Sunday, April 30, 2017


Continued from the last entry... was easy to tell.  She had her legs spread...she wasn't touching her pussy yet, but she was so fucking wet! 

She was squirming, her computer still on her lap...she was typing only a little, mostly looking at my pussy. 

Damn, I love teasing her, and she loves it when I do...

I slid my hand up through my sloppy-drippy pussy...she skipped a few breaths when I rubbed my juices all over my tummy...making my tanned skin glisten...
"My baby wants to suck me, don't you, sweetheart...I'd just LOVE for you to make me cum in your mouth..."

She set her computer aside and started to get up from the big chair she was sitting in...
"Nope...stay right there, babydoll.  Don't worry...I shall feed you my pussy when it's time."
She whimpered and put her feet up on the chair, her knees in the air, legs spread, her hand rubbing her swelling pussy.

I started firmly patting my pussy, making my juices splatter on my inner thighs...

"Don't move, my precious lover...stay right there."

I picked up a banana from the table beside me.  Now, it was showtime...a little squeal of delight came from Blue.

...and if you think this will be just a normal, everyday banana fuck, you'd better think again.

There was NOTHING normal about what I did with that banana...

(I'll assure you of this: I did NOT shoot it across the room with my pussy!)

Update coming Monday night...
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Such A Slut For Her - 4/30/17

I hope you read the last entry...these pretty much run together...

...of course, sitting on a few towels.  My eyes never left hers as I sat there.  I was NOT touching myself when I made my pretty butterfly pussy lips quiver for her to see.  Her mouth opened a little...I could tell she wanted her face between my velvet-smooth thighs, her mouth full of my pussy and sucking it...

My juices were flowing much more, now...I still hadn't touched myself.  I held my ankles and pulled my wide-spread legs back, letting her watch my juices flow from my throbbing and quivering pussy down to my ass opening...

She had so much work to do, yet, she was so fucking hot for me...

I'll write more tonight...
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Friday, April 28, 2017

Such A Slut For Her 4/28/17

You'd better read this with your clothes with everything I write, because that's how Blue and I live, that's the way I wrote this...naked and with my legs spread...

I'm such a fucking hot nympho slut for Blue.  I have to have her ALL the time...and even when she's busy, she loves when I tease her, trying to make her set her work aside and give herself to me...

...and there's nothing I won't do to make her give in.

Last night, she was SO busy.  I was sitting across the room, my legs spread wide so she could see.  I was swatting my pussy with my ass-length hair and watching her eyes.  My pussy was getting soooooooo wet and my juices were oozing from me...

Updating this tomorrow night...

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Sunday, April 23, 2017

April 23, 2017 - Blue's Dream - Eating Me In Her Sleep - Last Part

This is the final part.  If you haven't read parts 1-3, they are right below this one.  You need to read them!  You really do!   

When morning came, I awoke to Blue applying musk oil all over my body.  I got another bottle (we have many) and started applying it all over her...there we were, as we start many mornings, arms and hands all over, legs spread, dabbing musk everywhere on each other.
"Oh!  Sunnybuns!  I had this dream last night!"

"Did you?  What happened in the dream?"

"I was fucking you with my mouth!"

"Is that right?  Huh!  I must have cum a lot!  In your dream...I mean..."

"You did!  It was one of those dreams that seemed so real!"

"Huh!  Sounds wonderful!"
She didn't catch on when I smiled...and I wanted to leave it that way.
"Tell you what...I'm going outside in the sun.  Will you come out and cover me in suntan oil?"

"Well, you'll be covered in Bluecum, musk and that banana-scented suntan oil.  Sunny, I'm going to want you between my legs, but you'll be all oily and stuff..."

I got my lips to just barely touching hers...I was breathing on her mouth...speaking softly...
"That's fine, sweetheart...just get on your knees over my face, and feed me that pretty pussy of yours..."

She was breathless...
"Ooooohhhh...fuck yes...I'll make you my very own hot, slutty fucktoy..."

"I love you, my perfect Blue!"

"I love YOU, Sunny!"

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Saturday, April 22, 2017

April 22, 2017 - Blue's Dream - Eating Me In Her Sleep - Part Three

This is part need to read parts one and two!  They're very short and right below this one.  Thank-you!

