Wednesday, May 3, 2017

5/3/17 Continued from the last entry...

I screamed in pure delight when Blue landed on me!  All in one motion, she pinned down my legs, held my arms to the mattress and attacked my pussy with her warm, wet mouth, sucking me and licking me oh-so-hard!

I screamed again when she made me cum for fucking cum flowing from me and mixing deliciously with the by now, thick, gooey banana!  

Blue was ravenous, eating my pussy so roughly and fucking me with her tongue...a mixture of purrs, whimpers and growling all coming from her throat, making my orgasm go on forever with hard, hard spasms rocking my body...

I kept giving my baby my cum, and she kept sucking me, wanting more and more...this was my baby taking all of me...taking possession of her woman, her overheated slutty fucktoy...and it made me so fucking hot to belong to her and only her!

More as soon as possible...

Thank-you for reading!
Love to all,

© 2017 Sunny Johansen

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