Friday, May 26, 2017

Hungry For Blue - 4th And Final Part

Parts one through three, below this one, are extremely short and very important.  Kindly read them?  OR, you can wait for the all-four-pieces-in-one-entry version I'll post sometime before Monday night.  Thank-you! has a tummy-full of warm Bluecum, and you are exhausted.  You poor thing!   Keep your feet in place and let go of the headboard...I'll spread my legs and guide you so you fall backward on the mattress.

There you go...right where your baby wants you.  Now, just relax while I fuck myself against your tummy...

Finger-fuck my ass while I fuck myself?  HELL yes!  Make it two fingers!  I can take it!  Make baby FLOOD your body with her cum!


Oh...........oh, treat baby's ass so always make me cum soooooo good...

I love rubbing my cum all over your body...there you go, under your arms and between your toes, too!

Hold handfuls of my hair while I smother your pretty pussy with loving kisses and licks...oooohhh, loves kissing your pussy...its still hot, and quivers under my lips...

I'll just crawl up and sleep with my head lying on your tummy.  If you wake in the night with your pussy throbbing, just wake me...I'm all yours, whenever you need me.

Sleep tight, my precious Blue.
You have all my love...all my life.
I love you, baby.

© 2017 Sunny Johansen


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