Saturday, May 20, 2017

Hungry For Blue - My Fantasy - Part One

In case you missed them, you'll want to read the two entries below this one!  "Lesbian Fucking and Banana Bread"  and  "The Entire Banana Story"!  Thank-you!

This was a dream I had in which my fantasy was involved.  In the dream, I was telling Blue how much I had to have her, then, also in the dream, she gave herself to me...and I made her very happy she had me created to be her fucktoy... 

THAT'S what my fantasy is.  I LOOK very human in my fantasy.  (my picture, which sometimes appears after some entries, is real, not fantasy.  I think it's a little ways down this page or the previous one)  

In my fantasy, I was started in a petri dish, genetically to Blue's specifications.  She specified for me to have sexual needs and special abilities that are off the charts.  That I should be horny for her 24/7 and always hungry to satisfy her anytime, in any way she desires, as many times as she desires.  (Fuck!  I love that!) 

Per her specs, I have an eight inch tongue that can lick the back of her pussy, and I can make her cum just by looking in her eyes.  My oversize pussy lips are always wet, and I can soak her ENTIRE body when I cum.  (though, in real life, I DO cum a LOT, as does Blue)  We do NOT squirt. 

All this is my fantasy.  It's make-believe.  Everyone has a fantasy, so please remember that when reading the next five or so blog entries?  It has been my feeling that some readers may forget that, decide it doesn't make sense, then stop reading.  Please remember only this: I'm not trying to make you believe anything that isn't real, because it isn't.  It's my make-believe fantasy...and it drives my pussy absolutely insane to even think about it!  By the way, we are not, nor ever are dom/sub.   

These will all have the same title: "Hungry For Blue...My Fantasy."  Thank-you for reading!

_________________________ hot Blue...I'm so fucking hungry for your sweet ladycum.  I HAVE to have wants lots and lots of your cum in my tummy.  Baby lives on your cum...only YOUR cum will do...

I won't stop sucking your lovely pussy between orgasms.  I won't stop until I get enough...I'll give you one screaming, hair-pulling orgasm after another...  

All I ever think about is burying my face between your smooth thighs, pushing my face into your pussy with my mouth wide open...fucking you hard with my long tongue...holding onto you so your hard spasms won't wriggle you away from me...

Oh, I DO hope you remember our safe word to make me stop eating're going to need it...

I'll update this Sunday or Monday night...

Thank-you for reading!
My love to all,

© 2017 Sunny Johansen

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