Thursday, May 4, 2017

My dear readers, this continues a series of very short entries that actually started down the page with the one titled, "Such A Slut For Her 4/28/17.  I HAD started there, just jotting things down, but it turned into something a little more involved.  I hope you're enjoying it!

When my orgasm passed, I wasn't exhausted...I was exhilarated.  Blue slid up my body far enough to straddle my waist and laid on my shoulder, her hot breath on my neck.  I knew why...she wanted me to able reach her ass and her pussy.  I slid my fingers down her back, then caressed her deeply between her ass cheeks...

"Blue, YOU are fucking incredible!"

She slid her lips and tongue along my neck, then spoke softly, but hotly against my neck...
"If you think I'm incredible now, you should see me cum..."

"I will make baby cum...I'll make baby cum a LOT...I am Blue's fucktoy..."
I slid one finger to her ass opening, sliding it around her rim...her whole body tensed and she jumped, now propping herself up on her hands, her head back...


Her hot, steaming juices started flowing onto my tummy...she laid back down, resting her forehead against my shoulder, breathing little squeals coming out with each breath.  She had her ass in the air, trying to fuck it against my finger...

More on this asap...

Thank-you for reading!
My love to all,

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