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I kept caressing her opening and spoke very softly to her ear...
"What does my baby desire?  It will be a huge turn-on for me to do anything baby wants done."

" wants to cum a LOT!  But I want to be on top of you every time I cum, so you'll be sloppy-messy covered in Bluecum!"

"I love it!  Yes!"

I slid Blue up more so I could reach her pussy better...I started massaging her big, swollen clit, the fingers on my other hand softly caressing up through her ass cheeks...Blue was already trembling...

I smiled...she didn't see me reach for a strong other hand had her clit between my fingers.  In one move, I turned the vibrator on high and laid it on her opening between her ass cheeks...I held it there, my other hand squeezing her clit between my fingers...

She jumped so hard, she almost fell off me...and came so hard, I was drenched in Bluecum!  Blue was breathing hard while I rubbed her cum all over me.  Fuck, I loved it!

"More Sunny!  More!  Please fuck me more!"

I laughed softly, set the vibrator aside and slipped a small bullet vibrator, with a wireless remote control, ALL the way inside her...
"Oooooooooooo...yeah, baby...make....."
I hit the pulse button just once and she jumped sky-high...

I laughed and laid my hand on her pussy to hold the vibrator in, AND to rub her clit...I turned on the bullet vibe, then attacked her clit with my fingers, my thumb barely inside her pussy, wiggling while holding the vibe deep inside her...Blue came VERY hard again!  I didn't stop...didn't let up at ALL...Blue bit my neck and screamed like holy hell, cumming over and over again!

After the tenth time, I decided she'd had enough.  I turned off the vibe and slipped it out of her...but there was one thing I neeeeeeeeeded real bad...

Her mouth was on mine, kissing me...licking me.  I spoke against her lips, my hot breath on them...
"Please feed me your pussy, my sweet love...I need your cum in my your hot, slutty woman, I need to feel your precious cum going down my throat."

"Yes yes yes!"
Blue got on her hands and knees and I slid down under her pussy...I held her hips and pulled her to my mouth....I hungrily sucked her, purring and whimpering into her pussy...Blue squealed with delight while fucking my mouth!  I sucked her harder, my tongue fucking against her clit...she came in an earthquake of spasms and hard shuddering, filling my mouth with her cum!

I kept sucking her, swallowing her fucking felt WONDERFUL as it went down!

Blue fell on top of me when her orgasm passed...I wriggled up and had her straddling my tummy...she laid her head on my shoulder and I soothed her, from her head, down her back and down her thighs.  I pulled the covers over her shoulders and kissed the top of her head...

"Sunny loves Blue, oh-so-very much!"
"Blue loves Sunny, forever and ever!"

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