot lover....please fuck me?  Please fuck my ass?"

My hot lady leaned over and spread my oily, messy ass cheeks, burying her face between them...she slithered her warm tongue over my opening, licking me, lapping up the syrup and butter...She replaced her tongue with her finger and slipped it into my ass...I cried out in total pleasure, my body going into spasm from deep within!

"Ooooooooo....does my baby like that?"

"Blue......fuck....yes.....fuck...more finger...yes... please!"

"I have so much more I want to do to you!"

To that, I was so agreeable!

On her hands and knees, Blue crawled over to her bag of goodies...her ass, facing me, was so sexy and delectable...I slid my arms through her legs and pulled her to me, shoving my face between her ass cheeks...she screamed out loud when I fucked her ass real hard with my tongue...

I growled into her ass and fucked her deeper with my tongue...she kept screaming and ground her ass against my face, wanting more and more...I gave it to her and reached waaaaaaaaaay inside her with my tongue, then fucked it in and out of her...

She dropped down, resting on her elbows, her ass in the air...I dropped to my tummy and drilled my tongue into her ass.  Blue came HARD with her messy body shaking violently!  Then, she collapsed with a splat onto the plastic, breathing heavily...
"Ooooooohhhhh fuck, baby...that was so nice!  And unexpected!"

"It was nice doing it!  Now, what else do you have there?"

"Lots of stuff!"
From the bag, she pulled out ten well-ripened bananas, SIX cans of whipped cream and a very large bowl of chocolate syrup she had thickened with methylcellulose!  That made the chocolate VERY thick and gloppy!

"Hell yes, Blue!''
I eagerly laid on my back and spread my arms and legs.  Blue smiled and peeled eight of the ten bananas, laying each one on my tummy.  My pussy throbbed hard...

She got the chocolate...it was so thick, it wouldn't pour from the bowl...she globbed big handfuls of it on top of the bananas and all over me...
"Oooooohhhhhhhhhhh...yes.....give it to me...."

Blue rubbed the ultra-thick chocolate all over my breasts, shoulders and arms...all over my suffering pussy and my thighs!  Fuck!  I was already near orgasm!  She spread chocolate all over my feet and between my toes...I thought my body would explode...I could feel my pussy pouring my juices from me....

Whipped cream!  She used three cans and squirted it all over me...the other three cans, she leaned back and emptied them all over herself while I watched!


Then...the good part...

My fucking hot lover laid her body on top of mine, smushing all those soft bananas, covered with chocolate and whipped cream with her beautiful body....

My body was trembling and shaking hard...right on the edge of cumming...I purred and whimpered while she slid her body around on mine, further smushing the bananas and mixing them wonderfully with the chocolate, whipped cream, butter and syrup...it was so fucking thick, gooey and fantastic!

Blue brought her lips to my mouth and slid her wet tongue all over my lips, then slid her tongue into my mouth...while kissing her, I got handfuls from our sweet, messy bodies and covered her perfect ass and all over her back...she squealed into my mouth with delight...
"Yes, baby...cover me...get it all over me...oooooohhhh, yeah....."

With her still on top of me and rubbing her body on mine, I got more of our delicious, gooey mess and plopped it on her back and her ass, then sliding my fingers between her cheeks and down to her pussy...holding her ass with one hand and massaging her hot pussy with the other...she made hot, sexy little sounds while biting one of my lips with both of hers...

Then, she sat on my tummy, pulled my knees up, leaned back against my thighs, spreading her legs, and did something incredibly fucking sexy...

She scooped handfuls of our gooey messy mess from my tummy into her pussy and smiled at me...

Then, got one of the bananas she did not peel...

Then, let me watch while she made the wonderful mixture pour sensuously from her pussy, while reaching behind her...



I came like a violent earthquake!  Hard spasms took over my body...I could feel my white-hot cum flow down to my ass, burning my opening while I screamed and bucked with Blue sitting on me, riding me and holding onto my hair for dear life!

