Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Hungry For Blue - My Fantasy - Part Three

Continued from parts one and two, just below this one...

...Now,  stand up, facing the headboard, your toes touching it.  I'll slide under you and...ooooohhhh, sweetheart...your pussy and ass are delectable!  Oh no...don't wiggle it like that!  You'll make me pull you off there and attack you!

Bend your knees a little and lower your pussy to my mouth...just relax...I'll hold you up with my hands on your ass.  Oh my hot lover...your pussy is already dripping on my lips!  Hold onto that headboard and feed baby your will take good care of you...

....oh...fuck wants it all.  That's right, my Blue...fuck my is hungry for your cum.  Oh LOVES your juices...flood my mouth with them!  Oh, I LOVE when your body goes into spasm, about to cum!  I love sucking you harder!  Fuck baby's mouth and cum for her!

Mmmmmmmmmm....oh yeah...let baby tongue-fuck you while you cum and ride my mouth...FUCK! Your cum is so fucking hot in my mouth!  I can feel it filling my tummy! 

Baby wants more!  I'm going to suck you and suck you, your entire pussy and clit in my mouth, and make you cum again!  That's your ass on my will take good care of you while you cum more for her!

Last part coming in a few nights, then, a few nights after that, I will post all four parts in one entry.

Thank-you for reading!
My love to all,

© 2017 Sunny Johansen


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