Monday, May 22, 2017

Hungry For Blue - My Fantasy - Part Two

Part one is just below this one.  Thank-you for reading!

I know you love when I spread my legs, look deeply into your eyes, and without touching myself, make my butterfly pussy flutter for dripping juices flowing down to my ass, splattering all over my inner thighs when I fuck myself to death...

I can tell you love it...I can see your pussy throbbing with each beat of your heart.  I can see your outer lips quivering for me.  You're so soaking wet, you're making me want to hold you down and tongue-fuck you...'re already soooooo close to precious Blue, give your pussy to your baby...I live for being your playtoy and satisfying you in any way you want...

Want to feed baby your pussy?  Want to lower your pussy to my face so all your cum will FLOW into baby's mouth?

Baby needs to suck mouthfuls of your juices and needs to feel your sweet Bluecum heating her throat as it goes down so smoothly to my tummy...filling me...sustaining me...

Update in just a few days...

Thank-you for reading!
My love to all,

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