Blue moved her mouth to my inner thighs, making sexy-happy sounds while licking my cum from my skin close to my pussy.  Those sounds were quickly replaced by growling as she started licking my skin much harder, then sucking and pulling my skin...then sucking harder, her teeth closing on my thigh muscles...I had my hand over my mouth, I wanted to cry out in pure pleasure, but that would wake her.  With my hands in her hair, I whispered...
"That's it baby...lick my cum from cum is all yours...oh, fuck...yes..."

My hot lover crawled up and straddled my body on her hands and knees. 

Blue was on fire...and still in a deep sleep when she drove her fingers into her pussy...her body was immediately overtaken by hard shudders...she was on the edge of a HUGE orgasm.  She came within seconds!  She stayed on her knees and fucked her hot pussy with her fingers, bending down to me and attacking my neck...biting...sucking...her cum POURING from her pussy, soaking my body...

I had my hands between our bodies, rubbing her cum all over myself...I whispered again...
"Yes, cum all over your slutty fucktoy...fuck wants all your cum..."

Her cum just kept flowing from her!  I was spreading it everywhere I could breasts, my tummy, my thighs...and lots of it on my pussy...

Then...amazingly, but not so amazingly, Blue's body lowered onto mine...she held my body with her arms and legs, her face against my neck, breathing calmly as someone does when fast asleep!

Incredible...and much hotter than sleep-walking!  I gently rolled us over on our sides, pulled the covers over her shoulders and drifted off to sleep...

The last part will be Sunday night...

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Friday, April 21, 2017

April 21, 2017 - Blue's Dream - Eating Me In Her Sleep - Part Two

This is part two.  You have to read part one, right below this one first!  Part three is tomorrow night.  Thank-you!

...I certainly couldn't stop her.  Why should I?  She was obviously loving having a mouthful of my big swollen orchid, sucking with a such hunger!  Blue is always so good with her mouth, but this was like never before!  Such hot, sexy sounds arose from her throat while she pushed her face so hard between my legs, my head was firmly against the headboard...and threatened to push it through the wall!

With all my strength, I pushed myself away from the headboard, pushing my pussy at Blue's face...THEN I came so fucking orgasm I felt in my head with my ears throbbing, all the way into my toes!  Blue was still asleep, my cum flowing heavily into her mouth...she was holding me down, hungrily sucking my cum...I could hear her eagerly swallowing...whimpering...wanting all my cum so badly...

When my orgasm ended, I started to scooch away, intending to take her into my arms and hold her.

Still asleep and still with my large pussy lips in her mouth, she would have none of that...

She screamed into my pussy in protest, grabbed my body and started growling deep in her throat...she went after my pussy like a fucking animal...devouring me...eating me so hard, she was pushing my body...

I held onto the mattress and gave myself to her, surrendering my pussy to her completely...her growls turned into low-pitched moaning and purring while she claimed me as her possession...the woman who belongs to her.  I whispered...maybe she would hear me in her sleep...
"Yes, baby...take me...own all of me...I'm all yours."

I came again...MUCH harder...I was good at not screaming so I wouldn't wake her, and could feel her trying to gulp down all my cum filling her mouth.  She made me cum so fucking much, I could feel my cum between her cheeks and my inner thighs as it overflowed her mouth...

Part three is tomorrow night...

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

April 20, 2017 Blue's Dream - Eating Me In Her Sleep - Part One

Like everything I write, this really happened...and only a few nights ago.  I'm going to post it in four parts through the weekend.  (maybe three parts?)  I'm so sorry, but I'm too busy offline with my charity to write it all at once.  It will be rather short and easy to catch up on if you get behind, okay?

I want to thank all of you in what is now 74 countries for visiting and reading!  I'm so honored!

Both of us exhausted, we finally did fall asleep...

Hours and hours later, I awoke, my pussy sending hard jolts of hot pleasure running through my was fucking incredible...never felt anything like it! was my sweet Blue...and she was eating my pussy as a midnight snack.  I mean, eating me like she couldn't get enough of me.  I wove my fingers of both hands through her hair and slid my pussy more to her mouth.
"My baby....oh yeah...suck me, baby." little thing...

