Monday, May 1, 2017

5/1/17...The Banana

Continued from the last entry...

Blue's eyes widened when she saw the banana.
"'re not going to...."

I was already using the banana to rub my pussy...I smiled at her...the banana was all slick with my juices...I slipped it just barely inside my hungry pussy.
"Would baby like to watch her slutty bad girl fuck herself with this banana?"

"Yes!  Fuck yourself real good with it!"

My pussy was so wet and juicy, it seemed to suck the banana inside me...I tossed my hair back and watched Blue.  It was so huge!  It really filled my pussy, forcing my juices out.  I fucked it to the back of my pussy and screamed!

What was so cool about that was that Blue screamed with me!  Fuck!  It felt so good!  Then, I came!  Out of nowhere!  My body went insane for Blue to watch!  She had her finger inside her, fucking the hell out of herself!

Then...exactly what I'd been waiting strong pussy muscles broke that banana out of it's skin!  Blue watched as I pulled the banana peel out of me WITHOUT the banana!

"Sunny!  Fuck, baby!  So...your pussy is full of squished-up banana!"

"Sure is, sweetheart!"

Oh sure felt fantastic...the squished-up banana, mixed with my juices and what was left of my cum...I massaged my pussy, trying to keep the banana-creme inside me...but, my pussy muscles were quivering...tightening...and it was all trying to ooze out between my fingers...

Blue was just watching, whimpering and breathing deeply, sliding her finger around inside her, her juices FLOWING out of her...

I took my hand away from my pussy, spread my legs wider, and let her watch the wonderfully thick and squishy banana oooooooooooze out of me.

I got the first handful, leaned my head back and rubbed it all over my tummy...

IF I'd had my eyes open, I would have seen my perfect lover almost flying through the air...on course for her mouth to land right on my sloppy, banana-covered pussy...

Update coming as soon as possible...

Thank-you for reading!
Love to all,

© 2017 Sunny Johansen


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