When my orgasm finally ended, Blue found, much to her delight, my strong pussy muscles had squished the banana...my pussy was oooooozing banana mixed with my cum and juiciness!  She loved it!  She let it flow into her hand, eating it, then catching more and filling her mouth again...she brought her mouth to mine and fed it to me while kissing me oh-so-deeply...

We laid there, two VERY messy women, sloppily and totally covered from head to toe in butter, syrup, whipped cream, chocolate and banana...now rolling around in it, wrapped around each other, kissing each other passionately and purring hotly...
"My dear, sweet, precious Blue, thank-you so much...I love you!

"I love YOU, Sunny!  And you know what?  YOU are a fucking mess!"

"Hell, yes!  And YOU'RE are a fucking mess, too!  And I love every bit of it!"

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My love to all,

© 2017 Sunny Johansen

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Bad Girl in the City - Final Part! 3/1/17

I want to thank all of you from 71 countries for reading this entire story and for visiting!  I cherish each and every one of you!  

As always, what I write isn't fiction.  Everything you read from me is an actual account of a recent sexual adventure by Blue and I.  Of course, with this one, I mixed my fantasy in with it, and I appreciate your indulgence in that!  I will be setting that fantasy aside in my writing for the time being.

I had a request from a reader to write about another one of my fetishes:  wet and messy.  For those not familiar with "wam", it's a lot having to do with what I've already written before about honey, but encompasses other edible substances!  It isn't Blue's fetish, but she knows it turns me on, so she plays with me!  I'll be writing, for you, an account of what happened in a single-part posting.


I wanted this real bad...a good hard fucking from my woman.  I knew I was going to get it when Blue spread her knees and VERY roughly pushed me onto my back.  My pussy was already throbbing hard for her...

While holding me down flat on my back, and seemingly in one move, Blue grabbed our double-dildo and shoved her end in her sloppy-wet pussy...she gasped when it hit the back of her, but didn't stop moving, scooching her pussy closer to mine...holding the toy against my dripping pussy at first, she barely slipped it inside me, then held her ass off the mattress with both hands and RAMMED that fucking big toy inside me!

I arched my back and screamed out loud!

I tried to raise my ass up to give her more of my pussy...my wild woman growled and slammed her pussy at mine, her strong muscles gripping the toy and viciously nailing the back of my hungry pussy with each long stroke she fucked into me...our juices splattering heavily all over us!


Blue fucked me even harder!  She growled and screamed each time our hot pussies slapped violently together, fucking her own pussy each time!  She held onto me to keep from fucking my body away from her...she had complete control of her slutty whore, having her way with me...THAT made me cum like fucking hell!!

My body went insane with deep spasms and I screamed even louder for her...my burning hot cum flowed from my pussy and she fucked me much harder to splash it on our bodies...even better, Blue came with me!  She fucked her earthquake-ravaged body at me while holding onto me, her pussy and mine going crazy against each other!

After...forever...our bodies calmed and Blue fell backward onto her back, completely spent, the toy still inside us.  She propped her head on a few pillows and watched me rubbing her cum all over myself...I knew she was watching, and I sent hot little signals to her pussy with my brain...she was squirming, and that made the toy slide around hotly inside both of us...
"Sunny...no...baby, no...."

I smiled and sat up...I gently slid the toy from both of us, then I lied down and slid my face between her legs...she purred like a contented kitten when I licked the last of her cum from her pussy.  I slid our soaked, juices-and-cum-covered bodies together as I came to her mouth and kissed her deeply, sharing her cum with her.  Our tongues played with it, swishing it around our mouths, letting it overflow sloppily to our cheeks.  We delightfully licked it all up from our necks and cheeks, then kissed some more, holding each other's bodies as close as possible...

"Blue, my wonderful, precious baby, I love you sooooooo very much!"
"My Sunny...I love YOU so very much...forever!

Thank-you for reading!
My love to you all,

© 2017 Sunny Johansen