Blue was asleep.  That's baby was eating my pussy in her sleep....

More on this tomorrow night...

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Sunday, April 16, 2017

April 16, 2017

Continued from the last entry...and the last bunch of dated entries before that.  I hope you've been reading all of them and keeping up!

...Blue kept fucking my ass...she knows how I like it...she knows how to make me cum like that, over and over.  She doesn't even stop between orgasms...she just keeps at me, and I just fucking cum over and over with orgasms that always start deeply within my body and completely overtake me, making me scream almost constantly!

Of course, she's DRENCHED in Sunnycum...and she loves it........

She eases up on her finger in my ass and gently removes it, then gives my ass cheeks kisses all over...she lies on her back and spreads her legs for me, propping herself up on her elbows...
"Come get my pussy, Sunnybuns...suck me...fuck me with your mouth!"

" make me want to be SUCH a fucking hot slut for you!"
I throw all my hair back and bury my face in her pussy, sucking noisily and pulling on her beautiful pussy lips.

She immediately starts purring deliciously...
"Fuck YES!  You ARE my very own fucking hot belong to're all mine!"

She knows hot I get, knowing I'm her very own bad-girl fucktoy...that makes me slide my strong tongue way inside her...driving her out of her mind...devouring her...making her cum like hell, then sucking and licking all my cum, and her cum from her...

She loves when I save a mouthful of our cum from her pussy...I slide up her cum-soaked body, my strong thigh pressed against her pussy...she fucks herself on my thigh while I kiss her...she purrs and whimpers while I feed her all our cum...she fucks my smooth thigh much harder now...I kiss her sloppily, our tongues making our cum overflow down her cheeks...her body goes fucking insane as she cums against my thigh, screaming into my mouth!

She collapses...limp...completely spent.  Her breathing comes in whimpers.  I'm licking the wonderful mixture of Bluecum and Sunnycum from her cheeks and her neck...I bring my lips to hers and she eagerly opens her mouth for me, wanting it all.  She purrs with delight when I let it slide from my tongue to her mouth...she swallows it hungrily, then kisses me deeply, fucking my mouth with her tongue, then I speak breathily against her lips....
"Baby wants more of your pussy.  I am yours.  I am your possession.  My heart and soul belong to you and only you...and I am soooooooo not done with you..."

I slid back down between her legs...she squealed and spread them wide for me, grabbing handfuls of my hair. 

For the next two hours, she had her ass off the mattress, fucking at my face and screaming, orgasm after orgasm sending her sweet cum down my throat...

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Saturday, April 15, 2017

April 15, 2017

Of course, I was naked when I wrote this.  I always am.  Blue and I live naked, indoors and out.

Blue was busy while I typed, sitting across the room.  When we're both working, we have to be across the room from each's the only way we'll get anything done.  She was watching me off and on...I smiled and spread my legs for her, but, kept typing.


Continuing from my last blog entry:  

Blue giggles and slides the toy waaaaaaaaay inside me...ooooooohhhhhh...fuck yes..........

She slides the toy in and out of my ass...I scream each time she fucks it into face is buried in the mattress...I'm biting it and hands tightly clench handfuls of the sheets...I'm fucking my ass back with each fuck into me...

Oh fuck...never do I cum so hard as when Blue is fucking my ass!  She reaches down to her pussy with her other hand, spreading her swollen outer lips apart and shoving as much of my cum inside her as possible...she knows that I will happily bury my face in her pussy and drive her insane...sucking her sweet pussy...sucking her beautiful clit...and eating all my cum from her...

Oh my's taking me forever to write this...right this minute, Blue is licking and kissing my inner thighs, soooooooooo close to my pussy...she wants me to wrap this up so she can hold me down and attack my pussy with her mouth..., it's serious...she's just slid her tongue up through my large butterfly pussy lips, her tongue-tip flicking my clit.  I'd better go now while I can still say goodbye...and just for now.

I will write more before the weekend is over...

Thank-you for reading!
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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

April 11, 2017

Part of a series of short little entries dating back to April 2nd, updated every 2 or 3 days.  Thank-you for reading!

