Friday, July 7, 2017

Two Wild Lesbian Women

Two previous "stories" you may have missed are below this one:  "Fuck My Pussy, Sunny!"  and  "Make Me Cum Hard!"

They are both one part, each full length!  I call them "stories", but, like everything I write, they are real, having happened only a week or two prior.

Thank-you to ALL of you for taking time to visit from 80 different countries!  I feel so honored you've come here, and I try not to disappoint you!  Thank-you, again!

It makes me horny as HELL to be Blue's lady...the woman who gets to fuck her. 

When she seems like she might start to want me, my pussy starts throbbing...swelling.  I can make my large outer lips quiver, and I like to spread my legs and let her watch.  I love making her even hotter. 

I look in her eyes through my bangs and hold a handful of my ass-length hair, brushing my pussy with it...

I swat my pussy with my hair and watch her while I get dripping wet...she knows I like doing all this, and she loves to be teased...that's why she lets me. 

She knows I'm going to take real good care of her.  She knows I'm going to ride her pretty pussy with my mouth all night long if that's what she wants, making her cum as many times as her body can take it.

Why do I love doing that?  #1, because I love her so intensely.  #2, because I cum while sucking her. 

That's right.  Without touching myself, I cum very hard while fucking her with my mouth...sucking her and using my tongue to drive her out of her mind.  She LOVES when I cum with a mouthful of her without touching myself.  Why does this happen?

Fuck if I know.

My baby spreads her legs, smiles and pats her pussy...
" lover...please come to me?"

That makes my already overheated pussy much more wet...I slide between her legs...she opens them wider for me, her breathing getting deeper.  I slide my lips on her silky-smooth inner thigh...she slides her fingers through my hair...I lick her skin with my warm, wet tongue right near her pussy, making her purr for me...
"Oooooooooooo....fuck....yes, my hot playtoy...."

I give her wet kisses right near her close, I can feel her heat.  I suck her skin harder and whimper...she pulls my hair and purrs louder at me.  When I open my mouth real wide and sink my teeth onto her muscles, not enough to hurt, but hard enough to shoot pleasure throughout her body, oh, does she ever scream...
"OH FUCK!  Sunny!  Be my bad-girl fucktoy and do me or I'll die!"

" drives my pussy insane to be your own personal slutty whore..."
I climbed up on her tummy...she raised her knees so I could lean back against her thighs.  My pussy was flowing juices on her tummy...I took one of her hands, slid her fingers through my pussy and brought her hand to my mouth...I licked and sucked each of her fingers while reaching back with my other hand, massaging her pussy...
" baby is wet for her hot slut..."

She was squirming her ass around, her breathing deepening, watching me suck her fingers...I could feel her body starting to shake...her mouth open...her free hand was holding my ass.  Neither of my hands were touching my pussy.

That's when my body suddenly spasmed...

And I came all over her...

Not squirting...flowing heavily, my cum drenching her body!

Blue had her eyes closed, purring happily and playing with my cum...that's when I slipped a bullet vibrator inside her...and I had the remote control.  I turned it on low and she jumped sky-high!
"FUCK SUNNY!  Where did that come from??"

"Uh...from your pussy!"
I turned it up a notch, then back down.

"Oh, you're being a very bad girl!"

"Not really...THIS is being a bad girl!"
I turned it on the "Illegal In Most Countries" setting only for a second.  Blue screamed and her body bucked, throwing me off her!

"Dammit, Sunny!  You're being a bad little whore!"

"Ooooooooooo!  If I'm such a bad little whore, maybe you should give my pussy a spanking..."
I spread my legs real wide...

"Maybe I should give you a good, hard fuck with the strapon!"

"Yes!  Please baby?  Fuck me real hard and punish my pussy...I belong to you, so take me real good!"

Blue was already putting on the has a long toy inside it for HER.  Each time she fucks into me, she also fucks herself!  She removed the bullet vibrator.
"Oooooooohhhhhh, your pussy is mine......"

While Blue was putting on the strapon, I was leaning back on my hands, my knees propped up, my legs spread...Blue loves my deeply tanned pussy...that's why I lay in the sun with my legs spread.  I was making my large, swollen pussy lips flutter like a butterfly without touching them, my juices flowing heavily. 