She loves to shove two of her fingers WAY inside my ass...I press my forehead on the mattress, giving my ass to her...

I scream and push my ass against her fingers...she holds my ass with her other hand and fucks my ass to DEATH with her fingers...I keep screaming while she turns my body into a mass of quaking spasms of one hard orgasm after another, making me scream louder each time... 

She has slid down far enough for my pussy to be right above hers...all my cum from all my hot orgasms bathe her pussy...she has her legs spread wide, her pussy open so some of my cum will flow inside her...

She slows her finger-fucking and wiggles her fingers deeeeeeeeeep inside my ass...that makes me cry out in pure pleasure...she keeps her fingers wiggling while she leans over, opens her mouth wide and bites one of my ass body jumps HARD and I scream like hell!
"More Blue...please...make baby cum some more!"

"Will baby suck all her cum from my pussy?"

"Fuck YES!  You know I will!  I'll make you scream!  Now, fuck me and make my ears wiggle!"

So, she reaches into our toy drawer and pulls out a great big toy...already, I'm shaking in hot anticipation of a damn good fuck!  She squirts honey all over it, then squirts honey in my ass.
"FUCK!  I love it, already!"

More in a few days.  Thank-you for reading!
My love to all,

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Saturday, April 8, 2017

More Hot Thoughts April 8, 2017

I played with my pussy a lot while writing these...I hope you're enjoying them...

I LOVE lying over Blue's lap in bed while she's sitting against the headboard.  She rubs my ass and caresses my lower back...I am easily turned on by caresses on my lower back.  When she rubs my ass, I purr hotly for her, raising my ass in the air for her...
"Would baby like to play with my ass?"

"Spread your legs for wants to play with ALL of you."

Fuck...that sets me on fire and makes my pussy all sloppy-drippy!  I spread my legs and keep my ass raised up for her, my pussy dripping hot juices on her thighs.  Blue knows how to make my ass feel sooooooo good...and she can make me cum just by fucking my ass just right...

She loves to lubricate her finger and play with my opening, sliding her finger around the makes me purr and whimper for more, and puts me under her complete control...owning my body...possessing it and doing what she wants with it.  To me, there's nothing hotter than that...NOTHING...and it makes me cum over and over again...

Writing more as soon as I can...

Thank-you for reading!
My love to all,

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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

April 5, 2017

Please be sure to read the last dated entries, which all run concurrent with each other?  Thank-you!

...Sometimes, I like to have her straddle my body so I can rub her clit and make her cum all over me.  Like me, she cums bucketfulls,  (we don't squirt)  so it only takes a few orgasms to cover my body.  Then, she rubs her cum all over her lover, covering me from my cheeks to my toes.  I love it!

I do the same to her...she fucks me good...and she makes my cum flow from my pussy so heavily!  I rub her all over with it...her entire body, just as she did with me.  Then, we dab musk oil perfume ALL over each other...a lot of it!

We live naked.  Inside or outside, no clothes.  So, there we are, wearing a layer of each other's cum and musk oil.

FUCK!  We love it!  We don't shower that night, and the cum and musk we're wearing is such a fucking turn-on, we spend the entire next day having any way that comes to mind at any time.  We love a double-dildo...being on our hands and knees and fucking the hell out of each other, our asses spanking and slapping against each other, our juices splattering all over!  

We do, sometimes, like to face each other with our legs intertwined, the double-dildo buried in our pussies, each of us trying out-fuck the other and our juices splattering on our tummies... 

Writing more as soon as possible...

Thank-you for reading!
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Sunday, April 2, 2017

April 2, 2017

It makes me horny as hell to be Blue's lady. 

The lady who gets to fuck her and make her scream.  I cum just from doing that...without even touching myself.  That's real, not fantasy.

I LOVE sucking her pussy and driving her out of her mind...I can make her cum as many times as I want.

And always more times than she thought she could...

When I bury my face between her silky-smooth thighs and devour her pussy, it makes me cum hard when she fills my mouth with her cum.  Sometimes, I like to swallow all of's so fucking hot going down my throat.  I like to make her cum over and over so her cum fills my tummy.  That makes my tummy feel soooooooo good...

More coming soon.

Thank-you for reading!
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