It makes me horny as fuck to flirt with her!  I tossed my long hair and it landed all over my dark-tanned body.  I spoke hotly while  she was watched very closely, still putting on the strapon...slipping the toy inside it into her wet pussy...
"Your baby needs to be fucked, fucked, needs to you to take possesion of my body...control me...take my pussy and the rest of me...I am all yours and I will surrender myself to you to be fucked by you.  You can't hurt me, so fuck me........long...hard...and as deep as you can...until I can't walk when you're done..."

(Oh fuck!  I'm so horny from writing this, I'm shaking!)

I was already close to cumming and still hadn't touched myself... 

Blue had that look in her eyes.  I LOVE that means she's is going to pound my pussy hard.  I eagerly got on my back, spreading my arms and legs, giving myself to my precious lover...surrendering my body to her...

My baby lubricated the huge toy on the strapon with honey...then she crouched, on her feet, knees bent, and fucking POUNCED on me...landing on me...screaming from the toy inside her.  Her wide open mouth landed on my neck and her teeth hit my skin...I screamed with absolute delight while she bit my neck and RAMMED the strapon toy ALL THE WAY inside me!

Blue fucked me hard as HELL, her toy fucking her to death each time she fucked me...her mouth was still on my neck and we both screamed with each hard stroke to the back of my pussy!  She tightly held my arms down... but, I wrapped my legs around her ass, pulling her into me with each long stroke...

Then, I came hard!  My baby kept fucking me and my cum flowed heavily from around the toy and down to my ass where I could feel how hot it was!  My orgasm ended, but Blue didn't let up, still fucking me hard...

It felt sooooooooooo GOOD letting her have her way with me...making me her very own hot little whore...then she came very deeply...screaming my name...all her cum POURING onto me from behind the strapon...FUCK!  I loved it!

Now, she fucked me like an animal...I could just imagine HER toy fucking damn hot.  I screamed out loud...

"Sunny is MINE!  My slutty playtoy!  ALL MINE!"
A growl came from Blue's throat and she opened her mouth wide and sunk her teeth into my shoulder muscles in JUST the right baby knows where and how hard...


I came instantly...screaming while trying to wrench my hands from her grip...she held them down and bit me more, riding my pussy while I came and body shaking violently!

My orgasm barely ended when she grabbed my body and rolled us over, that fucking huge toy still buried inside me, with me on top of her...her toy still inside her, of course.  That one wasn't coming out...the strapon was holding it in!  Blue grabbed my hips, pulling me down on the big toy...
"Ride it Sunny!  Fuck it hard and cum on me!"

"Hold onto me Blue!"
I sat up and fucked it hard!  My juices flooded her...she held my hips and bucked her ass off the bed, meeting each of my bouncing fucks and fucking me deeply...I was pounding my pussy down on top of the toy, splattering cum and juices everywhere...I came and came on her body and kept riding her...she came with me...our bodies slapping wetly and noisily!

I collapsed on top of her...there we were...two wild women, soaking wet with each other's cum and juices.  We kissed deeply, purring and whimpering to each other, our tongues loving every bit of it, our bodies so slippery and wet...

"Oh Blue....I am so fucking owned by thrills me death to be possessed by you.  I love you soooooo much..."

"You're all mine, lady to fuck me and be fucked by me...I love you more than anything in this world."

I slid down between her legs and lapped up all her cum and juices from her pussy, purring for her...sucking and licking her clean while she held onto my hair.  Suddenly, she pulled my hair much harder and her body spasmed uncontrollably...out of nowhere, she screamed...I covered her pussy with my mouth and tongue-fucked her to another ground-shaking orgasm...her cum flowed into my mouth and I sucked her, her white-hot cum burning my throat as I eagerly swallowed every drop of her...

She still had a hold of my hair, her muscles quivering...

I crawled up and laid my head on her tummy, wrapping my arms around her, holding her tight.

She wrapped her legs around me...her muscles calmed and we both fell off to sleep.

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My love to all of you,

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